New website design feedback and Poll

This is a place where you can voice your concerns and feedback about the new website design. There is also a poll where you can pick which theme you like better. The poll results are very important and can determine which theme the site will use in the future.

New Theme (the current one)

  • Better separation of specific game contents on the frontpage
  • Responsive layout


Old Theme

  • Old theme the site have being using for quite a while, contrary to what a lot of people believe, there isn’t a lot of pink in the old theme.
  • People tend to not like change so keep that in mind as it can bias your opinions


Please voice your complaints, concerns and feedback in the comments section below. If you have positive feedbacks about the new theme, please be sure to voice them as well as it even out the complaints and give a more representative picture.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

163 replies on “New website design feedback and Poll”

I don’t mind the new theme. I do like black background for reading, but it’s not like I can’t change that on my end.

My only complaint is the amount of white space in the new layout. The rest is great! And, quite frankly, it is your site so please feel free to keep it as you like it – just curious if there was any way to shorten the gap between sentences/paragraphs in the articles.

I liked the old one better but, as long as you keep up the good work keeping me informed about SWTOR, I’ll keep coming back.

I definitely prefer the new design. The old one was too blog-based. Blogs are great for news, but your content doesn’t go “stale”.

New theme is interesting, but I dislike how’s it just a giant list of stuff for each game on the homepage. Nothing’s highlighted or marked as a feature article. Just… HERE’S EVERYTHING. Some people like that, but when there’s no context, I see it as hard to get started.

Also agree that reading over the black is much easier, but that can be changed with browser themes no problem.

Any reasoning behind the update, Dulfy? People seem to frequent your site regularly as it is. What is it that you want to accomplish or improve with this new design that wasn’t achievable in the previous design?

Clint Oliver (Malchior Devenholm)

The reason for the new theme design was to add a bit more professionalism and separate the different game contents better. The old theme is a free one and is pieced together by just myself without any knowledge of web design. The new one is paid theme modified by a professional web designer.

It’s definitely cleaner and more professional. I saw how the slider function only has this thread right now as the featured article, so when that gets filled more with flashy screenshots and juicy news, it should work just fine.

Eh… the columned design on the main menu/home page still seems cramped. I definitely would just have each game as a nested element/category that highlights the 2-3 most popular and/or recent articles. From there, selecting a game can produce something similar to the columned list of articles/summaries using the full page space.

I voted for the old theme, although I honestly don’t mind if the site gets a redesign. The new theme, however, has too much empty space, and I greatly preferred how each article on the main page was clearly divided in the old theme (as opposed to looking like a few columns of text).

Also, at least on Firefox, whenever I scroll through the drop-down menus at the top of the new theme, I get alt-text that repeats what I’m currently hovering over. I get that it’s supposed to explain what the menu items are in case the images don’t load, but it’s very distracting to have it pop up as I scroll through each item.

The thin white font in the drop downs is a bit of an eyestrain for me, eh.

Another thing that sits a bit bad with me is that there are no images on the overview sites. Just makes it more unconformtable for someone visual like me ._.

My only complaint about the new design is the Menu. I like the new design but I wish the old menu was kept (the way the SWTOR class guides looked, less nested and just one big drop down)

I like the menu system here with the individual drop-downs, the big drop-down was hard to look at and disappeared too easily when you moved your cursor around.

It’ll take some getting used to for us long-time fans, but in the end I think its easier to navigate.

Maybe a merge between the 2. The old one had more graphics to point you in the direction you were going. While I still feel like I prefer the old way, maybe some graphics for the classes in the guides and in the other drop downs would go a long way.
I will agree that the drop down was a little hard to look at but I think what we have here is a little to drastic in the opposite direction.

Also, The nested drop downs are also not very laptop friendly.
My work computer is a 15″ MBP and I have to scroll down to be able to see the entire SWTOR >> Operations … nested list.

I liked the old one better, because when reading my way up from the last post i have read, I also learned a bit about what’s going on in games that I don’t play or don’t play at the moment.

Perhaps that could be integrated in the new design by adding the last 4-5 posts to some kind of featured articles display (I currently see the latest post featured, if I interpret it correctly, but would be nice to have a few more there)

This one is currently the only post featured on the slider as I want to get an immediate feedback on the website, in the future the new theme can support up to 8 posts in the slider.

Biggest issue with new site layout is too much wasted space. Tighten it up, please. The more of your great content I can see at once, the better. White space has a role in organizing content, but it should not be used so indiscriminately.

Honest I don’t mind the new site and I talked to you on Reddit what I think needs to happen. Separate the stories somehow to make it easier on the eyes and bring back your awesome Graphite and Pink look that you are known for. Have someone design a banner (i’m ready and willing and good at it if you’d like…. I’d do it for free)

You help all of us for free and do all of us in the community proud so if you ever need anything done graphically, please let me know.

