GW2 Tormented Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the new GW2 Tormented Weapon Skins introduced with the Battle for Lion’s Arch patch on March 4, 2014.

Tormented Axe – [&AgGiwAAA]


Tormented Dagger – [&AgGlwAAA]


Tormented Focus – [&AgGowAAA]


Tormented Greatsword – [&AgGrwAAA]


Tormented Hammer – [&AgGuwAAA]


Tormented Longbow – [&AgGxwAAA] – Modeled by Atoli


Tormented Mace – [&AgG0wAAA]


Tormented Pistol – [&AgG3wAAA]


Tormented Rifle – [&AgG6wAAA]


Tormented Scepter – [&AgG9wAAA]


Tormented Shield – [&AgHAwAAA]


Tormented Short Bow – [&AgHDwAAA]


Tormented Staff – [&AgHGwAAA]


Tormented Sword – [&AgHJwAAA]


Tormented Torch – [&AgHMwAAA]


Tormented Warhorn – [&AgHOwAAA]


Tormented Trident – [&AgGF+QAA]


Tormented Spear – [&AgGJ+QAA]


Tormented Harpoon Gun – [&AgGD+QAA]

gw2-tormented-harpoon-skin gw2-tormented-harpoon-skin-2gw2-tormented-harpoon-skin-3

  • Philmosk

    Uhm… Abbadon?

    • Stealthnugget

      I was thinking the same, but it’s odd that we get these before the Abaddon fractal.

      • Jor Kaleen

        These weapons are from the first game, which you could get after you finished the Nightfall campaign – defeating Abbadon. That is why they look like they do πŸ™‚

        • anoxmous

          Tormented weapons are a family of weapons that can be obtained from the Domain of Anguish in Guild Wars Nightfall by trading an Armbrace of Truth to the Deacon of Whispers

      • GWguy

        But we won’t get Abaddon Fractal since Evon lost with Kiel – it was already said.

        • Lol Asd Omg Wtf Afk

          As i know, it was sad they’ll release BOTH fractals… sooner or later.

  • Hachi-chan

    Lovely skins :O what do they mean by ” the revival of a well-loved weapon set from more than 250 years ago” ?

    • Hadson

      they were in gw1 as endgame skins of Gw Nightfall

    • Jor Kaleen

      Tormented Weapons were back in Guild Wars 1, and that was 250 years ago

      • Hachi-chan

        interesting :3

  • where to get ?:o

  • Szymon

    These are hard to get weapons from GW1, from Domain of Anguish, for an Armbrance of Truth. AWESOME πŸ˜€ / /

  • antxjets

    So no DoA -.-

  • Ric


  • Arthur Pendragon

    oh man the feeeeeelllss!!

  • Cherry

    Been waiting for a long time for these to come out, but quite disappointed with how they turned out. πŸ™

  • Bob Dobalina

    The Tormented Shield and Lord Taere’s Shadow will look great on my “dark” guardian.

  • sick-of-cash-shops

    Hard end game content skins, now tied behind the gem store, DISGRACEFUL. The hammer and staff look nothing like their GW1 versions, truly a tragedy, they were the best skins along with the shield.

    • vbbbb

      The staff and the hammer look exactly the same as the GW1 versions just with more glow effects, what are you even talking about?

      • shodannet

        Whats more amusing is someone above complained how some skins ARE exactly the same -.-

    • Pipra

      These are not “Hard End Game Content Skins”, as there is no hard end game content in this game in which you can get them.

      It’s not GW1. Get over it.

  • Joe Chester

    They were soooo rewarding in gw1.. now this is the first black lion thing that seems like pay2win to me.. bad job anet, reaaally bad job, sorry

    • Joe Chester

      I mean.. what is next? “Obsidian Armor now available for 800 gems”?!?!?!

      • lolpaytowin

        these are skins… how is it pay to win?

        • Elaine

          For GW1 palyers it is pay to win. Cause GW was always about skins. This Anet philosophy really is satarting to get overboard. They should stop selling so much in the store, and sell a new kampagne instead. And bring out more armors and weapons for in game currencies.

          • blah

            Umm yeah, pay to win means you get a competitive advantage in the game. No matter what skins they sell in the gem store, it will never be pay2win.

          • Vael Victus

            GW2 will never be pay to win. πŸ˜› And you can get all these skins by converting your gold to gems, as usual.

            • Elaine

              you guys dont get my point, do you?

              • Panas

                We don’t because this point is invalid. I share your concern for looks, but that impacts how you play the game in no practical manner. It might hurt your swag but this is not a catwalk game :p not yet at least although i would like such a minigame! >.<

          • tonay

            You can get gems with gold.

            • Elur

              You can buy gold with gems = pay to win. It’s unfortunate because I myself like GW 2 alot.

          • lolpaytowin

            then your definition of paytowin is wrong.
            paytowin = you are paying to have an advantage over other players. if you are in pvp and you can buy something that will make you win against other players, that is pay to win. but this? This is all cosmetic. It has no stats to it, you aren’t paying for power, you are not paying for an advantage, it is not paying to win.

        • Raizel

          What abouth the watchwork mining pick? it gives you chance to drop additional loot…

        • flimflam

          shinies should mean something, it’s the one thing I don’t agree with anet about.

