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SWTOR Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack Preview

SWTOR Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack preview. Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack was released on May 6, 2014. Updated with ingame pics and videos.



Mandalorian Hunter Armor Set


Details Show

Skilled Hunter Armor Set



Details Show

Able Hunter Armor Set



Underwater Adventurer Armor Set

The helmet is currently missing ingame, likely a bug as this is the PTS afterall



Details Show

Underwater Explorer Armor Set

The helmet is currently missing ingame, likely a bug as this is the PTS afterall



Canderous Ordo’s Armor Set


Details Show

Series 858 Cybernetic Armor Set


Details Show

Juhani’s Armor Set


Details Show

Unburdened Champion Armor Set


Details Show

Casual Vandal Armor Set


Details Show

Sogan Sur’s Armor Set


Details Show


Ikas XK-7


Desler DA-5


Rendili SF-3



Korrealis Countess


Highland Dewback


Ghorfa Bantha



Forest Assault Tauntaun



Interstellar Regulator’s Assault Cannon Cresh


Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Pistol


Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle


Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle


Dauntless Avenger’s Lightsaber


Dauntless Avenger’s Saberstaff



Mini-Mogul PU-1


Model FT-8 Star Guard




  • Hotshot
  • Starfighter’s Collector

Video of all emotes, regen and mood


Regen Toy

  • Warm Hands (no graphic currently available)


  • Jawa Face (no graphic currently available)

Emotes (No graphic currently available)

  • Emote: Smuggler Shuffle
  • Emote: Romance Shuffle
  • Emote: Dud
  • Emote: Chair 6

Bowdaar Customization 8 (image courtesy of swtor_miner on reddit)



  • Light Yellow and Deep Pink Dye Module
  • Secondary White Dye Module

Galactic Starfighter

  • BR-04 Republic Bomber Paint Job
  • Imperial’s Dark Blue-Cream Color Module
  • Republic’s Yellow-Grey Color Module
  • Republic’s Black Orange Gas Canister
  • Imperial’s Black Yellow Gas Canister
  • Republic’s Mint Green Engine Reactant

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167 replies on “SWTOR Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack Preview”

Bantha! That Desler is a really nice color. Also maybe the durpmandaloriandurp crowd will stop complaining now.

Umm… but the mandalorian sets worn by the mandalorians in-game don’t have jetpacks, so why should this set?
It’s exactly the set people have been asking for since launch.

I know, but for me no Mandalorian armor is complete without a jetpack, specially when PTs and Mercs have skills tied to having one.

But you are missing the beauty of this set.
It lets you play a mandalorian of any class 🙂
You can now play a melee mandalorian (sith warrior), a Mandalorian Sniper (Imperial Agent), a Mandalorian heavy weapons expert (trooper) or just a mandalorian with a blaster rifle (trooper/IA) 🙂

some of them have jet packs and shoulder pads. it would be nice if they release the heavier version of this armor.

Really! Only 1 Mando set in this pack!? I’m done BioWare!

In all seriousness though I can stop complaining. Many set combos with this one and some of the others will make great armor. I’m excited to grab this set the moment this pack goes live. If I had any complaints left, it would be for BioWare to just make a Mandalorian chestplate like the Cassus one but without the cape (or a version of the Mandalore set without the tubes). However I’m content for a while.

I already saw that by swtor_miner’s post on Reddit. I just think that Bantha’s should not be “speeders” since they only move slowly in lore.

You can always “walk” with mounts you know. I always use walk when I am on animal mounts for the rp etc.

Well, they were modeled by an elephant in the movies and elephants can run pretty fast, so it stands to reason that banthas can run pretty fast when need be.

The armor seems to get more and more ridiculous every pack. Modifying the cold weather Hoth set by cutting a hole in the chest? Yuck.

On the other hand, the Canderous Ordo set is SUPER HOT. Put decent dye on the pants (yellow? really?) and it’s a winner.

Canderous Ordo was a character in KOTOR. That set is modeled to look exactly like his clothes did. The artists didn’t ‘decide’ yellow for the pants, it’s just what color his pants were in the game.

I agree they should do less sexy cut-outs of existing armor, but whatever.

