SWTOR Player Housing Announced with short trailer

A short video trailer was released today on the developer livestream, announcing the player housing option for SWTOR. No other information was released with the trailer. Expect an official announcement soon.



By Dulfy

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Hmmm, I always considered the ship to be the home base element to the game. However, with the planet side version, there must be some new features to it

I would like to see more because it looks a little sterile to me, rather like the ships (re: customization) and very few perks. Gotta give us more than a mailbox et al. W* raises the bar.

It will be customizable. I am interested if it’s selected drop points for specific items or similar to SWG’s /move items commands based decorating. Either way, it’s a very nice addition to the game.

Stoked about this! I hope we’re allowed to decorate and drop/place things around our house. If it’s like another personal starship then I will be a little disappointed…

Agreed. I had hoped that the starships would be customizable, but it looks like that will never happen. Here’s hoping they’ll make these houses more what I’m looking for–a place that I can make different and interesting enough that it might be worth inviting over another player to check it out.

It is the bootiful, I wants it and I needs it. Also if they announce continuations of toon stories I’ll be a happy girl.

Unfortunately, they’ve said multiple times that they’re not continuing the separate class storylines. πŸ™

True. However, they also said several times that they had no plans for player housing because they considered the ships to be the player housing.

A shame that it’ll (mostly) be Cartel Coin based, and crappy.

Oh well, at least it is SOMETHING players have been requesting

You don’t have to be psychic to know Bioware’s business model is to shove everything cosmetic based into the cartel store.

And you must be amazingly blind to the last year plus since the CM has been around. All loot goes through the cartel system. Have you not played since Nov 2012 and came here to call out the good Capt? He is being obvious. You should try it.

Hey, I’m noticing some weird items at that rep vendor. I checked the gree store and all over the internet and i cannot find the gray helix shields or focus items anywhere! I’m currently a preferred status. so are those items exclusive to subscribers or the PST? I am extremely curious….

This is a couple days old now but i thought i should correct.. PTS is now available for ALL players not just subs…

I hope CM team works on this not the content team. the game has so many end game problems and this should not be the priority

ok cool houses, now what can they actually do? to make people want them. will they be like dcuo lairs, ot perhapes exactly like the ship

I just hope its not all cartel based. : ( Give us Legacy 50 and lvl 55 people and subscribers some love Bioware.

I’m expecting “3.0: Housing” to be the “thing” of the year.
I hope they do it with credits, at least for furniture, I don’t mind buying the housing lot for CC.

Home is nice, but my point is, if you cant read fleet general chat at your own home, I guess you wont be long at home. you will keep wandering in fleet.

You must have a nicer fleet chat then Harbringer. I generally try to craft as fast as possible and get out before being tempted to respond to the topic of the hour.

I hope this isn’t the generic here’s some furniture to buy/craft to place in your preformed house. I’d like to see a Rift-style system where you can build from the ground up if you choose to. I’m a Rift dimension junkie but I play ToR for the PvP/PvE, if this is system is as good or better than Rift’s, I’m in. It’s a tall order as Trion has an amazing housing system.

I’ve built Dragonsreach (from Skyrim) in Rift. I’d love to do replicas in this game…imagine building a SWTOR version of say, Yankee Stadium or creating an AT-AT (in fact there are some amazing Star Wars dimensions in Rift). This is the type of experience I’d love to see.

Here’s to hoping. πŸ™‚

Oh yeah! They listened! This is freaking awesome, I have dreamt of this day for quite some time. Now i only hope they make it so you can decorate your house with stuff you pick up on your travels, not just a ground based version of your ship…

I’m a habitual pessimist. I expect this to be little different from our ships. Hardly any customization, and must be grouped with someone to visit their house. So still no
player-run cantinas.

I’m cautiously pessimistic. With many different housing systems out there, Bioware has quite the challenge on their hands to create a system that’s unique, fun, and allows for a great deal of customization. I will be completely uninterested if it’s just a decorating game. Been there/done that. To pull me from Rift’s dimensions, I’ll need to see something truly groundbreaking.

I agree with you both. I will give EAWare the benefit of the doubt. 2.0 was good. I thought it would flop BUT look at the dye system and customization system. It’s nothing more than a sham. Their is no loot system in this game so unless we can fill our house with broken jars and datapads then it will be filled with looted unassembled gear parts. IF you can even do that.

