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SWTOR Galactic Strongholds expansion

Bioware announced Galactic Strongholds, the next free to play expansion scheduled to arrive on June 24, 2014 for early access. This expansion will bring strongholds (player housing), legacy bank,  and Guild Flagships.



As the war between the Empire and the Republic rages, the galaxy’s greatest heroes have expanded their influence by acquiring STRONGHOLDS, customizable bastions of personal luxury. In a bid for power, these heroes must also join together to launch their own GUILD FLAGSHIPS.

Customize and expand your Strongholds to show off the power of your Legacy in the new Free-to-Play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion, GALACTIC STRONGHOLDS.




Be a Subscriber by May 11th to MOVE INTO NAR SHADDAA EARLY*!

Receive a luxurious NAR SHADDAA SKY PALACE with THREE ADDITIONAL ROOMS UNLOCKED – Valued at 1,500,000 Credits!

Subscribers get Early Access starting June 24th!

Also receive

  • Stronghold Label: "Galactic Stronghold"
  • Character Title: "The Illustrious"


Customize Your Strongholds

Display trophies earned in battle, craft state-of-the-art furniture, and unlock all-new rewards across the game. Then customize your Strongholds with hundreds of unique decorations to express your personal style.

Live on Multiple Planets

Choose a prestigious apartment in the heart of your faction’s capital world, or live in style among the high-rollers of Nar Shaddaa or both – your Legacy can own multiple Strongholds!

Launch Your Guild Flagship

Rally your guild aboard your own Guild Flagship and join the renowned ranks of your faction’s starship fleet.

  • Invite Your Friends – Show off your latest collection to friends as you take a moment to relax before your next big adventure.
  • Gain Prestige – Increase your character’s “Prestige Score” each time you add a decoration to your Stronghold – earn top ranking on the public Stronghold Directory and make a name for yourself among the galaxy’s elite.
  • Legacy Stronghold Storage – Unlock access to a new type of storage that is shared across your entire Legacy!
  • More details to come!

NOTE: Not all features will be available during the Early Access period. See the FAQs for more info.


Subscriber Early Access

June 24 – July 28, 2014

  • EARLY ACCESS Starting June 24th
  • NAR SHADDAA SKY PALACE STRONGHOLD (Value: 250,000 Credits)
  • Stronghold Label: “Galactic Stronghold”
  • Character Title: “The Illustrious”
Preferred Early Access

July 29 – Launch in August 2014

  • EARLY ACCESS Starting July 29th
  • Stronghold Label: “Galactic Stronghold”
  • Character Title: “The Illustrious”

Also available to Subscribers during this period. Players gain Preferred Status by purchasing anything from the online store. Former Subscribers are automatically granted Preferred Status.

Official Launch

August 2014

  • Start of Free-to-Play Access
  • Character Title: “The Illustrious”Available to all players with a SWTOR account during this period.



The official launch date for Galactic Strongholds has not been announced yet but it is coming August 2014. Stay tuned to for an official launch date. Subscribers gain Early Access and an exclusive complimentary unlock of the Nar Shaddaa Stronghold starting June 24th through July 28th. For a limited time, Subscribers as of May 11th receive THREE ADDITIONAL ROOMS ALREADY UNLOCKED with their Nar Shaddaa Stronghold (no purchase necessary – a value of 1,500,000 credits)! Subscribers can also gain access to Strongholds on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas. Preferred Status Players gain Early Access beginning July 29th and will be able to gain access to Strongholds on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas. Preferred Status Players will not be able to gain access to the Nar Shaddaa Stronghold until the launch in August 2014. Free-to-Play Players will gain access to Galactic Strongholds at launch in August with the ability to gain access to Strongholds on Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Nar Shaddaa.


Subscribers will be able to procure Strongholds on their faction’s capital worlds as well as on Nar Shaddaa beginning with Subscriber Early Access beginning June 24, 2014. Guild Flagships and Legacy Stronghold Storage will be available to players as part of the official launch of Galactic Strongholds. Stay tuned for more information on these features!


Galactic Strongholds is a Free-to-Play Digital Expansion.


No, this Digital Expansion does not include a PvP combat experience for Guild Flagships. More information about Guild Flagships will be revealed in the coming months.


You will be able to purchase ownership of Personal Strongholds with credits you earn in-game or with Cartel Coins in the Cartel Market. For a limited time, Subscribers as of May 11, 2014, receive a complimentary unlock of the luxurious Nar Shaddaa Stronghold plus THREE ADDITIONAL ROOMS ALREADY UNLOCKED (no purchase necessary – a value of 1,500,000 credits)! Subscribers as of June 24th gain a complimentary unlock of the Nar Shaddaa Stronghold (minus the additional rooms) through July 28th.


You will earn a set of starter decorations when you purchase your first Stronghold. Many decorations will be available on existing vendors throughout the game as new rewards for Reputations, PvP, Crew Skills, and more. While some of these decorations will be available for credits and other currencies, many will require components created by crafters. Decorations can also be obtained as loot drops from Flashpoints and Operations. Finally, a variety of unique decorations can be purchased with Cartel Coins on the Cartel Market.


