Patch 2.7 SWTOR

SWTOR Legacy Offhands available with Gree Reputation

Legacy offhands are now available in SWTOR from the Gree Reputation vendor on Ilum. They require hero reputation and costs 8 Gray Helix Components.



No Gray Helix Scatterguns or Vibroknifes | 03.10.2014, 09:43 PM

There seems to be a lot of concern regarding the Legacy Offhands currently available, so I wanted to let you know that there will be Vibroknives and Scatterguns added to the vendor in a later patch.

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i assume new gree will be starting around patch not that i care ive got hundreds of gree helix comps saved up

That was my thinking. Why tie up all the legacy items in one vendor/event? Look for them elsewhere in the near future, I’ll bet you.

I dont quite understand bw sometime. lol why is there no knife and shortgun but shield/focus… seems like everyone from dev team have guardian/jugg and trooper/Bh.. rofl

They most likely have so indeed. As does pretty much the majority around here.
And fyi …. slingers and sentinels already are having theirs for ages. Instead of whining be happy that this is finally here.
Maybe they will add scatter and knifes, maybe not.afterall you can only use it when you have multiple chars from the same advanced class.

Follow me on this one:
Assuming you only have 1 of any given class on each faction to make use of Legacy Offhands, the only applicable classes would be Guardian/Juggernaut, Sage/Sorceror, Shadow/Assassin, Vanguard/Powertech. If you had the mirror classes of Sentinel/Marauder you already have your Legacy OH. Commando/Mercenary don’t share MH/OH, Gunslinger/Sniper don’t share MH/OH, and Scoundrel/Operative don’t share MH/OH. Those with 2+ Gunslingers already have their Legacy OH, and those with 2+ Commandos will benefit from this update as well. With all this considered, only people with 2+ of either Sniper/Scoundrel/Operative would not benefit from this update. Although having a Legacy Knife would allow Sniper/Operatives to share an OH, which would be nice, it is outside of the normal use of Legacy items between mirrored classes. Scattergun would also only affect those with 2+ Scoundrels.
So after all that’s said and done this selective OH addition is very well implemented, just not aimed at those with multiple of the same class on the same server.

man all you need is legacy blaster/saber and legacy focus, you can swap armorings in any of given off-hands

except that scatterguns, knives and blasters are all bound to type. cna’t put a barrel in a gun and move it to a knife or scattergun

I would share the dps generator of the mando with the pt and vang. Probably I would annoyed with sending stuff each time when I want to play on another char 😛

This is currently on the PTS, and should be on live as part of 2.7 (expected release date April 8th, but you know how BW is with release dates…)

It is no longer showing full articles because people were using the RSS feed to scape my entire site and host it on their own. Had to put a stop to that

a good reason why scatterguns and knifes are needed is to gear up companions in the same way on both factions. For example, an imp side toon may buy an oriconian knife for his HK but a rep side toon can’t, that’s why i hope they add em too.

I have a full 78 geared sorc heal and I made a sage healer. If I wanna play as a Jedi I just send the legacy items to my sage from my sorc and I can play as a full 78 geared sage healer. Or I can send this pack to my Operative/Sniper char’s comp and I have a full 78 geared comp. 🙂

I see, Is there a level req. for the mods? For example, if you gave a Level 1 Sage healer your legacy item with Level 78 mods, would they work for the Sage?

I’m pretty sure legacy gear changes level to the armorings,mods or enhancements used. However, I have only used them at max level.

NO. A toon can only equip modifiable gear, including legacy gear, if the toon’s level is equal to or higher than the level of every modification installed in the gear. Therefore, a level 1 sage could not equip gear with a 78 modification in it, since 78 modifications require a level 55 toon.

It’s a HUGE deal if you have more than one character. It’s a way for sending bound armoring, mods, enhancements and augments (and now off hand armoring!!!) to your alts.

I don’t get the point of this. Any legacy item is just as good as any other custom item, right? Does it give the player some kind of visual change or anything? It has a color crystal slot, so maybe it does. I guess that would be worth having just for a bit of a boost in a stat.

Well, the only point is that now, you’ll technically speaking be able to transfer the high-end armorings between your Legacy toons (instead of collecting 140 ultimate comms to get lvl 78 offhands). Still, legacy knives/shotguns would be way more useful.
[AND, they don’t require level so you can equip them as soon as you get your AD (now that you can buy all modable offhands at Esseles level with planetary comms this ain’t that useful anymore, though)].

Actually, legacy knives/shotguns would be useless because you can already transfer offhand barrels between toons on your legacy through the grey helix blaster pistols. And you can transfer offhand hilts with the grey helix lightsaber. The only thing you couldn’t transfer before were the offhand armorings for those classes that don’t dual wield; But now with this patch you’ll be able to transfer your offhand whether you dual wield or not. Which is the whole point of adding these.

Are you sure knive/shotgun barrels are transferable via Legacy pistols? I was under the impression that those barrels were locked to the same type of offhand (e.g. a barrel extracted from a shotgun could only be placed in another shotgun). That is the whole point of needing legacy shotguns and knives.

Can’t mix purple barrel types. A 28 purple is bind to item, but a 28 blue isn’t. I tried that on a couple of different items.

The difference is that some people may want to bypass teh exorbitant costs of yanking mods out of legacy gear, put them in bound gear, use them, yank them out of bound gear, and drop them back into legacy gear to send somewhere else. If you could just have the legacy off-hand, you’d avoid all that credit waste.

I don’t know why vibroknives/shotguns would be way more useful, same concept as wanting to tranfer a focus from my sorc to my assassin, etc… Just depends what toons you rolled. I have huge us for the offhand focus myself.

so if we joined the game after last gree event, we have to wait for the next one? couldn’t someone else sell them?

Well. I can’t get why adding only to the GREE event, really. Rakghoul infection has BoL gear too, and it still misses offhands for lots of classes….or, to be honest, it provides off hands only for Marauders, Sentinels, Mercenaries and Gunslingers. Not fair at all. And still, only updating the old Gree event, so that new players got to wait (an eternity) till that event pops up again? What’s the aim, i ask myself…

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