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SWTOR Boulder Cantina Tour Files

A list of the images provided with the SWTOR Boulder Colorado Cantina Tour flashdrives. Items of interest includes Orobird mounts and Nerf mounts. Special thanks for mrawesomesauce1/phyltrd on reddit, NickM on the forums, and StellaArtois from JC for sending me the files.

Scoop Letter


Galactic Stronghold


Cartel Market

Note that the Bantha Mount concept is likely a typo and they meant Nerf Mount concept


Concept Arts


Q&A provided by StellaArtois from JC

Who was there? Courtney Woods, some Australian dude who lost a arm wrestling match, Blain and Cory Butler.

  • First off, they said they could not talk about strongholds other than what was originally announced.
  • The exact details of what the legacy storage could hold was still being worked out in response to a ? about placing bound items in them.
  • Guild ship battles is on the Wall of Crazy (WoC)
  • Space PvE — WoC and no current plans
  • Open space Pvp – WoC
  • Class Story – Not at the moment, would rather have story that all classes can experience such as what they’ve done so far.
  • More GSF maps on the way.
  • They look at what players are doing all the time to see what is working or not.
  • The Cantina tours are VERY important in figuring out what players want.
  • Paazak – WoC
  • No plans on a MAC client
  • On organizing buffs and debuffs — It’s something that they are talking about, not sure where it is in the planning stage.
  • Several PvP questions were asked that were all ready answered last week on the forums.
  • Something is in the works for World PvP that’s "really cool" related to rewards on a global scale. It won’t be anything like Ilum though..
  • More planets are in the pipeline.
  • They really LOVE the Voss……
  • On achievement rewards they are looking at other items than just cartel coins and titles
  • The level cap IS going up and we should hear something about that sooner than later
  • Weapon itemization is staying the same, so no seeing bounty hunters walking around with rifles.
  • More raid(s) coming this year, Courtney couldn’t say when.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Thanks so much to whoever recorded the Q&A (and of course dulfy for posting it)! Imo they dropped a few very interesting hints in there.

“Class Story – Not at the moment, would rather have story that all classes can
experience such as what they’ve done so far.” Such a freaking shame.
The class stories were one of the best things about this game and now
it’s melted down to generic crap. Not that this is new news or anything, but it still makes me sad.

At least they’re not denying it entirely. Things might change, you never know. New story arc and shared quests might be big enough (given that they improve on the game as a whole as well) to bring in more players. Not to mention Episode VII stuff coming out soon which will surely bring in Jedi wannabees. They might get some temporary team together to finish the work they started on individual class quests. Here’s to hope.

They have said the same thing for a year and a half now. This is about as close to a firm no you will get from them.

Well, they already have people jumping up and down saying “Your release cadence sucks!” even though I think it really holds up on par with any MMO other than GW2.

If they had to develop 4 times as much story content to make each class’s experience unique they’d *really* have people pissed at how long it takes to get updates.

with a level cap increase there SHOULD be individual class story cut scenes………theres old peopel to be revisited, old flames, enemies etc….

with strong holds theres a perfect op to include some kind of individual character story arc.

really i kind of understand why there arent as much class story planned atm, i would love it, but sith inquisitors and sith warriors did basically reach the top, its kind of hard to do more with that other than new planet storylines, and op’s etc
as for other classes i havent done them so idk

and really from those two storys, it would seem like they will recycle most of the earlier storys, like find this guy cuz he betrayed you some way blah blah

Ah c’mon bioware, give us some better looking blaster rifle models, something looking like the M-500 ones with an “acog type” scope and laser sights would be awesome. Instead, they show concepts of some bulky rifles with very weird barrel endings.

Oh my god, temple guardian armor (with hockey mask :p)! That’s something the community has been asking since launch.

Not a fan of the steampunk weapon concepts πŸ™
Oh well.
I’m sure there will be more stuff I like tho.

im not a fan of steampunk aesthetic in the least but they look fairly interesting for this era of SW stuff. has a nice intricate DUNE feel to them in a way. variance is fine.

