SWTOR Double XP will be granted for Galactic Starfighter during Double XP weekend

Double XP gain will be granted for players playing Galactic Starfighter during the double XP weekend from March 14 to 17. However, there won’t be double requisition gain.

Don’t miss our Double XP Weekend: March 14 – 17! | 03.13.2014, 03:42 PM
You pose a good question, "Why is this?" and I have an interesting answer for you, it actually isn’t .

There was a little bit of confusion when that copy was being written for the page. You will earn double experience for your character when you play Galactic Starfighter, that page has incorrect information on it and I am working on getting it removed.

What you will not get is double Requisition for your ship. That is why that line was there, although clearly it comes across the wrong way so we will get it removed. Again to reiterate, you will earn double experience when playing Galactic Starfighter, you will not earn double Requisition.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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