Subscribers as of April 2, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT / April 3, 2014 at 6:59AM GMT will receive 500 Bonus Cartel Coins by April 3, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT / April 4, 2014 at 6:59AM GMT. Subscribers as of May 4, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT / May 5, 2014 at 6:59AM GMT will receive 1,000 Bonus Cartel Coins by May 5, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT / May 6, 2014 at 6:59AM GMT. You can access your Bonus Cartel Coins from inside the Cartel Market by clicking the Cartel Coin icon located on the user interface in-game. You will notice that your total, shown on the lower left side of the Cartel Market screen, has been increased by the additional Bonus Cartel Coins!

  • Key Features: Not all features will be available during the Early Access period. Subscribers will be able to procure Strongholds on their faction’s capital worlds as well as on Nar Shaddaa beginning with Subscriber Early Access beginning June 24, 2014. Guild Flagships and Legacy Stronghold Storage will be available to players as part of the official launch of Galactic Strongholds. Stay tuned for more information on these features!
  • Bonus Cartel Coins Offer: Subscribers as of April 2, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / April 3, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT will receive 500 Bonus Cartel Coins by April 3, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / April 4, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT. Subscribers as of May 4, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / May 5, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT will receive 1,000 Bonus Cartel Coins by May 5, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / May 6, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT. You can access your Bonus Cartel Coins from inside the Cartel Market by clicking the Cartel Coin icon located on the user interface in-game. You will notice that your total, shown on the lower left side of the Cartel Market screen, has been increased by the additional Bonus Cartel Coins.
  • To qualify for the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Stronghold with three additional rooms unlocked, your account must be in active subscription status on May 11, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / May 12, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT. The Nar Shaddaa Stronghold with three additional rooms will be unlocked in your Stronghold Management window at the start of Subscriber Early Access on June 24 2014. The Nar Shaddaa Stronghold will be available for unlock to all players at Official Launch in August 2014.
  • To qualify for the Subscriber Early Access in-game rewards, you must be or become a Subscriber between June 24, 2014, (at the start of Subscriber Early Access) and July 28, 2014, at 11:59PM PDT / July 29, 2014, at 6:59AM GMT (prior to the start of Preferred Status Early Access on July 29, 2014). The Nar Shaddaa Stronghold along with the “Galactic Stronghold” Stronghold Label will be unlocked in your Stronghold Management window and the “Illustrious” Character Title will be delivered via in-game mail at the start of Subscriber Early Access on June 24, 2014, or within two hours of becoming a Subscriber. To qualify for the Preferred Status Early Access in-game rewards, your account must be or become a Subscription or Preferred Status account between July 29, 2014, (at the start of Preferred Status Early Access) and prior to the official launch in August 2014. The “Galactic Stronghold” Stronghold Label will be unlocked in your Stronghold Management window and the “Illustrious” Character Title will be delivered via in-game mail at the start of Preferred Status Early Access on July 29, 2014, or within two hours of becoming a Preferred Status Player or a Subscriber. Players gain Preferred Status by purchasing anything from the online store. Former Subscribers are automatically granted Preferred Status.
  • To qualify for the Free-to-Play in-game rewards, you must have a SWTOR account. The “Illustrious” Character Title will be delivered via in-game mail beginning at the official launch in August 2014 or within two hours of creating a SWTOR account.



Hey folks,
Just to answer two questions I have seen in the thread…
Why the value difference between the pre-order Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace bonus and the early access cost of the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace?
It is actually fairly simple. The base cost of the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace is 250k Credits. The cost of the three additional rooms is what makes up the remaining 1.25 million that is a part of the pre-order bonus.
If I already killed a boss that has a Stronghold reward (such as Karagga) will I need to kill him again to get the reward?
Although this is a great question we are not quite ready to talk details on the various methods of item unlocks, etc. We will have a blog in the future that outlines more about how the system works and how it will affect previously cleared content.

Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer | 03.19.2014, 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by BadOrb

Yup I think BioWare are cheeky little monkey lizards. I wasn’t expecting guild ships and legacy bank either. very good keep up the great work monkey lizards!
So I take it if I stay subscribed ( which I have done ) , it seems I will receive 500 CC and then 1000 CC , so a total of 1500 CC. Can you confirm this Eric , obviously in between drinking your mocha ?
Cheers ,

*sips his mocha*
Excellent question BadOrb. You are correct, if you stay a subscriber throughout, you will earn an extra 1500 coins. Note that you will get these coins in addition to your monthly subscriber allotment.

Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer | 03.19.2014, 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by OwnerJord

Any chance of a home on Tython?
Or will they most likely start on Coruscant/Dromund Kaas?

At this time we aren’t talking about any additional planets aside from what we have announced, which is Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, and Nar Shaddaa.

Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer | 03.19.2014, 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by oofalong

In the fine print it says:
The Official Launch is not till August of 2014.
Eric or Tait can you clarify that Guild Ships and Legacy Storage will not be coming in 2.8, but rather with the free-to-play launch of the expansion?

Your are correct Oofalong. Those features will come with the official launch of the expansion, not with subscriber early access in June.

Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer | 03.19.2014, 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by Infernixx

I noticed that too. It would be amazing if we got to re-view our old cutscenes as ‘memories’ invoked by clicking trophies in our Stronghold.

