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GW2 Introducing the Wardrobe system

Arenanet released a blog today detailing the wardrobe system players can expect to arrive with the feature pack patch on April 15.

One of the many exciting features coming in the April 2014 Feature Pack is the new Wardrobe, an account-wide system that allows you to collect every skin in the game!


Account Wardrobe: The Basics

Guild Wars 2 has a tremendous variety of gear to collect. From vanity skins to gear with specific stats to all manner of beautiful armors and weapons, there are a lot of ways to customize the look and function of your character. But currently, it can be a little overwhelming to try to sort through it all and choose a look and feel. Our answer to that is the Wardrobe, which makes it easy to customize your look at any time and to share cosmetic items across all the characters on your account.


When you log in after the April 15 release, you’ll see some big changes. In your Hero Panel, the manner in which you equip different stat gear will remain the same. However, you’ll also see the Wardrobe tab, which collects every armor and weapon skin you unlock in the game on any character on your account!

The Wardrobe tab is the home of our new simplified transmutation system. When you’re in the Wardrobe tab, you can select skins to apply to your weapons and armor to update your look without losing your awesome stats. You’ll be able to preview your look right there in your Hero Panel and click “Apply” once you’re satisfied with your look to lock in your changes with Transmutation Charges. It’s as simple as that!


Another addition to the Hero Panel is the Dye tab, which has received some significant updates. We’re really excited about the updates to the dye system, which Curtis Johnson has talked about in detail.

To talk about our approach to designing the account Wardrobe, here’s Kate Welch, UI artist.

Creating the Wardrobe UI

The Wardrobe system has been a very exciting project to work on, one we feel will really enhance your in-game experience!

We started thinking about the Wardrobe by examining what features currently felt disconnected—the skins that were cluttering up our banks, transmutation crystals and stones, and the transmutation UI itself, to name a few—and thought of them as puzzle pieces that we wanted to assemble into a better, more unified solution.

The Hero Panel already allows you to equip your armor and weapons, so we decided to use that as a jumping-off point to create a one-stop-shop wardrobe-modification system. We had just one question to answer: How can we make this system smooth, painless, and fun to use?

Everybody interacts with the Equipment tab frequently, whether they’re experienced Fractals runners or newcomers just learning their way around Tyria. We wanted to make sure that adding the Wardrobe feature would cater to all types of players without colliding with their current play styles. It’s a delicate balance.


We designed the Wardrobe to be expandable going forward, which can be tricky for an MMO whose development environment is constantly evolving. Our plan is to continue augmenting the Wardrobe system, and our current design opens up a lot of possibilities to do that in the future.

The best part about working on UI is putting ourselves in the role of the player and trying to invent new interfaces, large and small, that will make our game more enjoyable to play. Hopefully your time in Guild Wars 2 gets a little more enjoyable with the Wardrobe!

Now I’m going to hand it off to Ryan Diederich, one of the programmers who worked on the Wardrobe system.

Programming the Wardrobe

The Wardrobe has been a long project in the making. I’ve personally been working on it since the Wallet was released. It’s been quite an undertaking to transform our original transmutation system into a much more user-friendly and intuitive system. The PvP team had solved some portions of the problem with gear lockers, but we’ve been making strides to try to unify game modes and progression for players who like alts, so we needed something bigger.


We remade the system from the ground up, finding the best user experience for both designing your look and setting out to make that look a reality. Here are some areas we wanted to improve on:

Collecting Weapon and Armor Skins

For the Wardrobe, we’ve changed skins to an account-wide unlock system. Skins can be unlocked by using consumables, equipping items, salvaging equipment, or right-clicking on equipment and account-binding it. Items that you acquire that are already bound to your account automatically unlock their skin when they go into your inventory. Unlocked skins can be applied to items infinitely (for just one Transmutation Charge), which makes it much less stressful to try out a new look for your character, since you can always switch back!