That may very well be, and they do fit nicely with plenty of the other weapons in the game already (especially the blaster pistols in the game), but I still don’t like them personally πŸ™‚

It’s a matter of taste is all.
I don’t mind them being made, they are just not for me πŸ˜€

Cool look forward to level cap going up.
Not fussed on the rest, why can’t they just give us dyes in collections already.
Give us some new level 10 crystals.

Lots of cool stuff, Nerf Mounts are epic, the Azmab look sweet, orobirds look like Phorusracuses(google that), the astro droids are interesting(new comp??), not a big fan of the weapon designs, very retro-looking, the other speeders look nice, but the Temple Guardian gear? TCW reference! πŸ˜€

once again GREEDWARE completely misses the mark: new lvl cap, focus sentinel nerfed to perma death, working on RP crap instead of stuff that brings players in, iconic SW stuff scrapped for crappy housing.
Designs are shit as well: temple guardian looks like crap-we want kotor robes! get it into your head greedware-we dont want your crap designs, as someone allready said about the guns and rifles-they look like rusty hairdryers, more crappy speeders? really? what about designing planets, minigames, FP and OPS instead of housing, shit gear, unneeded level caps, and random crap that wastes time and money for development of real content that actually get people back in game.

They mostly focus on FPs, OPs, Speeders and gear. I agree that Minigames would be nice but that doesn’t mean they should ignore “RP crap” A lot of people in game are RPers, and considering how many were planning to move to TESO-RP trying to draw them back in is a good move (In my opinion) Besides, when’s the last time RPers got something? And Cartel Packs don’t count.. Everyone buys those..

I 100 percent agree with you. As a RP’er we really have nothing… I am always flagged (pvp) and going around a Jedi area trying to RP, with these douches trying to pick us off is rather annoying. I usually now use my PVP mods in my RP gear cause of this reason.

You total ignorance of how a company with a workforce more complex than the skillset of a Fast Food restaurant works is showing. Artists that design armor and speeders and housing are not the same people that do FP and OPS and level caps.

They also said in the Q&A that they are doing more planets and FP and OPS.

There is a wide variety of people who play the game, and all the things they are doing are asked for by the players. I don’t know who you think you are to decide for other people what is good or bad.

People should be glad I’m not a moderator on any of the forums or here or on Reddit cause idiocy and ignorance like this would not be tolerated.

Blarg. Really want to see new class stories. Planet stories aren’t nearly as interesting or personal – everyone has the same goal.
The ability to replay class stories as well, it would be great to be able to go through all those cutscenes and conversations again, with your hard-earned high-level armor set.
Would have been nice to see Powertechs using rifles. What difference does it make? They could use the same rifles as VGs.
Those blasters look like they’d fit well with Treek/Blizz.

I’m sorry for not being able to provide a source but a couple of months back someone asked them about expanding the weapon selection for classes. While they said back then that it would be difficult for tech classes (technical issues. ..) they also said that , surprisingly, wider choice of lightsabers would be much easier to do.

They really LOVE the Voss……
I have a baaaad feeling about it…

New level cap was expected, coz 55 not cool, need 100 lvls… or 1000 lvls
Achievement rewards… What can it be… Social adaptive armor? Credits? Some boosts?
Rewards in world PvP? Interesting…
In one of pictures, it says Trooper_Heavy_Armor… I guess, we can expect some non-oricon-retextured stuff?
And on scoop letter it says about Droids not in Cartel Market… So with home we’ll get another droid? πŸ™

“Something is in the works for World PvP that’s “really cool” related to rewards on a global scale”

Doesn’t this directly contradict what they said on the forums?!?!

They said recently that they want to encourage world pvp. Might be achievement reward like gear and stuff.

I love pazaak but I’d settle for either. It’s not like pazaak is new to them tho, they already designed the whole system, they just need to import from KOTOR (2 preferably). Hell, keep the same graphics, I don’t care, just get it over here.

