GW2 Rampart Strider and Incarnate armor skins

Gallery of the new Rampart, Strider and Incarnate armor skins added to the gemstore with April 15 update. Also included are some previews of the unreleased Lawless gloves, helmet and boots.

Incarnate – Light – 800 gems





Individual Pieces

Spoiler Inside Show

Strider – Medium – 800 gems


gw2-strider-medium-armor-skin-human-femalegw2-strider-medium-armor-skin-human-female-2gw2-strider-medium-armor-skin-human-female-3gw2-strider-medium-armor-skin-human-male (2)gw2-strider-medium-armor-skin-human-male-2gw2-strider-medium-armor-skin-human-male-3



Individual Pieces

Spoiler Inside Show

Rampart – Heavy – 800 gems





Individual Pieces

Spoiler Inside Show

Lawless Gloves, Boots and Helmet

  • [&AgG0/gAA] Lawless Gloves (Heavy)
  • [&AgG3/gAA] Lawless Boots (Heavy)
  • [&AgG9/gAA] Lawless Helmet (Heavy)
  • [&AgG1/gAA] Lawless Gloves (Medium)
  • [&AgHB/gAA] Lawless Boots (Medium)
  • [&AgHD/gAA] Lawless Helmet (Medium)
  • [&AgHF/gAA] Lawless Gloves (Light)
  • [&AgG5/gAA] Lawless Boots (Light)
  • [&AgHE/gAA] Lawless Helmet (Light)

These skins are not yet released. Likely to be part of next Tuesday’s gemstore update


  • Acidicore

    A lot of players will be happy with another non-trench coat medium set.

  • Search

    any item codes? 😀

  • Andrea

    man are they even trying with the female armor anymore I mean fishnet butt cleavage, really???

    • thatdamnrat

      Hey, at least it isn’t a trench coat.

      • Ferozstein

        This. I’m so tired of the fact that every medium armor but 1 to maybe 3 has the obligatory buttcape.

    • shodannet

      At least they changed it from the usual breast cleavage; actually think it looks quite awesome

  • Player

    Another sh**ty heavy armor skin…. Every time new skins are added heavy skin is terrible, they should fired person who is making heavy armors

    • S

      every armor is ridicuously ugly, it looks like the kind of armo you get from another game’s level 1 boar.

      • Search

        That’s why you mix & match armor, it’s all the rage in GW2 to mix & match.

        • Syreadisa

          Yup!, totally agree with you!, mix match armor is the best way!,

    • insanelyapple

      Only heavy from gem store that I like is Braham’s Heavy… Other ones are ugly – especially Aetherblade Heavy with that helmet – it looks like potty; both medium and light Aetherblade could be heavy…
      Sadly, there’s no way to use skin from other class.. Heh.

  • Crixus

    Can’t wait for the item codes.

  • Dindo

    I like them. The fact that they don’t fit your style doesn’t mean the’re ugly guys.

  • love the medium strider

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah, it’s nice to have more medium armor skins for females that aren’t trenchcoats. 😀

    • shodannet

      what with the changes to the wardrobe, this’ll be the first skin I buy (and prob not the last D: )

  • Jesxyz

    I am wondering, i logged in today and was hoping to use my [Rabbit Ears] helm for my armor but it was nowhere to be found same goes for my riding broom

    where has it gone?

    • Talk to the Black Lion armor guy (it is one of the merchants near banks etc) and he will give them back

      • Jesxyz

        I have another question, is it possible for Anet to refund gems for the tonic i dont really like them now that its undyeable

        • Kitty D

          Yup. Shoot a support ticket in Arenanet’s way. File it under game issues, Trading Post purchases.

          Then provide information about your situation, the item(-s) you wish to refund, and where they are stored. Be courteous, maybe add a notice why you’d like a refund.

          After that, confirm, wait it out. You’ll probably get it before the fifth of May.

  • Syreadisa

    Medium armor looks the best to me ( Female ), and then heavy armors the next.. female too 😀

  • Hachi-chan

    :I the Lawless stuff look so horrible…

  • Ugly

    Heavy is just a reskin of priory armor,only the helm change,what a joke

    • Ayson Currax

      uhh, the model looks completely different from the Priory armor, the only thing remotely similar are the shoulders. a reskin is the same armor model with a different texture slapped onto it, this, however, is not the case here. It would be much appreciated if you wouldnt fling terms around when you dont seem to know what they actually mean. thank you.

  • Nathan Goossen

    hey what kind of dyes did you us for the light armor set i suppose white and black
    looks realy nice and such

  • eve

    ami me gustaria saber quien coño es el que se encarga de los estilismos de este juego ,porque si de por mi fuera ya estaria en la cola del paro (son horribles de cojones)

  • \///

    any chat codes?

    • Jiwon Yoon

      Go to the bank, and check the wardrobe storage. If you click the pieces you can check them out in preview without the chat code!

  • digi_owl

    I really wish ANet would sort out the scaling bug on sylvari. When i preview the armors in game on mine, they look nothing like what i see here. There are some armors (like the named ones) that are fine, but most have oversized shoulderpads and gloves. Thus turning my sylvari into a makeshift norn…

  • Hungryb4dinner

    Does anyone have the armor codes?

  • Kitty D

    Man. The Rampart skins are another reason why I wish you could just buy portions of armour. That helmet on charr. Want. Even with the cracked visor.

    …Kinda wish it wasn’t cracked! Or had that Gas Mask opacity going to it.

  • Sazberry

    LOVE the Strider set! Just bought it. Using it all except the shoulder and gloves.

  • Matt M

    Is there code for the individual pieces?

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      yea i think on the wiki. and you can always just go to the gem store

  • Shinokata

    I bought the Strider skin specifically because I was tired of every medium armor character wearing a trenchcoat, using the body/legs with “Sneakthief” skin gloves/boots and the “Council Watch” shoulders, very sleek and streamlined.

  • Somnolentjack

    It’s just ridiculous that every other light/medium armor for female is slutty. Why does Anet think female characters need to show so much skin? Uhhg.

    • Shaggy Anubisllol

      agreed. itd be nice to see more… utilitarian designs.

    • Johnny

      In what kind of parallel universe do you guys live in? Last time I checked every other medium armour was some mad-max style trenchcoat. I agree that there is perhaps a lack of more “realistic” light armours, but medium armours? Really?

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