SWTOR release new ship role: Asteroid

SWTOR announced a new ship role for Galactic Starfighter today, the Asteroid. Thanks to new Czerka technology, pilots can now jump into the cockpit of The Asteroid and take out their enemies head on.

Be the Weapon! Be the Asteroid!

Take your Asteroid to Space!

Who needs blaster bolts, ion cannons, or missiles, when your ship itself can be the weapon? Thanks to new Czerka technology, pilots can now jump into the cockpit of The Asteroid and take out their enemies head on.

Blend into the battleground and lock onto unsuspecting enemies. The Asteroid specializes in tractor beams that reels their victims in. By the time the target realizes the situation, they will be blown to smithereens across the Asteroidโ€™s rocky hull. More aggressive pilots will enjoy ramming into their foes with deadly accuracy. They wonโ€™t know what hit them until you hit them!

Pilots should keep in mind that like the Bomber, the Asteroid is a big target with low maneuverability, blending into the terrain is a necessity for survival. Since this ship role has the strongest hull armor in Galactic Starfighter, they have no shields to protect them. Tactical gameplay is key with the Asteroid.

If you enjoy ramming your starfighter into your enemies and taking foes out from the shadows of space, the Asteroid is the ship for you!

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24 replies on “SWTOR release new ship role: Asteroid”

Sweet, ma asteroid is gonna stomp your puny ships into dust. I just need to figure out how to stear a fucking asteroid ๐Ÿ˜€

Man, why are the April Fools jokes from SWTOR things I would actually want to play?? I still want to be the Ship Droid from a couple years ago…..I would totally be an Asteroid

Not quite as good as Ship Droid, but close. Honestly, this could potentially be the only way they get me to log in and play that abysmal GSF mini game. Just not a fan. Love the rest of the game though.

Still probably easier to kill than a bomber from the beta. I see this thing do a barrel roll though, I’ll start questioning both my sanity and my understanding of inertia.

Is it weird that I kind of want to see these flying around? Who doesn’t want weaponized asteroids?

Amusing, but not very april-fools, too obvious. It would be nice to have players flying big, slow ships with a turret mode, though.
I also think they should rebalance collision damage. Even gently brushing up against any static surface inflicts catastrophic damage to one’s ship. Worse, it causes your ship to bounce around, so you take more damage the longer it takes you to move away from the surface.

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