ESO CE Treasure Maps location guide

A guide to the ESO CE Treasure Map locations provided with Explorer’s Pack given out for pre-ordering ESO.

CE Treasure maps are one time use only and provide you with random rewards (greens to blues) that might be of use to you (rewards also do not scale with level). You must own the map to see a Dirt Mound at the marked spot with the option to dig. Interacting with it will reveal a chest and consume your treasure map.

Make sure you have the map in your inventory before you go search for the treasures or they won’t appear.


Aldmeri Dominion

Khenarthi’s Roost (Starter)


Spoiler Inside Show

Auridion (5-15)


Spoiler Inside Show

Grahtwood (16-23)


Spoiler Inside Show

Greenshade (25-30)


Spoiler Inside Show

Malabal Tor (31-37)


Spoiler Inside Show

Reaper’s March (37-43)


Spoiler Inside Show

Daggerfall Covenant

Stros M’kai (Starter)


Spoiler Inside Show

Betnikh (Starter)


Spoiler Inside Show

Glenumbra (5-15)


Spoiler Inside Show

Stormhaven (16-23)


Spoiler Inside Show

Rivenspire (25-30)


Spoiler Inside Show

Alik’r Desert (31-37)


Spoiler Inside Show

Bangkorai (37-43)


Spoiler Inside Show

Ebonheart Pact

Bleakrock Isle (Starter)


Spoiler Inside Show

Bal Foyen (Starter)


Spoiler Inside Show

Stonefalls (5-15)


Spoiler Inside Show

Deshaan (16-23)


Spoiler Inside Show

Shadowfen (25-30)


Spoiler Inside Show

Eastmarch (31-37)


Spoiler Inside Show

The Rift (37-43)


Spoiler Inside Show


Coldharbour (43-50)


Spoiler Inside Show

Special thanks to Crilt, Celerrimus, Cheating, Exile, Pseudonin for helping me with collecting the CE Treasure Map images.

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13 replies on “ESO CE Treasure Maps location guide”

is there any information on the khenarthi’s roost CE treasure map IV? having trouble recognising the area.
thanks for the help

Dulfy, do you have other locations of the “Regular” treasure maps? I’m having trouble with the Auridon IV exactly where along the coastline it is.

I don’t know if it has changed since Beta, you have the “Ebonheart Pact: Bal Boyen (Starter)”, it is Bal Foyen in game now.

I must be missing some button or hotlink. I see only one map for each area other than the two for Kenarthi’s Roost. How can I see more than one map for, say, Auridon?

Sure wish I’d known about ‘Make sure you have the map in your inventory before you go search for the treasures or they won’t appear.’ I took screenshots of the maps and then deleted them. So, of course, I haven’t found any treasure and now that I’m VR1 it makes no sense to go back after them. Ugh!

Since “rewards also do not scale with level” I wonder if it makes any sense to look for these ‘treasures’ while I’m pursuing VR1 content in another alliance’s lower level zones?

You need to have the map equipped to find the stash/loot. When you have looted the stash the map will be erased from your inventory. No matter what level the reward is, it will be a quality item that you can dismantle to get upgrade materials eg: Honing stones, Dwarven Oi, Pitch, Turpen etc…or it will be a huge pile of raw materials that you can refine, which will produce more upgrade materials for you…. I’m currently Lv 34, & with ‘map in hand’, I scored a huge amount of Dwarven Ore from 1 stash, enough to upgrade all my armor. A good way to get maps is by looting the banks,….anyways I gotta go,…I still got 32 more treasure maps to complete 🙂

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