GW2 Gemstore update: Drums and Avian minis

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Musical Frame Drums for 800 gems and Mini Avian 3 pack for 500 gems. Below are some videos and pictures of these new items.

Musical Frame Drum – 800 gems

  • Has 5 notes you can control, a primitive recording function and preset loops/random solos that you can play
  • Fun toy even for the musically challenged.



Mini Avian 3 Pack – 500 gems

  • The minis are fairly tiny but they do have a “flying” animation when you move around.


Mini Snow Owl


Mini Raven


Mini Hawk


By Dulfy

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25 replies on “GW2 Gemstore update: Drums and Avian minis”

hm, im a bit disappointed by the drums. it doesnt look like you have much freedom. it looks like you can put some parts together and loop it on demand. am i right?

you play some notes to add them to the loop. i think its the best solution we could get. no on time issues (ping lag) or something, and you can control it quite good. i got some awesome beats with a ping 200+.
i like it and would recommend it.

Any signs of being able to combo the minis to create a fourth? Or are they going to short change us like the wurm mini pack

Anet was ripping players off. By requiring players to buy the same mini set twice to obtain one rarer mini. They did this before with town clothing too.

Very rare items should not require destroying other gem store items to obtain. This would exclude keys since they are just gambling.

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