Hey Dulfy, I really like the new updated design. The old one was still really good as well but I can definitely see the small details and it is easier to find my SWTOR information. It’ll take some time for some peeps to get used to it but change is good and the new site is fancy to me. Thank you for having the best SWTOR site and keep up the awesome-tastic work young lady! I use your site and videos all the time while I’m pugging for OPS and recommend it whenever I get the chance to other players. Holler!!!

I couldn’t find the way to reach all of the articles for SWTOR. For example, the Makeb mission article is nowhere to be found in the current menu. I also wasn’t able to find a search function on the site so in order to find the above mentioned article I had to google it.

The little spyglass icon at the top is a search thingie, it is a bit hidden so i can get it adjusted to be more visible:

As for the menu, there is a limit on how much I can put on it so I constantly removed old stuff that i think are not used that much anymore

As for the general look I prefer the new design. It looks fresh and clean and I really like the new logo. However, I would rather have the articles listed in only one column on the games’ subpages like before. Also, the font color of the dates could be a little darker. It’s a bit hard to read as it is. That’s usually what I scan first to see if there’s something new…

I have an idea: right now you have large description blocks below each topic; why not have all the topic headlines in the a scroll list in the left column, and use a static center column that changes the description to match whichever headline you are currently hovering over (right column would remain as ads). I’m not a web designer so I hope that’s clear.

I think I have to get used to. Right now it’s confusing. But maybe it’s better? I don’t know.

Most people will always vote for the old design they are familiar with. Maybe it’s to early for that vote?

Hey Dulfy,

I personally liked the old one better as well, but am not able to provide feedback beyond that it is easier on the eyes. The white burns a lot and I can’t look long at it before feeling like I’m becoming snowblind. I kinda liked the idea of one general feed which I scrolled through like a twitter feed. As said by someone before, I liked to occasionally read articles from other games. The individual articles as they are now don’t seem to have things like an illustration either, which on more then one occasion drew my attention to read an article I suspect I normally wouldn’t.

If I am to provide how I would like to see it, I would say make the individual posts a bit bigger, and less “mass production” like. The way the articles are ordened right now is more something I would expect on the bottom of the page underneath a mainstream of articles, not as the main content itself. All in all it looks a tad unfinished and my expectation would be to find some content where currently the “New website design feedback and Poll” picture/button is.

Also concerning your poll, you’re kinda steering the audience by telling only advantages of the new one and telling people they can be biased about the old one (indirect critism on your audience). This generally not a good way to get objective feedback from polls. You may be right about people being biased and not liking change, but even more than being biased people also will generally answer what you want to hear, especially if it shows so strongly in the way you ask the question. Wether this is because they like you, or because they don’t want to disappoint you because they (subconsciously) see how proud you are on your new layout. 😀

That’s my two cents, hope you are able to use teh feedback 🙂

The only reason I prefer the old style is because it works and it’s what I’m used to. I’m sure if there’s something about this new style that’s better, it’s the right choice and we’ll just have to get used to it.

I agree. The new theme is a lot better in showing recent content on your site on all 3 major games.

However, the color scheme is awful: light blue and light grey text on white background hurts my eyes. Also, the text size could be a little bigger: make it about twice as big as it is now and have only the 5 most recent topics from each game on the first page.

Hey Dulfy! Love the new design, my only complaint (others seem to share) is the white being too bright.. maybe just tweak that a little, to more of a darker off white colour? Just a touch so it’s a bit easier on the eyes, other then that it’s a step in the right direction!

I like it. I found the other one to be looking dated. The only thing that leaps out is the main category page, eg you have two columns of latest posts. If your theme allows, I would consider making them a single column thus showing more of what they contain and easier to see the date they were posted.

Other than that, its the same content, laid out slightly different. I personally like change, I’m odd like that.

For the record, I believe you do all of this free of charge, so I think whatever you want to do with it is fine by me 😉 Thank you, for all your hard work.

It has +/-‘s (helpful comment I know)

++better indexing/drop down menus
+nice clean menu fonts
+ultimately it’s all about your awesome content, so if you like the new theme, stick with it cause you’re not gonna lose any customers over it
—liked your previous branding (logo) much better, it looked classy; the new one looks like it’s advertising a 50’s theme diner, so go back to the old brand if you can
-try some different colors at the top (pink/black?)
-not enough pink (yeah, we know there wasn’t much before, but your fans like that you’re a girl gamer so play it up… tastefully of course)

Progress is good tho, and we’re glad you’re taking our feedback 🙂

I loathe the modern design trend that this new theme takes after which is slowly taking over the internet. You can fit half as much information in the same screen space due to gigantic fonts and abnormally large line spacing. It’s supposed to be easier to read but I find it more difficult because it requires twice as much eye movement. Different sections of the page are poorly separated because of the extreme focus on simplicity – no visible divisions.

That said I do like new homepage layout with posts separated by game with only titles and dates so it’s easier to scan through. I would greatly prefer that layout with the old theme however.

One concern about the section “recent comments”. I can’t see the topics anymore where each new comment has been posted. But I don’t know if it is linked to the theme or just a feature that can be turned on.

The new style is “ok” but what I liked most about the old style was the black borders that showed breaks in the different posts. Put some sort of border dividing each topic, please.

