GW2 Mistforged Hero Weapon Skins

A gallery of the GW2 Mistforged Hero Weapon skins that are rewarded as part of WvW Season two.

Mistforged Hero’s Axe – [&AgEV+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Longbow – [&AgEQ+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Short Bow – [&AgEK+wAA]

Mistforged Hero’s Dagger – [&AgEU+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Focus – [&AgET+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Greatsword – [&AgES+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Hammer – [&AgER+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Mace – [&AgEP+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Shield – [&AgEI+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Pistol – [&AgEO+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Rifle – [&AgEN+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Scepter – [&AgEJ+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Staff – [&AgEY+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Sword – [&AgEX+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Torch – [&AgEZ+wAA]


Mistforged Hero’s Warhorn – [&AgEW+wAA]


  • Olivier Van de Velde

    Are we only able to obtain one of them or some of them? I would like to have sword and dagger D:. Second question; are these skins so i can use them in PvP aswel or only useable in PvE?

  • RKC

    Ah, one of the better weapons skin that Anet had release.

  • Bruno Guilbert Peraçoli

    How do you get these? Achievements?

  • Coldin Torrence

    Really hope we can get more than one of these, but it might end up being a 1 per season thing.

    • Murth
      • Iron

        1st place can get 5 if you have 1250 badges of Honour lying around, and lets face it, who doesn’t…

        • Murth

          I think you misread it, pretty sure it’s 200 tickets AND 250 BoH for a GIft of Heroes so 1st place can still only get one weapon. But they can alrdy buy some of the math to forge one in the next season.

          • thatdamnrat

            That makes no sense, it would cost 300tickets, 250 badges and sundries to make one rather that 300 to buy it outright, that recipe would be completely pointless. Unless the mist-forged weapons are not going to be available after this season, there would be no point.

    • Lazgon

      We can, but not this season, they said one of these weapons will cost 300 tickets, servers get between 200-500 tickets based on what place they finish in for the season. So its possible to get 1 this season if you get at least 300, but the tickets will carry over to future seasons so you will be able to get more in the future.

  • boredinbc

    They actually all look great. Possibly the best, and most consistently good set ANet has released.

  • Ares Zax

    Mmm, not to my tastes, but if I had a Guardian, that torch would be perfect for him. 🙂

  • zehsey

    When is wvws2 comming does anyjuan know?

    • Knopperz

      It’s starting on march 28

  • DK

    Sweet weapons. All are great. Greatsword I’m slightly disappointed in, but all else are great!

  • Hungryb4dinner

    I can’t decide!

    • LeRapace

      My game plan is to narrow it down to the top 3 I like then wait until I see people using and then make my choice.. otherwise it’s a 3 month wait until my server hits #1 spot again and wins. Go JQ!

      • Hungryb4dinner

        i’m leaning towards the heromist dagger and then the normal longbow

  • Yannis

    Finally a true mace skin! Hammer and axe rock too! Awesome design job, no matter if the gs is kinda suck.

  • Lauren Paige

    That shield! uuuuuuunnnffffff

  • Shifted

    I’m sooo getting that dagger…

  • wannabe

    The forged shield with spikes sticking of the sides pretty much shows its a throwing shield but which class has a throw shield skill ability 🙁

    • UltraEM

      Engineer Shield 5.

      • Van

        that was shut down well

  • palochino

    the Focus looks like a monk claw or fist

  • Shaggy Anubisllol

    man these are pretty cool.

    too bad i dont play wvw.

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