GW2 Repair cost, champion loot and trait adjustments

Starting with the April 15 Feature Pack patch, repairs and trait resets will no longer cost any gold. Champion loot bags and events will also have their gold reduced in response.

We’re implementing some changes in the upcoming feature patch to the economy and want to tell you about them now. We’re excited about what these alterations will mean for the game.

The End of Repair Costs


Despite his recent defeat in the Captain’s Council elections, Evon Gnashblade has magnanimously decided to put all of Tyria’s experts in armor repair on salary. That’s right: the day is fast approaching when you will never again have to pay for another repair! Explore and experiment all across Tyria with no cost to repair your armor damaged in trial and battle. We feel the time penalty to return and repair accomplishes our goal enough to not need a secondary cost that punishes newer and less experienced players the most.

Event and Champion Loot

With the changes we’re making that remove some of the systems that take gold out of the economy, we need to make sure the economy remains balanced in terms of gold input as well. We’ll be reducing the amount of raw gold that comes out of champion loot bags and events in an effort to keep the economy balanced and spread out player activity a bit.


Mystic Forge

The Mystic Forge is going to get a lot of changes this year. To kick things off, we’re adjusting the way Zommoros distributes rare and exotic rewards a bit, allowing for more variation in output. This is just a stepping stone to further changes that will make the Mystic Forge a much better experience in the future. Please note: the rate of precursors will not be affected.

Trait Resets


With the coming feature build, you’ll be able to respec your traits anywhere in the world without returning to a profession trainer. To make the deal even sweeter, you won’t ever have to pay to reset your traits! We think the cost hinders experimentation and takes away from the fun of experimenting with builds in PvE, so we’re removing it entirely.

We think these changes will lead to a healthier game and more long-term fun. With the China launch coming up, there is no better time than now for us to improve the economy of the game.


  • Clark

    Long live the train!

  • Lord Elric

    I don’t understand what they want to do with gold

    • Cielmerlion

      Why they want it to be even more expensive to buy gems by making gold harder to get. Im sure alot of the seniors have oodles of gold but those of us who only hop on a few hours a week still have trouble getting gold.

  • Chev

    I’m not sure what the point of this is either. I never found repair costs to be remotely prohibitive. Even with my first elementalist that died constantly. Even the trait respec was hardly bankrupting, couple of couple ore spawns usually covered the cost.

    • Man Man

      side effect is you don’t mind to die, so less run away and more stay fight to die.

    • Pipra

      The *point* is that they are nerfing champ train loot. The repair cost thing is there to soften the blow.

  • bla

    Anyone knows what will happened with repair canisters?

    • Jakdelery

      I think they will remove the broken armor feature completely, so your armor will not get damage or broken when you die. That being said, they will remove the repair canisters.

      • Wiked Stik

        I hope they leave me a special treat if they take my repair canisters.

      • Asterai

        They’re not doing away with broken armor or repairs. They’re doing away with the *cost* of armor repair. From article: “We feel the time penalty to return and repair accomplishes our goal enough to not need a secondary cost”.

        Which probably means repair cannisters will remain as they are unaltered.

        • Jakdelery

          Didn’t payed attention to that… You are right, Thanks for clearing it up

          • Ayson Currax

            how can you not pay attention to that when it clearly states that it is about repair costs in the headline…beats me.

    • ExGale

      Well, they mentioned that “the time penalty to return and repair accomplishes our goal enough…” I’m guessing they’re not going to remove repair canisters since it’s still a portable way of instantly repair your armor.

  • Rach

    Trait resets should be restricted to citys. I can just see how people leading events (e.g. Tequatl) or dungeons will try to enforce particular builds on other players (similar to how Rangers are treated in dungeons…) – at least travelling to a city requires a small amount of effort that might counter that mind-set.

    • Ayson Currax

      and where exactly would the difference be to just using the trait reset npc in said city? exactly.

  • Ouch, the Champ loot got me there 🙁

  • Fr33ze

    bah i’ll still keep grinding for that precursor more QQ less PewPew

  • Man Man

    reduce the gold reward, so just equal to assume you always die. Good for poor skill player but less gold for good skill one…

    • DaGhostDS

      They already reduced the champion bag gold twice already.. Not sure they can reduce it even further than the less than a silver per bag. LOL

  • zaw

    good, maybe queensdale/fgs mindless zergs will dissapear with it and ppl will learn to play over just spamming 1 (anyone familiar with full server marionette fail attempts know what im talking about…)
    but repair costs? for completing any dungeon you get 1,26+ gold. one run reward is enough for few months of fixing armors…

    • shodannet

      Admittedly now money isnt an issue for me, but I know that my first 50G took ages to earn

    • shodannet

      I only did the trains for the champion and group event dailies 😛

  • Keith Chung

    Any chance of having the option to save builds to txt files like in Guild Wars 1? So you could easily save and load different builds for different scenarios?

    • Ranique

      I always had a bit off issues with this system. I believe a good player devellops his own build that fits him like a custom made suit. The txt-file system was making people copy pasting it from the internet and without thinking at all what the hell they are doing. So no txt-files. But a account bound save file that you can back up or take with you on an USB stick and use to save your personal builds, thats fine with me.

      • RabidCoqui

        It’s no different than links to build calculators that are used commonly now to share builds… except makes it easier for folks that were going to copy the build anyways.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    They’re nerfing champ trains… T _ T

    • bugdry

      its about time.

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