I don’t know if this is a product of the new design or I’m just catching the site in a good time of the day, but it seems way faster to me now.

I like the new theme but I gotta agree that some “dividers” for topics or postings endings would be nice, I don’t know if it’s possible though.
And yeah… it’s faster now than before.

As I’ve said in the other threads, I think the new site is fantastic. To be honest, I don’t really give much thought to the aesthetics and such (I do prefer the light colors for browsing at work though). I’m far more interesting the the content and the presentation. The new layout is much much easier to navigate, and I can usually get where I need go in a couple of intuitive clicks, whereas with the old layout I usually had to rely on search to find what I was looking for, and that was hit or miss.

Most importantly, HUGE thank you for keeping this site going when so many others have stopped updating. This resource is fantastic. I use it almost daily (swtor).

Needs a bit more pink methinks. Not because of “girl gamer” or because the old had pink though. just because I like pink and it’ll go well with my firefox theme! Also I think it was a bit more pink during that brief update that didn’t work. I’m not sure. Maybe can have seperate colour schemes for those who like pink and those who don’t?

Also whenever you highlight swtor in the blue bar the highlight seems to cover the dulfy logo.

I find the pictures a bit small. Making them bigger would be a plus, since I get the feeling of there being a lot of empty white space. The separation is good though!

Well, the new layout is amazing, it’s very clean, and I don’t need to wade through the other games I do not currently play to search for the information I want. The new logo is adorable, I enjoy it as well. However, I do not like the new color scheme, nor does it seem to match with your pink and white logo. I know it seems silly but I’m a big fan of pink as a color and would like to see it placed back into your website.

I agree about the white background, for some reason the “commercials” and ads seem to stick out more on this site.

Indeed it does, especially the top horizontal banner. The older theme had a spot where I put that it is barely noticeable and there isn’t such a spot in the new theme so it looks a lot more prominent. If it is too bothersome, you can always use an ad blocker, I don’t mind 🙂

for me it’s all the white is nearly hurting my eyes :/ especially on my phone, a darker background (the way the old theme did it) would be nicer
the change when changing width is nice (though there is a width step where the menu takes 2 lines before going into a button, no way to change that?)

While the site overall looks nicer, the feed of posts isn’t nearly as easy to scroll through… eyes bop left and right when going down the screen. I found the older layout of the posts, to be ideal to scroll through and absorb/find what I was looking for.

Might just be a matter of getting used to it but, it seems like the new design with all of the white can be a bit bright and startling.

I don’t like the new theme. I liked the old layout better, where each new article was a distinct ‘block’ on the front page. Not to say the old layout was perfect. For example, the ‘Read the rest of this entry’ button on every post was unnecessary when you could simply click the title link.
But with this design, there’s way too much white space, and most of what is not white is blue, making the page very bright overall.
The centerpiece ‘image’ is too small, and there’s a whole lot of blank space to the right of it.
The link farm below it looks… sloppy. The datestamp of each post should have the same alignment; some are aligned with the left side of the column, and some are aligned with the article’s title link. But again, I miss the distinction of having each new article be a ‘block’, instead of what’s basically a link in a grid. It was just more aesthetically pleasing to me, even though it takes up more space.
The ‘announcements’ as well as the ‘recently updated posts’ sidebars were useful and are now gone.

The announcements/recently updated posts sidebars will show up when you click on a post or go into the category section (i.e. swtor/gw2), they just don’t show up in the frontpage due to lack of space

I would suggest that having to go to any random post just to see the announcements/recently updated is something that you want to look into changing. It just seems wrong somehow that one would have to take that extra step for what I assume is a pretty handy list to see once you get to the main site page… just my 2 cents.

Old theme was more organizated and clean. Even this one looking more “Actual”, the old one was by far more functional.

When my brother and I took a look at your site yesterday, we were shocked at how bad it was to see the latest stuff. Now that you got it more organized, it seems alot better with the pictures there too.

However, i really liked the old layout but the nice color theme in this one seems nicer and easier on the eyes. Perhaps you should try and combine them a bit.

New layout pros:
– Much faster loading times
– Articles themselves look clear and crisp.

– Way too much whitespace, you can easily fit another picture per article looking at – Furthermore, each article takes up a huge amount of space with a lot of padding for no real good reason.
– No separator between articles : The spacing exacerbates this. Blocked background colours or a straight line divider would work wonders.

Overall: The performance improvements + article layout is lovely. The ‘archives’ (e.g. ) needs major layout work though and should ideally be consistent (it’s not on the link I’ve just given).

well, how about stretching the slider over all three columns? cause there is to much white space, which looks kinda amateur to me

I like the direction the new theme is going, but I recommend working a little more with the white space and context. Right now it is very floating in space like with the looks and presentation.

This is me speaking as a graphic designer though.

Hi, I can drop a few cents as well, if you want 🙂

Of course people don’t love change. As a team leader of UI team in my company, I know it from the first hand. 🙂 I even put a banner in a room saying: “Users don’t know what good for them until you decide it for them” (based on Steven Jobs).

