GW2 Ready Up Livestream Notes

GW2 Ready Up Episode 8 developer livestream in which the new trait system and a new pvp map will be revealed.

Map Preview

  • No capture points, pure team deathmatch. Custom arena map only.
  • Kept it small so you don’t have to look for your opponents.
  • Pillars you can use to LoS
  • Broken down temple map theme with a lot of vibrant colors and flowers. One side is blue themed, the other side is more red themed so you always know where you are.
  • Map  has two concentric rings – inner rings and upper outer ring.
  • Two traditional bases
  • Support up to 5v5
  • A lot of places where you can do a “cutback” and get behind your opponent if you are getting chased.


Tournament of Legends


  • 1st place gets choice of legendary weapon (eternity excluded), 2000 gems, 2 Black Lion weapon tickets
  • April 26-27 for Europe, May 3-4 for North America


  • Critical damage is being converted to a new stat – Ferocity
  • Existing critical damage is converted at the following ratio: 1% critical damage = 15 points of ferocity @ level 80
  • Celestial have had very high critical damage and it got hit hard by this change. We boosted celestial stats overall by 6%. It was providing less stats in pvp version, making it unuseable. We increased it to be equivalent to other stat sets in addition to the 6%.
  • Equivalent of 10% damage reduction for a full berserker build
  • Trait lines, traits, and skills have being rebalanced individually.30 points in critical damage trait = 300 ferocity = 20% critical damage
  • Changes will not affect sPvP, as maximum potential critical damage is already much lower than PvE/WvW

Rune changes

  • Every rune-set has been reworked and rebalanced, increasing the amount of viable options
  • A majority of the stats have being shifted to the later bonus slots to promote using a full set of runes rather than mix-match
  • No longer hidden differences between PvP/PvE.
  • Increased proc rates on runes to make them more reliable
  • We want there to be a rune set for pretty much every build.
  • Examples of rune changes. Superior Rune of the Monk will synergize well with the new Elementalist Grandmaster trait that also increase Outgoing heal effectiveness to allies.
  • Runes in PvP are now a single item (i.e. you can only use one rune now). One rune will have all six bonuses (basically no more mix-match)



  • Sigil internal cooldowns are now specific to each sigil, meaning you can use two sigils of the same type  on the same weapon set (example: battle and energy) but you can’t use a superior sigil of fire with a major sigil of fire for example.
  • Two-handed weapons now have two sigil slots
  • Many sigils have been rebalanced to accommodate the new stacking changes
  • Some sigils have been changed to on-hit rather than on-crit (i.e. Sigil of Water, Ice, Frailty)
  • Duration increase sigils have had their effects increased across the board
  • 30+ sigils have been changed in some fashion.
  • On kill stacking sigils – only one can be active at a time. If you unequip the weapon with that on-kill sigil, you will lose all the stacks.
  • In PvP/WvW, on kill sigils will give you 5 stacks per kill.
  • Sigil of Benevolence has replaced Sigil of Sanctuary. Now you gain a certain % of healing effectiveness for every kill you get


Traits changes overview

  • No need to buy trait manuals anymore.
  • Adept unlock at 30, master at 60, grandmaster at 80
  • At 80, you have 70 trait points. Can be confusing for new players. We changed it to 14 points, each point = 5 of the old points.
  • Redid how refunding trait works – you can now reset trait anywhere in the world as long you are not in combat or within a spvp match.
  • Added a minus button which allow you to just remove a point from a trait line.
  • Trait unlocking – all traits are locked. Unlock them by completing specific contents in the world – story dungeons, wvw, etc. Each trait is tied to a specific content. You also have the option to buy the trait guides from your professional trainers – sold for a combination of gold and skill points (price depends on which tier it is and if it is old or new trait).
  • All current characters will be grandfathered in (meaning your existing traits will be unlocked) but you won’t have the new grandmaster traits). New characters created after the patch won’t have the existing traits unlocked but they will have them in spvp (except the new grandmaster traits). Traits are unlocked for all gamemodes (character bounded, useable in pvp, wvw, pve)
  • New trait interface – click on the spyglass icon to see where in world you can unlock this trait
  • Fear now works as a full interrupt. Will work with interrupt runes/traits etc.


