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A guide to the various quests in ESO with their walkthroughs and rewards sorted by zone. More will be added throughout the day.


Aldmeri Dominion

Daggerfall Covenant

Ebonheart Pact

  • November Thermopyle

    Dulfy, I have a special request. I know you already do so much for this community, but you are the best person I know to turn to. I am trying very hard to find resources that list Spiders and Spider Daedra in quests. I’d like to find them BEFORE stumbling upon them if possible. there seems to be no good way to go about this. In the Single player Elder Scrolls games we could Mod them out, and of course in Star Wars, didn’t have to worry about them at all. I know I can’t be the only one who is looking for this information. Any help you could give would be appreciated. A spider icon lol anything.

    • Hm, I will see what I can do 🙂

      • November Thermopyle

        You’re a goddess. <3

  • Nomiss

    thx ! one question, i see i can leveling till level 43 , after how can i reach level 50 ? or content end at level 43 and veteran start after ??

    • Coldharbour starts at 43 and it is a zone everyone does. Once you reach 50 then you reach veteran content.

  • mordacai

    Is there any chance ebonheart pact will be updated soon? This is a great site i regularly visit since eso launch, but wheres the love for the mungral blood dunmer?

  • Faithless

    No love for ebonheart pact? I see deshaam and shadowfen area’s still don’t have a quest guide compiled :o?

    • Didn’t have time in beta to do them and they take too long to do it on live 🙁

      • Brian

        Does this mean the Ebonheart Pact quests guide won’t be updated? Have a level 17 in the EP that I made following your guide. Would be nice to know.

  • whiteclaw

    about what time will you complete shadowfen? im stuck at 61/62

  • Yostiq

    Posting coldharbour guide anytime soon?

  • Ole Petter Ingebrigtsen

    So, any ETA on when the rest of the Ebonheart Pact questline will appear?

  • Azariah

    Hey Dulfy thank you for your great work, could you please tell us when rest of the maps for Ebonheart Pact will be available ? 🙂

  • Dane

    Yo quiero Ebonheart Pact Quest guides! I know it’s super time-intensive, but it would be really helpful. I’ve come here for everything since soon after the launch of SWTOR, you do an amazing job, keep it up! But also, show some love for us Ebonheart folk 🙂

  • Adalwolf

    Will you make achievement guides? Specifically the spawn places and spawn conditions for the public dungeons and fishing would be useful.

  • dessdf


  • Numbutter

    Dulfy stated
    8 days ago
    “Didn’t have time in beta to do them and they take too long to do it on live :(”

    What does that mean?

  • I will try to finish up the EP quest guides. Didn’t know there would be so much interest.

    • armorladis

      Of course there’s an interest. What in the world would make you think we wouldnt want EP quests.

    • jean

      funny i don’t know there are too much interest in playing that damn nazi elfs. But appears there are too much interest in the “elf” word after that Peter Jackson x-men like legolas. I wonder if they ill create also a “glowing in the sun” vampire. lol

    • Ole Petter Ingebrigtsen

      And SEVEN MONTHS later – still nothing…

  • dfwe23

    Please Please I beg you finish EP quests. As a completionist you don’t know how frustrating to see your beautiful work of art with the AD and DC and not the EP. They are both finished and EP left in the dust. If you can finish EP you will prevent me from ditching ALL of my friends by going to AD just to have a complete quest list.

  • Eirik

    Would love the EP quest guides, since everyone has to go through them for VR content anyways!

  • awd

    Please do Shadowfen!

  • Joshua Miller

    Any chance we’ll get EP Quest guides soon or are you not playing ESO anymore? 🙁

  • Torugash

    Seen you today in the AD bank, somewhere in auridon!

  • Torugash

    I spy a dulfy!

    • Hah yup that is me

  • Phil Chamberlain

    Thanks for the Great work Dufly

  • dse3h

    Still no Ebonheart Pack update? Glad I switched to Aldmeri Dominion.

  • BlackBear

    Cannot wait for the Shadowfen guide! I still need 3 quests but I can’t find them ;(

    • Amye Olson

      Check the post I just made. I listed the commonly missed last few quests. I just completed my Shadofen a couple days ago. 🙂 I’d upload a finished map but I can’t seem to do that here.

