GW2 Fashion Collector Title Guide

A guide to filling up your Wardrobe and acquiring the Fashion Collector title cheaply and efficiently.


A Note About Wardrobe

To access your Wardrobe storage, go to any bank and select the third tab (Wardrobe storage).


Collect 1000 skins in the Wardrobe to receive the Fashion Collector title from Fashion Forward achievement.


Note that this guide is for cheaply and efficiently acquiring skins. If you are after a specific skin, use this guide instead.

Tip: Throw any skins that you can’t salvage (most of the skins) into Mystic Forge to make random weapons that you can salvage.

Character Creation Skins

GW2 is very kind to provide you all kinds of free skins when you create a new character and select certain choices during the biography part of character creation. These skins are free and quick so they should be your number one priority to reach that title. Create a character, get that skin unlocked and then delete it!

  • Note: Apparently unlocking these do not count towards the achievement so if you are just going after the achievement, you can ignore this section

Elementalist (4)

I study all the elements, but I wear a gem that symbolizes my love of _____.

  • Water – Glacial Eye
  • Fire – Flame Eye
  • Earth – Stone Eye
  • Air – Storm Eye

Mesmer (3)

A mesmer’s mask creates an image. I choose to look out from behind a _____.

  • Haelrquin’s Smile – Harlequin’s Mask
  • Phantasm of Sorrow – Phantasm’s Mask
  • Fanged Dread – Fanged Dread Mask

Necromancer (3)

A necromancer’s closest companion is death. In acknowledgement of this, I mark my face with the symbol of a _____.

  • Trickster Demon – Demon Masque
  • Skull – Skull Masque
  • Ghostly Wraith – Wraith Masque

Guardian (3)

As a symbol of my dedication, I wear _____.

  • Conqueror’s Mantle
  • Fanatic’s Mantle
  • Visionary Helm

Engineer (3)

My most useful tool is my _____.

  • Universal Multi-Tool
  • Eagle-Eye Goggles
  • Panscopic Monocle

Thief (3)

In my line of work, it’s important to understand the power of _____.

  • Anonymity: Anonymity Mask
  • Determination: Determination Headband
  • Subterfuge: Subterfuge Hood

Warriors and Rangers have no unique armor skins (rangers doesn’t get any) but that is a total of 19 unique skins just from character creation. This is on top of all starter gear/weapons that you may or may not already have unlocked in the wardrobe.


You probably have a ton of karma stored up that you are not using. Luckily you can use them to get tons and tons of unlocks for your wardrobe. There are several maps with karma vendors that sell the same gear but I am going to usually pick the lowest level map (least karma) or the easiest (less travel time).

  • Only buy the Fine quality and don’t waste your karma on Masterwork
  • Take your character with the most world completion to make this easier on yourself


gw2-tiga-fiercebladeDevout (Light) / Rogue (Medium) / Militia (Heavy)

  • Diessa Plateau – Tiga Fierceblade – [&BN4AAAA=]
  • Heart: Assist the Blood Legion
  • This guy is your one stop for all 3 sets since he has all the skins. While you are here, buy the Iron legion shield from him and the Ash/Blood legion shields from the nearby two heart vendors (see Weapons –> Legion shields section of the guide)

Heavy Plate (Heavy)

  • gw2-stately-armor-karma-routeSparkfly Fen
  • This set is suppose to be exclusive to WvW badge vendors but it also available on karma vendors so why waste your badges?
  • Gloves/Leggings: [&BLMDAAA=]: Help Kamma/Help Brannen
  • Shoulders: [&BM8BAAA=]: Help the Wyld Hunt
  • Helm: [&BM4BAAA=]: Help Secure Brackwater
  • Shoes: [&BMoBAAA=]: Help Admiral Clarinda
  • Chest: [&BLQDAAA=]: Help Jezza

Dry Bones (Light) / Duelist (Medium) / Pit Fighter (Heavy)

  • Gendarran Fields
  • Also in Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast, Snowden Drifts, Lornar’s Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Frostgorge Sound, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge Steppes
    • Ggw2-dry-bones-armor-karma-routeloves: [&BIsBAAA=]: Help First Haven
    • Leggings: [&BOAAAAA=]: Help Bronson
    • Chest: [&BM0DAAA=]: Get back at the pirates
    • Shoulders: [&BO4AAAA=]: Help Johan
    • Shoes/Helm: [&BO0AAAA=]: Help Lionguard Rhyn/Assist the Lionguard

Primitive (Light) / Buccaneer (Medium) / Dark Templar (Heavy)

  • gw2-primitive-armor-karma-routeFireheart Rise
  • Also in all Orr zones
    • Gloves: [&BB0CAAA=]: Help Tarstar tribe
    • Leggings: [&BBgCAAA=]: Assist with maintenance at Tuyere
    • Helm: [&BBkCAAA=]: Clean up Flame Legion Magic
    • Boots: [&BCMCAAA=]: Help Ash Legion
    • Shoulders: [&BCACAAA=]: Help Pact researchers
    • Chest: [&BB4CAAA=]: Aid Kodan refugees

