Patch 2.7 SWTOR

SWTOR Nightmare Dread Fortress Mount Wings of the Architect

Images and video  of the Nightmare Dread Fortress mount Wings of the Architect from the PTS. Updated with new images and video.

Reckoning from The Red Eclipse was able to defeat Brontes in Nightmare Dread Fortress on the PTS and was the first to receive the Wings of the Architect mount from her.

Special thanks to SnipeAlott from Reckoning for modeling this mount for me.



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Will be more than happy to provide more pics and video, add SnipeAlott on imp PTS or contact anyone in reckoning and see if I am available. Will raid again tonight EU time.

Well that’s your opinion.
I think they fit perfectly fine on a sith or the like.

For a jedi or non-force user they’ll certainly look odd.
But then again, there have always been odd looking items in star wars.

I feel like a lot of people that feel things don’t belong in the swtor universe are trying to compare it to the movies, but what you have to remember is most of Star Wars happens in the books and comics not the movies…the original movies while having a great story were very limited to what they could put in the movie and there is no point in even discussing the new movies. Just a thought from a huge Star Wars fan…

First ‘mount’ that isn’t a mount.

I personally don’t like it, pairing rocket boots with what is essentially a jetpack of brontes’ hand/fingers.

As an armor piece I could see it but as a ‘mount’ it looks dumb to me.

Another perfect example for a mount that will look horrible with a assaultcannon / rifle on your back ….as always :/

Maybe this means I’ll finally get to have a sort of toggle on/off rocket boost speeder mode for my rocket pack on my BH.

It feels dumb to have one on my back and still need to get on a speeder…

I do hope they intend to put it on the cartel market and such, like the rancor, bit unfair for non PvErs.

This is not unfair to non pvers at all considering how few people will get the mount even with a strong progression group, and this will never be on the cartel market like every mount from EC S&V and TFB

It’s not easy to get the Rancor(pvp) mount either and not everyone would get it, yet it’s coming to the cartel market for everyone.

It’s like this. the DP mount will likely be a rancor too, so there’d be one rancor mount for PvE, one for PvP, and one for the cartel market. Seems fair, no?

Yes. But they probably won’t place the wings as a PvP reward. And originally the rancor was a PvP reward, So everyone will be able to get the rancor (who was originally announced as a PvP reward) and only PvErs would get the wings. So all I want is the ability to purchase the wings ^^; (Real reason I’m whining is because I’m too lazy to do PvE)

Yes, but the one that’s going to be on CM won’t be the same one, and neither will the PvE one. If you want a PvP jetpack, that’s acceptable, but you can’t have the same one PvErs get, at least not yet. See, the difference is, PvErs can now never get the PvP rancor, but eventually you’ll be able to get an easy run through this Operation to get this mount.

Oh noes, the really good players actually get really cool rewards! Here have everything put in your lap for free with no effort at all!

These are the moments that make me wish Star Wars: The Old Republic wasn’t created by BioWare / EA. The amount of dumb, tacky, no-class decisions they make is just…I don’t even know what to say. How are they getting away with so much dumb shit?!

I really hope that more “jetpack” type mounts get added to the game. Since I normally hate every speeder, bike, and STAP because of my body type #3 Commando, something like this would really nice. Plus, it would be great to find one that matches my armor, like the Jet Trooper from Battlefront 2.

Dear Bioware Art Team,

What brand of acid are you on? I’m looking for a great trip and was wondering if you had any suggestions.

A Player

While I don’t like the look of this mount, I like the idea. I’d love to see more added, getting some cool jetpacks down the road would be very welcomed.

wings could have more volume. somebody should tell them words “dread” and “spikes” are not the same thing.

Those wings don’t look very functional as wings, do they? “Wings of the Architect”…Well, that’s architects for you. Come up with some crazy design with no functional or structural basis, expect an engineer to make it work 😉

If you think they’re actually supposed to be wings, run Dread Fortress, and read the lore object about Brontes on Oricon.

Are operations drops ever BoL? No, they aren’t… not sure why this would be any different, especially being NiM.

Clearly you have never heard of the Dread Corruptor’s Blade, which is Bind To Legacy. How silly do you feel nice? Pretty damn silly I bet! ;.-)

And he was replying directly to Anonymous, who said “Are operations drops ever BoL? No, they aren’t”.

Well… the top 2 tentacles from the screen shots and videos look like they need to take some Viagra (generic brands of erection-enhancing medication are available too).

Fits just fine in the EU to me. Star Wars is more than just whats on screen in the movies, you know.

….don’t like it at all….. They said we’d get jetpacks and thats the first one they make….. *sigh*
I’ll stick with my Corellian Stardrive Flash thank you.

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