ESO Betnikh Quest Guide

A guide to ESO Betnikh quests and associated achievement. Betnikh is the second optional starter zone for the Daggerfall Covenant.


Discover Betnikh’s Locales – Achievement – 5 pts

  • Eyearata
  • Gilbard’s Nook



The Bloodthorn Plot – Level 4

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Into the Hills – Level 3

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Tormented Souls – Level 4

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Unearthing the Past – Level 3

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Carzog’s Demise – Level 3

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On to Glenumbra –Level 5

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Farsight – Level 4

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Daughter of Seamount – Level 4

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Prove Your Worth – Level 4

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  • Aniagan

    OK… working on “Into the Hills” watched a little movie, mercenary with
    me said he had no idea what had been done… I could find nothing to do
    with anything on the table and went toward a door. When I got to the
    door, the mercenary said he’d catch me later because they needed to be
    robbed. When I go outside Laganakh is no where to be found… I can’t
    get back into the cave through the original door. Can’t find mercenary.
    Not sure what I missed… never found the scroll they were talking

  • Amber

    Can’t get back to this island. I left it immediately to finish in Daggerfall and now the ship only offers Stros and DF as options. Any idea?

    • Go to Stros and do the quest there, should give you an option to go to Betnikh at the end of the quest line

      • Amber

        Yeah I did and I got to the island and then left it immediately so I could finish Glenumbra stuff. Didn’t pick up the wayshrine. Now the ship guys doesn’t seem to have the option. I have “gone back and read all options” as suggested by all the extremely friendly people in zone chat. Thank you for trying to help though!

        • Fauxknight

          Did the same thing. Abandon the quest, and pick it back up in Stros.

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