SWTOR Grand Acquisitions Pack available until Monday

SWTOR Grand Acquisitions pack will be available until Monday April 14th and features rare items, and rare armor sets.

First Grand Acquisitions Pack Available For A Limited Time | 04.10.2014, 08:08 PM

Hey everyone!
Starting at 4PM CDT (9PM GMT) today, the first Grand Acquisitions Pack will be available on the Cartel Market for a limited time.
The Grand Acquisitions Pack features a selection of items from the Cartel, Contraband, and Bounty Shipments, and each pack contains:

  • One Reputation item, for either the Contraband Resale Corporation or the Bounty Supply Company.
  • One Rare bonus item with a chance of a Super Rare.
  • One Rare complete armor set with a chance of a Super Rare.

The Packs cost 900 Cartel Coins (10% off!) and will only be available until 11AM (4PM GMT) on Monday, April 14th, so make sure you pick up a pack soon!

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48 replies on “SWTOR Grand Acquisitions Pack available until Monday”

I love when companies label things as “10% Off” when the ‘discounted’ price is the only price they are ever offered at. πŸ˜›

Are the Bonus items things like Color Crystals, Mounts and Pets from those 3 Shipments?

yeah, nothing should stay rare. Serioulsy, why don’t they just sell every item directly for cash. For example sell revan’s mask for 100 bucks.

Well, everyone would complain about the outrageous prices then.

But seriously, this method encourages the redistribution of wealth. In the sense that you can (usually) resell the stuff you get to others, because ther’es a market because they can’t just get it for cash.

They do. You can buy it with Cartel Certificates and like 100k credits. You are pretty much guaranteed to get that with $100.

The most important question is that ” what the heck is the chance to get the super rare item. 1% or 5%. why don’t they say it

They seem very hit or miss, Got a Thana Vesh full set, a white indestructible crystal, and the imperial hutball away uniform full set from 3 packs. Other items were negligble.

I got 2 pets in each of the two packs that I got. The clothing sets weren’t exactly ones I’ve been looking for but it was nice to add them to my collection and not have to wait for pieces. I’d really like the Revan set to be in there.:)

So, the you can get the revan set? Cool..that is the one I want. Of course, that probally means I’ll get everything but:P

Yea I bought 8 packs and got revans set on pack 6 so it’s a super rare and got a few useless things too between that a troublemakers set it was well worth the coins within seconds of talking about it on chat ppl were offering me 20 mil for the set. Thankfully I am not selling it unless they give me 100 million which I would think no one is that stupid to pay that much.

Wow, I bought 6 packs. I got Marka Ragnos (sp) and a Mira set..already had those. I also got several of the other less known sets. You were lucky.

It’s worth it if u get what u want but if u really don’t have anything u want then don’t waste the cc. I wanted the revans set and so it was worth it, I would have felt like a douche if I bought those packs and didn’t get it though.

I am done with the game… I can’t even believe they would include such RP garbage as an “armor” set

if it helps you aren’t alone. I also got the two piece Covert armor set as an armor set πŸ™ in addition to one of the dancer outfits

I’d guess gloves and boots. In collections there is one place that has chest belt an bracers. Gloves and boots each have there own seperate collection (each added after the first collection was established and in seperate packs). So if there is a covert set that only has 2 pieces I’d bet it would be those 2.

This is basically set up the same as the other packs except it’s a full set of armor. Not sure why anyone would think they were going to get a 1 in 3 chance of a Revan set or anything ridiculous like that. As always, if you’re seeking a specific item, then you’re better off buying it straight off the GTN. Grind credits through dailies or buy CM stuff and re-sell it on the GTN. If you bought these packs (which combine items out of 12 different packs) trying to get one specific armor set, then you have no business whining about it if you didn’t get that armor set. After a year and a half of the CM and the packs, you should know better by now.

Theyre just money grabbing because people are playing eso or splitting their time between swtor and eso and not buying cartel stuff.