The sexy cut-outs are almost exclusively player designed. The player’s name is Ixun. The “Unfettered Trenchcoat” was his very first design.

It’s to do with a modeling issue. Something about the game code makes long sleeve difficult to design. They even noted how there was only one robe in game with long sleeves.

Manaan was in some of the stuff Swtor_miner uncovered. We still have a “Makeb-like” expansion coming. We can only hope it is Manaan.

Manaan is an ocean planet that has a rare resource called Kolto which is used for medical purposes. It is populated by fish people called Selkath (I think I’ve seen some Selkath NPCs somewhere in the game) and has one city that is above water.

Wookieepedia says it got rebuilt at some point between its destruction and the 2000 BBY. We could assume that after KotOR it was destroyed, forgotten about, and then rebuilt some time in that 300 year time span. Then it would fit perfectly into SWTOR.

There is a Selkath on Balmorra I believe, during the Republic questline. I remember seeing him while palying my smuggler over the weekend, but I managed to close out several planets this weekend so I am not 100% sure it was Balmorra. But yes there is at least one in the game.

Yep, there is also a Selkath Jedi during the Knight storyline on Tython. Then the Selkath actually are thinking about quitting the Republic, so the consular has the Selkath ambassador on her ship during chapter 2.

With the coming of player housing I can TOTALLY feel Manaan coming as a planet in the future. Might see some mini-games come with it, too, if they bring it out. But that’s me being overly optimistic.

I like some of these armor sets, for sure. I’ll probably end up using that Mandalorian helmet on my Trooper forever. I’ve been wanting that one for quite some time. And since it matches my armor, I’ll try out that Assault Cannon with the laser pointer, and the Rifle for when I’m just walking around.

Thought the exact same thing. That said, the set looks kinda nice. I might use it if it looks good on my Mercenary.

So most of the skimpy armors make me roll my eyes, but I actually really like the Casual Vandal set. Probably the nice simpicity.

Can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted that Mando set. For some reason I love that color scheme but disappointed that they didn’t use the bulkier chest piece that most of these sets have. Wheres the should pads and rocket pack?

Canderous Ordo’s set and this Interstellar Regulator’s Blaster Rifle. Enough said, that’s all I want. Now what’s left is to know when this pack will come, since the space jockey one is taking ages to be released.

Yeah… I’m anxious with this.

I love jetpacks – for my bounty hunter. I wish all chestpieces had a toggle cape/jetpack on/off, and a hood toggle as well.

if you haven’t notice by now most lore gear set always seem to be missing out or color isn’t correct

Actually, most (if not all) the lore gear is based on the concept art instead of the in-game looks so there are small differences in most cases.
I think it’s ok since it’s supposed to be “replicas” and not the original gear worn by the characters.

Nice sets of gear to finish off the Starfighter Packs,
Weapons are average, pets are ok, emotes sound alright, best companion customization in a pack so far, aside from the Ikas, Korrelias and Tauntaun, the mounts look great!
EDIT: Also, what is up with all the bloody chair emotes?!

People want the ability to sit, but the code written by the original dev team prevents the current dev team from editing any pre-existing chairs to allow players to sit. Solution? Give em Sit emotes. I think it’s a fair tradeoff.

As an aside, you know the chair that you CAN sit on in the smuggler ship? The guy who coded it apparently was on the “Let them Sit” argument of the original team. Well, his side lost. So before he was fired (as all game companies do after a game launches), he coded this chair in on the smuggler ship and imbedded it so far into the ships code that it cannot be edited or removed. Revenge!

Lol, I agree. Hopefully, since this is the last starfighter pack, this is the last we will see of chairworld. Please.

True, but that is working as designed. the Smuggler’s second chair wasn’t planned for or wanted. But they can’t remove it without recoding the entire ship.

It takes alot of people to code and create a new game from scratch.
It doesn’t take very many people to keep making expansions and updates.
Hence most are “fired” from the project (which ususally means that they get moved to another project, but still in-house, but some are actually let go)

Not a fan of the armor sets, but really liking some of those mounts…especially the Bantha and the Desler.

Some nice parts… but overall just another recolored pack.

