Patch 2.7 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 2.7 new mounts and pets

Collection of new mounts and pets added to SWTOR with Patch 2.7. This is a work in progress.

Goldplate Mewvorr – BoE

  • Rare drop from bosses of Korriban Incursion/Attack on Tython
  • Modeled by Shèndu of Harbinger


Heartglow Mewvorr – BoE

  • Rare drop from bosses of Korriban Incursion/Attack on Tython
  • Modeled by Zibah


Deepcrest Subteroth

  • Drop from Commander Draxus in Nightmare Dread Fortress
  • Modeled by Maya of Harbinger


Imperial Korrealis KL-9Z SE

  • Rare drop from bosses of Assault on Tython (Imperial Version)
  • Modeled by Shèndu of Harbinger


Republic Korrealis KL-8A SE

  • Rare drop from bosses of Assault on Tython (Republic Version)
  • Modeled by Morfius of Harbinger


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34 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.7 new mounts and pets”

Well,that KL-9Z looks almost identhically to commander. And it is a drop. From the flashpoint. Thanks, bioware, for keeping exclusive things exclusive.

both of those new are 2 seated speeders, completely different from Commander, ALSO Commander now (if you say 1 seated) are many via cartel.

Those faction speeders are amazing! I can’t wait to drive them around, showing the colors of the Republic!

Are the speeders BoL? I’d much rather have the off-faction one on my main than an alt.

That’s already a drop you have to beat the Hateful Entity in 16 Man NiM Scum and Villainy which is currently the hardest fight in the game.

I like how some of these awards (these above plus the HK skins) are earned through actually playing the game and not via the Cartel Market (even though some of these items are re-skins).

Crap… I didn’t even notice that! That’s fail… Jesus BW I mean that’s kind of 101 stuff of ToR.

Makes sense. If you invade the republic side as an imperial the reward is basically like stealing a republic mount and same for the republic side.

The Mounts are BoP like the Desler Nomad, but I am still wondering if they drop only on Tython or Korriban too.

I got my Imperial Korrealiz on Korriban Incursion on the Pub side yesterday so you can get it as a rare drop both factions. BoP
Hope this helps 😀

I can also confirm that now, at least in its Republic version Korriban Incursion’s last boss Darth Soverus may drop the Imperial Korrealis. In 22 Runs I have seen it drop three times, so far. Meanwhile the Republic version dropped only once in 25 times on Tython on my end.

Seems like the Imperial mount drops on Korriban and the Republic one on Tython, no matter which faction one is playing on. So if anybody likes to drive around with an Imperial mount on the Republic fleet, try your luck on Korriban. Got a Republic Korrealis on my Operative just yesterday, still working on the Imperial though (for my patriotic Operative). But I still think it’s kind of unfair to randomly give away something that should be a max-tier reward, for people who would really contribute something by keeping the queues for the new Tacticals up, instead of running them once and never again.

In case someone’s curious, after 100 runs of the new tactical flashpoints, a total of 3 speeders dropped. (wished I had kept track of the rest of the drops…)

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