GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Aftermath Patch notes

GW2 Patch notes for Battle for Lion’s Arch Aftermath patch released on March 18, 2014.

Battle for Lion’s Arch: Aftermath
Word of Scarlet’s demise has spread like wildfire throughout the wards of the city. With renewed vigor, the heroes of Lion’s Arch, the Lionguard, and Order forces have driven out the remainder of Scarlet’s armies, their morale and ranks shattered. Cheers and celebrations erupted at the refugee camps and nigh across all of Tyria. All the while, the Breachmaker—the enormous airship looming over Sanctum Harbor—continues to drill uncontrollably. As the city fires wane and smolder, the question that arises now is what will become of the once great city of Lion’s Arch?

Lion’s Arch
Upon entering the game, players who are level 30 and above will view a short cinematic based in the city. The smoking ruins of Lion’s Arch can be found where the city once stood. While Lionguard attempt to secure the remains, refugees take shelter at the relief camps at Vigil Keep, the Durmand Priory, and Stormbluff Isle. Vigil Keep remains as the temporary hub of services and asura gates.
Three makeshift bulletin boards now list the following:

  • The heroes who defended the city (at the former Gate Hub Plaza).
  • Those who are missing (just west of the Grand Piazza).
  • Those who lost their lives (at a new graveyard at White Crane Terrace).

At this time, the prospects of the city recovering from this devastating attack are uncertain at best.

Dead End Bar
Players will also receive mail from Lady Kasmeer inviting them to attend a gathering at the Dead End, the bar nestled in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. Inside, players can join her and Marjory—as well as Rox, Braham, and Taimi—to discuss the ramifications of Scarlet’s attack as everyone takes a hard-earned rest over some drinks.

Rumors tell of a merchant interested in items from major events in Tyria’s recent history, including Blade Shards. Players are encouraged to hold on to these items if they are interested in trading with her when she appears.

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Added small, medium, and large rank-up chests based on rank achieved.
  • Added the PvP-specific back pieces to the glory reward vendor.
  • Rank points have been increased across all Custom, Solo, and Team Arenas.
  • Rank points gained from win chests at the end of Solo and Team Arenas have been moved.
    • The rank points will now be completely rewarded at the end of the match.

World vs. World

  • Introducing WvW Spring Tournament 2014!
    • North America and Europe have been split into three leagues each: gold, silver, and bronze.
    • Starting March 28 and running through May 30, the worlds in each league will be matched up against one another.
    • The results of those matchups will contribute to each world’s Spring Tournament 2014 score.
    • Matchups will be determined based on performance during the tournament, with the higher-performing worlds matched against one another.
    • At the conclusion of the tournament, players who have completed the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 meta-achievement will receive a reward based on their world’s placement within their league.
    • A player’s world is considered the world on which they were most active during the tournament.
    • A new achievement category has been added to the Achievements panel for WvW tournament achievements.
      • Eighteen achievements have been added.
      • Completing 10 of the achievements will award players the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 Veteran meta-achievement, a title, and a chest of rewards for their world at the conclusion of the tournament.
      • Each reward chest will have a number of WvW tournament tickets based on the performance of the world during the tournament.
      • Every achievement has a reward chest containing a variety of items, including ascended crafting materials.
    • Transferring worlds during a tournament will prevent players from entering the Mist War for the duration of their current matchup and the following WvW matchup.
      • Players are still able to play in the Edge of the Mists during this period.
    • All spent World Ability Points will be refunded to all characters.

World Polish

  • Triple Trouble
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Wurm Demolitionist achievement to stall out and prevent the meta-achievement from progressing correctly. The meta-achievement should repair itself when players log in if they meet the criteria for completion.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the event to stall out and fail if all three Wurms were decapitated at the exact same time.

Fractals of the Mists

  • Changes have been made to the daily reward chests for fractals of the Mists to improve ascended armor and weapon rewards.
    • Ascended armor and weapons now drop more often from all levels of fractals, particularly as the fractal level increases.
    • Ascended armor pieces will drop more often than ascended weapons.
    • Ascended armor pieces will now drop in the form of boxes that contain a selection of stat combinations for a single gear slot.
      • Example: Defender’s Chest of Ascended Boots contains a choice of one pair of boots from the following sets: Angchu, Beigarth’s, Leftpaw’s, Wei Qi’s, Zintl, or Wupwup.

Profession Skills

  • Trickery II—Instinctual Response: Fixed a bug that caused this trait to grant fury and vigor while on cooldown.

Structured Player vs. Player

  • Rank-up rewards have been changed.
    • Removed the PvP armor/weapon chests.
  • Glory boosters have been removed, and the ability to gain glory has been turned off.
  • Removed the chest rewards given at the end of competitive game modes (Solo and Team Arena).

