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SWTOR Additions to the Cartel Market

Several items were added to the collections window on the SWTOR PTS on March 13, players can expect to see them in the cartel market soon likely for direct purchase.


Wayward Warrior’s Mask – Works with hoods (Revan’s chest used as an example)



Compact Infiltrator’s Sniper Rifle

  • The yellow at front of the barrel blinks and color changes with color crystal. The scope also move in and out.




Vindicator’s Saberstaff

  • Yellow beam in the middle is animated and color changes with color crystal.



Vindicator’s Lightsaber

  • The yellow part in the hilt is animated (covered by the hands), and color changes with color crystal



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60 replies on “SWTOR Additions to the Cartel Market”

Remove cool items during development shortly before the game is released and sell them later for lots of $. :]

Anything coming to the CM now wasn’t already made before launch. This game didn’t come out 6 months ago.

Depending on how much it is, I will be buying that Sniper Rifle. I love the idea of smaller, more compact weapons that still look like they fit in with the Star Wars theme. Now you just have to make a compact ASSAULT CANNON! Maybe a black/gray version of the E-15 Rampage Cannon, the one from the Voth planetary commendations vendor, with yellow highlights like these? It’s the best looking cannon in my opinion, sharing the design from the repeater carried by Jace Malcom in the “Return” cinematic, and is small enough to not look completely retarded on the back of my Commando.

You want… a small… assault cannon? That defeats the whole point of rolling a commando. I’d strap the death star to my back if I could!

No. I’m also sick of giant Assault Canons. Right now I want them nice and tiny. Or bold but short. Something else than a rooftop dish!

I think that the E-15 is the perfect cannon design, I just hate the weird green color that it has. This seems to be the only version of it that cannon model that is customizable, unfortunately.

I wish we could get a cannon that is A. black, gray, or silver, B. the same design as the E-15, the one adapted from Colonel Malcom’s in the “Return” cinematic trailer, and C. not oversized, devoid of unnecessary attachments and accessories.

I also hope that if a weapon like this comes to the Market, it would have these cool lights and blinking areas that match the color crystal, as us blaster-wielding classes don’t really have a way to show off our color crystal outside of combat.

What bothers me is that so many models look like old-fashioned canister style vacuum cleaners. There’s one that looks exactly like the old Sux-O-Lot that my grandmother had for years. :

The sniper rifle is cool, but they need to add more blaster rifles as well, specially if they’re variations of the M-500 model / Elegant Custom blaster rifle model.

Where did you find the picture of that rifle? That would be the perfect rifle for my future Vanguard Trooper! Is it a future addition to the Cartel Market?

Its picture was found in a list of other to-be-released items, recently data-mined, being the direct purchases from the Cartel Market mentioned in the March Insider (indicated by the presence of the pink dyes featured ever-so-briefly at the end of the video and the same Lightsabers as above), alongside armour sets which are most likely to be from a future Cartel Pack (probably Hotshot’s).
Whether the rifle itself is a direct purchase is unknown as-of-now, but seeing as it is essentially an even more truncated version of the directly-purchased Sniper Rifle above, it most likely shall be so.
No other new weapons besides that rifle have been uncovered thus far, though.

That is actually the icon for the sniper rifle they have shown above. The barrel extends out when you put it in your hands, then snaps back in when it’s on your back.


Well, that makes the Sniper Rifle all the more awesome, then.
Shame that that isn’t a Blaster Rifle in of itself, but at least the Snipers get an awesome weapon now.

That’s really cool too! I’ve always hated how sniper rifles always extend really far down while on your back, so a compacting rifle, Mass Effect style, is a great edition. I really wish this could be possibly with Assault Cannons, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

Thanks for that link, there’s some good stuff in there. The new weapons all look worth buying, and it looks like we get the outfit that Canderous Ordo had in KOTOR, along with Juhani’s original robes. Even the black, opened jacket would be perfect for my female agent, assuming there is something that would be in the middle, not just leaving em hangin (if you know what I mean) like some other sets. With that new sniper, my Agent will finally look as badass as she should.

Meh, they’re tweaking my Assassin’s sabre. I really like it…just a bummer that it won’t be unique anymore.

I don’t get why they animate the middle of the hilt on single blade sabers. Always look horrible since your hands always cover it. lol

So your solution to have animation on the lightsaber hilts would be where? The bottom? That’d look stupid as hell. Besides hilt animations can be seen when lightsaber is idle aswell.

Well it could be like the Zoist or Tython blades, where the blade itself has an animation. Or how some of the old NiM hilts look, where the top of the hilt or bottom has an animation. Its been done, and looks good.

I likes the sniper rifle, shawing! I still say they need to make weaps able to have dye mods added to them to further player originality

That sniper rifle looks nice… and that’s the reason why the weapon sound will be awful.

Like always.

They will never again give us a nice look and a nice sound.

Now i rememver where ive seen this sniper before. The one that drops from codemimu sm looks the same. Just added scope and animations, Not even recoloring was needed.

Really wish they’d reincarnate the sith warrior tionese/columi/rakata gear as cartel market or rep rewards.

Middle pic looks to be Relaxed Jumpsuit, the other one looks to be Unfettered Trenchcoat with white dye. Somebody let me know if I’m wrong.

Thank you 🙂 It is correct.

Unfortunately, the armor didn’t look nearly as convincing as in this gif. Oh well :/

that sniper must be turned into an assault rifle with a smaller barrel like half at full extend. I would throw all my monies at that

Those lightsabers sound kinda like the ancient one Pree Visla had. Not crazy about it myself, but at least its a neat tie-in and goes great with any black-core crystals. Gotta love the lore!

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