When the feature pack is released, log in with each character on your account to unlock all of the skins bound to that character.

If you have an item that has gone through skin progression, like a legendary weapon or one of the Spinal Blade backpacks from the “Escape from Lion’s Arch” and “Battle for Lion’s Arch” releases, you will unlock all of the skins in that direct line of progression. That means that if you made Twilight, you will have access to both the Twilight and Dusk skins across your entire account. If you’ve created the Dynamic Tempered Spinal Blades, you’ll unlock that skin and all previous Spinal Blade skins.

Town Clothes sold through the gem store as outfits, such as the Pirate Captain’s Outfit, will be usable as a single outfit skin through the Wardrobe. Purchasing an outfit will unlock it for all characters on your account to use. Outfits will replace the look of equipped armors, are equipped in a separate appearance slot, and do not require Transmutation Charges to use. Single items, such as the Fuzzy Hats and Scarlet’s Spaulders, will be unlocked for your entire account and usable with any armor weight. Some basic clothing items that are no longer available for purchase will be converted into endless tonics.


Simplifying Transmutation

The old transmutation process had a very high barrier to entry. The system was also destructive, since it required you to use two items to make one new combined item. Sometimes this meant losing the art on one item forever, and it still cost a Transmutation Crystal. Now, with our new paradigm of weapon and armor skin unlocks, seeking out all the possibilities for that perfect look feels better than ever!

If you’ve been hoarding Transmutation Stones and Crystals, don’t worry! When the Wardrobe goes live, you’ll be able to convert your them into Transmutation Charges. Transmutation Crystals can be directly converted into charges, and Transmutation Stones can be converted at a three-to-one rate.

If you currently have items that have been transmuted, you will unlock the appearance for both the first item used for stats and the last item used for appearance in your final transmuted item. This means that if you have only transmuted a given item once (for example, if you’ve used a single Transmutation Stone to combine the appearance of Dawn with the stats of another greatsword) you’ll unlock the skins for both items in that transmutation.

Use a Transmutation Splitter on any transmuted items if you want to have access to the stats of both components. For example, if you transmuted a high-end piece of gear with a white item to get around soulbinding restrictions, you’ll probably want to use a Transmutation Splitter to retain the stats of the high-end gear, now that you’ll be able to give that appearance to any character on your account.


Even when I started working on this project, I had absolutely no idea what to expect on how many different skins there are in the game. The PvP locker was a good starting point with about 2,000 skins, but it didn’t include everything. We’ve made the Wardrobe in the Hero Panel show you every unlocked skin you can apply to a piece of gear, so you know what you’re capable of looking like. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve updated your bank with a Wardrobe Storage vault that includes every skin that you could potentially unlock! In that tab, you can sort, filter, and search to see not only the skins you have access to, but every skin available in the whole game. This makes it simple to look through every option open to you to find the look you really want. I’ve lost several hours to just clicking through all the skins that I didn’t even know existed, and I even ran out to collect my favorite newly discovered skin!


Appearance Preview

In the past, planning out a whole look, including correct dyes, could be difficult. In the new Wardrobe, you can set up all of your skin preferences and adjust the dyes on each individual piece before committing to the changes! We’ve also made a small adjustment so that just hovering over armor dye channels will show you what applying your selected color will look like. This will help both with matching dyes across different armor skins and with making sure that you apply your dye to the proper dye channel.

That’s it for the Wardrobe today! Be sure to learn all about our improved dye system!


More on Town Clothing


And then we need to burn a transmutation charge whenever we want to move from town clothes to a combat look. Not great for roleplayers.

There is no transmutation charge to change outfits or toggle it on and off.
Transmutation charges are for applying new skins to specific armor pieces, same as now.

Yes outfits are all or nothing.
Yes wearable in combat. There will be no non-combat equipment anymore, unless you count tonics.

The endless tonic will grant the appearance of the clothing it replaced. (along with some appropriate complimentary pieces so you’re not naked). They are new tonics, not existing ones.