Of course Bantha!
But I wan’t a quest to get the bantha, not a cartel market pack rare item.

Huh? Recolours? Most of these are new models, why is there always some retard shouting recolour as soon as a pack comes out….

Oh, a couple nice armor sets there. Definitely gonna have to get ahold of that Mando Hunter set as well as a few others.

Now THIS is a pack! Nice mix of lore items, new models, and fan requested content (I know people have been ACHING for the mando set) I see myself getting a hypercrate or two.

honestly i’m sick and tired of these half as naked gear but there will always be people that like them so guess it is a good thing for them but cant figure out which annoys me the most these half naked sets or these never ending cyber series sets.

But on the bright side, loved the red and white weapons that are currently in the game, these are just remodeled version with a slightly different touched but nonetheless i still like them. and finally after two years people complaining about the mandolorian set, they decided to bring it in. Honestly im a bit suprised they didn’t brought it on CM earlier like the White yellow trooper set, the malgus look alike set, the Imperial officer set etc.

Looks nice pack thou i hope lightsabers have soem effects on them. Last packs all the rare lightsabers are worth under 100k all since they are plain and simple. Also no new color crystals meh 🙁

Bowdaar customization is one i really like. Bantha mount will be most desired i think in this pack. Few armor sets also look nice. Sadly weapons are my biggest let down. At least blaster pistol looks ok.

TBH, i think we have enough of color crystals now, most of them dont even fit in the swtor game having blue orange i mean wth. they tried almost every basic color what do you want know? red-purple? green-blue…

Finally, Mandalorian armor!!! Now they need to make the type with the jetpack on the back and the Mandalorian officer helmet. I can’t imagine that’s too far down the road if they’re finally introducing some basic Mando armor, though.

Bantha mounts…very awesome. I know quite a few people who’ve been wanting this for a while, just so they can ride around with their Sand People armor on.

What is with the Interstellar Regulators Blaster pistol, though. I noticed this on another set from an earlier pack. The blaster rifle and sniper rifle looks incredibly nice and streamlined, then the blaster pistols for the sets look like big bulky pieces of crap. What gives with that? I was hoping of something that still resembles the sleek styling of the blaster rifle and sniper rifles.

This is still one of the better looking cartel packs I’ve seen come down the pipeline in a long while. Not too shabby.

Yeah, was hoping for more new Dye Modules and Color Crystals, too – but maybe the wave of packs after the Starfighter ones will have them again.

LOL – SW goes Disco, right?

Many of the cantinas have disco-like lights so I thought a disco-type dance would fit. Also Lapti Nek, the original Jabba’s Palace song, has a disco-like sound to it. Another dance I’d like to see is Thriller. They should call it “The Rakghoul” and it should be released around Halloween

I was hoping to see one of Jarael’s outfits to go with Zayne Carrick’s Armor. Maybe another future pack will get to have it……

Also, the Jedi robes of Atris would be nice to see get added sometime.

Would Love Jarael’s outfit! My shadow has Zayne’s with black secondary dye, Jarael’s outfit would look AWESOME on Nadia!

Oh but there are so many to choose from 😀

But yeah, I also hope they include at least one of her outfits at some point.

I’m wondering when will the developers actually put in two options on BH/Mando themed chest plates that have versions with or without rocket packs. Also, why is it so hard for them to put range finders on these type of helmets like Pre Vizla type two helmets (two range finders on each side).

Maby because those type of range finders weren’t really used at this time? (with the mcquarrie homage helmet being the obvious exception)

Eeeeh, no it’s not.
It’s barely got the same colour even and the armour itself is completely different.

Unfettered Trench Coat (Freelancer’s Bounty Pack) and Spymaster’s Leggings (Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack) – or perhaps just Classic Spymaster’s Leggings (Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack). Not sure about the other parts. The boots look like Thana Vesh’s, but I’ve just previewed them with a white dye, and I don’t think it’s them. 🙂

With Juhani’s armour coming out I can now finally equip my Jedi with real Jedi boots just like in the movies!