Elementalist Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Fire: Blinding Ashes: Blind foes for 5 seconds when you burn them – cooldown 5s
  • Air: Lightning Rod – interrupting an enemy causes them to be stuck by a damaging lightning bolt that leaves them weakened (5s)
  • Earth: Stone heart – You cannot be critically hit while attuned to earth
  • Water: Aquatic Benevolence- your healing to other allies (not self) is increased by 25% – stacks well with Runes of the Monk
  • Arcane – Elemental Contingency- Gain a boon when you are stuck, based on your current attunement, coodown; 10 seconds. Fire: 3.5s of retaliation; air: 5 seconds of fury; Earth: 2.5s of protection; Water: 3 seconds of vigor

Engineer Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Explosives: Synaptic Overload – gain 3 seconds of quickness when you hit a foe with a knockback skill
  • Firearm: Bunker Down – Create a proximity mine at your location when you critically hit with an attack. Mines have a 10s duration, 2s cooldown (mines do not remove boons)
  • Inventions: Fortified Turrets – your turrets are surrounded by a reflective shield when created. 4s duration, ends if the turret is picked up or destroyed.
  • Alchemy: Experimental Turrets – Turrets apply boons based in a 600 raidus around them every 10 seconds. Thumper turrets: 3 seconds of protection. Net turret: 10s of swiftness. Rifle turret – 5s of fury. Healing turret – 3s of vigor. Rocket turret – 3s of retaliation; Flame turret – 3 stack of might for 10s.
  • Tools – Gadgeteer – gadgets grant additional boons upon use. Boon vary based on the gadget being used – AED – 3s of retaliation, Personal Battering Ram – 5s of fury; Rocket Boots – 4s of Vigor; Slick Shoes – 8s of regeneration; Throw mine – 6s of aegis; Utility Goggles  5 stacks of might for 8 seconds.

Guardian Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Zeal: Amplified Wrath- Burning damage is increased by 33%
  • Radiance: Radiant Retaliation – Retaliation Damage scales from condition damage instead of power
  • Valor: Communal Defenses – Grant 5s of aegis to allies in 360 range when you block an attack. 20s cooldown.
  • Honor: Force of Will – Gain up to 300 vitality, based on your level. (around 3k HP at level 80)
  • Virtues: Purity of Body – Resolve’s passive effects increase endurance regeneration by 15%

Mesmer Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Domination: Power Block – Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown of 10s (no internal cooldown on this skill, just depends on cooldowns of your interrupts)
  • Dueling: Triumphant Distortion – Gain 3s of distortion upon killing an enemy. No cooldown.
  • Chaos: Bountiful Disillusionment – Gain boons each time a shatter skill is used. Mind wrack – 3s of relitation. Cry of frusturation – 3 stacks of might for 15s; Diversion – 5s of fury; Distortion – 8 seconds of regeneration
  • Inspiration: Disruptor’s Sustainment: Gain 1000 healing power for 5s upon interrupting a foe.
  • Illusions: Maim the Disillusioned – Enemies hit by shatter skills are inflicted with torment.

Necromancer Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Spite: Parasitic Contagion – A % of your condition damage heals you (5%, not affected by healing power)
  • Curses: Path of Corruption – Dark Path now additionally converts 2 boons into conditions.
  • Death Magic: Unholy Sanctuary- Regenerate health while you are in death shroud (this is the only method currently to physically regen your HP while in death shroud – it is same as healing from regen, will scale with your healing power)
  • Blood Magic: Unholy Martyr – Draw 1 condition from allies every 3 seconds while in death shroud. Each time you draw a condition, gain 5% life force.
  • Soul Reaping: Renewing Blast – Life Blast heal allies that it passes through. (~800 heal per blast, scales up with healing power)

Ranger  Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Marksmanship: Read the Wind: Longbow and Harpoon Gun projectile velocity is increased by 100%.
  • Skirmishing: Strider’s Defense – You have a 15% chance to block ranged attacks while in melee.
  • Wilderness Survival : Poison Master – Poison you apply deals 50% extra damage. Poison your pet’s first attack when they are swapped to.
  • Nature Magic: Survival of the fittest – Remove two conditions and gain fury when using a survival skill.
  • Beast Mastery: Invigorating Bond- Your pet heals in an area when executing command abilities (i.e. your F2 skill now heals in an area)

Thief  Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Deadly Arts: Revealed Training – Gain up to 200 extra power when you are revealed, based on your level (Revealed lasts for 3s for WvW, 4s for sPvP)
  • Critical Strikes : Invigorating Precision – You are healed for a % of the strike damage dealt. The current rate is 5%. Does not work on ambient creatures.
  • Shadow Arts: Resilience of Shadows – Stealth you apply reduces 50% incoming attack damage (does not work against condition damges)
  • Acrobatics: Assassin’s Equilibrium – Gain 1s of stability when you are revealed. This is a high skill cap trait as you need to use it when you see a stun/daze coming and attack first to reveal yourself and gain the stability.
  • Trickery: Bewildering Ambush – Stealing applies 5 stacks of confusion for 5 seconds.