Although a feature like this would certainly be pretty awesome, it is not what "trophies" will do in your Stronghold. The video was more to imply that you can earn awesome rewards for your house by killing things

Watch New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer | 03.19.2014, 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by ninjonxb

So if Subscribers are getting early access on June 24th can we assume that this will not be the focus of 2.8?
2.8 was originally said to come on June 10th and "is going to be the biggest update up to this point"

Good catch Ninjonxb,
Subscriber Early Access to Galactic Strongholds is coming as a part of 2.8. As you can see the decision has been made to move the 2.8 date out two weeks from its original target. We wanted some more time to work on that sweet, sweet player stronghold content.

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Guild ships huh…. thats kewl, but i hope we could costumize it, just abit if nothing else and ift would also be cool if the one who would costumize them (guildmaster prob) could place things like GTN’s, crafting trainers and stuff on the location of his choosing 😛

If you did a flashpoint or an op with all members from the same guild it would be pretty cool if the guild got some kind of trophy or deco to place on their capitol ship, maybe by mail to the guild leader or something. Maybe someone will suggest this, but it’s probably already to get it implemented at launch if they didn’t plan it… could always get added later though.

Oh. Lord. Above.

Legacy Storage.

Whilst a house and a Guild Flagship are both awesome and VERY MUCH AWAITED-FOR additions, it is this perhaps that I’m most excited to see, just to see what can be shared. Likely, as it’s described as “Stronghold Storage” it’ll only be decorations and the like (“Boo!” if that is the case), but it’s still nice to see such a feature implemented somehow. Yay!

Okay, I glossed over Guild Flagships and Housing. Really, I am so looking forward to these aspects as well. It will be excellent to have a home-away-from-fleet that – apparently – has nearly everything the fleet has which one needs (with a customisation booth to boot) – although augmentation tables would be perhaps too much to ask for, considering we can’t even get them aboard our ships…

But still, this looks to be one hell of a fun expansion and will certainly give SWtOR a much-needed boost to even try to match up to other MMOs (even then, it still has some way to go) who have had features of these sorts for years. It’s just a shame it’s taken them over three years (including Beta test stage) to implement this.

Also, if we can’t get a wall-mounted Nefra or Grob’thok head or a phonograph that plays Raptus’ best quips (because one just can’t have enough of the guy…), I’ll consider it a missed opportunity.

You can extract all of the great lines and play them to your hearts content. I know I do. Raptus “Do not seek r-r-r-reason you cannot comprehend.” Or Corrupter Zero “You have every right to be terrified”. Or from TFB “You will wecome death in the end”. I must say though I’d love a Jukebox to play all of the music in game with proper titles to each song.

Not sure about everything listed but the legacy storage has potential. Wonder if that will mean no more need for legacy gear to transer mods…

Pure speculation of course, but I suspect character bound stuff will remain character bound and be impossible to put in the legacy bank.
Still this could save a lot of mailing stuff around, especially for crafting.

Yeah, even most of the discussions asking for this for years in the forums all admitted that it would not make sense to be able to transfer character bound gear around… but I guess people can always hope, never know what can happen.

If you’re talking about transferring bound mods, then it’s highly unlikely that the legacy bank will unbind items. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to put any bound items in the legacy bank at all.

I like the legacy store and guild flagship however not sure this makes an entire expansion. no playable content basically

I don’t think a game expansion NEEDS TO BE comprehended of playing content only. More stuff to be used in what already exists in the game is also considered an expansion, at least in my point of view.

Also… as far as it looks, it’s free! FREEEEE!

They said there will be two xpacks this year, this is one of them (the “GSF-like in scope”), another is going to be like RotHC, new areas, probably new levels, etc…

Well, it was just announced a today. They haven’t released all the details yet so you don’t know that there won’t be playable content or other stuff released as well. Regardless, everyone has their own definition of “expansion”. Is it a WoW type expansion? No. But then again, it’s free and doesn’t cost $30-40 either. I’d rather they roll out stuff in smaller add-on type releases anyway instead of saving everything up and making us wait 2 years for an “expansion”.

While I agree, it doesn’t sound like what I’d consider an “expansion” it has two big merits… it’s what people have been asking for since launch, and it’s free.
They can call it a bit pile of monkey crap for all I care, I just want it to go live.

LEGACY BANK! So much awesome! Having a virtual house will be neat but the convenience of a legacy bank trumps all.

These flashbacks explain why they had the images in the cantina flash drives.
Also, I’m unfairly excited. I know it might be let down, with lot of cc stuff, but it still could be cool. I mean GSF isn’t that bad for non-subs.

Legacy storage. As in, I don’t need to constantly switch hilts, barrels, armorings, mods, and enhancement through legacy gear and, instead, throw it all in the legacy bank and then just take it out on the toon I need it on. I guess that’s a bit of a credit-saver in itself.

While being able to move bound gear between alts without using legacy gear might be nice (including relics and ears/implants), it is also IMO a bit over-powered, as well as making all the effort I put into grinding for rep/helixes/rakghoul DNA a waste. So do not be too disappointed if it turns out that bound items cannot be placed in a legacy bank.

I’d be happy to just have a central place to drop all my crafting mats, so that any of my alts could access them at any time for crafting. Inventory management for crafters can be an annoyance.

