ESO Deshaan Skyshards Guide

ESO Deshaan Skyshards locations guide. Deshaan is a level 16-23 zone in Ebonheart Pact.

Map of Deshaan Skyshards. Click on an icon to jump to a specific skyshard

  • Red icons = aboveground, blue icons = underground

Map of Deshaan Lorebooks (provided for convenience)

  • Hover over the icons to see the book name, click on an icon to jump to to that lorebook.
  • Red icon = Deshaan Lore
  • Blue icon – Other lore books

1. Free from quarantine – Quarantine Serk Wayshrine


2. A Hlaalu victory in Narsis – West Narsis Wayshrine


3. A river view on Muth Gnarr’s outskirts – Muth Gnarr Hills Wayshrine


4. A twin falls in Mournhold – Mzithumz Wayshrine


5. Near the remnants of a House caravan – Mzithumz Wayshrine


6. Follow the river that snakes south to its source – Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine


7. Search near the cavern with three eyes – Silent Mire Wayshrine


8. The right tower is Tal’Deic’s left – Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine


9. Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire – Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine


10. Where the dead walk, no memories linger – Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine

  • Inside Forgotten Crypts public dungeon


11. Lend me your ear – Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine

  • Inside Knife Ear Grotto mini dungeon


12. Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm – Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine

  • Inside Lady Llarel’s Shelter mini dungeon


13. Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens – Muth Gnarr Hills Wayshrine

  • Inside Lower Bthanual mini dungeon


14. Mind your step where the water drops in – Shad Astula Wayshrine

  • Inside Triple Circle Mine mini dungeon


15. Go from Crags to riches – Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine

  • Inside Taleon’s Crag mini dungeaon


16. Where corpses till a garden of sand – Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine

  • Inside the Corpse Garden mini dungeon


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16 replies on “ESO Deshaan Skyshards Guide”

need to fix number 8 thats the book not the skyshard
Cant seem to find that one as the last peice i need

Sorry about all the trouble but here is a new image and a map location. Thanks for the awsome guides anyways man lol.

Anyways thanks for the great guids i hope this picture helps for were the shard is. I tried to upload a pic of were it is on the map but it didnt come out the way i hoped so i deleted that whole post. I hope this one will help at least.

Lorebook Magic from the Sky is at The Corpse Garden and one (Ancient Dwemer Scrolls V) south of the magicians mundus stone at the southside of the water triangle

I am not sure about other platforms but i am fairly certain on Xbox one shyshards 10 & 16 should be switched. 16 seems to always be the public dungeon skyshard which is located at 10 on your map 🙂

I had the same thought when I ran them. 16 was way too easy for a 16 which generally seems intended for groups

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