Now, do you like it?

What was the reason for change?

as a separation of content .. SWTOR (and I glad about it) has more “menu items” than other games, and it seems manus are not that grouped. also, you have too many of them menus 🙂 blue bar, black bar .. some with dropdowns, and even more dropdown inside.. some are at all buttons

each post has “GW2” or “ESO” at the start of the title? is it SEO? if not, it looks strange with grouped content of same game.

some posts have images, others don’t. images themselves are pretty small for thumbnails, and not informative at all. looks like list bullets. can be a nice idea to make’em larger, and add some kind of excerpt.

as for “too much of white” – not an issue, it’s easy to make it a bit greyish, to make it easy on the eyes, even maybe by adding some nice grainy texture. but, it’s not an issue at all.

I didn’t get how the new theme is responsive, is it because 3 columns went to 1 while page shrouded? well, it’s not really what responsive means :R
looks like you’re moving to this direction and thats tottally cool =)

you may also want to see examples on how “posts” on Google+ looks like.
both are “responsive and less white” but still clear and nice.

wow, looks like I wrote too much 🙂
I still vote for new theme

1. Menus not finalized, I think we may either keep the current form or go back to the old form.

2. the title is a relic of the old theme since they have posts jumbled up together in the frontpage, it can be confusing at times to figure out which is for which game. Title also server as SEO.

3. The frontpage thumbnails can be increased a bit in size I suppose. It is meant to be a concise list of new content, if users want the bigger pics/excerpt they can go to the category page I suppose.

4. I am not really sure what responsive means either but I was told this new theme is responsive and more friendly for mobiles/tablets which are gaining in users.

Hi, i think it is too much white and it is too much “fashion” 🙂 I love the old Theme. But I am not against change.

Still getting used to the new aesthetic, to the point where I’m not sure I have an objective opinion about it beyond the knee-jerk “waa, change is bad!” reaction.
But I like the Navigation a lot better on the new, which is why I voted that way..

It’s easy enough to read, looks fine, though I mostly enjoy minimalist designs with a lot less ‘change for change sake’.

The only functional problem I have is the size of the drop down menus. I am zoomed in 3x, as I read the forums and play about 3 ft away from a 50″ TV on a little Cost Co plastic table that holds my wireless keyboard and mouse, which helps me read web sites better (and removes the wasted spaced at the sides). That is having the unfortunate side effect of making the menu choices so big that some of them aren’t fitting on the screen. Is there a reason they need so much inner padding on the selections? So big fingers don’t miss them on tablets? 🙂

More specifically, ‘Popular Guides’ under GW2 (the only game I currently play that you cover, though you do seem to cover games I have enjoyed in the past). I have to scroll down a bit from the top to see that last pick. If there is any way to have the menu add columns and force a height that fits (looks like I’m at 150% in Chrome), that would be helpful.

But, knowing it does it, I could of course work around it. 🙂

I like very much the new style, the only thing that could be better are the article image on the left of each article in category view ( their height is too low and there is too much empty space between one image and the next, also images seems “cutted”. Higher images will let the page look better and more “completed”.

I prefer the old one, but do like some things on the new one. I’ll just mention a few quick things.

On the old one, I liked having the list of recently updated and recent comments on the side of the main page. I also liked how the recent comments clearly showed what pages/posts they were on.

For the new one, I do like the different columns per game, but don’t care much for all the white. Also, the main page just looks dominated by the ads. I feel like I have to scroll down a bit to see the content. This is mainly perception as the banner you have does highlight posts and you can see almost half of the posts under each game, but it does still bother me so I point it out… I guess I’d mainly like the actual content to be a bit more prominent… maybe try a slightly larger font? Also, still unsure about the new menus up top, but I can see myself getting used to them.

I have issues viewing on my phone but I don’t do that often so not as big an issue for me.

Maybe put the swtor class guides inder the swtor menu. some guildys of mine missed it cause they only looked under swtor and not to the right side of it 😛

In internet explorer 11 the top advertisement tends to stay above the menu when its used. So half of the menu appears behind the advertisement banner.

I really like how the site has been simplified…although, looking back at some of the previous posts whenever you have a lot of bullets that contain bold and normal text it becomes kinda tough to read (( the general info for the ascended crafting of the spinal back)) I feel like you could increase the text size by .5 without having too much of a spacing issue and keeping everything looking tidy and not massively huge.

And now the new interface has evolved. OK, no problem, but there is still too much empty space when I view it.

I usually use portrait mode (1200wx1600h), BTW. That said, the wasted space is worse on my 2560×1440 landscape-mode monitor, and slightly less bad on my 1080×1920 portrait-mode one.

A big part of the problem, in my opinion, is the use of double-spacing of the lines of the text. That should be easy to change.

I also think serif fonts like Times Roman are more readable than sans-serif fonts, at least on high DPI monitors. YMMV

Dulfy, I like the new layout but the white just seems too blinding. Almost like I wish it were slightly darker. I don’t know why and it could be personal preference but the white background is just a tad bright for me.