They are money grabbing because they are a company and having a company is about money. You aren’t really that naive that you think they do that only for gamers right?

I don’t think they care a lick about ESO. There have been plenty of other games that have come out since SWTOR launched and there are always some players who go play the new game for 2-3 weeks and then come back. The people that just hop from game to game are already long gone by now anyway. They gave out free coins and then gave people something to spend them on….these packs and the various dye modules that have been on the CM the last few days. They are giving people stuff to blow their coins on so they’ll have to buy more coins when player housing comes out. It’s pretty obvious.

Out of the 4 packs I bought I got Woodland Varactyl, Ikas Spear, Ambassador’s Meditation Hoverchair and Carth Onasi’s armour. The other items weren’t much but I’m very happy with what I got πŸ™‚

And I just bought a few more packs and got: Darth Malak’s, Thana Vesh’s, Classic Phantom and Trailblazer’s armor sets, Morlinger Nighthawk, Irradiated Varactyl, Gurian Blasterbolt, and the Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle I’ve been wanting for a while but didn’t want to pay the GTN prices. Some awesome luck which makes up for the hypercrates I’ve bought in the past and got nothing decent out of πŸ˜€ Thanks to my daughter for the birthday present of cartel coins πŸ˜€

I just used the subscriber coins I’ve been hoarding and bought two of these. Both packs netted me the exact same Huttball Frogdog Home armor set. I know how cartel packs work, but I didn’t think that I would get what is considered the most useless rare cartel set from both packs.

Heh, I bought 4 and got 2 Huttball Rotworms Home sets :/
I think those are just one of the many filler sets that have pretty high drop chances.

To be honest, do people only want Revan’s set BECAUSE it has the name Revan on it? To me the set looks terrible. And if you only want it for the mask then there’s a bunch of other masks that are the SAME model as Revan’s. So really…. there’s nothing special about it.

Until they offer items on par with the Rancor mount I’ll refrain. Besides if you’ve played this game for awhile you probably have had most of the items you’ll get. Players no to the game dig in?

I am waiting on the Rancour mount too, and there is a mount similar to Rocket Boost that I am waiting for too.

I got 3 packs and got: a white-black hawkeye crystal, cartel decadent skiff, Atton Rand’s armor set, exquisite formal armor set, galvanized infantry armor set, the victory wave emote. I don’t know anyone’s keeping track of items that can be obtained, but those are certainly among the list.

I got suckered in and bought 7 packs. I had an amazon gift card from work, so it didnt cost me anything, and I’m glad. I got jack. I think the best pull was a Music Therapy Probe. I’ll list out the rest once I get home tonight. All I know is that I did not even come close to getting enough decent pulls to have justified 6300 cartel coins. I was really hoping for a Throne, Hoverchair, or Monkeylizard drop. Pretty sure I am going to just go back to running Dailies for $$ and buying on the GTN. I have the worst luck.

I only picked up one pack due to the price and I’m glad I kept my willpower in check. I got a set of relaxed vestments and some cartel rep points for which I am already maxed.

Can someone confirm that the full armor set boxes work like the upper and lower armor boxes where the individual items have their own temporary bind timers once you open up the box? Didn’t buy any packs but saw a few armor set boxes way underpriced on the GTN that I bought. Would hate to open up a box and find out I just permanently bound all the pieces to that character.

I got, for the most part, absolute crap. But the last pack I got, hours before it was taken off, I got a Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber. I’m quite pleased now. (even though my armor sets are poop)

Yes, if you open up the box containing the full armor set it will all bind to you. I bought 2 of this and got junk! Thanks again Bio’FAIL’!!! Shame on me for trying my luck on this. I’d think I know better by now…O.o

I opened two boxed armour sets and none of them bound to me.
They had the normal bind timer, but other than that, nothing special happend…

They bind to you for the usual 2 days. If you don’t use them in those two days you can sell them of fin the trade market like any cartel stuff in any cartel pack ever since.

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