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GW2 April Fools: Bobbleheads

All of your characters and NPCs now have huge bouncing Bobbleheads for April Fools. Check it out ingame!




By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

24 replies on “GW2 April Fools: Bobbleheads”

got it last night in WvW ……..imagine a Zerg of big heads….we laughed so hard we could not fight. But this morning logged in and its gone. Wish it had lasted the day. Wanted to experiment with it in different regions. PS Congrats to Dulfy I really wanted to chase you in Urban Battlegrounds

I confirm that World boss had bobble head.
We fought the Great Worm in Caledon Forest. Her head was almost as big as her “corpse” 😀

aww D: i wish i wasn’t so busy with school work
really wanted to play the meta bosses and dungeons ;n;

What they did to Quaggans…they looked mutilated and disfigured. Even if it was just for a day it’s unforgivable. Those poor Quaggans ; _ ;

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