SWTOR Giradda’s Rancor mount and other season one PvP rewards

Gallery and videos of the SWTOR season one rewards which includes Giradda’s Rancor mount and various other armor and weapon sets.

Giradda’s Rancor Mount

  • Modeled by Patchwork of The Bastion
  • 110% (rank3), BoP. Not unlockable in collections


Victorious Armor Set (Empty Shells)

Animation: The purple parts in the armor are animated, see video

Victorious Mystic – Inquisitor Version


Victorious Combatant – Bounty Hunter version (modeled by Patchwork of Bastion)


Victorious Battler – Warrior version (Kah’ra of Ebon Hawk)


Victorious Infiltrator – Agent version (Modeled by Cilla of Bergen Colony)


Victorious Combatant – Trooper version (Modeled by Yeesus of Jung Ma)


Victorious Infiltrator – Smuggler version (Modeled by Aikion of Shadowlands)


Victorious Battler – Knight version (Modeled by Aydan of Firestorm on POT5)


Victorious Mystic – – Consular version (Modeled by O’bey of Red Eclipse)


Victorious Weapons (Empty Shells)

Victorious Lightsaber


Victorious Saberstaff


Victorious Blaster Pistol (modeled by Patchwork of Bastion)


Victorious Blaster Rifle (Modeled by Yeesus of Jung Ma)


Victorious Sniper Rifle (Modeled by Scope of Red Eclipse)


Victorious Assault Cannon (Modeled by O’bey of Red Eclipse)


Ratings and Rewards

Tier Rewards (you have to play a minimum of 10 ranked matches to qualify for rewards)

(Based on your tier at the end of Season 1)

Tier 5 – Rating 0001-1149
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title (Name, S-1 Rookie)
Tier 4 – Rating 1150-1224
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 4 Title
  • A Mini-Pet
Tier 3 – Rating 1225-1299
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 3 Title (Name, S-1 Professional)
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
Tier 2 – Rating 1300-1499
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 2 Title (Name, S-1 Champion)
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set
Tier 1 – Rating 1500+
  • Unique Inaugural Tier 1 Title (Name, S-1 All-Star)
  • A Mini-Pet
  • Season 1 Ranked Armor Set
  • Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set
  • Giradda The Hutt’s Rancor Mount
  • Rondowar

    haha, it’s so cool when he jumps xD
    wanna have!! 😀

  • LordElfa

    somewhat disappointing, I expected him to walk with his scary hands out, not run like a gorilla.

    • RidDler2435

      That was running animation. Walking animation would probably be with its hands out.

    • dysfxal

      stop being racist, this is 2014 for god’s sake

      • holyfrog

        this is the second time you have told people they were racist for saying he runs like a gorilla. its not racist to state a fact. stop being stupid

  • jediboy

    nice cant wait for mine 😀

  • Lacademon – DiLiH Red Eclipse

    Dunno if it helps Dulfy but pics of the Jugg stuff + weapon:


  • Rayo

    is the armor set modded or just a shell?

  • martin

    Fleet will be awful 🙁

  • yellow-power ftw

    jesus do EA ever seen any of the movies or any of the older star wars games? WTH? How the Rancor runs like that? Its not a fucking gorilla!!!!^^

    • dysfxal

      screw the movies it’s all about the old republic era star wars anyways. and stop being racist plz.

      • dictionaryman

        racist?! gorilla is an animal…

        • Rondowar

          specicist then

      • yellow-power ftw

        oh the rancors back then, they run like gorillas and after, they run in their 2 feet? what era and bull u involve? and dont go to far, look ata kotor games to see how rancors run kid

  • Flox

    any idea what the titles are going to be?

  • SirRobinII

    I have unlocked the assault cannon on my mando 😀 I was close to the rancor till i had bad luck today and yesterday :C

    • Rafaello

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you have until 2.7 hits (April 8th) to get your 1500+ max rating.

      • SirRobinII

        I’m not that good healer but every day there is a non 2018 expertise guy in my team and every 2 days im in a group with 3 against 4.

  • Rexx Vortex

    What’s the pet?

    • It is a placeholder for now

      • Rexx Vortex


  • r56


    Hello PvP players, your enemys are in fear because of your skill… here is your pink teletubby armor!

    • Josef Tauser

      a title would have been sweet

  • minutts

    Its a bit of a long shot but any chance these are legacy armorings?

    • Nope, they are all BoP

      • minutts

        Thanks Dulfy I thought this would be the case, guess I dont need to do it now

  • Guest

    Does a character get all the armor/ weapon versions? or just the ones for his class?

    e.g. Can my ranked Sith Warrior give his quinn the ranked pistol?

    • Just ones specific to your class

  • Seph

    Ranchor mount. The awesome factore is strong in this one.

    • Rob Martin

      yeah you PvP assholes get all the good stuff, and us PvE’s just get crapped on.

      • Todd Alexander

        as it should be 😉

      • Salsaranchito

        Yeah but there’s 100000% chance that Bioware just reskins it and releases it as a Cartel Market item. Everyone knows it

  • JJ

    What win:loss ratio do you need for 1500+ rating?

    • Varies, probably around 2:1

    • Todd Alexander

      more like a 9/1 or 10/0 ratio, which means most who have rancor mount will have gotten it by swapping wins/losses with other premades and their alts (i.e. cheating), or have just gotten a lucky 10/0 start…no matter how good you are, you have to get lucky whether team or solo to get a 10/0 start.

  • Vos_L

    Ok, gotta admit, the rancor mount in general seems pretty cool. I’ll be more than happy to eventually get a more basic looking one though without that god awful neon all over it. The PVP armors look hideously gaudy.

  • SirRobinII

    the new pvp (69) gear is lame, it’s like the old obroan with other colors and bigger weapons.

  • yellow-power ftw

    darn they public all those always 40 days earlier, how can we manage to reach those in such a short time?

  • Maru

    the Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title is S-1 Amature

  • Melkyore

    Guy I have a question : these sets comes with stats I guess or is it adaptive armor ? What I mean is if I reach Level 5 will I get armor set for Juggernaut (my char) with the War Leader stats, and Weaponmaster stats, and Vindicator stats ? i.e three sets of armor ? How does it work

    • No stats, just empty shell.

  • John Doe

    Weapons look decent , too bad for the armor nobody going to wear it..

  • SirRobinII

    S-1 Professional is the tier 3 title

    • Thanks, added 🙂

      • SirRobinII

        Could it be that tier 4 is also s-1 rookie ?

  • Haffy

    Quick question: as a Merc would i get 2 or just 1 blaster pistol with tier 1, would suck if only 1 with laser sights and be stuck with the old one

    • SirRobinII

      gonna check it.

      • Haffy

        thx, cheers for checking

  • Mel

    Hey Dulfy, I think you said somewhere that you would be posting the new skins of the PvP Berserker set but I haven’t found it. Could you please point me to where I can find it ?

  • Guest

    Juvenile rancor back

  • SirRobinII

    in tier 1 you also get the S-1 Rookie title, in tier 2 you also get S-1 Amateur and in tier-3 you also get the S-1 amateur. Pet is called Juvenile rancor front

  • SirRobinII

    Juvenile rancor back

  • SirRobinII

    Juvenile rancor backside

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