ESO Cyrodiil Mountain Skyshard Guide

A guide to getting the ESO Mountain Skyshard in Cyrodiil.

The Mountain Skyshard is a single skyshard in the NE region of Cyrodiil on top of a very tall mountain. It is a single skyshard but has an achievement for finding it that is worth 5 points. It might be useful to bring a friend as the skyshard is guarded by a giant that hits very hard and there is chance for players from enemy factions to camp that spot.


There are two ways to reach this particular skyshard., you can go through the tunnels or climb to it


  • This tunnel has 3 entrances that all lead you to a door in the middle that will take you up top.
  • Do not open the chest next to the door that will take you to Whitefall Mountaintop. It is a trap and will spawn mobs.



  • Next to the The Tower Mundus stone you will see a little path leading up. Following it will take you up to the mountain top.



The skyshard itself is guarded by Malvor, a giant. He doesn’t have a lot of HP but has a pretty nasty melee attack. Two level 10+ players can easily defeat him but solo might also be viable. Bring a filled Grand Soul Gem or two  just incase so you don’t have to run all the way back if you die to him


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