GW2 Developer Q&A Livestream on April Feature Pack

Notes on the latest GW2 Developer Livestream in which questions on the April Feature Pack will be answered.


  • John Corpening – Associate Game Director (Competitive side)
  • Ryan Diederich – Gameplay Programmer
  • Kate Welch – UI Designer


  • What will happen to instant retrait items from gemstore
    • You can request refunds after April 15 for any you brought. You cannot request refunds for those coming from Black Lion Chests
  • Low level characters for PvP – concerned about the new trait system and not having as many traits
    • You have access to the core traits in PvP, only ones you don’t have access to are the new traits introduced with April 15 patch.
  • Trait points are condensed from 70 points to 14 points so everytime you spend traits points, you will get a minor or major trait. From level 66 you will get 2 points every 6 levels


  • Will any of the gemstore armor we brought unlock even if we have salvaged some of it.
    • If you have any piece of the set remaining, it will unlock the whole set
  • HoM/Achievement skins – unlockable in the wardrobe?
    • Yes they are unlockable for free (does not require transmutation charges)
  • Racial and weight restrictions still apply to the Wardrobe?
    • Yes, can’t wear other race’s cultural armor or other armor weights.
  • One transmutation charge per skin application with exception of those free skins mentioned earlier. Once a skin is unlocked, it is unlocked forever on your account but it still require transmutation charges to apply them.
  • Town clothing – Cook outfits, Mad King’s are useable in combat as a full set. Helmets are useable on all armor weights. Some of the Town clothing (i.e. chestpieces, leggings) are now tonics.
  • Town Clothing that can no longer be mixed/match can be request for refund on a case by case basis.
  • Town Clothing Toys are still banned in WvW on a case by case basis. You can still use the outfits associated with these toys.
  • You get transmutation charges for Map completion after April 15.
  • In PvP, it still costs transmutation charges to swap skins since it uses the same system as PvE. PvP players are getting a one time allotment of transmutation charges based on their PvP rank (i.e. rank 40 get 40 transmutation charges)
  • For players with duplicate skins from the gemstore, you can request for refund after April 15. You can still use the duplicate skins to avoid transmutation charges if you wish to apply them to a character.
  • Duplicate BLC weapon skins won’t be eligible for refund since they are tradeable and have high market value.
  • Any transmuted item will unlock the skin of the base item used for stats and the most recent item used for appearance.
  • Transmutation splitters can be traded in for Transmutation charges.
  • Skins that can be applied to any armor weight class will unlock for all 3 armor weight class.

Social play changes

  • Last login for guilds – Last online login, not last represented login. The entire guild roster will be able to see the last login time of someone

Account Bound Gear

  • Cultural skinned Ascended armor – these skins can be only used on that race. If you want to use it on another race, you will need to reskin it.


  • Gatherable node locations are still randomized in every map instance.
  • World Boss schedule will affect all world bosses at once even though the megaserver will only affect low level zones at first.
  • M P

    “Cultural skinned Ascended armor”

    So, is that ascended armor transmuted with cultural armor skin or will there be a new kind of ascended armor, a cultural one?

    • It is just ascended armor transmuted with cultural armor skin

    • M P

      i guess the first choice…

  • Alex

    So if I have purchased a tormented weapon skin with a ticket from a BLC and used this skin on an ascended weapon, will it still be available for to use across all my characters? Or should I use a transmutation splitter prior to the patch? Any help appreciated! Alex

    • GotchaNL

      The wardrobe will register the first skin (ascended skin) and the last applied skin (in your case the tormented skin). Anything in between won’t be added to the wardrobe. The weapon itself will be usable on all your chars, as it becomes account-bound.

  • Nick

    if we had flamekissed and then transmute it with zodiac and after that transmute it with phoenix we ll have both 3 armor skins in the wardrobe? 😀

    • Ranique

      No!. Only skins currently in your posession will be counted. But if you have one item of a gemstore skin, you get all items. So if you had flamekissed, transmuted it with Zodiac, and after that with phoenix, you will only have phoenix left. You can use a transmutation splitter to revert one item back to Zodiac and recieve the full zodiac set. The flamekissed will be untracable in your situation unless you have one untransmutated item left.

      • Nick

        meh ok tnx

      • Didn’t they also say the first first item skin and the last item skin would be unlocked?

  • dostunuz

    Ah, the game finally coming out from beta.

    • dostunuz is an idiot


    • Galhalean


  • Lord

    Question : I still have the Fused Gauntlet ticket From Flame and
    Frost living story, which gives me the Fused Gauntlet (choice between
    light, medium and heavy).
    If I used it after the patch, will it unlock all three skins, as we could only have 1 ticket ?

    • M P

      “Skins that can be applied to any armor weight class will unlock for all 3 armor weight class”
      I hope it will work like this even after the patch.

  • Dstroya

    Do we know if The skin associated with a character will remain for that character? For example: Character A has Ascended armor skinned to look like CoF Armor, and then I give it to Character B, but change the look to Arah armor. When I give it back to Character A will it retain the Arah look or revert back to the CoF look that Character had before?

    • Sty

      It is the same armor with only one skin at the same time.

  • Tinkdnuos

    When they took the instant trait resets out of the gem store, they should have removed them from the BLTC chests as well. They didn’t because they’re greedy, greedy thieves.

    Such BS. FFS, I’d take more mystery tonics in exchange.

    FU Anet.

