ESO Glenumbra Lorebooks Guide

A list of ESO Glenumbra lorebooks and their locations. Glenumbra is a level 5-15 zone in the Daggerfall Covenant

Map of Glenumbra lorebooks

  • Hover over the icons to see the book name, click on an icon to jump to to that lorebook.
  • Red icon = Glenumbra Lore
  • Blue icon – Other lore books

Glenumbra Skyshards map (provided for convenience)

Glenumbra Lore

1. A Warning to the Aldmeri Dominion – Daggerfall Wayshrine

  • Inside the lighthouse


2. Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant – Farwatch Wayshrine


3. Schemes of the Reachmage – Deleyn’s Mill Wayshrine


4. The Code of Mauloch – Daggerfall Wayshrine

  • Inside South Tower


5. The True Nature of Orcs – Wyrd Tree Wayshrine


6. The Werewolf’s Hide – Farwatch Wayshrine


7. True Heirs of the Empire – Baelborne Rock Wayshrine


8. Varieties of Faith: The Bretons –  Eagle’s Brook Wayshrine

  • Inside one of the abandoned houses


9. Varieties of Faith: The Orcs – Baelborne Rock Wayshrine


10. Wyresses: The Name-Daughters – Deleyn’s Mill Wayshrine

  • This book is inside the tower you need to enter for Fighter Guild quest Anchors from the Habour



Galerion the Mystic (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Farwatch Wayshrine

  • This book is to the left of the tower at the very top. There is a path to the left of the tower that leads to a dead end with this book on the ground.


Great Harbingers of the Companions (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Aldcroft Wayshrine

  • Inside the house you need to enter for A Duke in Exile


Jorunn the Skald-King (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – North Hag Fen Wayshrine

  • Located next to a table at end of stoney passage


The Illusion of Death (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Aldcroft Wayshrine

  • Located inside a tower near where you need to rescue the captives for Wicked Trade quest


Trials of St.Alessia (Daggerfall)  – Eagle’s Brook/Glenumbra

  • Found on the 2nd floor of a Bloodthorn-Occupied house next to the bed (this house is part of Cutting off the Source quest)


Triumphs of a Monarch, Ch.10 (Daggerfall) – Camlorn/Glenumbra – Eagle’s Brook Wayshrine

  • Located inside a house in Camlorn


Triumphs of a Monarch, Ch 6 (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – North Hag Fen Wayshrine

  • Located on the 2nd floor of a broken tower near Cambray Pass. You have to jump over a gap in the floor to get to it.


Daedric Princes

Boethiah’s Proving (Daggerfall)– Glenumbra – Aldcroft Wayshrine

  • Looted from the campfire after defeating the werewolves in The Wolf’s Camp


Divines and Deities

Monomyth: Dragon God & Missing God (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Burial Tombs Wayshrine

  • Inside a house called Groundkeeper’s Cottage


Dungeon Lore

Where Magical Paths Meet – Glenumbra – Spindleclutch (Level 12) – North Hag Fen Wayshrine

  • Inside Spindleclutch



Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer I-A (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Crosswych Wayshrine

  • Near the top floor of the Crosswych Inn


Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer II (Daggerfall)– Glenumbra – Crosswych Wayshrine

  • On the ground next to a closed tomb structure guard by two Bloodthorns


Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer III (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Crosswych Wayshrine

  • Inside one of the crypts you need to visit for Cursed Treasure quest


Tamriel History

Ayleid Inscriptions Translated (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Lion Guard Redoubt Wayshrine

  • Found in a coffin right outside the entrance to Ebon Crypt


Frontier, Conquest (Daggerfall)  – Lion Guard Redoubt/Glenumbra – Lion Guard Redoubt Wayshrine

  • Next to a backpack out in the open


History of the Fighter’s Guilds Pt.1 (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – North Hag Fen Wayshrine

  • Inside one of the houses you need to enter for Vines and Villains quest


History of the Fighters Guild Pt.2 (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Lion Guard Redoubt Wayshrine

  • Inside one of the houses in Gaudet Farm


Origins of the Mages Guild (Daggerfall) – Glenumbra – Lion Guard Redoubt Wayshrine

  • Book is located at the very top of the tower



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