Only one tonic can be used at one time.

There will be no town-clothes swap any more.. so you won’t be switching to naked.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

84 replies on “GW2 Introducing the Wardrobe system”

Does the skin system mean we can use Legendary skins on exotic and ascended stat weapons? Or any stat rarity and retain all the visual glory of the Legendary minus the stats and convenience of changing stats?

i KNEW legendaries would become account bound, in a sense. just the skin but hell thats what get them for right?? and account bound dyes is a win….only one abyss, one celestial, instead of 5,6,7.

Hmm, does the Wardrobe feature apply for all game modes e.g. PvE, WvW and PvP? Can I immediately use the skins I’ve unlocked in PvE (i.e. Dungeon Armor Skins) to my PvP armor set using this feature? – and vice versa?

Just need to ask this, since the method of unlocking/discovery mentioned in the article seems to be centered on a PvE-type environment. Sorry in advance, if my common sense isn’t working at the time I’ve posted this question/comment.

It was mentioned in the earlier blogs that they are kinda combining the pvp an pve looks. So my guess would be that pvp and pve will use the same system.

Wondering how it will work with Cultural armor. All my characters are human, but still, curious on how the restrictions will work.

Also, very much missing the huge piles of gold that went towards appearance items right now.

Really Great improvement 😀
Just a question :
How do we know that the skin is already unlock. Will there be an advice like recipe or dye : “you already unlock this skin” ?

I sure hope they will implement that. It would be a pain to keep on looking one-by-one and back-and-forth just to see if we’ve already unlocked a particular skin or not.

On a side note, I guess it’s time to purchase lots of gems and buy all the armors and dyes lol. I wonder how much will the current GW2 economy be affected by this. Will prices skyrocket or decrease to a more practical value. Hmm.. curiosity…

HAHAHA think of all the dual-incinerator and dual-bolt and dual-legendary show-offs that got F’d with this! Heck any person who made the same legendary twice or more!

This is only the skins. To get the abillity to swap stats and have ascended stats you still need 2 legendary’s.

Guess reading is not your best part. maybe caps will help ‘TO SWAP STATS’. That is something ascended can’t do. With the changes to the traitsystem, having legendary quality equipment means you are the most versatile. You can change from being DPS to a full bunker with a few clicks of your mouse without needing extra weapons.

You do need extra weapons. This system does not assign stats to anything. I.E. if you wanted to have a full set of Knight gear, and a full set of Berserker gear, you still need two sets of gear in your inventory. The stats stay static on the items. The appearance can be changed on the fly.

i.e. You need to have 3 Greatswords in your inventory if you want Berserkers, Knights and Valkyrie stats to be available at any time on your weapon.

They still need to be switched out the same way they are now. The only thing that effects them with the new system is how they look when you equip them.

Those people with two Quips or two Incinerators still have the benefit of dual wielding their stats.

As I understand it: The way you unlock skins is the same as you get a certain skin now. So for dungeon armor, you need to collect tokens and buy the set. as soon as you bought the item, the skin is unlocked in your wardrobe. If the skin is on something that can drop, you get it unlocked when you pick it up. If the skin is a gemstore item, it will stay a gemstore item. To put a skin to an item you need transmutation charges. they are simular to the current transmutation stones and crystals and will be rewarded for e.g. opening bl-chests, doing daily’s/monthly’s and finishing maps. Off course if you need more, those charges will also be available at the gemstore (just like the stones and crystals are right now). It seems that the split for level level 80 and below level 80 is removed, but perhaps, level 80 transmuation require more charges.

Probably not, your skin probably like right now in PvP locker, separate as Light, Medium, and Heavy, but depends on how they do it, human may be able to wear Asura cultural armor for the same type?

Asura cultural and other cultural armors are also in pvp locker you can’t even preview it with other races so thats very doubtfull, those will still be exclusive to part of race. For example other asura on account will be able to transmute to that look.