Remember two years ago, when they released a trailer and an “official” announcement for the playable ship droid class and ship droid minigames that came out around the same time of year that this did, which ended up being an April Fools joke?
I’m quite confident that this is their April Fools joke for this year.

Except that the ship droid announcement was released a little before April first…and that was an April Fool’s joke

At best the little before April First was due to time zones, so maybe a few people saw it on March 31st because the Earth is round and rotates, giving ways to timezones.

Also, SWTOR stands to make a ton of money off this through CM. It’s a good business move, not on April 1st, and not funny, so makes no sense at all as an April fool’s joke.

Playable ship droid, obvious april fools joke. Dance WZ, obvious april fools joke. Player housing? Make a joke out of it and lose a ton of subs…

I’m pretty sure it’s not a joke.

If I recall the ship droid one came up a few days before 01/04… An “announcement” three and a half weeks before is not likely going to be an April Fools.
That having been said, I have Zero use for it unless it allows more storage. Some of my characters are close to maxing out all their tabs

Sigh… another person that needs everything spelled out to them. DF & DP came out at beginning of October. NiM DP is coming out mid-late summer. Add 2-3 months after its release before new raid content, and you got yourself just about a year of DF & DP.

Player housing is a drag, in my opinion. It’s been my experience that there isn’t much to do at home in an mmorpg (unless you like admiring your decorations for hours on end.) However, to be fair, I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the lack of it for a long time. I suppose Bioware felt some pressure to respond.

Got a feeling its only capital worlds. Understandable, but disappointing.
I hate going back there, but it’ll be worth it if I can have an area to myself with a GTN, Mailbox, Augment table, etc close to one another. Would also be nice to scan(and link threads from) Swtor forum in game too. Would also be nice to be able to display pets in the home as well as npcs. Also, armor stands. Yes please.

And before you say it, yes the ships have those things close…..except the mailbox. πŸ˜›
gotta run to the other side of the ship for those. #firstworldproblems

I’m going to have to go with the sterile feel as well. I really hope this is a true change up from your ship. If you could see my old home in EQ2 you would know I am a huge housing fan. I am going to sit on the fence with anticipation and hope this is something for this year.
To the April fools responses I truly hope not if so they better just finish the “Kali Ma Shakti de” on me.

The difference is that, depending on how it’s implemented, a home on Coruscant/Dromund Kas would be worse then statying on your ship for finding groups and getting to quests.

Imagine if your home included a device that your could “tune” to the chat location of your choice … fleet, Makeb, Oricon, whatever. Now imagine you could get two or more such devices, each independently tunable. You could look for groups all over the galaxy simultaneously from the comfort of your living room couch …

Another difference is that ALL ships look the same inside for each class respectively, this will enable players to customize a house and make it their own.

I wonder if it’ll be per character or legacy-wide. I’d rather it be your legacy (maybe one appartment on the republic side and one on the empire and hopefully you can ‘buy’ bigger ones, expand etc.) and then have a room per character you have with the room of the character you are playing on open. Then there’s the question of chat. It’d be nice if they kept fleet chat while in your home so you can still trade items and join groups, otherwise this housing will be as useless as your ship and everyone will be on the fleet anyways. That being said, I am still very excited for this. πŸ™‚

Please no fleet chat, just add an /LFG server-wide channel, make /trade server-wide and fix the spamming issue.

Can’t wait to fill it with loot from the Cartel Market, since there is absolutely nothing you can loot in the game that you can put on your wall. Their is no loot system, just a cartel system. I bet this will be just a big of failure and money grab as the highly touted customization and dye system. What a sham.

EA exists to make money for their stock holders. That is why madden fans have to buy a brand new game every year and it is why we have a cartel market in a game that doesn’t need one. I’m grateful to have the game and that we’re don’t have buy a brand new box every year.

I agree. At least the cartel market does not sell any pay to win items. Just some boosts and you could also buy them from the GTN. Nobody is forced to buy on the cartel market like no one is forced to buy jewelry in real life

Their success at that is questionable. Seems at the genesis of their micro-transaction era, they began to plummet.

You mean their stock plummeted in 2008 when all stock did? I wouldn’t use the stock market as indication of anything anyway, it’s all speculative bullshit.

That graph look close to Ubisoft and Activision (they get lighter drop tho) to name a few, so dont base anything on that before getting an objective viewpoint on the whole gaming industry.