      • CharmingRogue

        I would pay 800 gems for that.

    • Lol Asd Omg Wtf Afk

      Tormented SKIN: actually 80g on the trading post. No p2w in this game, whatever you mean with “p2w”.

  • Mortbane

    What, no scythe? lol Ah, memories…

  • Seedpod

    Why do the tridents always look better than the staves?

    • flimflam

      I notice that with harpoons look better than rifles

  • Karl Karl

    My favorite set from gw1!!! i might cry!!

  • Zynns

    spear and trident is a fail… spear is a copy from gw1 almost no glow or enything… and trident? looks like a childs drawing with few tomented effects … they are not comparable with other wepons…. just fail

  • justinlryan

    Wtf is up with the swirly clouds on some of them? That’s gawdy as hell.

  • Joshua Fan

    Thanks for the videos of their equipped animations!

  • Ice

    Thank you Dulfy for a fast upload on new items

  • Crimson Call

    So purple, suits my Mesmer well πŸ˜€

  • Atoli

    I have the longbow skin. IGN: Atoli if you need a model.

    • Cool ty for the pics, I will add them in πŸ™‚

  • Archi

    The shield is beautiful! focus and staff also nice, but dat shield!

  • Courageous Chris

    Does the warhorn have different sound effect?

  • Bowser Mctater

    I got the staff. looks awesome on necro!

  • RNG Evilness

    RNG RNG lottery RNG RNG GG Nexon witch >_>

    • Larx

      just buy on tp with gold …

  • Ares Zax

    I like the look of the Spear and Pistol. πŸ™‚ Might need to pick them up for my Mesmer.

  • Faze

    Finally! Some decent skins we can use, and might actually want to get.

  • Charles Ayrton Blake Cobb

    Sharing the shortbow skin. IGN: Charrtakooks Dandy

  • tagsy

    Pistol skin! IGN: Augareth

  • tagsy

    Pistol skin! IGN: Augareth

  • Kyrmana .

    Remember when everyone went around with that shield? Bet they’re going to be expensive just because of nostalgia.

  • Self

    Kurzick armor and a shield, mmmmm

  • ndgoosse

    lol no the made my favo weapon and then its again stupid RNG go ditch off make it an reward for someting like the hom or so that would make it more rewarding for us gw1 gamers who acctuly done gw1 and got thoese weapons in that game i hate you A.Net for ruining an promessing game

    • SuperPowa

      Buy it off from the Trading Post. This is not an excuse to cry anymore since you can sell the skin now.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    It’s come down to re-cycling Guild Wars 1 skins ? Really ? LOL

    • Sty

      10 of these skins are new, so it’s not totally recycling.

      It’s a bit strange though to introduce these skins now, as there is no clear connection with the current living story.

      • WOOPS

        the drill stirred them up from the bottom of old LA :p

      • Lord

        Maybe Elona World or Abaddon’s Fractal will come next ?
        Or just a remembering from GW1 ?

  • tagsy

    Scepter. IGN: Uaithene

    • Iris Nguyen


  • ImSofaKingGood

    Aside from the shield and the ones with spiraly light effects, I meh’d pretty hard lol.
    I guess if GW1 people are into it, that’s cool, but I’d say Fused and Dreamthistle are way above the majority of these in terms of quality. This is like Sclerite level to me just because Sclerite was kinda creative despite being ugly. These are pretty-looking but mostly uninspired and not very creative.

    • Michael Clarke

      Personally, i would like to see some more of the Unique weapons skins from Guild Wars find their way into Guild Wars 2. Some of the Game of the Year Edition of the Guild Wars Trilogy bonus in game weapons skins are really very nice-looking, too. For example, the Draconic Shield pretty much beats the shyte out of most of the shield skins i’ve seen in Guild Wars 2

  • cheesus

    Does anyone else feel like the rifle coulda benn a kickass sword?

  • alicestar

    Tormented Weapons….. as in the weapons received in exchange for armbraces in Elona? Am I missing something because I could swear that there is some chick in Divinity Reach that cant even get a good red bean cake yet somehow BLTC has been hording a stash of Tormented weapons for the last few hundred years…. I guess Lore is out the window, lets just make shit up as we go.

    • alicestar

      The game has evolved from a large following well made MMORPG to a pay for play medieval Barby Dress up game.

  • Figo Ligo

    Tormented Torch would look nice on Mesmer for The Prestige purple flame. Also it taste like purple. πŸ˜›
    Torment condition, mesmer, purple, these Tormented Skins feels it was made for them. Even the shield though they can’t wield it.

  • derp

    so we haveta pay for these skins or is it possible to get them without spending any real cash?

    • Can buy them from the trading post

  • reink

    Does anyone know if the warhorn has a custom sound?

  • Mistress Denna Grey

    anyone have a clue of the actual color on the shield? so i can dye my armor that same color?

  • Hachi-chan

    Does anyone know what dyes would look good with the tormented sword? Some dye similar to the metallic look of the sword?

    • LeNaSmileyStar

      Clear bold colours goes nicely with the tormented.
      And Midnight Ice, as black is awesome.

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