I’m sure I’ll wear that Mandalorian helmet on my Commando till the day I die. I really hope that Sogan Sur’s chest piece will match with my current set, I like that design, at least without the backpack and widened armor plate. The waist cape makes it even better. I always look at that armor design and I remember the big, thick armor worn by the Smart Gunners in Aliens. So, I’ll strap that on, find the best Assault Cannon I can get, and run head first into the enemy! LET’S ROCK!

Am I remembering KOTOR armour incorrectly or were they all as ugly as they are in this game? Juhani’s is the worst yet.

Keep in mind, that KOTOR was state of the art in terms of graphics when it was released (forced me to upgrade my PC), but to answer your question : YES the armor was ugly in the original games as well 🙂

I guess this mean we will need to be lucky to get,for example,Bantha from this boxes ? Its not possible to buy directly something we want from here ?

mmm…. Korrealis Countess… It’s already in another pack, so i’m guessing it either won’t drop from this or there will be duplicate items between the packs? I got it yesterday from Space Jockey’s (I think it was from that pack) xD

Ok, RP people wanted to sit. Now we have 2 million sit emotes. Why is BioWare getting it always totaly wrong!?

wrong, int he sense they use wrong chairs for emotes, or wrong in the sense u wanted to sit in chairs that are already in game like ship chairs, fleet, etc? if the latter then they wont let you sit in chairs that are already in the game because the scripters they have right now are new scripters and the old ones that left BW or got fired, wrote it in a way that to make it sitable they would have to rewrite the whole script al over again just for the chairs, which will bring some complication. not saying rewrite the whole game but for the parts of the chair they will need to remove allot of lines, which will crumble the rest of the script if a different script line is added that wont be in consistent with the new one

As it is the same for Smug the guy who was working on those classes wanted sitable chairs so he coded a few, besides the cockpit chairs. They prolly thought it was of no use just as they thought flagships in the beginning has no use for guilds and such while many stated why they wanted it. Basicly the older dev screwed up allot. In the near future we might see sitable chairs that don’t require emotes .but from what the dev on a stream is that changing the coding would mess up allot. So that or they are either to lazy to do it

Another gamble pack, starting to hate these. Just add those items to the cartel market so we can buy them straight up without any bullshit.

Lol, If you have money to buy cartel coins then you have credits to buy from GTN. Just sell unopened packs in GTN

5 hypercrates= 2 sniper rifles, one autocannon, one double lightsaber. These packs were filled with more xp boosts and junk than any before. Really, really disappointed in the itemization of this pack.

2 hypercrates, got 2 cheap mounts, 1 weapon, and mandalorian chest/supplementary +almost complete juhani, and ordo set. I always promise myself not to buy any more of these scam material, but this itemisation junk may be the very last time I fall for bugware’s gambling scam….

I opened one crate and 10 additional packs, got no weapons. Two Dessler speeders and the Ikas, and more ‘lower’ armour packs than I could believe (except Mandalorian of course), but no weapons. And one dye pack.

Anyone on Ebon Hawk want to trade a Bantha mount for a Dessler?

Underwater Adventurer/Explorer has voice modulation on the helmet, and it sounds different than previous modulations. It’s not a strong change, but I thought it sounded cool.

Really?? They put the cupid shuffle (romance shuffle) into the game? Mark my words we will see twerking in the game soon.

I got them, but haven’t played any of the starfighter stuff so I didn’t really look at them. I’ll post the names of what I got when I get home today.

Got the full mandalorian armor set, a couple of Ikas, some emotes, the star guard toy, and random junk in my hypercrate. Not a single weapon to speak of. Is it me or do the weapons have a very low drop rate in this pack?

Ok, I spent WAY TOO MUCH on buying hypercrates in the last couple of days. Got 168 of them, and only a couple of pistols. No sabers. No sniper rifle. No blaster cannon. No minipet. Only 2 mounts of the 5 listed, and TONS of extras of them. My drop rate is currently about 1% for any weapon at all.

Bought 3 more hypercrates to make it an even 10. Tons of armor and those first 2 mounts. Got a couple of weapons, but still no sniper rifle, blaster cannon, or saber. Basically, got nothing I didn’t already have. When are they going to fix drop rates on this pack?

i baught one hyper crate of this and got alot of partual out fits rep stuff. the only thing i really wanted was the casshboons and the tauntaun mount

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