      • BlackBear

        Thanks a lot! Awesome 🙂 Going to check it out later.

        • BlackBear

          I missed the two in the ruins. Trying to find the last one!

          • BlackBear

            aaand last one was in Deep Graves (shows after completing the area)

  • Amye Olson

    The missed quests for Shadow Fen are normally these four: a
    Catch the Lightening – draw an Invisible line through middle of map vertically. To the left of that about halfway will be a bridge across the river to the platform with the guy to start that. It is allllll the way to the bottom of the map.
    Loralei(sp?) Ayleid ruins have two quests in addition to the main. One each Down the lft & rt corridors from main chamber.
    Sanguine’s Demense- public Dungeon marked with torch at top right corner of map. Contains two quests.
    There is also an elusive wandering girl that is in the swap in the lower half of the map that is sometimes hard to find but can be found by following the roads. She is close enough to a road for her arrow to be visible at some point.

    • Amye Olson

      Finished Shadow Fen Map. Oops. Second one is Shadow Fen. Long skinny 1st one is not. Lol sorry

  • juice

    Will there ever be a cyrodil quest guide?

  • Fuflo

    Please finish the Guide with Ebonheart Quests , it would be really helpful because I’ve got one quest left and I don’t know how to finish it.

  • Fuflo

    There are no other Guides good as yours on the internet.

  • Humble Citizen

    Dulfy, you are the Queen Of Quest Guides. I will dedicate many shrines in your honor if you can complete the Ebonheart Pack quests. Thank you mythical Queen Of Quest Guides *bows*

  • Muminnek

    My guildmate told us that you would play EP and my thoughts were: oh great, there will be helpfull guide for EP zones, I love your guides from SWTOR and GW2. Hmm, I am Pact Hero now and no thanks to your guides. And yes, most hard was to find missing four quests in Shadowfen (see Amye Olson ‘s post below).

  • Voice Of The People

    The People Demand A Complete Ebonheart Pact Guide!

  • Frost

    Yeah the Ebonheart Pact stuff needs to get done. Its almost like your excluding us.

  • Richard Chu

    Wow, no love for EP faction?

  • Jozyjo

    Love to see EP stuff up here please!!!

  • SKiddy

    Some work done based on your skill guides:
    Fingers crossed for EP to be finished!

  • From Ebonhart With Love

    The Pact Needs You Dulfy, It Needs Your Guides!

  • EP All the way

    Dulfy no Disrespect but are the EP Guide almost done and if not could you just upload the deshaan guide plz..

  • Richard Chu

    I dont think it’s happening, I guess Dulfy doesnt like the EP zone quests enough to do it, we need to give up.

    • Ole Petter Ingebrigtsen

      Yes it seems you’re right, sadly 🙁

  • Rajaat

    ya i could really use help with EP. 🙂

  • Dyenekes

    EP Please!

  • Enodoc

    +1 for the EP quests please! Also I was wondering if you were planning on doing Cyrodiil’s PvE quests, and the Craglorn quests. These guides are great for finding that last quest in some dark corner of the map 🙂

  • frag971

    These guides are really sweet, would love to see it finished.

  • 一下阿比


  • cc

    These are the best guides there are! please finish them =) you’re freakin awesome!

  • sentientomega

    Yes, please, it would be good to have more details of the Ebonheart Pact ones.

  • iProHiggins

    Dulfy can you please finish the Ebonhart pact guides please!

  • Kelly

    Dulfy da bomb.

  • Jtarmes

    Please update Ebonheart quests please!

  • Randy Friis


    * – Complete

    Serkamora (Serk)
    1.) Bad Medicine – Talk to Aerona Berendas
    2.) Proprietary Formula – Talk to Nilyne Hlor
    3.) Quest for the Cure – Given after finishing (Bad Medicine)
    4.) The Llodos Plague – Given by Sergeant Nen (Usually appears nearby after finishing Finding The Cure)

    Malak’s Maw
    5.) Intruders In Deshaan – Given by Vartis Dareel (Right Side on the Way to Narsis)
    6.) Oath Breaker – Given by Svanhildr
    7.) Ritual of Anguish – Given by Idrasa
    8.) Challenge the Tide – Given after turning in Oath Breaker

