Patch 2.7 SWTOR

SWTOR Dread Master Nightmare Gear Gallery

A gallery of the new Dread Master Nightmare Gear players can expect from Nightmare Dread Fortress and Dread Palace operations


Like the previous Kell Dragon armor set, these Nightmare sets are animated in parts of the armor that are blue. Here is the bounty hunter set used as an example.


Dread Master Warrior/Knight Armor Set (Red = Imperial, Blue = Republic)





Dread Master Inquisitor/Consular Armor Set (Red = Imperial, Blue = Republic)



Dread Master Bounty Hunter/Trooper Armor Set (Red = Imperial, Blue = Republic)



Dread Master Agent/Smuggler Armor Set (Red = Imperial, Blue = Republic)



Blaster Pistol


Assault Cannon


Blaster Rifle


Sniper Rifle






By Dulfy

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44 replies on “SWTOR Dread Master Nightmare Gear Gallery”

They all look pretty much the same, eh good thing I have my custom look already and will just be pulling the mods out anyways.

same stupid and fast blinking animation as in cartel packs. Step backward after awesome Kell Dragon animation.

That is all what BW could think of in half of a year? And i thought Blizzard was lazy… I really hope they are just too busy with work on 3.0

Honestly? At first sight I thought the same. But dont worry, next tier of gear will look all the same, withe same colors for reps and imps, as well as for pvp and pve.

Sincerely… taking into account just the looks, I dismiss them on sight!
There are so many ideas that people give for new gear looks and they still stick with this lame (imo) “power rangers” look.

I hope 3.0 brings a whole new level of gear.

You can’t be more far from the style of star wars. Why doesn’t the art team of bioware just f.o. to work for some fantasy steampunkt game for kids? They obviously hate what people love at Star Wars. This art team is so wrong on this project.

I agree 100%. 90% of ALL the armor in this game is either flat out ugly, or nothing like anything that belongs in Star Wars. This armor, pull out the mods and sell it. Ugly!!!

nothing more lame than grown adults whining about adult video doll clothes that can be reducible to exponential number growth to live a machismo fantasy of video bad assery

You do realize that SWTOR is supposed to take place thousands of years before the original trilogy, right? Of course clothing style is going to look different. You don’t see people nowadays running around in Roman legionnaire armor, do you?

@dulfy:disqus The weapons are different for each faction. Empire has blinking lights on their guns while Republic side as full on laser sights. A bug I think but still. Thought I should share.

Have the rep versions of the War/Inq set always not had the skirt like part or have they randomly changed them?

Dulfy I have a dillema. I’ve been looking forever but can never get a straight answer: is there still any way to get the kell dragon pvp and/or pve sets?

And also, is 186 gear only dropped while the extra nightmare buff is applied to the bosses, or will it continue to be dropped after this has ended?

Just imagine what retards they are when every months they make it a goal to lose players.
Look at this ugly reskinned garbage, what a total joke.So sad that the Americans are so strongly driven by greed so they come up with these gambling packs games from hell to bleed SW fans.Like everyone else in the 3 origin server guilds i was in and died out, i left the game aswell.Best thing i ever did in a game./signed proud star citizen backer.

Why even bother putting these up here, it’s the same crap all over again. The new models are only being released in cartel packs.
This is just the same shit with a different colour slapped on it.

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