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Empire Korriban Incursion/Attack on Tython storyline cutscenes


Republic Korriban Incursion/Attack on Tython storyline cutscenes


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Since 2.7 is on PTS, are the Space Jockey packs up as well? If so will you be releasing the video previews soon as well?

Ahh darn, another quick question. When on the PTS, do you have unlimited CC to use to purchase the packs?

Oh derp. Guess I never pay attention to when they packs are released then hehe. I always come here before even thinking of buying the packs.

Packs tend to go live exactly at 9am PST or noon EST. I usually have videos up within about 3 hrs of them going live if all goes well. The only time the cartel market was active on the PTS was back in Oct 2012 I think when they were testing out the cartel market and gave everyone some free coins for testing.

(When) are you going to put up some guide/gameplay of the new wz?
I know quite some guildies would really like to see that (and I can’t upload anything really untill the weekend :/)

dulfy I have to know. Is there a republic version to this new flashpoint or is it Something for the empire only?? ( It would be nice if it was Empire only imo )

It’s both Pub and Imp. Imps attack Tython, and defend Korriban, Pubs attack Korriban, and defend Tython. The story that plays out with them are pretty impressive.

I for one would love more Black Talon / Esseles FPs.
In which you do the exact opposite of what you do on the other faction.
It really bothers me that all Ops are basically the same thing but with a different starting reason.
I would love different mechanics or different order of events based on faction.

wow, so it begins. in the producer’s roadmap, they were talking about a new storyline that will span all year and finish with a dramatic end. will revan involved? end of war maybe with the empire defeat? they were also talking about an announcement at the end of the storyline, I wonder what that is.

I know right; say anything you want about the games, but Bioware knows how to tell a great story!

Seems fitting, A Prologues to what may come after our dabble with NiM. I do like this story line, intriguing and almost like a smoke cloud. Our judgement is clouded, is Revan involved or has the Emperor returned to lay claim to his throne? Time will tell, I have always liked BW’s ability to draw a player in.

Is the dialogue exactly the same for every class in the instances there with Arkous and Lana?
The only uploaded videos I’ve been able to find has been made from an inquisitor class, from the empire i.e

Are those new hair styles I see in the videos? Hopefully you won’t have to pay to use them after you paid to unlock them… at least not for subscribers… can anyone on the pts confirm if these are infact new hair styles (and other customisation options I’m assuming) or am I just really really late on this? 😛

It’s a new hairstyle on Lana beniko, as well as a brand new eye color and makeup, yet they are not available as dulfy wrote. Theron shan also supports new hair, new cosmetics.

The Republic is going to regret the day they ever were foolish enough to attempt a siege on Korriban. They have, as they always do, underestimated the power of the dark side!

The Republic does hire characters of questionable ethics as their own privateer operatives though. They’re a different… class.

A basic question on SWTOR terminology. Is a flashpoint the same as a WOW instance and operations are their version of a raid?

This “Story Line” brought more questions than answers.. I completed both the Republic & Imperial Quest Lines. I am Fully aware of the 2 parties involved with the attacks, but it’s the end of these story lines that leave me to question. If this was “Part 1”, (1) How do you continue to story line, how many parts will their be. (2) If they haven’t released the second part, how long will I have to wait for it.

Part 2 will be coming in a subsequent patch, they said that this storyline will play out over the rest of the year. Not sure if 2.8 is going to have part 2, since that’s the Stronghold expansion patch, but I would guess 2.8 or 2.9 is going to have something to continue it along.

They’ve said they’re going to release another RotHC-sized expansion around December, so I would guess this arc is going to mainly play out and conclude there, with bits like this leading up to it.

Grand Acquisitions Pack …got any info on what exactly has a chance to be in it? I know its stuff from last pack. Does that mean ALL armor? Or a select few?

you get a complete armor set (boxed) plus a few items, “chance of a super rare” blah blah. IMO, totally not worth the CC… especially not if your armor set is a “republic huttball away uniform” as mine was.

I was wondering exactly what sets, what items, etc. Because from what has been posted in gtn, it is about 8 different sets. And that leads me to believe they selected just a few…

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