You, as well as many other adolescent adults, confuse not liking a business model to not liking the game. In the real world it is ok to not like the way somebody does something. The game is fun, been playing for two years but they can do things much better. I’m a bit older than some so I don’t just enjoy every turd sandwich someone puts in front of me. Comes with age I guess.

wow, it sounds like you know me already via my one comment! i’ll pack my bags and leave now as you’ve figured this all out. Your negativity needs to cool son, problem are worked out within the game over time, moan like a spotty juvenile helps no one.. be constructive.

nothing loot that worth? well i got huge collection from looted weapons of all kinds and full old pve / pvp armor sets (hope i can add them all as decor)

wow, best content ever. who needs ops or fps. how cool it will be watching Musco stream his operative sitting at his home?

I hope we can listen to fleet chat from our home and have a travel option straight to fleet, if not I won’t spend any time at home, it’ll be less then worthless if being at home hinders finding OPs groups…

it will be worthless even with chat. in fleet you have tons of other things like mission terminals, crew trainers, vendors etc..

Oh I know it’ll be worthless, just pointing out that using it may actually hinder playing the game depending on implementation on top of that.
And since they are adding mission terminals in WZs waiting areas they could do the same for FPs/OPs and all quests with mission terminals. A lot would need to be done for homes to have a real use…

I guess you will be able to unlock many of those things with your legacy or CC so you will have some kind of customized VIP area

I want a bar with serving droid, twi’lek dancers, a Bith band, pazaak table, disco lights, gold model ships of all the starfighters, a hamster, working showers and a portrait of Tali’zorah vas Normandy.

A pazak table? Dancers? Serving droids?! Now you’re taking the bith…see what I did there? πŸ˜‰

I would pay good money for a guild capital ship with all terminals and fleet goodies and I know I’m not the only one.

That’s not really an option, unless it’s just texture swaps. There are too many cutscenes on the ships where characters are moving about from point A to point B making it impossible to change the interior geometry of the ship in any way without causing issues like clipping and what not.

For instance put a random chair near your ships holo-terminal or move the holo-terminal the to another part of the ship because of the way the cutscenes are scripted.

The only other option would to be to not have your customization items show up in cutscenes on your ship, but I don’t think that many players would be down with that.

This is no problem. They’d just make the ship customization available after the class quests are done. So no cutscenes are involved.

How cool would it be if this is a legacy house and all your toons stay there. like your top characters for all four playable classes (per side). My trooper could meet my guardian!

exactly what i thought about. could also be nice to see pictures/holos of certain rewards your character earned through storyline and archievements

I was hoping the same thing! It would be like a Legacy house. Mind you we couldnt control them all at once. The previous character would just happen to be sitting or standing where we last left them.

Wow, can’t wait! As other’s have said, this is a good move for Bioware as many people will want to buy off the cartel market and decorate their homes, me included πŸ™‚

I hope it’s just certain pieces of furniture have to be bought on the CC. At the same time I hope said furniture can also be sold/bought on the GTN. I also hope you can put trophies from Boss kills in your house too.

Would be nice if they had some sort of functionality similar to the way apartements are in GTrand Theft Auto V; where the entrance to the house is actually located on the live map (could be fun on PvP servers). I’m guessing it’s just going to be a teleport entry.

Although I think this housing system will be the same as every other game that has used it, I’d like to see how they do it.

What would be cool is a guild base, similar to the ones that City of Heroes/Villains had. With those, the enemy faction could actually raid your base and destroy certain amneties, like teleporters, generators, etc. All things that had an actual functionality to the members of the guild.

[My comment from SWTORStrategies]

I definitely knew SOMETHING was up, but this is an absolute complete and total surprise! =)

Some weeks ago, I was watching two devs playing GSF on twitch
answering people’s questions at the same time. The first time I saw
them, all of my questions were completely ignored, no matter how I
framed them. I was wondering what gives?! That kind of hurt as it
appeared they were answering everyone’s questions except for mine. All
of my questions were regarding “sitting” on the chairs found throughout
the Cantinas and if there was going to be anymore work done on the
Cantinas in general. The second time I saw them, I asked the same
question but I framed it in a double question in one, in the scope of
what are cool things to do while waiting on cue for a GSF match. I was
basically saying I would like to do things in the Cantina (ie Pazaak)
and even sit on chairs (not the emotes) while waiting. This time they
took my question but completely didn’t say anything about the Cantina or
chairs, even though numerous people started to talk about Pazaak
because of me. They went into what they like to do while waiting on cue
for a GSF match. That sounded an alarm in my investigation. There was
some kind of secret project going on where they weren’t allowed to
reveal anything about sitting or any kind of quality of life update.