I love the new site/design/layout/look.

For some (silly) reason it makes me think ice cream, but you know what? Ice cream is awesome and this site is no different 😉

I really like that everything is much more spread out, easier to read, navigate, etc, while not being super cluttered like many video game sites are. Being able to view it easier on phones is a big plus too.

Now that you’re also covering ESO you’re potentially going to be pulling in a whole new audience of people with that game that may have never seen the old site, and the new version may end up working out better for those people.

At the end of the day this is your site Dulfy and you can do whatever you want with it. All you’ve ever done is try to help people and I don’t imagine that will ever change no matter what the design and as a result people will still keep coming to the site because of that.

One last thing. For the people who think there’s too much white or empty space you could always add borders/trim around the site. Check out my poor example that I did with MS Paint.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, here are a couple changes we have put in
1. There are now thumbnails for the category pages/frontpage as requested. The category pages are now also 1 post per row instead of 2 previously. Hopefully this will make it easier to separate posts.

2. White background – the background is now more greyish/grainy so hopefully this will look easier on the eye.

Stuff we are working on

1. Changing the color away from blue to more pale pinkish, this will hopefully give a more personalized look without burning your eyes with hot pink.

2. The extra spacing between the lines is caused by the p html tag which I like to use alot. We are trying to reduce that hopefully.

3. Menus – Havn’t decided if we are going to keep it as it is or moving back to the older “mega menu”

Getting used to a new theme can be hard, especially if it is one you have been used to for a while. I am hoping to make this transition as smooth as possible so if you have any feedbacks etc keep them coming 🙂

I like it, looks good, you have the best site out so who cares what it looks like, even if it is all pink and girly.

That said, I decided to try catching some tauntaun foals, the imagines of the maps with the nest spots seem smaller.

Also the dps guardian guide, the “quick links” for say quick skipping down to Vigilance skill tree does not skip down.

Great site, it helped me a lot in my guildwars adventures. I like the new design and menu
navigation. Like others already mentioned, the old site seemed a little more efficient in page layout, line spacing and the advertisments feels more present, but I guess that’s also a matter of getting used to it.

The menus were seriously awful in the old design and are much better now, but everything is a bit too cramped cos of the big pointless pictures.

Missing tags. I used to be able to bookmark one page and follow tags to the other pages I needed. In this layout I can’t seem to find the tags.

I really do prefer the old system. There was more content in the post previews than just a title and I’m not given information overload from just assloads of new posts in one massive grid.

I like the old design, just for the fact that it loads faster. Dunno why. I went away and came back to make sure it wasn’t a cookie saving issue with new images, but yeah, the new site loads about 3 seconds longer. It’s like it has to load everything (including comments) before I can scroll. Never happened in the old site.

I don’t know…either one will works for me..
but one thing that I would like to emphasize is that…background and the words colours…
The back ground seems too bright to me and hard to read the words…

I much prefer the old theme. It looked nicer and when I used it on my phone there weren’t any ads taking up half the page. Is there some way to switch to the full version on mobile? Overall, I’m very unhappy with the changes 🙁

I like the new overall design and layout of the site. But visually it looks less appealing.

To me it just looks like a jumble of text on the page with no clear differentiation as to what section the text relates too. Having the white background behind the text (in the foreground) and then a background image (like the black you used to have) behind it helped to differentiate sections a lot better.

I Just prefer having the visual cue I suppose cause now I glance at the website and it takes a couple seconds for me to register and differentiate where the main body of the article is in relation to where the side bar with all the links are.

So I’d say having a different colour background for the main body of an article and a different colour (like a darker grey or reverse it so the background is a darker grey and the foreground is light grey) to separate the the main body from the side bar would help visually differentiate the sections..

For the main page you could have each section have a white box or light grey with a dark grey background or something behind it to make it more visually pleasing as well.

But anyway I’m really tired and not sure if I make any sense at all.. but thought I should offer some feedback. But the design and layout is good and the menu’s are better too. 🙂

The old layout was much easier to get around, this one feels like a lot of dead space. I don’t know how it might look on a tablet or anything, I always use my PC, but it feels huge and dead on my monitor. It takes significantly longer to load. It used to take next to no time, this might be a disqus problem, I can’t recall if you used it before, but I know it lags things down on a lot of sites, so that could be the problem. Otherwise, it really doesn’t look bad at all. I do hate the alt text on the menu links, that is horrible, please remove it. You can see where the links go, just by the link titles, having the alt tags there too is just distracted and redundant. Good luck getting it all set up and perfected! It’s never easy getting used to a new theme.

I’m torn between the two. I liked the old layout better (probably because I dont like change), but it didnt work well on my mobile device. The new one does (well, better anyway) 🙂

I personally find that it lacks design, specifically what I mean by that is that the array of links for content are all displayed at the same visual level (ie all of equal visual importance) and that there’s no point in the style that draws ones eye toward new / notable content.