Legacy storage does not mean you can put bound gear there though, you’ll still need to use bound to legacy gear to get your mods around I bet.
Think of it like the mail system, you can’t just send bound gear by mail, just like you probably wont be able to put bound gear in the legacy bank.

This is incredible!! i wonder if this is the expansion where they said “expect one expansion similar to GSF and another expansion similar to makeb” something along those words.

I’d say this is the one similar to GSF, since GSF wasn’t that big of an expansion, didn’t have a cap increase, etc, etc… The one as big as ROTHC might come at the end of the year.

Yeah, that would be my guess as well. Also the fact that it’s free (with early access for subs). ROTHC still requires a purchase or a subscription.

Hopefully people will stop yelling early April fools day joke now. I really hope with multiple planets the style is different on each one. The only change I saw in the clip was the coloring the layout still looked the same.
Still to throw out a date that is not that far off this is pretty sweet and I want me some legacy storage!

I remember when me and my guild were having a discussion on guild flagships. This was about a year and a half ago. Maybe someone at Bioware took note.

Guild flagships have been in demand since release, requested over and over again. So probably not you specifically but the voices have been heard.

now… here’s hoping for PvP with guild flagships next… Take a crew into battle manning turrets and such.

So lame. Just a new reason for saps to buy cartel coins. This game is haemorrhaging subscribers. How will Guild Flagships help if there are less than a handful of guilds on each server willing to dish out the tens of millions of credits that it will cost to buy them ? I’m on The Shadowlands and other than credit spammers there is barely any chat on fleet. Daily areas are virtually deserted all day; PvP is non-existent; and Ops get run on Tuesdays only. Instead of launching new bugs and new reasons for people to leave they should merge ALL of the servers into one.

Some servers are busy, though, Harbringer for example. Not over-loaded, but active enough and one huge server would be too huge load for machines to handle, lag would come back and there’d be quite a lot of chaos and unhappy people that wanted their PVP or RP only servers back.

Prophecy of the Five is also very active, any day of the week you can find an ops or 2 to run. PvP, both WZs and GSF, take a couple minutes to pop tops and fleet chat is anything but dead.
Only FPs (which, lets face it drop gear that is vastly useless now) take a long time to pop if you’re a dps, but even then queue as a healer or better as a tank and you’ll be in in no time.

“…if you’re a dps, but even then queue as a healer or better as a tank and you’ll be in in no time.”

Do NOT do this unless you are speced and geared as a healer or a tank. This is the most obnoxious thing ever and a sure way to many ignore lists.

I meant it takes a long time for a FP to pop on a DPS, but a tank or healer will get a FP to pop pretty fast, obviously never queue for a role you’re not geared for.

I play on Red Eclipse and there is always general chat, PVP and dailies. A lot of the guilds I’ve met have had quite a lot of money stashed away as well. I think it all depends on what server you are on.

Funny I’m on Shadowlands as well and don’t seem to not any of the stuff you’re talking about. Fleet chat seems to be lively during perk hours, as are daily areas, PVP, and as for OPS how exactly do you know when every one runs or turns them. Shadowlands is fine, you just get on at the wrong times it seems.

I should have explicitly stated the server is less active than it was after the merger. I subscribe and I even bought the hard copy of SWTOR which included that lame $20 coupon to Gentle Giant inside the case. All the comments below suffer, more or less, from blind fan-boy-ism. If you guys don’t post relevant suggestions to the SWTOR Forum on how to improve our playing experience and insist that everything is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ! OMFG I LUV YOU BIOWARE <3 after every update then this game will receive less resources and attention from Bioware and will suffer the same fate as Star Wars Galaxies in less than a year.

I’m also on Shadowlands. I agree with Richard, i dont see what you are talking about. Gen chat is very active, I see alot of people spamming for ops and alot of OPS groups going. As of PvP the pops are fairly quick, 55 ques, as well as lowie pvp. But as ranked goes, solo rank and group are a bit rare. Solo is starting to slow down a bit after the double XP weekend. But tend to be alil more active on the weekends.

I play on Shadowlands too… fleet seems pretty active, and I get asked to run Ops every day across multiple toons… theres almost always a PUG forming. For non pugs, it’s a matter of making nice with other guilds and being willing to be flexible. Maybe you are just on off-peak hours. Don’t notice dpammers, but I am quick to report and ignore.

Sounds like everyone here is calling you a fucking idiot, the whole “hemorrhaging subscribers” is something that really doesn’t hold water in a Free to Play game, look at something like Neverwinter, absolutely no subscription plan and yet that games been going strong and even voted best MMO by several magazines and websites.

Sounds like your just butthurt, I’m on Shadowlands and every single day there are ops and PVP groups being formed, if your server is that dead maybe you should re roll onto another server, cuz honestly at this point your just sounding like a troll, the game is fine and will continue to be fine.

I had to google Neverwinter to find out what it is. And of course its fine, just like SW Galaxies is fine … in your imagination.

seems to me there are more full instances on the fleet, and on every planet for that matter, since TOR went F2P. They’re making their money or they wouldn’t keep adding content, take it from a veteran of more than one failed MMO.
Sounds to me like someone is just butt hurt because they didn’t get 55 new warzones, which to me would mean absolutely nothing because I couldn’t care less about PVP. To each his own, cry if you want but you didn’t see me bitching when they added a new hutt ball arena. Nobody is going to force you to play the content you don’t like… or continue to play the game at all, tbh.