In the trailer you see a chair. LOL! Well played devs.

So many new questions now. What about our ships? Will we have to
unlock new unlocks to have mail/gm/dummies/vendor for our new homes or
will the ones we already have for our ships be used for that? Is this
added territory or is this instanced? Is this only for one planet, or
for all of them or just a few? We’ll find out soon.

I’ll say this. It looks like the SWTOR dev team isn’t going to give up the fight to future upcoming space sims that easy.

/chair1 /chair2 /chair3 /chair4 /chair5
Chairs, chairs chairs. People still talking about it and they added it months ago!

I was pretty clear I wasn’t talking about the emotes. The emotes are basically just a sign that it can be done, nothing more. The chairs in Cantinas and everywhere else except for a few on our ships remain broken.

Stay on topic … stay on topic …. ARRRGGG!!! [solemn Star Wars music]

The sitting emotes are just Bioware telling us, they are on the job. I suspect the chairs will finally be fixed somewhere this summer, when the housing is released to public.

I appreciate that BW is still pushing out new content & more importantly is listening to its player base with the star fighter & now housing additions. I would also like to see a guild ship/hall & option to live on my ship-hope that can be added as time goes on. Also a big please, please, please to incorporate a true beastmaster system-I gladly offer my services gratis as former MCH to assist in such a project. Keep up the good work.


Hey Dulfy,
You’re one tough trooper. One of the few last supporting and popular survivors for SWTOR on the internet.

I really hope we can invite more than three other people into our future homes (that are likely instanced). At least make the grouping raid sized so we can have proper parties, guild meetings, all that stuff.

Cantinas don’t have that sense of home or the privacy. Really, housing makes rp more in depth. If you were having a secret meeting, would you do it in a cantina?

I wasn’t considering RP. Actually, I just don’t see why any guilds would want their ingame meetings shared with everyone else in a cantina or wherever. Drama, politics, new leadership, just stuff like that. Of course you can take it to ops chat, but it just doesn’t feel right (to me). And in case we don’t get guildships, well, lets at least allow us to be able to gather in our houses πŸ™‚

Actually I cant wait for the guild ships. I mean that is the only thing I am waiting on haha

Guild Ship would have made more sense.. also 39 sec with company logo taking half the trailer.. seriously.

the only business they can get is through the cartel market. would people be willing to spend real money to SHARE and store something ? hence why the idea of player housing is much more ideal.

Sevra, you’re just never satisfied are you? ROFL You said you don’t play anymore, why you lurkin’ and hoppin’ on the negative train, lol.

I have the right, after all the $ i put on it over the last few years, im stil hoping they could wake up someday.

Guild Ship is something they said they wanted to release and focus on multiplayer content yet they add a single player house, make no sense.

what is the point of this? you stand around on the fleet, you stand around in a VIP room, you stand around in a house? serious waste of time, server space and investment.
if you want to spend time in your “house” get a ken and Barbie set and have the full 3D experience.

I do hate to pre-judge it since I don’t really know what this entails, but I have a feeling they consider this one of the two “expansions” for the year. I just don’t really get what the lasting appeal of player housing is. Like we’re going to invite people over to our house and they’re going to hang out there or something, and do what??
For those of you who played SWG and thought player housing was great, can you give me an idea of what sort of activities that entailed?

Player shops (yes you had to travel there to buy things), Beast Mastery (creating laboratories inside your home), crafting (placing crafting benches in your home to be able to craft, but they were yours and were usually higher quality), decorations, being part of a city, storage. There were also factories and material harvesters that were placeable. I personally used my SWG home for storage and Beast Mastery. I loved the idea of putting an incubation chamber in my home and having to do all the stuff with Hydrolase enzymes to make a perfect beast.

I sincerely apologize for this, Dulfy. I was trying to make a DISQUS account and I accidentally screwed up majorly while messing around to see how it worked, and couldn’t delete it because it was a guest. If you could delete this then that would be great.

Player stores, Beast Mastery (incubation chambers and labs), crafting machines, decorations, storage, and being part of a community. It was fun because it was functional.

What do you mean by player stores? Just trying to imagine how something like that would be implemented in this game and it sounds intriguing.

