SWTOR Deep Pink and Black Dye Modules in CM for limited time

SWTOR Deep Pink and Black Dye Modules are now in the Cartel Market for a limited time (likely 24 hrs). The previous Deep Pink and White dye modules were only available for 24 hrs and removed from the cartel market.

The dye modules are likely gone on Sunday April 6, at noon EDT.

swtor-black-deep-pink-dye-module swtor-black-deep-pink-dye-module-2

  • Vicious

    Too bad it’s Pepto-Bismol pink, and not hot pink….

  • Marnis Soldier

    I was wondering why Bioware was giving us Extra Cartel coins. It’s so we can use them to purchase the New dye, them Bastards! >8P.

  • micmitja

    now its 400 CC, 200 cc cheaper

  • RumpYak

    They’re not deep pink/black any more. They’re deep pink/gray now. That’s why they’re cheaper.

  • micmitja

    damn u right missed that my bad 🙂

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