SWTOR Changes to Wrath for Sorc and Sage in 2.7

After a lengthy discussion due to player feedback, Wrath will be changed for sorcerers and sages in Patch 2.7.

Please allow 3 charges for Wrath as initially proposed | 03.10.2014, 08:26 PM

Ok, after much discussion internally based on y’alls feedback, here is the version we are loading up right now, which should get to PTS with this week’s patch.

A) Ignore my previous post, we aren’t doing any of that.
B) Wrath will be changed to: When you deal damage with Force Lightning, you get a Wrath proc that makes your next Lightning Strike/Crushing Darkness instant and increases its damage by 35%.

Boom. Simple and to the point. We have decided to re-embrace the clip. This should let our Madness guys who want to be mobile full capacity to do that (since Wrath will now usually proc on the first tick of FL damage). If our testing and math is solid, for most people this will mean it is most advantageous (from a pure DPS standpoint), to clip it just after the 3rd tick, basically just like we originally talked about in the first preview notes but with some added movement utility for the PvP crowd who want to be on the run. Conceivably, you can clip after the 2nd tick and then wait a smidge for GCD to get the instant cast off ASAP, but you do end up losing a touch of long term damage simply because you are idle.

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