Well, in SWG you’d go to what was essentially the GTN and find whatever item you wished to buy. Someone could list it on that terminal (easier for the buyer) or the terminal would show you that the person had the item in stock at their personal vendor in their home. If I saw some really cool pink short shorts and wanted to buy them, but the person had it listed in their home on Tatooine, I would have to fly to Tatooine, follow the coordinates, and purchase the item from their vendor in their home. It wasn’t a “Player store” as I said earlier (just trying to generalize concepts for simplicity) but rather a home with a personal vendor in it. Unfortunately, without sandbox-style placeable housing, this would not at all be viable in SWTOR in the current state of the game and with what housing seems to be (instanced).

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I doubt this is along the lines of what’s being developed but would be good if it was.

you asked what activity that entailed in SWG HOUSING, not swtor.

If you ask a question about swg, remember that some of your answer will be about swg.
Just sayin’ . . .

Idk if I’d call it SWG’s housing ‘glorious’ … in fact it seemed a bit obnoxious… just miles and miles of player homes that all looked the same in between the cities. I think LOTRO has a much better housing system.

how can you even say that? its not even out. Stop PRE-judging everything and give it a chance. When i told people a year ago that housing would be available they laughed, well, here is the proof. who says it wont be as good as SWG, maybe not right away, but eventually.

I personally don’t care about player housing, but I know a lot of people do. It’s a good sign that they are doing something many people have requested, particularly with the new competition coming on line this year. They need to keep showing they are adding to the game and fixing/tuning things!

I told the haters 1 year ago that this would happen but no one believed me.. well, in your face! Even if its not perfect from the start, BW is really trying and they have improved a LOT!

Im all up for player housing however now im coming to find something else to get addicted 2 and want all the rare items i only have so much time in the day ( However if its a legacy wide house that would be better imo because keeping up with 5 houses is going to be a bitch

Like others before me, I can see this become something big easily. My first and most favorable suggestion is that they allow the entire legacy to live in the house (including companions who had married so said legacy toon). The legacy toons could either be idling characters or at the very least be able to roam the house. And maybe (just maybe) be able to at least have one conversation with your current toon (based upon their alignment, fraction, and current relationship with the legacy.

Second of all, houses should definitely be fraction-less, so my sith sorcerer and jedi shadow should be able to meet and have so said conversation. To go along with this, houses should have a good array of customization, buying furniture and rooms, or even buying a new house all together– not to sound like the sims or anything.

Thirdly, you should be able to invite players. Basically, Xabior from the Sith Empire should be able to invite JoeJimm from the Sith Empire. I don’t believe although you should be able to invite people from other fractions, as it can just become a brawl to the death easily.

Fourth, a trophy room. All those achievements we’ve been rounding up for almost no reason? Now there is a reason. Although the trophy room at first should only be able to hold a small amount of trophies of your choice, you should be able to upgrade it to hold almost all your trophies– err, I mean achievements.

And last but not least, a practice room. The house will become real boring real quick, so it would be nice to have a target to fight. You should be able to fight either your own toons or a target dummy (which should cost less than the ones in ships). Or better yet, have your other toons BE your companion as you fight a practice dummy. This, or have a combat simulator room where we can fight selected mobs in the environment of our choosing. Again, our other toons should be able to fight with us with a limited quickbar so we can keep track of their skillset (especially for lvl 55s.)

And also this list of things isn’t accounting the obvious necessities such as bedrooms, kitchen, living room, miscellaneous items, a pet room (now they can be useless in their own place!), etc.

And although there’s obvious technical issues with my ideas, I expect for at least a few items on this list to be able to see the light of day. If not of course, they’ll be plenty of raging/quitting fans.

“Second of all, houses should definitely be fraction-less, so my sith
sorcerer and jedi shadow should be able to meet and have so said

Please let this not be the case. I want a whole house not 1/2 or 1/8 or 1/32 of a house…

Seriously, I’d prefer not to have a “legacy house.” Doesn’t feel right when most of the people in my legacy have nothing to do with one another or will never meet. I’d rather have my crew in the house and able to interact with them (especially the companions my characters have married).

Agreed, keep it per character only. There is absolutely no reason my characters would all share a house.

I’ll be extremely disappointed if its guild housing. Also the trailer probably would have had more than one character in it if it was guild housing.

Here’s three suggestions for Bio that would be cheap to implement:

1.) A galaxy-wide /LFG channel so we can look for groups wherever we are and turn off gen chat when we need some peace and quiet, but still need a group.

