GW2 Gemstore Update: Dyes Logging Tool & Finisher

GW2 gemstore updated today with a new set of Lion’s Arch Survivors Dye kit, Frost Wasp Logging tool, and Golem Pummeler Finisher

Lion’s Arch Survivors Dye Kit – 125 gems each or 5 for 500 gems

  • [&AgHG+gAA] Enameled Legacy Dye
  • [&AgHH+gAA] Enameled Sky Dye
  • [&AgHI+gAA] Enameled Reign Dye
  • [&AgHJ+gAA] Enameled Jungle Dye
  • [&AgHK+gAA] Enameled Crimson Dye
  • [&AgHL+gAA] Enameled Emblaze Dye


Frost Wasp Logging Tool – 1000 gems

  • Account bound


Permanent Golem Pummeler Finisher – 650 gems


  • ken

    that finisher…. the defeated must rage quit upon seeing that

    • narg

      damn guild shield finisherm where i spend 800 gems, THIS looks really good, now i cant decide, if buy this too or not, but this is too much funny

      • Arcane Echo

        Heh, I know how you feel. I ve bought the giant, SAB, Mad King and wurm finishers and love them all but every time I thought it was for the last time. But now the golem one looks so fun I don’t know if I can resist.

    • Sureyoucan

      hur, hur ,hur! i shall pummel you! 😀

  • Ares Zax

    Does the Frost Wasp Logging Tool have any special bonus? (Snowflakes maybe? 🙂 ) And is it faster compared to other logging axes? (Can you move after the initial frost “cast”, for instance?)

    • CrimsonNorway

      Apart from it being unlimited and having a different animation, there is no extra benefit of having this compared to standard gathering equipment. If you walk/move away from the tree the animation still continues, but you only get 1 log. You hit the tree once with your axe, but you have to stay still until you receive the rest of the materials.

      I’ve just bought it and it looks amazing- much prefer it to the previous infinite axe. 🙂

      • Ares Zax

        Thanks for the info. 🙂 I was concerned that this was maybe a “fire and forget” logging axe (much like how the Consortium sickle is about 1/4 of a second faster than a standard sickle).

    • cofii

      you get cinnamon sticks

      • Cinnamon sticks isn’t unique to this axe though, you get it for chopping down those trees

      • narg

        cinnamon sticks is common drop, not from this axe

  • Guest

    Thank you for the video of the logging axe! That one definitely looks good enough to buy and replace my old boring DreamCleaver (which I’ll just move to a different character). GW2 really should learn a lesson and start posting these type things themselves, as the animations are VERY important to many people in their decision to buy an item (or not). ANet has missed out on a couple of sales from me because I couldn’t see the animations for them beforehand. So thank you, really appreciate your efforts! 🙂

  • WoW. The finisher looks nice and funny at the same time, and the Logging tool also looks great but i wish it is 800 gems 🙁

  • Guest

    Bought 25 of these dyes this morning. Got 4 of the rare ones and 2 Abyss dyes.

  • Lord Elric

    Are the dyes limited only or i can find them as a drop?

    • They are gemstore from this pack only and it is not guaranteed. It is 6 new dyes in a pool of 25 dyes

      • Lord Elric

        Ty. Gotta buy gems

        • Floreum

          You could also check the trade post if you don’t wanna gamble your money.

          • Lord Elric

            Yeah, i know it. Thanks anyway

  • MauricioCezar

    Bought 5, got 2 Enameled, and 3 green. Not bad, not bad.

  • Syreadisa

    Oh god.. that finisher is overkill!! lol!

  • The Spirit Molecule


  • Archi

    bought 1 pack, got enameled crimson, which is what i was looking for. i am happy. that’s the best looking red dye i’ve seen in game so far.

    and i’m not normally one to buy finishers, but that golem is so much overkill, it makes me laugh. i think i might actually buy it.

    • Jaroslav Strádal

      i think wrath look totaly same

      • Archi

        It’s a little less shiny but I think you’re right. Maybe I’ll just sell the enameled crimson. More gold for me. 🙂

      • M P

        you are right with that both dyes seem to have the same hue. but enameled crimson got higher contrast than wrath.

        enameled crimson is a bit shinier on the light parts and a bit darker on the dark parts. is this worth the money? everyone has to decide that for himself. im keeping it for now 🙂

  • Sylar^

    Is the frost wasp from the game or..? o.o

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