It seems that with the dye changes and these skin changes Arena is catering to all the OCD players.All the hoarders must be overjoyed right now.


What’s going to happen to legionaries, people who went out of their way to make 2 for dual handed weapons, with this it sounds like you only need to make 1, & you can use that skin infinitely…

You get a legendary for more then just the skin. It also gives ascended stats that can be swapped whenever you want (if out of combat). I know some people only got a legendary for the looks, but Ialso wanna bet that most of that category got it for the prestige. They can still ping them both to show they really got two legendary’s and not a legendary and a extoci or ascended with a legendary skin.

Load of BS.
For the price of a legendary you can get the equivalent ascended weapon + another 2 + a lifetime supply of transmutations to any other skin. The real answer is that ppl who made 2 or more of the same legendary are ….. F’d!

So your saying you only got a legendary cause you like the pixels?? Sorry, I really pity you then. I play to become better. The reason for getting the legendary is having the highest stats and being able to swap it. If you got it for just the skin you must be pretty sick

Another load of BS.

Clearly you’ve read nothing of my post, because you’re hurt, and its understandable.

Beyond 1 legendary skin type (e.g. Sword):
– SAME stat-changes with 3 ascendeds of that type + lifetime supply of transmutations to any skin
– FRACTION of 1 legendary cost

Go on arguing Rani 🙂

No, It is clear that you are the one not reading and talking bullshit. The way you think you should adress me is also very disrespectfull. So no use to keep replying to you. Other people can read my post and are likely smart enough to see what you fail to do. And for you, Isn’t someone picking up your stone near Vale Waypoint??

People don’t pay high prices for stats. It’s all about the aesthetics. I can only assume you’re new to MMO’s if you think otherwise.

I have played MMO’s for over 10 years now. It is the way you and that other guy is reacting that makes me loose faith in the human race. You keep assuming things, being rude, and very much acting like a troll. Be respectfull to my opinion. In MMO’s, sapecially GW2 looks are very important. But for legendary’s the prestige is much more important.having the prestige of equiping and being able to ping two legendary’s is why people want those expensive looks. The reaction here that it is being downgraded to something less then before proofs people don’t care bout the looks, but bout the prestige. Well the prestige is still there. you can still show you have the longest. -bleep-. Also this discussion is under the assumption that you need an equal amount of transmutation charges for a legendary skin as for an exotic skin. The charges system is poorly explained by Anet. It might very well be that one charge will be equal to one transmutation stone (a crystal being 10 charges), and that you need like 1000 charges to transmutate a legendary skin you unlocked. Be open minded. To arenanet, and to people reacting here. Believe me the world looks a lot better.

Oh lord, Drama Queen? Losing faith in the human race because someone points out your opinion is stupid. I responded fine the first time, just because you say I’m rude doesn’t mean you’re winning.

Let’s talk quick facts:
– Legendary weapons are prestigious and expensive.
– MMO #1 end-game goal is to look like a bad -bleep- (lol)
– Everyone plays for pixels dude….don’t be “that guy”and try to make someone feel bad for it. It’s not a valid argument on a video game forum.
– Allowing players to copy an ultra expensive skin definitely leaves a sour taste for those who paid that ultra expensive price twice. That frustration isn’t specific to legendary items, It’s specific to any very expensive item. That is the main point of the original *question* by Softex.

Now, let me be clear I think this update is AMAZING. I actually haven’t been this excited for an update in a long while and I’ve been playing since release. In a purely aesthetic end-game this is a great move by arenanet. But I can understand if people are upset by hard work that can now be duped in a sense. I doubt there would be, but some sort of compensation to the hard work would be great. Perhaps unbinding one of the duplicate legendarys that people previously made.

Side note: I have 2 different Legendarys, so this topic doesn’t even apply to me. I’m simply understanding what could be someone else’s frustration.

I don’t think there’s any reason to continue but I will read your response if you feel the need to post one.