    • Sty

      Greedy thieves… Because you don’t have to buy anything except the game itself? I think I love greedy thieves like those.

    • Galhalean

      i though they released a patch recently that removed them…. or they will be removed the 15th something like that

  • Ferozstein

    Any word on what is going to happen to the “small” (soulbound to a specific character with 30 min duration) WXP boosters after the rank unification?

    • Ranique

      Nothing is specifically said bout it. There is actually no reason to assume it will be changed in function. The booster itself is soulbound, the WXP that you get extra cause of it can still go to the big pool. Although it makes more sense to make those boosters accountbound, it might not cause of the scale of this update.

  • nadrian3k

    So if i have a legendary weapon right now (not transmuted or anything..just the core legendary) equiped on a character, when the new system is out, it will automatically add the skin of that legendary wep to the wardrobe without having to use transmutations or anything? And i will be able to use it on any normal item (with a transmutation thingy)

    • M P

      exactly. and the precursor skin is added as well to the wardrobe. eternity -> both prelegendaries + both precursors in wardrobe.

  • Ekatarinakure

    What if I purchased sets of braham armor from tp and used 1 for pve player 1 souldbound to a character but 1 still in consumable form, can i get 1600 gems refund?

    • Sty

      “For players with duplicate skins from the gemstore, you can request for refund after April 15.”

      According to this, if you bought this skin 3 times, you can be refunded twice.

  • Cenarion Child

    Will the ore nodes on high level map spawn randomly as well or we can still use to locate them..?

    • jonabalona

      lvl 1-15 maps will only be mega-servered for now. When they do implement on higher level maps later though, you won’t be able to target specific servers for specific node locations.

      • Cenarion Child

        so after april 15th we can still locate nodes via rite..? many thx..!

        • jonabalona

          Yes it will work for now.

  • HEVampersand

    If you have already selected a weight class (light, medium, or heavy) for an item like the Gas Mask will it only unlock the weight class that you chose or will it unlock all three? It would be rough if people that chose to use it for PVP got rewarded with all 3 instead of those that chose to use it for one character in PVE.

    • Galhalean

      it will be unlocked for all weight classes

  • zerkberk

    does anyone actually play this piece of shit game anymore?

  • Chris Smith

    One transmutation charge per skin application with exception of those free skins mentioned earlier. Once a skin is unlocked, it is unlocked forever on your account but it still require transmutation charges to apply them.
    It is NOT unlocked if transmutation charges are required to use the skins. You are only expanding the skin store selection!

    The wardrobe would have been revolutionary, if there was NO charges involved!

    But Anet needs to make money? Well there are many other ways Anet can make money. And there are other FTP MMO’s with a FREE WORDROBE!

    • Sty

      Transmutation charges can be gained in game (map completion, pvp ranks, maybe other ways) and every player are granted with an initial amount of charges depending on pvp ranks and unused transmutation crystals/stones.

      Of course Anet needs to make money. But according to the current price of transmutation crystals, buying charges should not require a lot of golds, so I doubt that it will be such a big limitation or a great source of income for Anet.

    • Galhalean

      To be honest, I dont see the problem here. Transmutation is a premium and has always been. If anything this will lessen the cost of the service. More importantly, if you have done your dailies and monthlies you will notice that you get the CRYSTALS not the stones as a reward…. now you can really rack up the charges right now by doing them. After the release, I dont see them changing the rewards of dailies at all.

      • Chris Smith

        How does grinding make Anet money? Just cut out the charges altogether.

    • Chris Smith

      A completely free wardrobe would give players more of a reason to buy gem store skins.

      Saying Anet needs to make money off transmutations is saying Anet should make money for NO NEW WORK OR CONTENT! Give players real content for their money!

      • Sty

        Of course! Anet should only pay their employees when there are updates and “new content”!

        Oh, but wardrobe = new work and content… I’m confused… Your definition of new word/content is just a matter of opinion and, whatever you think, this update IS new work and content.

        Again, if you don’t want to use real money, just don’t use it. Transmutation charges won’t be that hard to gather.

        • Chris Smith

          The wardrobe is a rental store. It is not real content.

          Transmutation charges are not content. They are only a restriction for Anet to make money.

          But I think a free wardrobe is much more profitable. Players will buy more if skins have no restrictions.

  • Zache

    “Duplicate BLC weapon skins won’t be eligible for refund since they are tradeable and have high market value.”

    But they are soulbound once used, so those of us that have one a BLC skin in PvP and one we use in PvE are fucked. That’s pretty nasty

    • bugdry

      lol thats not really a big deal…wow people need to relax a bit.

    • Sty

      They probably mean duplicate BLC weapon skins that are not already used. Soulbound BLC weapon skins should be eligible for refund.

  • graws

    how about duplicate dye ??

    • Sty

      duplicate dyes = unidentified dyes in your inventory after the update.

  • Applejuice

    Every site specifies “gemstore armor” gets added to the wardrobe, does that count gemstore weapons?I have a gemstore weaponskin (the Kasmeer staff) that is currently on my weapon but has not unlocked. Neither it or the the original pearl weaponskin are in my wardrobe. Is that normal?

    • Right click it and see if there is a unlock skin option

      • Applejuice

        The option is greyed out.

        • That is odd, my unlocked fine: and for pics

          • Applejuice

            Oh, I went to the bank and saw it was unlocked the whole time… heh heh. I had to have a staff in my inventory (that wasn’t my current one) for it to show up. But I saw it in my account vault. Thanks anyways

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