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SWTOR Boston Cantina Tour Flashdrive Files

SWTOR Boston April 11 Cantina Tour flashdrive files. Special thanks to Jedi Lucifel from the Pax Dominus/Imperius guild on the Ebon Hawk server and Daekleyri from Harbinger for sending me the files.

Scoop Letter


Galactic Strongholds

Coruscant Bedroom/Coruscant View


Nar Shaddaa Interior


Cartel Market







Selkath NPC Species and a new Wookie NPC who will play a critical role in the Forged Alliances story line later this year.


Additional Details

  • I’ll let more detail oriented folks add more info but the big thing about Strongholds they mentioned is that the Tokens which allow you to get decorations related to Ops kills will be based on your existing achievements so you won’t have to go back and kill the bosses again to get their stuff in your stronghold. – ChampStanley on Reddit
  • Couldn’t pin down any more details on the Guild Ships but got generic ranges like 2-15 million credits for items for the guild to buy. The guy overseeing it made the point that they have access to all guild bank data (eg, how much money guilds generally have) and want to make sure guild ships are something that are attainable – Jedi Lucifel from the Pax Dominus/Imperius guild on the Ebon Hawk
  • They also mentioned that Galactic Strongholds would have their own chat stream (eg, like General, Trade, Guild, Ops, etc do) and that Trophies would be available in your house that showed … I believe … what achievements you had received for defeating flashpoint bosses and on what difficulty they were defeated. This is retroactive – you don’t have to reunlock achievements. They want your player houses to be a social experience that show your in-game accomplishments – Jedi Lucifel from the Pax Dominus/Imperius guild on the Ebon Hawk

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63 replies on “SWTOR Boston Cantina Tour Flashdrive Files”

For a second I thought the next playable species would be Selkath, I was all like “whaaaaa…..?”.

Well, the Cathar were a NPC Species at first too, now they are
playable. We’ll see … wouldn’t mind playing a Selkath Trooper, though.

Bothan seems likely. We have one in Kuat and we always hear of them wanting to reuse work they completed. The hair looks good on the Bothan.

I’m really afraid that we’ll be fighting Firaxan sharks now that we have Selkath…
Everyone get your sonic emitters warmed up.

Regarding the price, they were very specifically didn’t say a price, just “how much do you have?”

I was at the event. We were also told that The Black Talon Crash bug will be fixed. Plus, they seemed unaware of the clickable pazaak table in The Esseles that did nothing when clicked. It seems likely that it’ll get a codec entry. (I suggested that a codec could be added. πŸ™‚ )

Both the Selkath and the Underwater gear thing up in the pictures make me think, that we might see an waterplanet soon πŸ˜€ maybe it’s just my hope, because I’d really love to see Mon Calamari or Manaan in the game. But it would be awesome

I know, just thought it would be funny to be able to play as a Selkath much like the Ithorians in SWG before it’s unfortunate closure πŸ™

Oh, okay. Well, in my oppinion there’s other races I’d prefer came first πŸ˜‰ like Togrutas and Nautolans.

Voss is next race.I think that Selkath gonna be new “nautral” companion as they said. Just look at that pic, it looks more like customizations than random NPCs.

The selkath are going to be apart of the next flashpoint.

Theres a bug right now on the live servers. If you have a lower level toon you can talk to the forge alliance astromech droid and gives you the first convo on part 2. Which takes place on Manaan.

nice, i just checked it out myself. I really think manann will be next.. i remember that planet from kotor, it was a cool one

I just had an idea. What if your stronghold had some kind of minigame you could play… and it rewarded you some kind of currency that you could use to buy legacy armorings with set bonuses for your companions?

If i’m seeing this correctly, I’m looking at 2 guards posted at an entrance to the Nar Shaddaa Stronghold, which, I do not know why, according to my feelings is a wondrous thing and if my sith can have troopers there, i’ll love the thing more and more… oh why…

I bet you feel pretty empowered, don’t you? Correcting someone’s mistype as if they didn’t know the word was species. You and all of the other grammar police on the internet should go fuck yourselves. You were beat up and picked on your entire school life for a reason.

I have dyslexia. I work hard to keep my grammar and spelling proper.

It pisses me off when people are too lazy to spell properly.

What if I tell you… that in your perfect world free of spelling mistakes, somebody’s native language isn’t English. Imagine that. Or imagine learning some crazy non Galactic basic language such are Slavic, with weird looking characters such are Ρ›ΡˆΡ’ΠΆΡ™ΠΈΠΏ
Correcting people’s spelling on the interwebs is stupid and pointless… similar to wining Special Olympics… you might win but you are still a retard…

You are an idiot,he’s not trying to correct anyone, he’s just saying that pisses him off because of his condition. Do you even know what dyslexia means? And omg… that joke, besides not being yours, is so 2006…

Well, it is possible it’s supposed to be a translator droid. It’s seen before in the Expanded Universe, where Chewbacca’s nephew Lowbacca had a translator droid named Em-Tedee, that Chewie and Threepio had made πŸ™‚

I have a Gand character in the Edge of the Empire RPG that uses that gimmick to talk (protocol droid head hanging on his chest). I feel slightly robbed.

So the average Wookie can live for over 400 years if I remember my lore correctly and beside Revan cheating old age and death there are just a few KOTOR characters that might have survived until SWTOR. So could this Wookie be Zaalbar? Or maybe his son?

Probably depends on how old Zalbar was to begin with. As you said, it’s the average wookie who turns 400, but that can both mean older and younger than that.

It would not surprise me if they took Zalbar in as well. But it would be better if they took a different wookiee in. There’s not that many wookie characters in the game πŸ™‚ would be great to put more names to them πŸ™‚

If they’re adding a bunch of Selkath NPC models, plus the “Underwater Adventurer” sets, it certainly points to them adding Manaan as a new planet we can visit. Manaan is the sole source of kolto, which seems like a pretty likely focus for any story set there: control the kolto, control the galaxy.

If you talk to the “forged alliances” droid with a character under lv 55, like maybe lv 38 or something. There is a bug where it will allow you to still have convo with it. The last phrase T3-G2 says (republic side) is..”T3-G2: Theron Shan location = Manaan // You = travel cautiously + watch for tails!” Im sure this goes for the Imperial side also. So check it out for yourself. I believe Manaan will be the next planet added to this game.

I’ll be at the Vancouver Cantina May 16th, I’ll make sure to try and get some flashdrive files for you.

graphic design, textures and light n’ shade looks incomplete, lazy and overly basic, barren and boring, just like the rest of the game. Very poor effort on a consistent basis. Now gimme lots and lots of money says BioWare Austin!

Pift… no.

Hey Dulfy or Anyone can you answer me this question: is the story where it includes Wookie and Selkath come in 2.8? Atleast a part of some story? I hope it does.

Chewie lived to be 225, and that wasn’t from natural causes, so could be! But it did appear in the Boston Cantina Drive back in April, according to sources.

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