2.) An effective way to deal with spammers. It really cannot be that complicated to make gold-spammers go away. If say, 50 people report/ignore a given message something should be done automatically, account or IP ban. Even if it’s temporary ban for an hour. You post something again within a 48 hour period that gets a lot of report/ignores, permanent account ban.

3.) Legacy or account /ignore. This would end so much of the nonsense that happens.

1) Group Finder tool (sort of)

2) In theory easily abused by large groups of people
3) Yes please, an /ignore for that particular account maybe

1.) Group finder doesn’t work for operations, with a couple exceptions. If I were to make a further suggestion for this, it would be to have LFG tiers, like they do with group finder. So 50-55 might have its own tier and it would be automatically joined as you level up.

2.) Very unlikely to be abused with a large threshold required to ban someone. Even if it was 25 people. The only people that would hate this would be spammers and trolls.

3.) Glad we can agree. This would be essential to making #1 work, otherwise it will get flooded with spammers and trolls.

I’m glad to know we are getting player housing, but still can’t get cross server pvp, ranked wz’s back…

This is their annual “April Fools” video. You guys just managed to find it early. You seriously think they’re going to add houses before easy dual-spec or guild halls/ships? What is this, a single-player game?

Was looking through the video and noticed this as I was stepping through it: GSI terminal in the side room there. Perhaps other terminals there, too?

Probably… Probably they just put everything from the game into the apartaments πŸ˜€
Or just decorative stuff

I must admit this is a interesting move. Of course as I’ve said plenty of times all the best moves of this poor game are the ones towards the SWG model.
Chat bubbles are the next thing, so we can shut off the general chat and the idiocy camping there.
The big problem will be this houses seems to be like ships, istanced , not easy visitable and just a place for dump cartel market garbage.
The whole thing about housing at Galaxies was bring life to the planets, people doing things in comunity, visit stores , city halls ,museums and malls, and also keep people busy building awesome structures with the items and the Npcs. (A kind of minecraft minigame)
Is a good move Eaware, dont screw it and drop some “buildable” planets or areas at the ones we already have so we can think this is not a single player game with coop features and become some kind of “real star wars galaxy”

I found it interesting in SWG to run around and visiting people and see people. Another thing that I think SWTOR could have, is flying. Spaceships you know, from planet to planet, and ofcourse have the chance to quick travel aswell. It would be awesome, I think if you mix alot of SWGs stuff, and then make SWTOR graphics and lore and voice acting. Just have all the SWG features, this could be called “Star Wars: The Game” Because it would be the ultimate one.

SWG died because it was a bad game, stop trying to turn SWTOR into SWG. It is not the same type of game.

SWTOR went to free to play in 8 months because was a bad game , dont try to keep it as the same type of garbage it is at this moment. Thats why they are trying to change the “type of game”.

Second highest subscriber numbers on the market when it added the extended trial option. If its such garbage, why are you still here? Go find an SWG emulator and leave those of us who know what SWTOR is and enjoy it alone.

All MMOs go free to play once the revenue from box sales has peaked. It’s just another marketing tool.

The reason SWG had player housing, and museums was because the game had NO PVE CONTENT!!!!! I get that some people enjoy a vast sand box game, but most of us live in the real world where we don’t have the time to “make our own game play” Galaxies was a terrible game, sorry. It was a dinosaur from another era, and it was irrelevant the moment it launched. Hell, you couldn’t even log in for 2 weeks after the box release! Can you imagine that happening today? That game was a train wreck, full of broken useless classes, ZERO content, and terrible stability. They took it out back and shot it, and that’s what it deserved. Let it go…

This is going to open the door wide for more player ran events. People seem to have a better sense of community when houses can be obtained and neighborhoods get built, and on to city s, and Metropolis’ (SWG Player City). I am really quite anxious to see how it will all unfold.

Thank-You for LISTENING BW !!

You do realise that player housing will be instanced, just like the hangers on fleet. There won’t be neighbourhoods, there won’t be vast stretches of player housing. There will be 4 per faction, and you’ll only see one, because BW is lazy.

Player housing is need. Chat bubbles should be combo’d with this. I have stopped playing SWTOR (Generally disappointed and frustrated with the game.) But if they continue to add more actual RPG elements, of course I will come back to it.

