GW2 Scarlet’s Spaulders and Scarlet’s Grasp Skin in Gemstore

Images of the GW2 Scarlet’s Spaulders and Scarlet’s Grasp skin from the gemstore, released with the March 11 gemstore update for 400 gems.

Scarlet’s Spaulders – [&AgG4vgAA] – 400 gems

  • Four dye slots (see pic on second row)




Scarlet’s Grasp  – [&AgGxvgAA] – 400 gems

  • Four dye slots (see pic on second row)




Combined look with Scarlet’s Veil from the Battle for Lion’s Arch achievements

  • [&AgG4vgAA] [&AgGxvgAA] [&AgFt+QAA]




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41 replies on “GW2 Scarlet’s Spaulders and Scarlet’s Grasp Skin in Gemstore”

i hve sab1 2h sword with holo wings, did not find better combination since dragon bash event, but when you mentioned it now, i am into temptation

I don’t know which dyes are used for Scarlet’s model, I tried to match with my Mini Armored Scarlet and found that Scarlet, Shale, Midday and Grapefruit seem to be a good match.

Not the same colors. There is a orange toned color.
The Dye remover replace the part with a brown toned color and dont fit right.
The slots called simple “Dye Remover”.
I used “orange” for this empty slots.

Thats the result:

The colour’s on the charr are Autumn, Matte, Stream and Ebony. They are just starter colour’s, nothing special.

I dunno why Anet keep launching more and more cool gloves/shoulders, and NEVER fix the main problem: Almost 70% of light/medium armor clip or hide just the gloves and shoulders.
🙁 . I yet have the fused gloves waiting on my bank, because they simple Don’t appear on my ele.

Said that, those gloves and Shoulders are a really interesting pieces. Fits perfectly with asuran T3 Heavy, better than cultural ones I think.

Interesting Fact: The floating sections of the armor (spikes on the gauntlets, horns on the helmet) glow in the dark on sylvari characters.
They even pulse in rhythm with your skin glow!

The blue parts glow softly, very softly only in dark or night settings.

Here a sample for glowing effects.

WoW armor has found a new home in GW2, now I know where all those ex blizzard employees went after activison shit canned them.

Many of those Ex Blizzard Members worked for Jeff Strain and leave the “old” Team from GW1. (09/10)

The Team of GW2 is in many points not the same team.
The lead Design Artist Kekai Kotaki leaved the team in year 2012. 🙁
He starts in year 2003 for ANet.
He designed the ascendet gear, as an example.

And most of the ascended gear was far worse than this…this is actually kinda cool since it have the magitech theme 😛

They look cool but I think I’m going to wait until I find something better for my Sylvari to replace his medium cultural armor set (since the glow matches nice at least with the helmet, I kept the helmet).

Its a necromancer starting “helm”. You used to be able to transmutate it from one necro to any other class but cannot anymore.

ThX for answer Hoijf 🙂
Never have seen it before. But I will create an Asura Necro as 5th char, and use that class-specific head armor. White eyes are usually sign of a special initiation, fitting well for any kind of Mage. Curious about how it will look on Asura together with long floppy ears 🙂

You still can, at least for now. Grab said soulbound helm, transmute to low level white or blue, it becomes account-bound, give to character you want it on, transmute to level 80 appropriate gear, and bam, on a diff class (have it on my Mesmer).

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