Excited to see new raids coming!
Excited to see the new lv cap!
Excited to see what new planets are coming!
Excited to see what the WPvP thing will be
Excited for it all!!!

Like that new planets and raids are on the way, always good to get more content.
Personally hesitant about the Voss comment, but still curious to see where that gets taken.
Considering the class changes that came with 2.0, I’m actually pretty excited to see the level cap getting another lift.
Excellent work as always, Dulfy, and a big thanks to the contributors. Looking forward to seeing the Boston tour in a few weeks.

Why is pazaak WOC… they did it so majestically on KOTOR, not like its hard to implement!
that Sabaac table on the esseles (before you talk to asara) also drives me nuts.

Theron Shan, the son Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan !? That skank ! It means she was getting freaky while on the Jedi Council o.0/

Way to take responsibility, Satele! Dump the baby on someone else, because your career as a Jedi is more important than one stupid child.
Seriously, this is why I like the Empire side better – they are honest with themselves.

Yes, saving the lives of countless billions of people through her efforts as a Grand Master of the Jedi Order was clearly less responsible than raising one child who would probably be better off without her since she is trained to control her emotions so tightly.

But yea, the Empire is way better.

But he is probably Force sensitive so giving him might lead him to the Dark Side . . dum dum dum !

He wasn’t. She dumped him on her old mentor, who tried to teach Theron. Theron’s got near 0 Force sensitivity.

Who is the father though ? And by old mentor do you mean the Jedi that gets killed by the Sith in the opening cinematic when she leaps to that ship in the hanger and escapes ? I thought he might be the father.

Scarface ? 0.0 Ewww. I thought all his important bits got blown up during that fight with the sith master.

Now THAT would be awesome. However be both know that an Imperial Trooper (one of the more iconic roles in Star Wars) is never going to happen thanks to Bioware. :/

Awesome new site/layout. Out of curiosity, if you don’t mind the question, what did you use to build it? I believe I saw a WordPress tag at the bottom of the older design, but can’t recall now. DNN?

Hm. I took that as a planet announcement rather than a new playable species announcement, but who knows?

Or a mini-storyline surrounding them.

The current big storyline is called “Forged Alliances.” Both sides could be vying for an alliance with the Voss again.

As a Commando, I like the new “Heavy Trooper Armor”, but I highly doubt it will look as good as advertised. I loved the Mountain/Badlands armor concepts and those turned out to be terrible, so I’m also a bit skeptical. It’s also the shoulder pads that get me, either too small (skin tight, almost entirely part of the suit), or too big (think WoW style giant shoulder pads).

Yeah. Except for a few bits and pieces, it’s just a reskin of existing miscellaneous trooper armor. Which is sad because that reskin looks pretty cool, it deserves unique meshes.

I don’t get the negativity towards offering things (gear, mounts, etc…) in multiple colors. Wouldn’t you be annoyed if all cars were only available in one color? And when you went clothes shopping, you had one color to pick from ?

“Reskins” allow people some choice….

As long as the newer reskins dye better than the older models (looking at you Jedi Battlelord set) I don’t care much. I wasn’t being negative though, I was just curious if it was reskin because I thought I’d seen it before.

I hope to see Kashyyyk or Dantooine. Not something they just make up like Oricon or Czerkas planet.

This is Star Wars, to use the planet names they’ve already used they had to have the license. They make any planet they want and name it anything they want. I’m with Emil on this one. Dantooine would be an easy one to make, think of Kansas or Nebraska.

The new website format is a step down from the old. There is too much white-space, meaning less information is displayed on the screen. This makes using the excellent but long class guides a pain, even when an entire portrait-mode 21″ monitor is dedicated to displaying it. Please tighten it up – there is no need for so much space between each line, for example.
Also, the old comments side bar – which showed the time and article-name – was better than the new , less informative, comments sidebar.

seems like everything is on the wall of crazy… something like Pazaak really should have been available at launch!