How bout you let me sit down on the seating arrangements in the environments, instead of selling me lame chair emotes through the cash shop? Etc etc…

i dont understand why everyone is so excited about player housing really
seems like a cosmetic thing and nothing more

so you think houses should be on RP servers only? Did you know that at the end of SWG wwen people were asked what it was that made them say over 80% claimed decorating there in game houses to show off everything they completed was what kept their account active. I had a link to the interview but its not there anymore.

as evolved gamers, whenever there is a function or mechanic introduced in game such as this, skyrockets community involvement. If there is anything that resembles a community or gives that “neighborhood” feeling, player involvement almost ALWAYS implements player organized events, venues and pvp/pve training opportunity s. ANYTHING that can being people together in a “community type” atmosphere. Player housing opens the door to community living and we all know that player ran events are a excellent way to meet people and improve in any areas of expertise that so needs it. Its the nucleus or epicenter to a lot of great things. With the introduction of player housing it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities

The Fleet already offers plenty of “community.” You actually believe giving people more places to go off to alone or with a small group will build more community? *shakes his head in disbelief*

It would be ok at launch. But not now, Cross server pvp and new maps[more then one] for PvP needed to happen first. This isnt going to save the PvP’ers that quit daily.

Nothing will ever “save the PvPers” in any game. PvPers by nature are a miserable group of people who will never be happy with anything.

Of course, most of the focus is PvE. And you cannot say nothing can “save” PvP. You have to admit PvP has gotten the short end of the stick. From 1.6 to 2.4, zero new content for PvP. Imagine doing the same OPs when new PvE gear comes out.

The point is that the PvP folks will always whine and complain even if the complete focus and effort of the developers was PvP. There is always going to be QQ when anything is done that doesn’t benefit their class. In short, they are never happy.

Maybe so. But complete focus will never happen with PvP, so we will never know will we? But I’m sure if it was the other way around and PvE didnt get any new content for 8 months there would be alot of PvE’ers whining. Just saying there would be alot less “QQ” if PvP receive the same level of updates.

DF/DP came out the end of September/beginning of October and the “new” operation is just Nightmare mode of DF. PvEers are not going to get new content for around a year. Your point is invalid.

And saying PvP hasn’t got any new content is just a flat out lie. Even if you are one of those fools who grasp at straws saying GSF is not PvP just because you are bad at it and want to dismiss it, you are getting a Rancor and a new WZ.

Good point there. Nightmare modes do often a new level of content. Raised level of difficulty, new mounts and pets are exclusive to PvE only. It might not be “fresh material” but it is new. Sorry your level of thinking is wrong. Just afraid to admit that some of what I say is correct.

GSF is PvP, but its SPACE PvP. We are only talking about ground PvP only. Yes we are getting one WZ [first one since 1.6] and rancor mount, which aunique one will be available for PvE as well. And more versions of the Rancor will be on the GPN. Its been a while since PvP had its own PvP exclusive mount

But apparently I’m not getting anywhere with you

Sooo… The 4×4 warzones were not Pvp? The class nerf for Operatives were not to Pvper’s benefit?

You are right, you aren’t going to get anywhere with me until you stop talking out your ass and whining for no reason.

Many of us both PvP and do the PvE content. I suspect that it is you who is “miserable” at PvP, which is the only real measure of player skill versus player skill we have– much less predictable and choreographed as Ops boss fights, which are the exact same tired thing again and again and only a measure of rote learning and repetition– not in any way difficult or stimulating . Sure we run them to get our speeders, pets, and achievements, but PvP is what keeps the game fresh and exciting for many as you never know how a match will go down but Ops are utterly predictable.

Without actual data, who’s to say what more people want(ed) next (an RP feature like housing vs. something for PvP). I think BW knows how many people PvP and they set their priorities accordingly.

While this might be neat at first I would much rather see side games like Pazaak implemented. How is this going to be different than hanging out on your ship?

I’m sure there will be activities to do in your home that can’t be found on the fleet. Otherwise it would be kind of a pointless waste of time, wouldn’t it?

It IS a pointless waste of time, even more pointless than playing the game in the firs place. Everybody in their sane mind will be out there doing something in the Galaxy rather that sitting around some sad generic house/apartment on the capital planet. As if playing a game were not sad enough….

I have a serious suspicion we’re all in for a big surprise. I don’t think housing is going to be released by itself. I suspect it will be released with a plethora of general quality of life improvements, which includes minigames like Dejarik, Pazaak. And other holochess games are to come after with a general Cantina uplift. Bioware is not trying to loose us to the upcoming invasion of space sim games, like Star Citizen and The Repopulation.