There’s nearly zero use of contrast or colour to convey emotion, character or emphasis.
It does re-size really well though, it feels like you’ve put a lot of effort into cutting out features that inhibited that and optimised it, which is definitely a worthy goal.

I suspect your efforts to service multiple platforms through one site layout hold you to too many (and often competing) constraints.

Mega-menus are problematic, not just from a pure design principle perspective; it’s an issue ever more content providers and designers are struggling with.

I feel that the key will be finding a way to relate all of the many different features & areas of interest you offer and make them easily accessible, and interesting for people to explore things that aren’t of direct interest to them.

I think there’s too much going on to contain it all with a single-page approach… having said that, it might be worth exploring the option (for a style whose name I don’t know) that shows a page of related content within a ‘theme’ or colour scheme per ‘page’ as you scroll down, each time you scroll down to a new page it shows all relevant content – its very visual however and doesn’t scale well at small screen sizes – on the other hand however, it does have a very professional feel and allow you your full range of design principles.

I agree. While I think the old design needed to go, this new design isn’t really to my liking. My initial impression when I first saw it was, “Oh, no, Dulfy shut down!” because I thought it was one of those place-holder/link-farm web sites.

Of course, now the hideous blue has been replaced with a more familiar-feeling pink color so that I definitely do like. Not that pink is my favorite color, but it feels more “Dulfy”. However, I am torn on the logo–I liked the font used in the previous logo. This new one feels more cartoonish and a bit plain.

That said, I really enjoy the header menus (black bar and pink bar below it). It’s quick and convenient. But I would enlarge the size of the media box below the first banner ad. It seems like it should stretch across the width of the body — kinda like GameSpot or Polygon’s pages. This would mean the square-shaped ad would need to be bumped down, and it should. Packing too many ads too close together just ruins the aesthetic.

I don’t mind the columnized body, but I agree with Enjinn that something should be implemented to highlight new content. Also, not a fan of the font used — it’s a bit blocky and hard to read. Feels very “wall of text”. Could just be that it’s too large or doesn’t contrast enough with the rest of the site.

These are all just personal preferences, of course. Love your site, of course, but jury is still out on this new design. 🙂 Seems like it could be great with some minor tweaks.

All that matters to me is that the information is easy to find, and presented in a way that is easy to read. The new theme seems to do that as well as the last to my eye.

I always prefer a site that scales well, as I may be accessing it on my tablet, laptop, or on one of my other monitors while I play. And for the same reason I prefer things to simple and not rely on heavy animation, tons of flash, and other such nonsense that use more bandwidth, take longer to load, or exist in such a way that they do not scale properly with certain resolutions.

So I quite like this new approach, it looks a bit different but seems to function in much the same way.

I thought I stumbled on some pintrest crap site 😛 I like the old better, this looks like kotakus redesign which stopped me from going there

you know the change bothered me at first, and then I realized how much easier it was to access the content you wanted for each specific game!

So yes it grew on me, however I think there is too much white…very bright site. maybe make it a darker color, or at least a smoother one? A shade of blue or green perhaps.

Well the Dulfy logo in the upper corner kinda looks like a Denny’s restaurant logo, and I actually thought the site was down when I first clicked on the link to go here, I’m not big on the whole disliking change thing, chaos and change is great, you don’t want entropy and boredom, its more of an aesthetic appeal for me when it comes to these kind of things, your old page looked personalized and you could tell you put a lot of time and effort into it and it was comfortable to navigate, but hey its your time and your money do what you like I just appreciate the extra in game help.

The new design does look more modern, with other sites, and it don’t look bad, just it feels like so much white space. Just seems everything is just so much further apart and the hyperlinks look odd, almost out of focus the way their font is stretched.

Hmm. The new one has way too much open white space, but I suppose info is easier to find, so that is a big plus. Maybe you could condense the empty white space down on this new layout?

Change is always good. It looks clean and very up to date. I have been able to find the new updates as easy as on the old format. Don’t switch back! Just give people time to adjust and the haters will come around.

These people are not haters, the site is unusable on mobile devices.
It has also been built around the newly added numerous adverts rather than the content we come for.
I’ve tried and tried, one guide 4 huge dynamic adverts sorry I’m done here.
The site has found the commercial market,
I can’t blame dulfy she deserves the rewards for all the hard work.
Get a professional in dulfy before you start to damage everything you’ve made

First of all, how is the site not useable on mobile devices? I tried it on numerous mobile devices and they all work except for some tables which I am trying to fix. It is the same advert system as the old theme and the theme is infact designed by a professional web designer

I’ve tried it on my phone (Android) with the standard android browser and chrome for android. Chrome had no issues at all (for android the best option anyways). The standard android browser worked all ok, but just with one table. The selection off the list of items would reload at the top of the page (so had to scroll down the index), but as you said, this is a table issue and tbh a minor one. No advert trouble. you might want to go to your cache and delete it. Your phone’s browser might be mixing up the new design with the old and that can screw up things badly.