World vs. World

  • The Commander buff is now only displayed to friendly players.
  • Added a requirement for players to attain a rank of 14 in order to purchase the Gift of Battle.
    • Added a new NPC, the Battle Master, to sell the gift to players.
  • Added new Battle Historian NPCs to every WvW map to tell players their world’s status in current and future WvW tournaments.
  • Applied Strength and Applied Fortitude buffs are no longer removed on down, but they are still removed on death.
  • Updated the Burning Oil Mastery text to be more consistent.
  • Attacking the back inner gate of the Garrison on all the Borderlands maps will now start the repel events and contest the Garrison.
  • The back inner gate of the Garrison has had an increase in defense on all Borderlands maps.
  • Structural vulnerability is now correctly applied to the back inner gate of the Garrison on all Borderlands maps.
  • World bonuses obtained in WvW will once again apply in PvE. Additionally, they will now apply in overflows and while guesting (based on the player’s world).
  • Fixed an issue that caused a visual discrepancy in the map UI and the score UI.
  • Edge of the Mists:
    • Updated the team colors for each of the major regions. Overgrowth is now green; Frostreach is now blue; Badlands is now red.
    • Updated the art for the loading screen.
    • Reduced the spawn rate of Aetherblade pirates.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow Aetherblades to be worth double WXP.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Statuary boss—the Grawl Stoneworker—from gaining Righteous Indignation.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing one of the gates at Thunder Hollow from being repaired.
    • The Grawl Shaman will now use Swirling Winds totems slightly less often.
    • The max target cap has been increased on many boss skills.
    • Fixed an issue in which supply depots would sometimes appear to have supply when they were actually empty.
    • Fixed a Frostreach bell that wasn’t summoning a Spirit of Koda.
    • Mechanical devourers summoned by the Charr Mechanic will no longer grant experience or loot when killed.
    • Reduced the gold cost to start breakout events.
  • Eternal Battlegrounds:
    • Fixed the text for the Rogue’s Quarry point of interest.
    • Fixed incorrect interaction text on one of Veloka Tower’s walls.
    • Polished various markers and capture points for breakout events.
  • Borderlands:
    • The dolyak caravan traveling from the Lowlands camp to the Hills keep will now travel down the center of bridges, rather than along the railings.
    • Fixed an issue in which it was possible to teleport through the reinforced gate at Sunnyhill Tower.
    • Fixed some spawn inconsistencies between the Red World Borderlands and the Blue World and Green World Borderlands.

New Items and Promotions

  • Three new hairstyles have been added for every race and gender, and they are available exclusively in Total Makeover Kits and Self-Style Hair Kits, which can be purchased from the Services category of the Gem Store.
  • Collection Expanders can now be used up to 5 times per account, increasing the stack size in the Bank Collections tab to 1500! Collection Expanders can be found in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 800 gems each.
  • Minis 3-Pack (Set 3) is now available! Forty-nine all-new miniatures are available in random packs of 3 from the Toys category of the Gem Store for 300 gems per pack.
  • This is the last week to pick up the Thresher-Sickle 5000, a golem harvesting tool. Players can find it in the Special category of the Gem Store for 1000 gems.


  • Drop rates for Mini Marjory Delaqua and Mini Mai Trin from Black Lion Chests have been reduced to maintain rarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Made a slight change to the Zodiac armor skins to make normal maps less defined on the chest portion.


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34 replies on “GW2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Aftermath Patch notes”

Resolved an issue that prevented Flashpoint group members from getting experience if grouped with someone outside of the listed level range of the Flashpoint. Now, defeating level-appropriate enemies will grant experience regardless of group.
So now, if someone go on flashpoint with 55 lvl, this guy getting xp for enemies? Cool!

No if you go to a flashpoint with someone of a much higher level now YOU still get the XP though the higher person wouldn’t

…which is complete bull puckey as power leveling/character towing is already badly abused by many– why make it easier for them when many actually level themselves without such questionable pseudo-exploitive tricks?

As BioWare stated in the forums, they are also doing server maintenance tonight, in addition to the game patches. That kind of behind-the-scenes work can easily take several hours.

I really finds it hard to believe that each server maintenance is getting this long. Even if it does, its always during playing hours in Europe. Im here for about year and half, and still missed single server maintenance that was organized in a way that none of the player base will be affected with 8 hours of downtime…

I would assume that the “performance issues” addressed in the KDY FP were of significant size, with many restarts after edit boot. Understandable and appreciate the problem getting significant attn.

I hope they are for sure going to do another double xp because due to the fp bug I felt robbed of good xp in KDY. Which i really think that how this happened was because they didnt really put too much of a level restriction on the fp itself. i remember the first run my guild did we all was irritated because the xp was so low.

+1 I recall of getting about 80k of exp on my Trooper, while during the weekend on Sniper I never get more of 70k even it was double xp. However, I dont think they will repeat double XP because of that… Tho would like to be surprised with another run of Rakghoul even 😉

Sweet! I didn’t get the chance to play much this past weekend so glad they are having another double xp weekend soon.

To say robbed is sort of wanting your cake and to eat it too…

Okay so you didn’t get double XP on kills, but KDY is already one of the shortest FPs to run and gives an obscene amount of XP on completion– more than most *real* FPs. Its XP grant is so ridiculous that I could simply run it three times a level and level through my 30s and half my 40s this past weekend. The only thing kept me from 55 was sheer boredom at the fetch/killXnum then face boss nature of KDY.

Its XP rate is so way over any other means to earn XP for the same amount of time that it should be nerfed…

I hate this patch. reorganizing the data is taking ages. been at 2% for a really long time already.

i did a level 38 fotm and got my dialy chest there after that i did level 49 fotm and got no daily reward chest. is this a new bug?

I wonder if they were kidding about new legendaries last year. Still no mention of them for several months.

And craftable precursors…..and account bound wvw xp.
Not that I’m complaining, it just happens to be part of a long list of things to wait for.

I just changed worlds (Gandaran > Desolation) and can’t seem to be able to achieve the first one of the new WvW tournament achievements which requires me to just enter WvW. Does that mean that I can’t do the meta-achievement because I transferred to another world?

I believe you cannot start those set of achievements, until the Tournament starts. The tournament will start next week.

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