GW2 gemstore update: Minstrel Finisher, Glowing Mask and Quaggan Backpack

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Minstrel PvP finisher, Crimson Glowing Mask and Quaggan Warrior Backpack. Here are some images and videos of these items,

Minstrel Finisher – 800 gems

  • The picture on the right has the bobblehead effect from April Fools



Crimson Glowing Mask – 500 gems

  • Can be applied to any helm
  • Not dyeable
  • [&AgGT+QAA]



Quaggan Warrior Backpack – 300 gems

  • A backpack cover is provided


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13 replies on “GW2 gemstore update: Minstrel Finisher, Glowing Mask and Quaggan Backpack”

That mask is nice. Maybe they’ll come out with alternative colors in similar styles at some point. Would totally buy that in green for my Necro.

The starter Necro mask is green with white eyes, it’s what I’ve been using and may switch out for this.

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