SWTOR: What is new in PvP Season Two

A new blog post went up on swtor.com today detailing some of the new things PvPers can expect with SWTOR PvP Season Two.

Hello PvPers!

I hope you are all enjoying your Season 1 rewards and having a huttball during the Pre-Season 2 break! As you die painfully in acid downpours eagerly anticipating the start of Season 2, coming with Game Update 2.7.1, I thought I’d share with you changes that are coming to Season 2. These changes are based on feedback and lessons learned from the Inaugural Season of Arenas of Death! Let’s get in there and go berserk!

Shorter Season Length: Brutal Action and Quicker Rewards!

Season 1 started on November 13th 2013 (Game Update 2.4.3) and ended on April 8, 2014, (Game Update 2.7) a span of 21 weeks! This was too long of a length to get the best experience out of the Ranked Seasons, mainly queue population. With a roughly five month long season there were valleys/weeks where the queue population stagnated and thus dipped in participation. We feel that shortening the season length will keep the queue fresher and more active than in Season 1 and should be an overall benefit to the system. How short are we going? Roughly a three month long season, ending on major Game Updates like Season 1 did with 2.7.

This also means two things: with shorter seasons this also means that we won’t have new tiers of gear for each season and that rewards will be coming much sooner. Shorter seasons means not as many rewards per season. In Season 1 we had five tiers of rewards and in Season 2 we are going to have three tiers but we still endeavor to create rewards you are excited about. We are interested in hearing about what rewards PvPers value for future Seasons so please share your desires for rewards in this thread.

In addition to these rewards we feel that we should do something for the best of the best in both Ranked modes! Starting at the end of Season 2, the top three characters of each Advanced Class in Group and Solo will be given a unique reward. That means that the top 96 players in the world will get something to show off their elite status!

Ranked Quests: Gotta Have My Pops!

We are happy to announce the creation of a daily and weekly quest that will provide you with extra incentive to queue up and dominate – in both Solo and Group flavors! These quests will be available starting in Season 2 at the PvP quest terminal. We will also be placing terminals in every starting area of the four Arenas so that you can pick up your quests before you rumble.

Enjoy Season 2 and Thanks for all the Fun!

Before we get started with Season 2 I just wanted to thank the PvP community. I had the pleasure of doing a Live Stream recently and while “umming” through it, being “globally taunted” and backpedaling I was reminded of what a great PvP community we have in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. You are the best and I enjoy reading the forums and interacting with you every day, even when I’m on my private characters. Thanks for making me laugh and teaching me new tactics – you give me more reasons to enjoy my job. I’m really looking forward to playing with and against you all in Season 2 and beyond, with more content and brutal action coming our way!

Happy Hunting!

-Alex Modny, Associate Designer

Source: http://www.swtor.com/blog/whats-new-season-two

  • Josef Tauser

    They should open up Ranked Arenas to preferred-status players to decrease queue times. Or at least sell weekly Ranked Arena passes for cartel coins. Cross-server queues would be ideal but we all know that will never ever ever ever happen.

    • Jeremy Holmes

      “Or at least sell weekly Ranked Arena passes for cartel coins.” Yeah that’s being realistic 🙂 Can’t believe they don’t already do this.

      • Josef Tauser

        I know right. I feel cheated as a sub sometimes when I have to wait 45+ minutes for a solo ranked queue pop. On fleet, a friend and I have actually started forming Ops groups to get people organized and ensure we’re all queuing up, and to spread the popularity of ranked arenas best we can. Honestly, we shouldn’t have to struggle this hard to get people to try ranked Arenas; they are super fun but everyone is put off by the ridiculous wait times.

        • Konoha the Wiper

          queue times are long because not enough good gear people are joining.
          because queue is longer its faster to do normal and convert to ranked coms

          • Josef Tauser

            That’s true. But it shouldn’t be like that. When Arenas first came out I geared a character in full Obroan in 4-5 days. Now I think it would take a month or more.

        • The Guilty Party

          Well, it’s not just that the wait times are the problem. It’s also a perception that since it’s ranked, other people are going to be uppity about you being under-geared (and pretty much anything can be defined as undergeared if you try hard enough 😛 ), and so why join just to get yelled at?

          • Rexxos

            Yea, I agree with this. The main reason I, and allot of my guildies don’t Que for solo ranked, is just the fact that, 9 times out of 10, we get flamed for our gear, everyone who does play ranked, seems to think they are above everyone else, so when someone with not fully maxed gear joins, they immediately consider it a loss, start flaming and/or ragequit before it’s even started…

            • Josef Tauser

              I think you just had bad luck and met the tired, frustrated people trying to grind for a Rancor mount. Usually PvP just has a few silly trolls, less than you’d find in Ops and Flashpoints.

          • Konoha the Wiper

            tbh ranked should require a higher level of gear than normal wz, it should remove bolster and require you to have 2018 expertise with pvp gear only

            • Josef Tauser

              I wish ! That would be perfect : ) Unless you have a full set of the regular PvP gear (2018 expertise) you shouldn’t be allowed to queue for ranked. But ranked would be open to everyone for weekly cartel market passes. Lets email Bioware ; )

              • De-chan

                I can tell you what will happen if you are goint to implement that sort of thing ^^ (- no bolster for Rated-PvP ; – need a full set of PvP-Gear ; – etc.)…
                What will happen is that fewer and fewer players will list themselfs for Rated and with that the waiting times for a Rated to open will increase drasticly =P ..!
                The reason is that the majority of the players-base does not want to farm PvP-Gear again and again everytime new gear is implemented into the game… And also they do not want to focus solely on farming PvP-Gear… They just want to play the game and have fun playing it..! (Yes, I know that there are some players who are doing it, but as I said before “the majority of the player-base”(!!) does it not..! ^^)
                Sice the latest PvP-Patch 3 players I know left SW:ToR, because they had enough of farming PvP-Gear =( ..!

              • Josef Tauser

                Not over and over. Just once. New PvP gear tiers usually add +5-10 to your stats per item so you can still be competitive in older gear.

              • GottaGet BlaZed

                I think ranked gear shouldnt be obtainable until season 2 starts… gives more lvl playing field and more incentive instead of being fully ranked gear capped before

              • Josef Tauser

                Again, the difference between ranked and regular warzone gear is minimal. Mouse over the stats at the vendors, they are only +5~15 boosts for stats per piece.

          • Josef Tauser

            I don’t think “under-geared” is a problem. I levelled up a character this week who ran level 55 Warzones in level 30-35 gear (I didn’t even have relics equipped until I bought them with comms many matches later) and I didn’t get any comments. BUT, I did see lots of rage comments aimed at people with 38k+ health. Queuing for warzones in high level PvE gear from operations pisses LOTS of regular PvP’ers off since you’re kinda showing that you don’t understand that gear from operations is not better than PvP gear DURING warzones. Seriously, take stuff off until you’re around 32-35k health, any more and you WILL be shouted at ; )

    • iceberg265

      Or you could just subscribe.

      • Josef Tauser

        Read below.

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