This suspicion of mine is based on the refusal of developers to talk about it in any form. I think there is a general gag order, because they are deep in development. It’s a secret project.

I do hate to make an “I Wish” post but…

I sure wish they would do Guild Flagship, or some sort of guild progression options. Unique armors and weapons only unlockable through a special guild currency; hangars on the guild ship to display your favorite custom fighter; pvp, priority and ops terminals and priority transport terminals, hangar entry to your ship; unique starfighters available through guild currency; unique crafting options from your guild ship… SO many possibilities. But instead I’ll probably get to buy a flower pattern couch for my apartment (for 2000CC I might add) on DK.

Yay for a house that only I can see and use, while the only thing I can do for my guild so far is “Woooo I unlocked another guild bank page, wheeee!”

STO has an awesome guild progression built into it. I’d love to see that here. But I guess I’ll be happy for now if I can at least just get all my pvp and group finder missions done on each toon from one place without having to go to the stupid fleet. Please stop making me go to the fleet! So let’s hope for that in our houses.

I like your idea of a guild ship that displays the starfighters of the guild members in the hanger. I play STO too, wasn’t aware of the guild progression structure in STO. Maybe I should join a guild there.

As for the other comments here … Traditionally I was a Star Wars fanboy who hated on Star Trek fanboys. But now I am a bit more mature, and have grown to love Star Trek. So to all the Star Wars fanboys hating on Star Trek. I’ll say this: Star trek’s JJ ABRAMS, MORIBAN and DISNEY.

We’re an angry bunch. Don’t mind us.

I hope this is closer to Star Wars Galaxies than as Star Trek Online.

In Star Trek Online, player housing (the starship interior) basically sums up to “here is your furniture captain, we already placed it for you, please don’t touch, change it or move anything and don’t sit in the chairs except that one over there which you can click, but here are 10 golden starship models to hang up, one is bound to somewhat resemble your custom vessel, right, no?”.

I hope there is more to player housing that furnishing it through cartel coins and a place to stare at the GTN.

I hope there is more to it than that but I do hope they make lots of money because I want to keep playing.

So people can buy stuff on the cartel market and decorate πŸ™‚

Bioware said it would be too difficult to let people customize their ships, due to the way the cutscenes in ships were created.

So basically the Cartel Market is going to become a “Galactic Walmart”, great I hope they sell a set of trashy dress armor to go there. lol

I remember the mess that they had when they released Groupfinder and people would try to “Return to Previous Location” when they were finished, when said location was their ship. It resulted in people being stuck in their ships unable to move (even to the point that they couldn’t use their fleet travel to leave) for days at a time because they’d have to put in a ticket to be removed from said ship; strangers on your ship as other players were visible on your ship even when not in a group; and a whole mess of problems. I would love to be able to customize my ship, but if it creates problems like these, I’d rather not.

Do you know how disconcerting it is to enter your ship and be confronted by a stranger standing by the exit door? Or to find a naked male BT4 male Twi’lek sitting on your bed? /shudder

We don’t need houses; we have ships. It is a complete waste of development resources. What we need is game enhancements like the ability to export and store in profiles keybinds like the UI layout profiles. Crafting remains untouched since launch and could use a serious updating as it has been left in the dust with the Cartel market. Guild tools remain pitiful compared to other games. The addition of “houses” is complete bull dung and another way they can start putting out more cartel crap a la “decorations.” It is pure greed. What they need to do is send surveys to their subs and those actually purchasing cartel coins asking where development should focus. We are the ones funding this game.

I call bullshit. I have found nothing on any of the pages of the Dev tracker and or the PTS server forums. which if this was true, I am pretty sure it would be in one of those places.

wish there is something special to SWTOR’s own original idea of housing… i’ve played many mmos with own housing system but they are relatively same to another. hmm what makes housing so special for SW background…? I dont mind owning an apartment on Coruscant or for my Empire characters… a dune house on Tatooine or cavern in Hoth would also be unique… I guess location would be a nice unique point to SWTOR’s housing system…

This is the absolute fakest video ever. It actually allows the use of a non-word ‘fakest’, because it is so fake. So, basically this is a few different cut scenes, one of Coruscant that any Republic player should recognize. Next we have a moue scroll back to within the room of a quest structure, complete with roaming droid. Then we have a player avatar being filmed walking across the room. Anyone notice the horrible job done on the titles just as the clip ends?

In the video posted here, if you look closely you can even see the players tool bars at the bottom.

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