Stay classy

I especially liked the way me changed is named to elder during this conversation.

Wrong 🙂 But I saw this coming before I responded the first time.

Actually I am Ranique too. I’m everyone on the internet. And I enjoy talking to myself.


Just letting you know im not going to be part of this pissing contest. I don’t need to have the biggest bleep here.

Hey Ranique, that’s like the third time you’ve claimed you’re not going to be a part of this argument anymore. Stay drama queen, pal!

well, legendary is still legendary, your stat will be different than you just put a skin on it… you can change your stat type, etc, which cannot be replaced by other type of weapon.

this and the dye system make me and my ocd very happy! it sucks for people who made duplicates of a particular legendary, but i have faith arena will find a remedy

They could simply keep 1 legendary and turn the duplicates into components again (if bank/inventory space is available).

That sounds tricky… Apparently if you made Eternity you have access to skins like Dusk and Dawn because of components. I don’t think it will apply to salvaged items you found in the wilds pre-patch because the system wouldn’t have a record of it 🙁

Question: I have a back item (the flaming book from first Halloween) that is soulbound to a deleted character. Right now, I can’t do anything with it. Will it be added to my wardrobe? Cause from what they said you need to log in with each character to add the things soulbound to it into the wardrobe…

This seems amazing! As a compulsory skin collector, I’m more than happy about this! :3

But are my eyes failing me here, does the text say anything about order armors? I mean, will order restrictions still apply to them? I don’t really mind if they do, just wondering.

as it stands there’s still transmutation-related workarounds for using order-related armors and weapons on characters outside the order, the old “transmute to a generic white item” trick makes something accountbound instead of soulbound, then you can transmute that back up onto a new character. It’d waste two of the lv 80 transmutes though, of which I’m kind of mad because I just burned a 5-stack down the other day updating some equipment. That’s 15 ‘charges’ I could have had come this update!

I hope not. I got so frustrated when I found out too late that the awesome armour I wanted for a toon was locked out because I chose the wrong Order.
Pre-Dulfy, mind you.

No town clothes swap….does that mean I can make Chef’s Armour of Lyssa for my Mesmer?
Because I am SO down with that.

What will happen to gear in your current PVP Locker? Will those skins be added to the PVE Wardrobe?

A quick question: If i have Eternity, does that mean I have access to Dusk, Dawn, Twilight and Sunrise? Because that would just be epic

How exactly are they going to turn town clothes items like riding pants, etc into tonics? Are they going to roll them all together into single sets and forbid mixing and matching? That’d suck. They should just get rid of the whole “town clothes” idea and let those items be transmutable across any armor weight.

They said this on the newly published FAQ

1. Town clothing sets such as the Pirate Captain’s Outfit or Mad King’s Outfit will become one-piece account unlocks known as outfits which can be toggled to be displayed on your character instead of armor, even during combat.

2. Most pieces sold separately, such as the Fuzzy Animal Hats or Phantom Hood, will become armor skins for the appropriate slot, usable by a character that wears armor of any type.

3. Some promotional town clothing, such as the Dragon Emblem T-shirt and retired town clothes such as the hoodies, will become endless tonics which allow you to continue to wear the clothing in non-combat situations.

item number 1 makes me happy. but it is also going to look very weird. i picture a dozen Mad Kings running around in a zerg.

Will all the skins still be locked to a single character though, or will all skins become account wide? Also how are people supposed to get 250 unidentified dyes for the gift of color after the patch?