I’m glad to see the capital planets are included, I was worried it would only be Nar Shaddaa. Still, I was hoping that the Force-user homeworlds would also be included (Tython and Korriban)… maybe they’ll add those later.

In my opinion, Hoth and Tatooine would be cool. A little shack in the desert or an igloo would be nifty :).

I want a house on the hillside of alderaan 😀 that would be fckin insane!!! Especially if it was like GTAV(Might get some hat for saying that) in the sense that i could look out a window and seeing people leveling, that would be awseome!!!!

I was worried it would only be capital planets. I’m glad to see Nar Shada on the list and with them saying multiple planets it sounds like they might add more later.

Anyone esle think the legacy bank will work just like the mail system? As in you can’t put there bound to character gear, like in other MMOs?
We can already get around “bound” gear by moving the mods into bound to legacy gear, but if on top of that we can now “share” none mod gear/bound event ressources like implants/relics/helix/symbiots/etc people will just need on everything to gear alts and events will see their live cut short by a *ton* if you can just farm in one day the bound ressources, ship to one guy and buy the one rare/expensive item and be done with the whole event…

Even if it doesn’t work for bound gear, I’d be happy if it worked for not-bound things. That on its own would be huge help.

I have for crafting skills: Armortech, Armstech and Cybertech and all my characters gather the ressources for those (which are the same).
I will buy the ever loving crap out of a legacy bank! Hell half my characters have a page or 2 of bank inventory full of companion gifts as well.
Not saying it’s not a good thing, just pointing out we already get around bound gear enough as it is.

oh my god.

You just enlightened me to an amazing feature. I could have all my companions share the resources in the legacy bank….. It would be amazing.

Still be great for crafting mats, cartel garbage, etc. I share btl companion gear between characters, I’m looking forward to just keeping it in legacy storage tbh. Would really be awesome to be able to buy a legacy cargo hold for my ships tbh.

OMG, Legacy Bank ftw! Even if it won’t take bound items, having all of my mats in one place will be a lifesaver!

XDDD so is a big istanced storage room where you can pile all the garbage (items used to make ingame background) hey will sell at Cartel Market. So housing …is just the storage locker but in 3D, each “room” is aditional cargo bay… HAHAHA FAIL!

Which is exactly what some players have been wanting and have asked for. Just because it’s not your sort of content don’t snub it. Some of us have a more refined and sophisticated side and don’t always want content which is mindless running around DERP DERP HIT THIS OMG YOU’RE A NOOB I WIN HAHAHAHAHA

Pretty sure a 300 kg gorilla isn’t going to come to your house and force you to use it if you don’t want… at least it wasn’t mentioned in the announcement anywhere….

So if i buy 1st April 2 monts sub i will get 1500 cc and NAR SHADDAA SKY PALACE with THREE ADDITIONAL ROOMS UNLOCKED. Mine question is will i get the house if i will be preffered after that ? Will i have access to this house at Preferred Early Access date or i have to be subscriber at realase date (Subscriber Early Access)

I had the same question. To be safe, I was thinking to buy a 2 month sub may 1st. That way, you can get 1000 cc extra cc, get the extra 3 rooms on may 11th and get the early access on june 24th. oh and with the 2 month sub you will get the normal 550 cc monthly (1100 cc overall), this equals to a whooping 2100 cc ! which will probably be enough to start buying decorations and other stuff from the cartel market

I just don’t truly understand will subscribers get to keep the Nar Shadaa stronghold with all rooms unlocked or they just get to check it out for a period of time?

Yes, I’m 99.9% sure they get to keep their Strongholds. Otherwise they wouldn’t be stating that subs get 1.5 mil worth if it was just a rental.

Wish I could have a stronghold on Alderaan. It’s the prettiest, with those snowcapped mountains, and it won’t be destroyed for another few thousand years. I also loved the houses and scenery of Makeb, though unfortunately the planet has become less hospitable due to recent events. If we had the planets from KOTOR, it would be really fun to have a treetop stronghold on Kashyyyk, or a floating stronghold on Manaan. *Sigh* OK I’ll stop daydreaming.

I’m really excited about this. I had hoped that our ships would feel like home, but they never did. What they’re saying–that some decorations can be earned or crafted, not just bought with Cartel Coins–is very promising. I love this kind of stuff.

I have a feeling that more planets will be revealed down the line or released later. I mean what you are really paying for is the view, so if you want to have a home on Quesh, I’m pretty sure you can get it later.

Well, maybe not Quesh.

So each legacy can have multiple strongholds, but are all strongholds shared throughout the legacy? I had assumed so, at first, but it wouldn’t make sense to have my Sorc visit the apartment my Guardian set up on Coruscant. Nar Shaddaa would be neutral ground, but the others are faction limited. Has anyone encountered any info on how this will work?

I’m wondering too. Is it one apartment (per planet) for your whole legacy? Like, when my Sniper enters the apartment on NarShad, he’ll see all my Sorc-BH-Consular trophies, etc? Or do you need to customize an apartment for EVERY, SINGLE toon? That could get tedious (not complaining, just saying).

