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GW2 Five Free Transmutation charges April 15-16

GW2 players who log on between the launch of Feature Pack on April 15 and 11:59 am PDT on April 16 will be receiving five free transmutation charges in the gemstore.

The April 2014 Feature Pack launches tomorrow! Among the many exciting features that we’ll be introducing is the account Wardrobe system, which makes it easier than ever to collect every possible look in Tyria! Through the Wardrobe, every cosmetic skin you collect will be made accessible to every character on your account.

To get you started with this new system, we’re giving away five free Transmutation Charges per account to everyone who logs in between the launch of the Feature Pack and 11:59 a.m. PT tomorrow, April 16! Visit the Promotions tab in the Gem Store to check out this and other offers!


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26 replies on “GW2 Five Free Transmutation charges April 15-16”

“If you’ve been hoarding Transmutation Stones and Crystals, don’t worry! When the Wardrobe goes live, you’ll be able to convert your them into Transmutation Charges. Transmutation Crystals can be directly converted into charges, and Transmutation Stones can be converted at a three-to-one rate.”

Honestly? Rarely delete anything. People speculated from launch that they’d be useful some day, and I’m sitting on 60+ charges because of it.

I used to have hundreds of the less-than-80 transmutation stones; kinda regret burning through most of them for unnecessary reasons :/

they really take only one slot of you bank (unless you have more than 250 lol). I have about 40 😛

I did the same, but a small hunt round all my characters and recalculating my map completions, I destroyed bout 500, and still got over 200 left. That is a great headstart to start using the wardrobe.

Considering it takes 3 transmutation stones to make a transmutation charge come April 15, if I want to transmute items under level 80, I would be better off not converting them, right?

I suppose the new transmutation charges are different. If you look at the screenshots provided by Anet when they announced the Wardrobe feature, the new transmutation charges are similar to a type of currency you could say. I think we’ll be buying them off the Gem Store and if Anet is generous enough, we’ll get them in chests 😀

So to answer your question, the new system is based off skins. It’s not like before where you choose an item and bind it with another to create a different look for it. We’ll eventually see how it works, but you will need 3 stones for one charge to be able to change any skin. Meaning that Transmutation Stones won’t be used directly to change skins, you’ll have to change them to Charges.

The function is allready announced (check the wiki page). You still get them for map completion and for completing daily’s. The amount of charges for map completion will be in line with the conversion rate (so 1 charge for a complete map instead of the current 3 stones). Personally when leveling a character, I let them have the armor they pick up.When they turn level 80 I would give them the skin I want.

I kinda dont like having characters wearing the bog standard attire you get up until 80, or even using the bog standard weapons, but in light of these changes I might just suck it up for the next 20 levels for all my alts and change their appearances come lvl 80

does anyone know if order armour will become account-wide or if, like cultural, it will remain tied to the character in that particular order? (i.e. orders character with priory armour?)

thanks! 🙂

It was (tricky but) already possible to transmute order armors on every character regardless of personal story, so it should not change.

It was allready possible to get order armor on other characters. There has been made an explicit exception for cultural armor in the wardrobe announcement, So I dont guess that order armor is gonna be different. I have a female human engineer walking around in a vigil pants and whispers coat. What do they do? remove the skin?? It’s easier to not limit it, but keep the functionality to have it across characters (and even make this easier, as is the purpose of the wardrobe). Off course, buying the armor and unlocking the skin will require a character in that specific order.

How does Anet make money off these Charges? Most players will just grind for free charges. While others will fill up their inventory leaving little room for new gem store skins.

But having NO CHARGES would give ALL players a reason to buy REAL CONTENT like more skins. It would also expand the Role Playing base of the game.

One of the big reasons that GW2 is succesfull is the amount of copy’s being sold. The monthly fee system is off course much more profitable, but lkets not compare it with that. Let’s compare it with the other free to play games. As an example I use perfect world. This game is totally free. All you need to do is register and download the client and you are ready to play. However to be any succesfull to play you need to pay. Actually, the content that you can reasonable and enjoyable play for free is so limited that it is more a demo then anything else. The result is a game that is not interesting for the masses. GW and GW2 has it’s primary source of income from accounts being sold. So having a large and active player base is crucial as well as the prospect that when you buy the game you can get (almost) everything that current players have. The gemstore (micro transactions) are also important, but Anet realises that those sales should always be secondary. If they go to close to pay to win, or pay to look good, people will easier quit playing, so destroying the active playerbase and limiting the amount of people willing to buy new copy’s.

I convinced several people to buy the game on the ground that after they buy it they don’t need to pay anything else to do everything thats in the game (with possible exception for future expansion type content).

i got several friends to join the game fro the same reason. You only have to pay once. I love that we get all this free stuff.

Yeah, had a friend who got it but stopped playing. But he still periodically jumps back in; if this was a sub game he’d have left permanently

annual reports say nothing bout the big picture and the cycle they follow. off course box sales have gone down steadily. The post you are sharing is from late 2013, in the annual cycle, most boxes are sold in Q4. More important is the huge amount of box sales at launch. This is due to a great image. buy making it too much p2w they’ll destroy that image, and it will takes a lot of gemstore sales to beat the total box sales. anual reports only show a trend, but the trend is in line with the development cycle.

At the source: “between the launch of the Feature Pack and 11:59 p.m. PT Wednesday, April 16”
PM !!!

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