I’m expecting skins in gem stores will be more expensive now since they’re account bound =( just like the gathering tools
I’d rather they stay soul bound if the price would increase; i don’t see
why anyone would use the same kind of skin on 2 or more
different characters. When i skin my characters i want them to have a
bit of uniqueness to make it worth skinning in the first place

don’t have a legendary, but i’m disappointed the skins are going to be
account bound for them – making them even more common as they already
old system gave more “value” to the toon that held the legendary and i
don’t think i would feel the same if i had a lower level toon holding a
legendary skin. That being said, i understand how time consuming it is
to make a legendary and it would be nice to be able to have Eternity on
another lv 80 for example

Don’t get me wrong, i’m pleased with this update overall, just have some minor concerns =)

I don’t think the new skin system is necessarily just meant for using a skin across multiple characters but the ability to a keep a skin you earned if you want to change the look without having to sacrifice the previous skin through the old transmutation system. I was always reluctant to switch up my builds because I wanted to keep my gemstore skins but I also didn’t want to lose the other armor stat set that I worked for.

yeah the part is kinda cool
but there’s also the rarity/speciality of the skin to think about
if you can reapply that inifinite times then the reward skin you get from metas wont feel as special anymore since it can just be reapplied again and again on new items

I understand people don’t want to destroy the skin, but there’s the splitter for that if you really want to keep it
idk if it’s just me or not but personally i don’t see a reason why i would skin one toon with the same skin as another

As for legendaries, the ability to use that skin on items that aren’t of legendary items kinda defeats part of the purpose of getting a legendary
At least from the blog that’s what i interpreted – the skin of the legendary will be unlocked upon creation

Yeah, unlocking the Legendary once it is a feat on itself if you are hunting for all the components instead of buying them. You can still say that not everybody will be brandishing Eternity at level 1 because you first need to make that legendary to be able to use the skin. The state of affairs is the same but you are going to see level 1 players with “end game” skins and that’s it. They are just making easy to keep the legendary look instead of spending a week per character to forge the Legendary. But yes, where is the fun in not doing it many times for every alt?

What I am scared is that my bloodstone dust and others will clog my bank and make me to burn them for naught.

It is not skinning alts with clones of a skin, it is the ability to use the skin early for example, Dark Armor, instead of getting to Fireheart Rise with a level 5 and grinding the hearts for the vendors that sell the pieces, you have access to it earlier. Another example would be dungeon armors like Caudecus’s Manor, instead of grinding for days for the tokens, you get the skin earlier… All this turns more complicated because you need charges for every time you find new equipment with better stats, so in a nutshell, the purpose of Wardrove is to be able to re-skin your character once or twice at level 80, not 200000000 times from level 1 to 80, if you get what I mean… Charges can be obtained in a limited quantity as reward for map completion and personal stories, but the rest is $ from Gem Store. In the end not everyone will bother to re-skin as often as you think it will be. It will change things very little, like using the splitter 20000000 times, but instead of that, Charges.

*flies to Terokkar*

Yeah i get what you mean haha
I wonder if the rate of trans stone will drop for map completion or not
cause currently it’s pretty easy to get like 20 or so jsut doing all the towns on an alt, which would make buying the trans crystal in the gemstore pretty redundant
And i wonder how the actual skins would work: they still remain free to skin and only unlocked account wide after applied to something?
That would be most reasonable i think

I kinda just wish legendaries would feel more rare or special when you find someone with it, but i guess it’s a long time too late now anyway, even before this update is live

Yes, there will be a new set of achievements for the Wardrobe. These will be similar to the current achievements for the Miniatures we have.

Well, ANet rewards collecting things so, expect some wardrove hunt for those that are after the cheevo chests 😛

Hi! Just a some questions here. Since they will remove the option to switch to Town Clothes when this patch is released, do we have to remove our currently equipped Town Clothes before the update? What happens if we don’t take them out when the patch goes live? Do these town clothes get deleted or automatically go to our inventory?

Not really, simply the interface to change from town clothes to war clothes is removed. You can fight in your town clothes and change that later for a different set in your new Wardrove mode 😀

Hi, can i go with The Predator in PVP? (since i already have that in pve/wvw world )
Thank you in advance

Do we know if Amulet, ring skins will be available ?
Do we know if Bag skins will be avaiable ? (I remind Halloween Bag skin with only 10 slots… for example.)

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