I have a feeling that it may be “one real home” and just the view changes based on which character is logged in and how they entered into the home. For example, I entered the home through Nar Shadda, so I get that view of the city.

I could be wrong though. If each one is individual, that would be a lot of work to decorate each house.

They also mention that you can add rooms. If it was all the same house, then you could have one room that is your republic room, another your Imperial, etc.

In the end you would only pay for extra room and planets where you can access your home.

My guess is that it is 1 apartment per planet for the whole legacy. However, each toon will be able to customize some of the decorations and trophies they see. I think this is how we are able to have a “Legacy Storage:” the physical storage box will be the same for all of our Legacy. (The decorations around it can change though.)

What is the point to the whole expansion though? Besides player housing, obviously, what else is incorporated into it that even classifies it as an expansion?

Sorry if that sounds negative, but I find myself playing very little anymore, as there is basically nothing to do, and coming from WoW years ago, I’m used to seeing some more substance to expansions, rather than patches. Like reworked talent trees, class changes/additions, etc. It just seems like the expansion will be focused on the housing only, and what I’m guessing the patches will be little things like adding furniture or something similar.

Personally I see this game going nowhere, I guess it’s time I should shelve it for good…

Expansion is the new term for Bioware for some content patch, not sure why they decided that, calling them patch would be a better choice since i always associate Expansion with having to pay something.

Early access doesnt start until a week before July, maybe they will announce some “bones” to it.

It’s a free expansion. BW considers any patch that adds a new game-type to be an expansion. Just thank them for not making us pay $10 for it.

Since the beginning the two themes that have been constants on the forums are wanting player housing and guild ships. Since the introduction of legacies the third main theme has been shared legacy storage.

That’s the point… giving the people paying their salaries the things they want so they keep paying for subscriptions and cartel coins.
It’s practical, it’s free, it’s customer satisfaction, and it’s about time.

They haven’t said strongholds is the only content being added though. There might still be more Makeb-like content to be announced.

I agree with you MGS, about basically nothing to do. 1st time ever since launch(subbed since then) that i’ve felt this way about the game I love..I loved it to bits(and still do) but lately, it just feels like running the same agonizing hamster wheel over and over again. And this coming from a casual dad-player who’s got 2 kids(I literally only get to log/play 5-6 hours a week) and I’m really starting to get ‘bored’ because there’s ‘basically nothing to do’. I dread what the hardcore peeps are feeling about this right now. All class stories are done. I just log in to do the FP weeklies, acquire enough ultimate comms and get the top tier ilevel mods. Sure, I might not be able to run NM with those, but I’m not that young/competitive anymore, so i have no need to do the operations in NM mode. Just being able to experience them is enough, and I have experienced them(SM/HM) many times over, and the gear you get from doing the FPs are more than enough. And of course, with the cartel market, that carrot-on-a-stick goal of doing the Hardest PVE Content is moot(for me) as BW don’t make unique looking armour that you can’t not get in some form or another through the market. And if they do, it looks crap. See Dread forged gear.

I get the whole housing thing and I’m really happy for those that wanted it(grats, you got it! :), but for me and the others that aren’t really excited about it, we’re still waiting on what other new stuff they have in store for the so called expansion. I hope, sincerely, that it’s mini games(pazaak, sabacc, dejarik and swoop racing for a start.)

It doesn’t have to say it. How do you expect a republic player to get to your house on DK? Makes sense as stated by Gareth, NS was originally the only “neutral planet” where both sides could access all the same areas and had the only market terminals where you could sell to players in both factions. The other two planets are faction capital worlds so obviously your republic characters wouldn’t be able to access the “stronghold” on DK. If you like to RP and don’t want your republic characters sharing furniture with your imperial characters then keep them separated on DK and Coruscant. Probably won’t matter anyway because sensibly anything you put in your legacy storage would be able to be accessed from all 3 planets. And to be honest, this is all I care about, not having to e-mail crafting mats to each other, will be nice to have one big storage bin that all characters can get into on both sides.

Well your Imperial characters can’t get to Coruscant (and vice versa with Kaas) so I would imagine that the only shared Stronghold would be Nar Shaddaa?

Another paid content patch EA is calling an expansion.

Also, “credits”? That is a word I have not heard in a long, long time.

Its free until you realize that everything for the house that actually looks good is bought off the cartel market, I love the idea and im not trying to be a dick but you know that evrything good is going to cost cartel coins.

Really wish they’d let us reset our class stories and do them over again with our hard-earned outfits.

Make an alt 😛

No but in all seriousness, I’m totally with you… I would like to re-do my story on my powertech with that cool golden outfit she wears for ops and endgame, although I would be a liiiiittble bit overpowered…

Does anyone else feel as though pug operations will dwindle because of people no longer being on fleet but instead off playing on their guild ship or in their house? I feel like we’re going need to need a galaxy-wide LFG channel.

You can do that easily, in Red Eclipse we had a player created lfg chat channel, before the LFG tool we pugged that way.

I asked about an lfg channel on Harbinger, but got told that I’m not cool enough to know about it. Killed any idea I had on the subject.

Sounds like someone was just trolling you. I’m not on Harbinger, but in any event, did you try /cjoin lfg? That’d be my guess if there is one.

