Patch 2.7 SWTOR

SWTOR Tattered Mystic and Tattered Ritualist Armor Sets

SWTOR Tattered Mystic and Tattered Ritualist legacy armor sets you can purchase from the new flashpoint vendor on fleet.


These are purchased from the newly added Flashpoint Vendor in exchange for Recovered Relics, which are drops which from the last boss of the Korriban Incursion and Assault on Tython flashpoints (Boss only drops 1, so you will need to roll for it).

There are no reputation or credit requirements.


  # of Recovered Relics
Boots 2
Bracers 1
Helm 2
Chest 4
Gloves 2
Legs 2
Belt 1

Tattered Mystic

  • The top has two versions, one with hood up and one with hood down


Tattered Ritualist

  • The top has two versions, one with hood up and one with hood down



Individual Parts (Tattered Mystic/Ritualist are identical skins with different colors)




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41 replies on “SWTOR Tattered Mystic and Tattered Ritualist Armor Sets”

Now secondly, at least they are now looking at putting in jedi gear that isn’t fully intact. Tattered, hand wraps, etc. also we will possibly get really good gear now with more jedi vs sith.

But what about the Sorc/Sin versions. lol. and i would like to see the revival of the WH or EWH sets also. eventually i guess. 🙂

This is not BM sage gear, it is shadow PvP gear only in different colours, one is similar to bm but not quite the same the other is similar in colour to champ but not the same. I have all three original sets on my toon ( the third being centurion) Also don’t laugh at your own comment it makes you look a moron, especially when the comment contains zero humor.

The color difference is from the Stalker (shadow) and Force Master (Sage) sets. Both are the former Battle Master sets for the Consulars. I want them to do the same thing for the Inq versions. but also for the War Hero sets. not just the BMs.

Dulfy let’s give them feedback about how they should add other battlemaster sets to this vendor 🙂 They did say they will change stuff if they get the same feedback multiple times from different people.

Ahh yes! I remember when my Sage had no credits and looked like a homeless Jedi…. bringing back any of the Consular robes is a bad idea. No other class had it that bad at launch.

The Human-fan-hats and the Oven-mittens beat anything in the game! Not to mention almost all of the Consular sets were awful, while other classes had hits and misses.

You are right. I think these outfits are just ugly as hell. Though I kinda like the gloves and shoes…

I suspect these armors would work best with a Rakghoul companion customization and the right dye pack.

Probably not. It is most likely going to be the same as with the Construction Kits from Kuat Drive. Which means it is going to be a pain collect them again.

If they’re bringing some of the old styles back …. where’s my imperial agent’s Itonese stuff? >.<

They should have both sets set up as rewards, not just the old Sage and Shadow BM sets. I hope that also will be an adaptive legacy option for Sorc/Sin players.

run both FPs, no drops for Clothes relics. Is it rare like the other drops or is it similar to Kuat Drive FP where only specific bosses drop?

Broken loot table… These tokens no longer drop or are as rare as a Crate-O-Matic so you can’t buy anything anymore from this vendor. Same deal with the Manaan tokens. Obviously they can’t be bothered to fix it.

They always have been a mission reward for the Forged Alliances quest line while dropping from the last boss. It used to be a certain drop from him and you had to win the roll but you could still get a few. I bought the full set back then but the deco is now out of reach given its cost… they have added the deco to the vendor when they broke the loot table at the same time. And yes I said “broke” because it can’t be by design. The deco needs about 2 dozens of tokens, there is no way that you are supposed to run 2 dozens of alts to get them…

This is insulting, BioWare, you f*cks! ALL old level 50 operaiton gear! Dread Master lookalike is one, come on, make your damned customers happy! Urgh… I think a massive amount of whine/demand/request threads need to appear on SWTOR forums and have dozens of people shout about it in each one and BioWare might notice.

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