Stately (Light) / Stalker (Medium) / Studded Plate (Heavy)

  • gw2-iron-marches-karma-armor-routeIron Marches
  • Also in Sparkfly Fen, Bloodtide Coast, Mount Maelstrom, Timberline Falls, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Frostgorge Sound, Blazeridge Steppes
    • Gloves: [&BOcBAAA=]: Help Braxa
    • Leggings: [&BOQBAAA=]: Help Centurion Truthbringer
    • Helm: [&BOMBAAA=]: Join the Iron Legion
    • Boots: [&BOUBAAA=]: Help Kennelmaster Warsnout
    • Shoulders: [&BOgBAAA=]: Help Sleekfur
    • Chest: [&BOsBAAA=]: Aid the Allied Legion

Aurora (Light) / Rubicon (Medium) / Armageddon (Heavy)

  • Orr Temples (karma vendor when the temple is open) or Arah dungeon entrance
  • These pieces are sold in Orr Temples for 42k karma each or 252k karma for the full 6 piece set. It may not worth the karma to get those skins unless you got quite a lot of them.


All in all you are looking at least 72  (6 x 3 x 4) armor skins you can acquire for cheap with karma (not including the expensive Orr temple ones).


You really have to becareful with weapon skins as there are tons of them and you can easily spend all your karma here. We will start with the unique and cheap ones and work our way up. You probably won’t make it out of this section without using all of your karma.

Modniir Weapons

Move your butt to Harathi Hinterlands as there is one heart vendor with all of the Modniir weapons. These weapons are exclusive to her (Forward Scout Greta) and you probably won’t see them anywhere else. They costs around 280-420 karma each for the Fine version, which is all you need.

  • Waypoint: [&BLEAAAA=]


Legion Shields

The Charrs love their shields and they got one for each legion (Iron, Blood, Ash) and the vendors are all close to each other. Head to the SW corner of Diessa Plateau and buy them up.

  • Waypoint: [&BN4AAAA=]


Other cheap skins

  • Jotun Greatsword from Lionguard Nadel in Snowden Drifts – [&BL8AAAA=]
  • Wooden sword recipe (Weaponsmith) from Carman Fawntracker in Wayfarer Foothills (Entertain and protect the children). This product is also on TP if you can’t craft it yourself. [&BHYBAAA=]
  • Quetzal Harpoon from Yoal in Caledon Forest: [&BD0BAAA=]
  • OoOoo Spear and Shooter from Queldip and Duidda in Lornar’s Pass (they are all in the False Lake area): [&BOgAAAA=]
  • Jeweled Trident & Dragonspine from Vepar Darkheart in Diessa Plateau (regular karma vendor): [&BNwDAAA=]
  • Wyld Greatsword from Seraph Spy Ivy in Brisband Wildlands (Infiltrate and distrupt Seanan’s bandits): [&BGMAAAA=]
  • Judgement Harpoon from Jenrys in Mount Maelstrom: [&BNUCAAA=]
  • Charr Meatoberfest Chalice from Lakor in Diessa Plateau: [&BF8BAAA=]

Unique Karma Cultural skins

Purchasing Cultural Skins with karma is expensive as the cheapest costs you 9800 karma per weapon and there are often ~19 weapons per cultural set so you are looking to spend around 186k karma per set. I tend to buy them on the TP as a lot of them are fairly cheap costing only a few silver each but there are some karma cultural skins you can’t get from the TP.

Ebon Vanguard

  • Waypoint: [&BNMAAAA=] in Fields of Ruin (You can get to this place via the portal from Rurikton district of Divinity’s Reach)
  • Only buy tier 1 as tier 2 and tier3 are identical skins



  • Lionguard vendors are temporarily relocated to Gendarran Fields – [&BJIBAAA=]
  • Only buy tier 1 as tier 2 and tier3 are identical skins



  • Pirate weapons are sold by the vendor at the end of Weyandt’s Revenge jumping puzzle in Lion’s Arch. If you are not sure where it is or how to complete it, check out this guide.


  • The Karma equipment Trader in WvW (not far from the entrance in Borderlands map) sells a full set of Bandit weapons for karma. Each weapon is around 2-3k karma (at level 80 but cheaper if you buy it with low level characters) . I would consider it cheaper than buying them from the TP where the prices are close to a gold each for the bandit weapons.



  • Waypoint: [&BB0CAAA=]
  • The Nrocroc, Tarstar, Wupwup chiefs in Fireheart Rise sells recipes you need to make the Godskull weapons (they are also tradeable on the TP).
  • You do need to be either a Weaponsmith, Artificer, or Huntsman (275) to craft these


Beaded Weapons

  • Waypoint: [&BMgBAAA=]
  • Cuadinti in Sparkfly Fen sells Sun Beads. Combine 75 Sun Beads with Darksteel/Hard weapon components to make Beaded weapons. It costs 21 karma per bead or 1575 karma per weapon. If you can’t craft them you can buy it on the TP.

