SWTOR Korriban Incursion Flashpoint Guide

A guide to Korriban Incursion, a Level 55 tactical flashpoint newly added with Patch 2.7.

Access: The new flashpoints can be accessed via the group finder or via the new hub (Mission hangar) accessed from Mission Departures elevator on the fleet.

Story Quest: There is a story quest on picked up from a droid on the fleet that can give you the new HK-51 companion customizations as rewards. This droid is near the Mission Departure elevator (A7-M1 on Empire, T3-G2 on Republic) ) and will have the Story Arc: Forged Alliances tag under his name.


Rare Drops: Many of the bosses can drop rare pets/mounts. Keep an eye out for these new mounts/pets added to patch 2.7.

Master Riilna/Lord Renning (515k HP)

  • Master Riilna is the Empire version, Lord Renning is the Republic version
  • Main thing to watch out for is an avoidable AoE called Forcequake/Force Storm and a cleanseable DoT called Mind Crush
  • Perioidcally during the fight, he will break one of the cages and summon two Mind Controlled Tuk’ata adds (strong, 48k HP) that should be killed first or AoE down with the boss.


R-9XR/I5-T1 (661k HP)

  • R-9XR is the Empire version, I5-T1 is the Republic version
  • Marks a player with Acquiring Target and then cast a Laser Burst, a giant green beam at them. Doesn’t deal a lot of damage but can be dangerous if the player is low on HP already.
  • Periodically will go into a bombardment phase where it drop a large red circle on itself that deals damage over time. At the same time will drop red circles that target players and yellow circles that drops mines. These mines do last for a while and hits for over 8k damage if you walk into it.


Commander Jensyn/Darth Soverus (638k HP)

  • Commander Jensyn is the Empire version, Darth Soverus is the Republic version
  • Channels Saber Reflect, which will reflect all damage. During this a Containment Droid is summmoned and will chain stun a player (Containment Beam, 15s duration) and cannot be interrupted. Kill this droid to rescue the stunned player. The droid will kill itself after it finishes channeling the beam regardless.


  • About twice during the fight he will choke everyone and jump from player to player. At the end of it, he will leap to the middle of the room and deliver a massive explosion that deals a fair bit of damage and knocks everyone back a few meters.


  • Tyath

    On the Droid boss, it’s probably worth mentioning that while the boss is locking-on/firing it’s laser, it’s immune to taunts

  • Belisar

    So is it only Tython or does the new Mount drop on Korriban too?

    • TheMadVanguard

      its drops in both

  • Irongut

    On Republic side, inside the Sith Academy, in the room where you fight the Inquisitor trainer I heard the datacron noise. I went up the stairs to where there is a datacron on Korriban proper and there is a glow on the shelf where it should be and datacrons strewn on the floor but I couldn’t find anything to click. Has anyone else seen/heard this? Has anyone found a way to interact with it? I’m not necessarily expecting the datacron but it does look like there should be something to interact with there.

    I haven’t spotted anything similar on Tython but I don’t know the Jedi temple as well as I know the Academy.

    • Maraxxus

      That’s because in that room (not in the instance) on regular Korriban, there is a lore location that is a Holocron (not a datacron).

  • JasonRyder

    For some reason, this fp and Assault on Tython seem very unpopular. I quened for it today and it never popped. Whenever I queen for all the Tactical FPS, I ALWAYS get Czerka Core Meltdown for some reason.

  • George Blair

    What does Jensyn mean when he says (as he dies), “I go knowing I set a great thing in motion” ?

    • Probably hint for the next installment of the story

  • abaddonsmummy

    so is this the 1st part of the manaan story?

    • first part of the forged alliance story. 2nd part is manaan. 3rd part is rakata prime

      • abaddonsmummy

        thanks v much.
        also do you have to do both parts of the story i.e this and assault on tython?

        • Yes you need to do both tython and korriban for first part and manaan for second part

          • abaddonsmummy

            thank you great and wise sage. :3

  • Axe

    Dulfy, will you be posting updated lv 60 HM guides for these FPs?

  • Aleksey314

    Not sure about Story mode, but on Hard mode, during the first boss fight, the tank should pay attention not to stand with their back towards open cages. If the boss throws you into one of them, the electricity will insta-kill you. Then your corpse will be at the fight site entrance, can be combat revived.

  • mike

    if you have someone stand on statue between the first 2 thrones on right when you enter room the first time you get picked up and thrown back the person standing between thrones wont lose health then jensyn will die done this 5 times with sorc now so is deffo bugged

    • mike

      presume it would be same for rep side

  • Ege

    What is the name of that armors name weared by that commander jensyn??

  • Jay

    R-9XR/I5-T1 have a soft enrage timer, if you don’t dps him fast enough he goes into “extermination mode ” and basically just wipes everyone. Wish the guide was more up to date, he’s definitely a PuG killer, atleast for the DvL event – very DPS and Healer fight, tank doesn’t do much here.

  • Dr_Nex

    Guide is totally incomplete for HM, basically useless.

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