I asked on the Harbinger forum. The comment was from a guild leader of one of the major raid guilds if his tag line was to be believed. I tried lfg, but only 2 or 3 people were on it.

Good to know. Will have to see how popular that is. First time I’m hearing of it after a year of being on Harbinger.

Harbinger’s Endgame is basically APAC players that came over. It was transitioned from when we were on Dalborra.

Harbinger had a very active LFG channel before group finder. I haven’t played in about 6 mos, so I don’t remember the name, but it died pretty quickly.

I meant an official channel that everyone is joined to automatically. I am aware that one can join or create their own channel at any given time.

I always ask me this, if they didn’t rush the release and release this game with current feature set where would be this game now? Most of the people left will never comeback but at July this game will have everything that a modern MMO will need. Pity.

Unfortunately, unlike your expectations, software/game development takes place in the REAL world. In said reality, there are 3 major pillars underpinning software development: Money, Time and Quality. Quality (which covers application functionality/features) is frequently sacrificed in order to deliver a software/game in order to meet monetary and/or time constraints.

If you believe any MMO could be delivered as ‘Vanilla’ and have the features SWTOR currently has then you really do live in some warped reality where Money, Time & Quality have no bearing on each other.

So short term they earned money by realising early, on long term they loose money from stable subscribers.

So software industry (EA) I guess should reconsider it priorities. When this game released, it had 2mil subs, now what 300K? I would say quite a loss compared to short term gain.

At the time of release SWTOR was purely subscription based
coupled with an initial one of payment for buying the game. It is common for a
developer to hype their game pre-release in order to sell as many boxed copies
of the game as possible in order to offset (and ideally exceed) development
costs. But, secondary to that, it’s also to get as many people as possible to
create accounts, as even if those people leave the MMO within the first few
months they will always be able to easily get back into the game, or be enticed
via marketing communications, even if it’s just to try it out again.

Obviously the game’s payment plan has changed now (and
actually I believe they always intended to launch with subscription only and
then migrate to F2P)… but from a financial point of view it’s already had
between $150 – $200 (£90.94 – £121.25) million worth of investment – of which
we don’t know how much was recouped – and so further investment is probably
going to be met with quite a lot of resistance from the financial teams at EA –
seeing as the game at the moment isn’t performing to a level on par with the
hype the game received pre-launch (but them what MMO does these days?!)

As a result, the people now in charge of running the game
will have been given a minimal budget and told to prove that they can stabilise
and increase the player base and provide a service that will give a guaranteed
return on any future investment. This is why we’re seeing new content at the
moment, but that new content isn’t ground-breaking or very big compared to
other MMOs on the market. But it IS still new content…

I am a subscriber, and I will be a subscriber until the game
is cancelled. Why? Because I view my $14.99 (£9.09) per month as an INVESTMENT
into the future of the game. You may call me foolish for doing this, but I
really want this game to grow and become a big player in the MMO market – and I
know my £9.09 a month will help that cause.

This year for me will be make or break for SWTOR, and at the
end of the year I will be questioning whether or not I still want to invest
£9.09 per month.

I have several friend playing Prefered F2P, without paying single CC. If you want to PVP/Raid every pass available for credits in GTN only thing sucks crafting but for that paying 12 Euro is not logical at all.

Actually you are not saying anything other then I mentioned, instead going for big hype instant return of investment they gone for the feature set that we would have at July, the game would be in a much better place.

Please, stop insulting nationalities and setting racist debates. I don’t call every person I don’t like an american (or european, whatever). What your MM tells you may not be true, but anyway, let’s keep this out of politics and stick to the game.

I can somehow speak your language, can you speak mine? Ask yourself that next time you make such a comment. Yesterday, I had a horrible headache and I didn’t paid that much attention what I wrote but it is nice to know some Nazi guy checks my english.

SWTOR made over 125 Million last year,how much is profit i do not know but that is hardly chump change in the MMO market.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but… Wildstar will have nearly everything that current SWTOR has when it releases in June.

That’s actually a very good suggestion 🙂

It also came to my thought that the only thing i might not like about this expansion is that it isn’t map compatible. As in, players won’t be able to view the Strongholds on the map. If that were to be implemented, i’d be happy. I just want to walk to the building, and take an elevator to my room.

OMG they are finally getting so much right with this game. RP Content, Tactical Flashpoints instead of the usual obsession with end game raid and pvp. Screw ESO Im staying with SWTOR now.

Just give me my Hood Toggle and Dye Module Collection unlock and Il be as happy as a gamorrean in bantha poodu!

Been staying away from guilds since launch. This may be the thing that finally gets me to join one. Very interested to see where the capital ships get taken, as well as just how customizable both the ships and the strongholds turn out to be. Also, Legacy bank. So much yes.

“craft state-of-the-art furniture”…..So glad to see they are throwing a bone to crafter’s, been a long time coming. Also glad to see we will be able to use some of our hard earned credits to buy for our stronghold.

I just died and went to heaven.

To hell with endgame, as an ex SWGer this is what ive been hoping for since SWTOR was released! Guild Starships too! Now I wasn’t expecting that for a very long time indeed based on what they said before, what a great surprise!