Warrior Balance changes & grandmaster traits


  • Strength: Burst Precision – Burst skills have an increased chance to critically hit ( Chance: 100%)
  • Arms: Dual Wield Agility- Your attack speed is increased by 10% when wielding a sword, axe or mace in your offhand.
  • Defense: Rousing Resilience – Gain toughness when you break out of a stun. The amount of toughness gained is up to 1000, based on your level and lasts for 4 seconds.
  • Tactics: Phalanx Strength – When you grant yourself might, grant it to nearby allies as well. 6s of might is granted each time this trait triggers. (It works with blast finishers)
  • Discipline: Brawler’s Recovery – Remove blindness when you swap weapons.

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32 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Livestream Notes”

Makes me sad to see guardians pushed aside for this update (including taking a nerf too vigor). I just hope melee gets some love in the future, like maybe cripple from symbols?

rangers nerfed again – THEY BETTER DELETE THIS CLASS…
we are already splitting dmg with pets, and crit is our best attribute as lonbow masters – spotters, and now, they are ruining cit…

from gw site: At level 80, it will take 15 points of ferocity to gain 1% bonus critical damage, which means that there will about a 10% decrease in overall damage for a full “berserker” build.

Hahaha man our dmg will suck baldy now…

Yeah, but it sounds like our auto-attack speed is being doubled, which should increase DPS at max range rather nicely.

But if the arrow travels faster, the next one’s animation also starts faster, or am I wrong? Sounds logical in my opinion. I hope they won’t make it like, the arrow travels insanely fast and we sit by for a while before the next one shoots.

Unfortunately you are wrong. A simple calculation for the auto-attack (numbers out of my head.) You fire 1 arrow every second. The arrow needs 1 seconds to travel the given distance. That means you shoot, 1 seconds later the arrow hits and you let go the next. With this trait you still shoot 1 arrow a second but it hits after 0.5 seconds. That means you shoot, after half a second the arrow hits. After a half second more you shoot the next arrow. That means the arrow is there 0.5 seconds earlier but it still needs a whole second (0.5 seconds of flight + 0.5 seconds of waiting) until the next arrow hits. If you look at rapid fire, the only change will be, that the first arrow hit’s 50% faster than before. The time between the arrows hitting is still the same. Aaaaand you would have to give up 1 essential trait for this.

Reduced dps, but upgraded runes and one additionnal sigil on longbow. To my opinion, nothing will really change.

Improving pet responsiveness should make this profession funnier to play.

Sounds like you’ll just need to buy a new set of runes and you’ll be good to go. They’re changing *every* rune set, so surely one will fit your needs, or perhaps even suit your build better than what you have.

Ok, am seeing so many changes, that I have to wonder… aren’t we preparing for April’s Fools? We got choppers in GW1, after all…

I am super curious about Traveler rune. It’s a must for WvW roamers and i would like to know it will be worse or better.

It’s not really the topic, but I find the rune of speed more useful. Hope the speed bonus won’t be removed.

So, every character which is already existing on my account will have ALL existing traits unlocked even though not all of the characters is 80 lvl?

No, he will have all the traits according to his level and none will have the new grandmaster traits.
If your toon is lvl 10 you will still need to buy or find all the traits.

Any character was created before the patch will have all the I-XII traits automatically unlocked for them, new characters created after the 15th April will need to buy or find the traits.

Dhuumfire change is still terribly bad … a nerf to one of the weaker classes and most of all it is extremely clunky to use.

If you look the kinda mix everything up, i think to let support and self sustain be aviable with all the trait’s tree…soul reaping that let the death shroud heal lol…combine it with the blood magic trait it becomes some sweet death shroud support lol xD
And necro isn’t one of the weaker class at all lol, just not suited for cornering stuff, especialy when you can dish out a shitload of dmg with both condition and crit, keep an insanely high survival capability and insane cc if needed 😐
But cornering stuff pretty much annihlate anything that isn’t war->mesmer->guardian (only if there’s some heavy dmg dealer stuff in the mobs, otherwise it’s useless too for cornering)

…..yay…..Engineer got 2 turret GrandMaster traits… they just need to fix our turrets and make them worth having out

Deadly Arts: Revealed Training – Cause we need thieves that use stealth and one shot lighter targets to be more effective also after they use backstab. By all means dont give us an effective way to counter stealth attacks just make stealth builds more reliable.

question about this new trait setup so my guardian is nearing lvl 30 do i stil got trait points i gotten so far or must restart the whole proces but keep lvling ?

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