    9.) For their Own Protection – Given by Sergeant Ren (Entrance of Narsis)
    10.) Unwanted Guests – Giben by Councilor Ralden
    11.) Fighting Back – Given by Varon Davel
    12.) Ratting them Out – Given by Sergeant Rila Lenith
    13.) Hiding In Plain Sight – Given by Varon Davel
    14.) Tracking The Plague – Given by Varon Davel
    15.) The Nake Nord – Given by Norgred Hardhelm (On way to Obsidion Gorge right hand side)

    Obsidion Gorge
    16.) Death Trap – Given by Captain Diiril
    17.) Nothing Left to Wast – Given by Kotholl (Near by Scout you report to for DT)
    18.) Payback – given to you by Scout Kanat (In a cave a scout sends you to)
    19.) Plague Bringer – Given by Varon Davel
    20.) Message to Mournhold – Given by Varon Davel

    21.) Mechanical Murder – Obtained by Dwarven wreck North of Mournhold
    22.) That which matters most – Given by Caravan Master Girano
    23.) Dissonant commands – Given by Bedyni the Artificer

    24.) A Favor Returned – Given by Ordinator (Entrance to Mournhold)
    25.) Veangence of the Oppressed – Given by Sar-Keer (Near Town Center)
    26.) The Mournold Underground – Given by Naryu Virian
    27.) The Seal of the 3 – given by an Ordinator (Recieved after turning in Mournhold Undergroud)***
    27.) Cultural Exchange – given by Rigurt the Brash
    28.) Chasing Magistrix Vox – Given by Almalexia
    *Talk to Nosaleeth at the docks to go to the Academy of Magic
    *talk to Stargazer to go to Craglorn

    Muth Gnaar
    29.) Honor Bound – Given by healer Senar
    30.) Medallions of Saint Veloth – Given by Healer Ravel
    31.) Burning Revenge – Given by Tennus Andalen

    Vale of the Ghost Snake
    32.) Trade Negotiations – Given by Apprentice Savur (Next to Shrine to Saint Rilms)
    33.) Trial of the Ghost Snake – Given by Farseer Bodani
    34.) Remembering Risa – Given by a Journal on the Coiled Path (Look Inbetween some rocks next to path)

    35.) Restless Spirits – Given by Elynisi
    36.) Supply run – Given by Aamela Rethandus
    37.) Rescue and Revenge – Given by Forlorn One
    38.) A Saint Asunder – Given by Acolyte Gami (Takes you to Shrine of Saint Veloth)

    Silent Mire
    39.) The Ravaged Village – Given by Vara-Zeen
    40.) The Saving of the Silent Mire – Given by Leel-Vata
    41.) Cold-Blooded Vengeance – Given by Azeenus (Near the Docks)
    42.) Strange Guard Beasts – given by Churasu (found in a hut near entrance)

    Tal’deic Fortress
    43.) Rules and Regulations -Given by Sergeant Hadril
    44.) What lies beneath – Given by Ragna Stormcrag
    45.) Soldiers Alibi – Given by Saryvn (In the Ruins Below the Fort)
    46.) Bad Soldiers – Given by Fervyn

    Shrine of Saint Veloth
    47.) Wounds in the World – given by Priest Dilyne
    48.) Healing Hearts – Given by Acolyte Eldri

    Eidolon’s Hollow
    49.) A blow for Order – Given by Ordinator Gorili
    50.) Into the Mouth of Madness – Given by Ordinator Muron
    51.) Motive for heresy – Given by Aspera the Forgotten (Inside Vox’s Lair)
    52.) Judgement of Veloth – Given by Aspera the Forgotten

    Shad Astula
    53.) By Invitation Only – Obtained after speaking to Instructor Ninla
    54.) School Daze – Given by Arch-Mage Valeyn
    55.) Vision Quest – Given by Arch-Mage Valeyn

    Onto Shadowfen
    5.) Onward to Shadowfen – Given by Ganthis after defeating Vox

    • Randy Friis

      I hope this helps some of you out a bit. I just started eso, this website was tremendous help until getting into Deshaan so I tracked all the quests I came across. Sorry there is no map to help you any further. I did put some hints and tips on the hard to find ones or easily missed. 😀

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