ESO Coldharbour Quest guide

ESO Coldharbour quest guide. Coldharbour is a level 43-50 zone accessible to all three factions. To get to Coldharbour, you must complete the storyline in the last zone of your faction which will then give you the Messages across Tamriel quest that will lead you to Coldharbour.

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Discover Coldharbour’s Locales – 5 pts

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Coldharbour Cave Explorer – 15 pts

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Light of the Ayleid King – 5 pts

  • Given after completing Light from the Darkness in The Moonless Walk

Guardian of the Great Mage – 5 pts

  • Given after completing Breaking the Shackle in The Black Forge

Planemeld Smasher – 5 pts

  • Given after completing The Final Assault

The Lights of Meridia – 5 pts

  • Make sure you side with the mages in Wisdom of Ages and let the hist tree die. If you don’t and side the fighters you won’t be able to complete this achievement.
  • I forgot which quests have Lights of Meridia but if you do all 30 listed below it should complete the achievement. The one you might be missing is from The Vile Laboratory as that quest is a bit hidden.

Main Quest

God of Schemes – Level 50 – 3040 VP

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Mind of Madness– Level 48

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The Hollow City

The Hollow City – Level 45

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The Army of Meridia – Level 48 – 6837 XP

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Tower of Lies

Truth, Lies and Prisoners – Level 44 – 8604 XP

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Library of Dusk/Grotto of Depravity

Through the Daedric Lens – Level 44 – 3824 XP

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The Library of Dusk – Level 44 – 8604 XP

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The Lost Lute – Level 44 – 382 XP

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Haj Uxith

Wisdom of the Ages – Level 46 – 9380 XP

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The Moonless Walk

Into the Woods – Level 45

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An Unusual Circumstance – Level 45 – 5997 XP

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Light from the Darkness – Level 46

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Spurned Peak

Saving Stibbons– Level 45 – 2998 XP

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Court of Contempt

Hall of Judgment – Level 46 – 6253 XP

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Village of the Lost

Soul Survivors – Level 45 – 5997 XP

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Holes in the World – Level 45 – 5997 XP

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The Cave of Trophies

A Misplaced Pendant – Level 46 – 416 XP

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The Everfull Flagon

Special Blend – Level 47

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The Vile Laboratory

The Soul-Meld Mage – Level 46

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Cliffs of Failure

The Endless War – Level 47- 6534 XP

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A Thorn in Your Side – Level 47 – 6534 XP

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The Black Forge

Vanus Unleashed – Level 47- 9801 XP

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Breaking the Shackle – Level 48 – 6837 XP

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The Chasm

Crossing the Chasm – Level 48 – 13497 XP

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The Harvest Heart – Level 49 – 7162 XP

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Mal Sorra’s Tomb

News of Fallen Kin – Level 46- 416 XP

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The Manor of Revelry

What the Heart Wants – Level 49 – 10743 XP

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The Lost Fleet

A Graveyard of Ships – Level 49

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Between Blood and Bone – Level 49

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Old Bones – Level 48 – 3418 XP

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The Wailing Maw

The Anguish Gem – Level 49 – 477 XP

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The Reaver Citadel

The Citadel Must Fall – Level 50 – 11227 XP

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The Final Assault – Level 50 – 11227 XP

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  • Lady Gaga

    Which places have a Light of Meridia? I’m stuck at 4/5 and have scoured all over the place.

    • It should be quest at The Vile Laboratory

  • Mattehue

    Think there is a typo with ‘Crossing the Chasm’. Pretty sure you don’t get 113,000xp from that one quest :3

    • Lol probably added an extra 0. I will fix it ty 🙂

  • Exmo

    Hello Dulfy, So I hit Vr1 a few days ago and I got up to “The Final Fight” and tried the jump pads and the second one didn’t work for me so I deleted the quest to reset it. Now I can’t seem to get the quest again and the waypoint to the jump pads area is not working…I went to the king to see if I could get it and nothing…any ideas?


    • Hmm try putting in a ticket? The King should give it to you if you deleted it and went to him again unless it is bugged. You are talking about The Final Assault right?

  • SkyniE

    Hello Dulfy, today I finished my Coldharbour quests but I’m stilll missing 1 Light of Meridia and I have the one in laboratory. Do you have any list where they all are? Thanks!

  • Andreas Løpen

    For ‘The Lights of Meridia’ achievement you have to side with the mages in Wisdom of the Ages, that is let the hist tree die. If you side with the fighters and let the hist tree continue to live you will not get the light of Meridia and thus will not be able to get the achievement. I followed the advice on this site and just completed the quests, but after some googling, since I’m stuck on 4/5 lights, I found out that you have to make the right decision in this quest. I made the wrong one and will not get the achievement :(.

    • Thanks for this, I will add a note

    • Matt Savage

      I just finished the hist tree quest and got the achievement by siding with the fighters.

  • Andreas Løpen

    I must give some kudos of course. Excellent work on eso Dulfy :). It’s an invaluable help in questing, finding lorebooks, ce maps and other stuff 🙂

  • Weston Ellis

    Only, you’re wrong about the level range.

    You can start Cold Harbour at 40 (I did, with my nightblade). I have now completed almost everything on the eastern half of the map, and successfully ran the ‘Village of the Lost’ dungeon.

    And I’m 42 now….most of the time, I just solo.

    – N

    • Aedryil

      The level range is just the range of quest levels. You can get to Coldharbour below Level 43, but the quests in the area are Level 43-50.

      • Weston Ellis

        The only quest I had when I started the zone was ‘Meridia’s Army’ (level 48).

        And I don’t care what the ‘level range’ is. I’ve been consecutively four to eight levels ahead for most of this game.

        I now have the solo quest for Molag Baal, and I just turned 47 (after soloing nearly all of Cold Harbor).

        This may not be WoW, but it is an easy game.

        • Paul Davis

          Well, just for the heck of it, the fact is, this game isn’t WoW. There’s very little a tank can do to keep a mob totally occupied – IOW, the mobs aren’t as stupid as they are in WoW. Has nothing much to do with the tank, but a great deal to do with the AI. Many many tanks have complained they can’t hold aggro. IOW, they are complaining the AI is too damned good.

        • Prodigy

          Well aren’t you just a bad-ass huh? Want a cookie for your easy task that you thought made you so hard-core? Lol

        • Benjamin Q. Davidson

          I can guarantee you that the problem is most certainly your personality.

  • srh420rob

    So i didn’t get to the endless overlook befor completing final assault mission now i cant get back in there any ideas

  • Concerning the Wisdom of the Ages quest and “The lights of meridia” achievement, you do not need to side with the scholors. This was disproved in a thread on the forums some time ago with several people having issues concerning this acheivement. I just sided with the fighters (used persuade on the scholars) and I received a light of merdia on the achievement. It moved from 2/5 to 3/5 after completing the quest. So it doesn’t matter which side you pick.

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