Still no news of a hood toggle or fixing the bald heads when wearing hats,helmets or hoods?

Seldom if ever do I comment on a websites design but am only doing so because the former version was more compact and easier to read and find information. The new is a radical departure from being able to locate and recognize newly added information.

This new version is designed to make it easier to find new information. The frontpage is no longer jumbled with contents from various games. Instead, it is all separated nicely so you can find the latest post for a specific game.

Dulfy, I for one love the new site. I appreciate how much work is must be to maintain and present this kind of information, for multiple games no less. The improvements in the site layout are a huge plus for folks only interested in one game. Much better organization, and usability.

Keep up the good work!

She separated the games in 3 different columns and 2 headers that you can click into for each game. Your mind just doesn’t accept the improved changes because it was used to the old version…

Just got in from work and had to comment on the new site.
I appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into the articles and guides to make that clear.
I tried to access the site this morning from an android on the way to work (as I do quite often) and wow, very difficult.
I appreciate the colour scheme and layout allow for great presentation for the shiny adverts and I can understand you need to make a living and these people want the best for their money, however to view it on a handheld now is a nightmare it clips articles and when you try to resize it constantly streams, I tried to send these comments earlier from the android and it was impossible.
This is for feedback purposes and not a personal attack on anyone involved in the website before the hero warriors jump to the rescue.

What browser you using on your android device? Since the site is now responsive, it is recommended to use Google chrome to browse for the best optimized experience.

Its super funky on chrome for android. The menus pop around all over the place and cover the content divs with no way to minimize them.

Using dolphin HD and very happy with it.
I’ve just tried to access it on my iPod which I keep by the pc for info without having to alt-tab out of the game, if anything its worse, constant streaming and clipping of articles. super long pages of info to scroll down.
To have to download a specific app to view a site is not something I’d be doing anytime soon.

Is it just me or does those Orobird mounts have a striking resemblance to WoW’s Hawkstriders? >.>
Nonetheless, I’m loving the new Tobus vehicle design.

I was thinking that also, but I thought they looked more like Hawkstriders. rather than Chocobo’s unless they plan to bring out a yellow/sandy colored one to which I would absolutely love! πŸ˜€

Not sure what the comment was in the Q&A about loving the Voss, but I sure hope that isn’t the next playable species. If they use the Voss instead of Torgruta, Nautolan, Mon Calamari, etc. just because they are easier to design, then I’m going to be pretty disappointed. Plus, the Voss don’t even make any sense from a story standpoint….they are from a little known planet…take no sides with the Republic or Empire…and speak in very distinct speech patterns. As for the CM stuff, the weapon design looks pretty good for the lightsabers, it doesn’t look so hot for the other weapons. In particular, the blasters look pretty bad. Why can’t they design some good blasters? The mounts look pretty good. Nice to see Bowdaar finally getting some gear. The Jedi Temple Guardian armor looks pretty cool. They were wise to develop that armor set based off the Jedi Temple guards from the Clone Wars TV series…as soon as I saw them on the show, I thought that would make a great SWTOR armor set.

I’d like them to just make the Voss’s body type playable. The slim tall body look. If it’s an actual Voss, I’d probably just give the character a mask…

I’m with Voss_L on this one. The Voss would make no sense in story terms. If they were given their own class – something totally new they could make it work, but that won’t be happening.

Darn it! I started augementing my sniper’s gear yesterday! Oh well, I hadn’t finished yet so I didn’t waste too much money, sith happens.
I just hope we get to play with our skill points more then now, give us the extra 5 points to use in already existing trees rather then force feed us pure builds by creating new skills like they did with Makeb.
Right now my Sniper is the only one that can get away with a hybrid build, my PT is a sad puppy…

Everybody is going “OMG, THOSE NEW ARMORS ARE SO COOL!!!11!!”, am I the only one that noticed this:

“Class Story – Not at the moment, would rather have story that all classes can experience such as what they’ve done so far.”
The way I see it, they just unofficially announced class stories for dead. Sure, new raids and warzones are fun, but I didn’t join the game for that.