I am excited and skeptical about this “GET” legacy shared storage. As I just hopped off of SWGemu this is good news. I really hope they do us right by it. It sounds good though.

All fluff and no end content or HMFP. Living in an instanced room isn’t that exciting but for everyone ready to build furniture have at it 😛

A) More content coming out in 2.7 patch.
B) They haven’t said this is the only content being added in 2.8 patch.

Will they credit me for suggesting the idea of both Guild Flagships /and/ legacy storage?
I take exception to plagiarism, especially when others profit, and I don’t.

legacy bank will only accommodate unbound and legacy items like mail features.
wouldn’t want smart ppl to misuse the collections tab would we. GTN will loose its charm.

Will have no effect on the GTN. Most likely, you will be able to unlock a GTN for inside your house. But if not, people will still make alts and/or walk to the GTN themselves.

And the one on the ship is 900 CC or 5 MILLION credits.
That is a lot of dailies to be running, plus have to be a sub otherwise you are screwed with the escrow.
And dailies, lest everyone forget, require you be high level. So no luck for those por noobs just starting with a Jedi Sentinel because they think two sabers is coll.

Also makes me wonder… Where will companions stay in Stronghold? Do romance interests hang in bedroom area or what? Maybe they don’t appear at all besides the one you take along?

Having a place where you could both talk to your companions (like you can on your ship and sometimes in cantinas) and give them gifts (which you cannot do on your ship) wouldn’t be bad — but it would also probably require making new conversation scenes, so it is not likely to happen. Oh well.

I wonder where my ship will be parked when I am in my stronghold – in an attached garage, through a priority travel terminal, or back at the spaceport?

I’m very excited about the release of both legacy banks and guild flagships. I think those are two of the best additions I’ve heard for this game in a while, sided by legacy offhands and separated nightmare/hardmode lockouts.
Now you see they’re working on the cool stuff there 🙂

Although my concern is if the guild flagships will be accessible only for guild members and if it’s instanced, you need to be on the same group as the rest of the people on it?

My guess would be no, but what do I know…

What I’m concerned with (let me insert here that I’m beyond stoked for this patch), is that smaller guilds of friends that don’t really play in the ‘giant-ass-guild’ scene aren’t going to have the option of getting a Guild Flagship. What I’d like to see is what qualifies a guild for a guild flagship.

Right, I just hope that smaller guilds (personally I’ve been in a 5-6 man guild since launch) will have just as easy access to getting Guild Flagships as the bigger ones.

Don’t count on it. If the Guild Bank costs 600k, and that’s for the first vault, the Flagship is gonna be a money grab.

I guess that’s true but I’ve never played an mmo just got my first computer and I do like star wars trying to figure out if I want to get the game

Crafted Storage:
I am gunslinger and I have a lot of guns in my storage …

imagine how cool it would be IF we could display all guns in a cabinet to all that come to our home 🙂

Hey – look at my collection behind the glass … this would be bad ass, in a same way imagine having stands for armor sets … one room would be my Armory 😀 and they all could see different outfits i accumulated over the years … 🙂

Guild Falgships:

I want to have access to ops portals, daily terminal, gtn, mail etc.
Each item like this costs maintenance money and your guild members would have to add to its monthly upkeep or it goes “offline” until you pay your bills again. More features enabled – more monthly cost.

This will help get each of your guild members feel like a part of it even more and that they contributing to something. No matter are they raiding, doing dailies or pvp – by paying part of the upkeep money they adding to the Guild QoL

Really excited about this expansion and i like where we are going with this game .,….

I’m not really getting this. Is the 2014 summer going to be based around everyone sitting in solitude similar to their ship or being in a guild ship with a dozen or so of your guildies? That will be interesting for about a week or so at best.

Why not implement something from the original kotor like Pazaak. These folks over at have re-created this fun little game. If implemented into the game you could find these little game in different cantinas throughout the leveling worlds nobody visits anymore. A reputation vendor and unique cards at different cantinas and even a subplot could make this similar to GSI or Macrobinocular quests but something you can continually replay while waiting for a group-finder pop.

Alas I do not work for this company but am getting a sense they do not have the ability to keep things interesting for the daily gamer. While people are sitting in their condominiums on Drummand Kaas I think I’ll be checking out Wildstar.

World pvp is what is going to keep it alive, the novelty of sitting inside a room to showoff items that 9/10 other people will have also is a bit tame. Interesting maybe, but not a massive drawcard imo. When i first heard of this i was excited that there was going to be an increase in the numbers of players on a stronghold planet (ie. Nar Shaddaa) from each faction and that this would lead to alot of extra world pvp fighting. The possibility that i could trash the strongholds belonging to rebel scum was another thing i hoped to see. The idea that i might have to buy defence turrets, pay for NPC guards/ droids was another feature i hoped to see.
As for guild ships, i was hoping that there might be some kind of space-world-pvp with players raiding one another’s guild ships or even boarding party attacks. I under stand the ratio of rebel scum – imperials is out of balance so then if there were areas of sanctuary as well as dangerous pvp planets to orbit our guild ships, the rebel scum wouldn’t have to be continuously attacked if they didn’t want to be.
It seems this expansion is only expanding the ways they will get money from players, but not really extending the experience for the players.

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