Also FYI, I installed dolphin browser on my phone and it works perfectly with the site. In fact, on the mobile theme we have disabled most of the ads. Frontpage have no ads and the other pages only has the square ad before the comments. Either you are using an older version of Dolphin or I am not even sure what you are complaining about.

The old one seems easier for mobile. Also I’m not a fan of having to hover over the search icon for the bar to appear, but that may just be me.

The computed styles for the tag show ‘font-size 16px’ and ‘line-height 32px’ — this large line-height is probably the source of some of the wasted space. And bottom-margin is 26.6px – also pretty large. Maybe try changing the styles for to have smaller line heights and/or bottom margins and see how that looks … and maybe a darker gray than #333 would make it look more crisp on the new gray background? All up to you of course.

OK, so typing “” in a comment makes the comment software think there is a paragraph break — my bad there. So, to correct: I am talking about the computed styles for the p tag in the above post.

More modern for sure, but too much blank room around content. Ads are useful ofc, but they are badly placed and kill the template. Better use interstitials and content mixed text stuff, than waste a place with clearly recognizable off topic content that everyone discards authomatically. Mid top content in the first screen is no place for ads like that according to web site usability rules. And that kind of ads…. 10 years ago maybe. Not today 😉

I Almost always read dulfy on my phone and if there is new layout uploaded (this one) i cant See full frames with mechanics at ops section. Cant zoom it out. I saw this layout few weeks (?) ago and I was praying to back to layout which was before. In additional Pink isnt my color. Solution cold be make app for android or ios. Please, think about it.

The new design is nice and all but having fixed width cause problems on smaller screens. Basically, make it screen adaptable or choose a 1024px size instead of 1064.

And is also have a small issue with the visibility of the news : with the new layout, it’s harder (at least for me) to see quickly if there is something new. The slideshow is not really appealing and the news being listed in “small” lists on the bottom of the screen (on a small browser window), i can’t really see instantly what’s new.

But the overall design is nice. Everything is cool apart the width and the visibility of the news.

Those thin lines should not underline a date of posts, but rather separate one from another. Current settup is confusing.

As a graphic designer who benefited from your GW advaices mantly times, I feel obliged to help you as much as possible to bring this site to the visual level of clear legibility. Feel free to email me if you want to ask anything. Below I include more of my advices:
On the mobile device:
The right top pop up menu is too long to swipe, it should consist of main topics to choose from, than after the root level you can go deeper into swtor or gw. This would be much more user friendly than swiping all across swotr section.
The left top popup menu does not work correctly and tends to shut down automaticlly after clicking it.
Your logo in white pentagon lacks white space around: 1. It’d look much more cleqr without those shadings, those are unnessesary. 2: the logo should be ~85%smaller than now to create clear space around it, now it’s just to close to the edge.
I get the idea of top bar image not related to any of games, not to rise one above others, but: 1: bright, low lev.contrast b&w images do not endure contact with vivid colours at background, 2: the ratio of sliced modules of what stays i colour, what doas not bring doubts; at least I would pass this thin b&w slice at right site, it’s just too thin not to look like an error.

Best regards
White Monk

Oh, one more thing: what separeted your posts in goid way in previous version, ware white sections on dark bacground. Perhaps now all posts seems to be merging and there are no bold borders between them

I prefer the old, but maybe a few minor changes in the new one would be enough.

The three Columns on the main page is a good idea, but the content that are not in these three game categories (like this post) are not easy to find.

In the game specific page, we don’t have a good view of the new content on the first sight.

The White Background does not look right (ok for paper but not great for screen).

All Images seem small now.

i have nothing against the pink however my face pinks when im reading your site everyday while commuting in a train packed full of busybodys.

I like the look of the new logo though. and I also like the fact that I don’t need to hover over the drag down menu. I vote for the new site but with lesser pink pretty please.

Like the new layout and voted. One small thing though: i primarily use my Ipad to read the excellent articles you post. And it does seem to use more spacing – as in tekst on the ipad screen (need to scroll more).

It’ll take some getting used to is all, but it just needs something a bit more MMO-ish if you know what I mean.

Hi Dulfy, as a WP designer I have a couple things. I was excited when I first saw the site and realized you did a makeover. The old design was defiantly old when comparing to todays design standards. While its not purple (I’m obsessed) I love the pink, but then again I am a girl :D.

Just know that you can’t please everyone. I have found out when designing our guilds website. It seems with gamers, they like it dark. So I would suggest the overall grey background go darker.

Here is an article best describing what Mobile Responsive is: URL www DOT copyblogger dot com/mobile-responsive-design-101 . When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds (or, adapts) based on the size of the screen it’s presented on. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on.

One thing someone mentioned is that content in tables is getting cut off on mobile devices. This will happen with tables, so its best to use columns that are created with shortcodes. See URL www DOT themify dot me/docs/shortcodes. Which unfortunately is a hassle and time consuming to change years worth of content.

The lightbox that you have selected needs to be changed so that users can navigate through (with arrows) the photos posted on one page rather then click, close, click close etc.

With the menus, I think that the Galleries/Catalog & the SWTOR Class Guide should be tucked under their respective game headers.