Also, Makeb’s story was not so awesome as people want it to be. The cinematics were good, but that’s about it. The whole plot was the Hutts draining a planet out of it’s resources and your role was to stop them. Nothing more, nothing less. There are much better planetary stories than that (Alderaan, Corellia, Belsavis, Voss).

My point is, they didn’t do that good of a job with Makeb’s story. If they are sending class stories down the crapper, which may very well be the case, a lot of people will be unhappy. I mean, let’s face it – TOR is different from other MMOs because of the story and voice acting, and those things are connected. Take that away, and you get WoW with lightsabers.

Well, actually I felt similarly about the class story prior to release of Makeb. But as soon as Makeb came out I started to realize, that I don’t really mind it that much. I leveled two characters from 50 to 55 doing Makeb, one doing dailies, OPs and FPs (from which I got tons of comms and stuff) and another two doing PVP. It was fun for me, I don’t feel robbed.
But let’s get back to the point – Makeb – for me it was quite good on the republic side and absolutely awesome on imperial side (the story really fits the imperial agent). If you don’t think that this is true, that’s your opinion (and I respect it), but that doesn’t mean that a whole lot of players didn’t enjoy it.
I actually really cared about the characters and their fate, like I did only when going through the trooper’s (which was my first character) class story for the first time (and there I felt robbed sometimes, due to some inconsistencies in the story, but that’s a different debate).

Overall I believe, that although they didn’t make unique, class story lines on Makeb, they designed it in a way you don’t really need 8 separate story lines to experience what they wanted to tell and be satisfied with it (again – my opinion). And I don’t mind if the coming stories will be as good as the Makeb was.

Hope you’ll understand what I wanted to say πŸ™‚

Theron Shan and temple guardian and im sold πŸ™‚

These are epic armor sets that look great on those classes.

Looking at the style of that equipment and their comment about the Voss, instead of making the Voss a playable character or even adding a Voss companion, I feel like they’re going to bring us back to the planet Voss. I doubt they’ll be a playable character, companion might be if they make the planet bigger. Maybe Voss will be the first planet to be expanded sigificantly rather than make an entirely new planet?

I just realized…. there’s no way the Temple Guardian set is going to look that good in-game. πŸ™
But I am hoping to be proven wrong. πŸ™‚

I agree, the concept looks pretty awesome. I hope it will not be screwed up by some hideous hood or something like that…

If those Tobus speeders, and the Tirsa mini come close to matching their concept art I will be very happy.

Aren’t we all… I don’t really understand the problem with it either. If HK and T7 can get customizations, why can’t scorpio?

None of those images will be rewards for questing story arcs. No questions about game improvements to make the game look, sound or feel more like it belongs in a Star Wars universe. Or, focusing on Subscriber satisfaction and value, rather than the focus on the “crucial” cartel market.

Just continuous fail on their part…

They mislabeled the Nerf mounts as Banthas. While the Nerf mounts look cool (the black one is my favorite!) I was looking forward to actual bantha mounts. πŸ™

SO no levels with

Galactic Stronghold

Man i really like there idea of a expansion to me it is but is not . The standard expansion has been for years something like what makeb was new skills new trade new levels a upgrade to the game not part of it in every mmo i have ever played up til now over the last 12 years sigh . guess there trying to change that .

I’m pretty sure those are Uxibeasts where it says “Bantha Mount Concept”. Anyway I loved the Chocobos and the Temple Guardian Armor. I’m wondering if there will be a single blade version of the double bladed saber concept?

What grinds my gears is that Tiger stripped Stingray speeder looks cool in concept. But now that its released, they fudged it up by tiger printing the whole entire dang speeder; instead of leaving some shiny metal. The other speeders looks spot on, and so are the Orobirds.

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