Anyhow these are the first things that jump out at me. I’ll post again if I see anything else.

BTW I think you do an amazing job! Keep up the great work 🙂
P.S. My previous post got marked as spam I think due to the links so you will have to replace DOT with a .

Hey, thanks for the suggestions. The previous menu was using ubermenu which really limited the number of items that can be placed under a single category so that is why I had galleries/catalog and class guides on their own menu. With this simpler menu design, I think it is much easier to fit them in so i will try have them moved.

The lightbox plugin I was using had the feature you mentioned. However, the new one that came with the theme (magnific lightbox) did not. I am trying to figure out if that is a setting that can be turned on or if I have to go back to the old lightbox plugin which is not responsive.

Your Welcome. I actually just started using Ubermenu and I just love it!

Have you tried any other lightbox plugins? I don’t think you HAVE to use that one. Huge IT lightbox or Lightbox Plus Colorbox is a couple to try.

Also have you checked your site speeds on gtmetrix .com/reports/ ? There are several things that you can do to optimize it further. smashingmagazine .com/2014/06/25/how-to-speed-up-your-wordpress-website/ is a good article about that. If you need any help let me know 🙂

Oh and the GW2 DB db.dulfy .net/ is erroring.

(I’m trying to sort and separate my biz/professional Disqus account from my gaming posts so I’m reposting what I wrote above 6 months ago. )

Hi Dulfy, as a WP designer I have a couple things. I was excited when I first saw the site and realized you did a makeover. The old design was defiantly old when comparing to todays design standards. While its not purple (I’m obsessed) I love the pink, but then again I am a girl :D.

Just know that you can’t please everyone. I have found out when designing our guilds website. It seems with gamers, they like it dark. So I would suggest the overall grey background go darker.

Here is an article best describing what Mobile Responsive is: URL www DOT copyblogger dot com/mobile-responsive-design-101 . When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds (or, adapts) based on the size of the screen it’s presented on. A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on.

One thing someone mentioned is that content in tables is getting cut off on mobile devices. This will happen with tables, so its best to use columns that are created with shortcodes. See URL www DOT themify dot me/docs/shortcodes. Which unfortunately is a hassle and time consuming to change years worth of content.

The lightbox that you have selected needs to be changed so that users can navigate through (with arrows) the photos posted on one page rather then click, close, click close etc.

With the menus, I think that the Galleries/Catalog & the SWTOR Class Guide should be tucked under their respective game headers.

Anyhow these are the first things that jump out at me. I’ll post again if I see anything else.

BTW I think you do an amazing job! Keep up the great work 🙂

I like this, more responsive and actually easier to read stuff, as well as navigate.
The grey-ish background right now is also comfortable to the eyes =D
Definitely prefer this new one over the old after I got used to it.
I hope with future development, reading comfortability will still be considered if/when changes are made =)

what happened to the gw2 page thumbnails? they seem to be halved unless they were always like that?
I prefered them not halved but 4:3/16:9 ratio

They are like that because thumbnails have to be exactly 700×250 in size to fit into the slider. I don’t plan to make the slider any bigger vertically so some thumbnails may look cutoff but these thumbnails are not really conveying anything useful anyways.

I voted against the new white layout in your poll a few days ago, but have to totally give you thumbs up for this latest (grey) edition!
Much more legible and the way the information is sorted on screen is much, much better 🙂

I tried looking up the site last night on my ipod and I have a few additional concerns.
One is that it’s difficult to find a place on the page with which to scroll. If your finger lands on a picture or link, the page won’t move when you try to scroll for some reason, and so very little of the visible area of the page can be used for scrolling.

Also, the site crashed Safari half a dozen times while I was trying to navigate from the front page to the Sniper guide.

And it would be nice if the ‘recent comments’ sidebar displayed which article the comment was posted in, like it used to.

Old design was far easier on the eye, the new one looks more like something out of candyland (and is hard to read on a tab ).
Please get rid of the pink ? And a more “solid” font ?
Also the margins along the sides are rather wide – making the page seem empty

I don’t mind the redesign. I can’t stand the swtor carter pack pages and any large page with picks or links. They all smear the further down you go on the page.

The master list pages like: The Cartel Pack List page or the master list of mounts. When I get about half way down each page the letters/pics/links smear and I can’t click anything.
Sorry for the spelling in my previous post, I was in a hurry. I do like the redesign though.

Dulfy! You crazy grobble!! Been trying every in way to contact you. I almost got my green skin sunburned trying!!

Come join us on Wildstar! Redeem ourselves we must from the ungreebliness of ESO(it just burned me out and so many bugs i had to accept it was ungreebly).

We going pvp server with The Guardians.
Come now before prelaunch! Sat@ 0200 CST! I have a feeling this one is going to be most greebly!!!


I do wish you would add the Recent Posts/Updates/Comments to the main page, or have them split by game type, as I only play SWTOR and it seems with all 3 games the relative info I’m looking for updates on gets lost in the clutter.

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