T3 Cultural Weapons

  • The T3 line of each race’s Cultural weapons is not purchaseable on the TP so your only option is to shell out 63k karma per weapon. T1 and T2 cultural skins are there too if you are short on gold
  • Divinity’s Reach: Palace Waypoint: [&BCkDAAA=]
  • Rata Sum: Magustan Court Waypoint: [&BBQEAAA=]
  • The Grove: Ronan’s Waypoint: [&BLwEAAA=]
  • Hoelbrak: Legends Waypoint: [&BIwDAAA=]
  • Black Citadel: Diessa Gate Waypoint: [&BKgDAAA=]


Badges of Honor

If you have a lot of Badges stored up from achievement chests and not using them for WvW anytime soon, this is a perfect time to spend them. Go to the vendor in your server’s Borderlands (i.e. the Citadel) as they have the most complete set of vendors. Other maps are missing some of the vendors


gw2-wvw-unique-armor-skinsUnique Badge Skins

  • Diviner (Light)
  • Mistwalker (Medium)
  • Please note that the heavy skin (Heavy Plate) is not unique to WvW badge vendors and can be found on Sparkfly Karma vendors (see under Karma section on the exact locations)
  • You can buy them with only badges (1589 badges for full set) or badges and gold (950 badges + 5-6 gold for the full set)

Badge skins for cheap

The follow skins are not unique to the WvW vendors and can be also found on the karma vendors (see Karma section) but if you are lazy and have a lot of badges it is a good place to buy them.


40 Badge Skins

  • Duelist is called Militia (Heavy) in Wardrobe
  • Supple Leather is called Rogue (Medium) in Wardrobe
  • Devout (Light) – Don’t buy this as you can get it for Karma (Tiga in Diessa Plateau) or for gold (Tailor Pipp in Rata Sum)

90 Badge skins

  • Pit Fighter (Heavy)
  • Rawhide (Medium) – Don’t buy this as you can get it easily from the Armorsmith NPC in various cities for a few silver
  • Dry Bones (Light)

135 Badge Skins

  • Plated is called Studded Plate (Heavy)  in Wardrobe
  • Warden is called Stalker (Medium) in Wardrobe
  • Stately (Light)

180 Badge Skins

  • Dark is called Dark Templar (Heavy) in Wardrobe
  • Conquest is called Buccaneer (Medium) in Wardrobe
  • Tactical is called Primitive (Light) in Wardrobe


Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cultural Skins

Both tier 1 and tier 2 Cultual weapon skins can be brought for badges

  • Tier 1: Steam, Shiverpeak, Glyphic, Krytan – 5-10 Badges per skin
  • Tier 2:  Aureate, Norn, Flame, Verdant – 50-100 badges per skin



If you got gold to spend and walk around in Blings Blings then there are tons of skins you can buy off the TP. I will list the cheap ones first for the benefit of the poor (they gotta dress up too).


Cheap (a few silver per piece)

  • Acolyte (Light) – TP
  • Apprentice  (Light) – TP
  • Cabalist (Light) – TP
  • Country (Light) – TP
  • Embroidered (Light) – TP (also crafted by Tailor)
  • Magician (Light) – TP
  • Student (Light) – TP (also crafted by Tailor)
  • Leather (Medium) – TP (also crafted by Leatherwork)
  • Outlaw (Medium) – TP (also crafted by Leatherwork)
  • Privateer (Medium) – TP
  • Rascal (Medium) – TP (also crafted by Leathework)
  • Rawhide (Medium) – TP
  • Seeker (Medium) – TP
  • Studded (Medium) – TP
  • Swindler (Medium) – TP
  • Chain (Heavy) – TP (also crafted by Armorsmith)
  • Chainmail (Heavy) – TP
  • Reinforced Scale (Heavy) – TP
  • Scale (Heavy) – TP
  • Splint (Heavy) – TP
  • Tempered Scale (Heavy) – TP
  • Worn Chain (Heavy) – TP
  • Worn Scale (Heavy) – TP

Bit more expensive (Under 1 gold per piece)

  • Conjurer (Light) – TP
  • Exalted (Light) – TP (also crafted by Tailor)
  • Feathered (Light) – TP (also crafted by Tailor)
  • Masquerade (Light) – TP (also crafted by Tailor)
  • Winged (Light) – TP (also crafted by Tailor)
  • Emblazoned (Medium) – TP ((also crafted by Leatherwork)
  • Noble (Medium) – TP (also crafted by Leatherwork)
  • Prowler (Medium) – TP (also crafted by Leatherwork)
  • Banded (Heavy) – TP
  • Barbaric (Heavy) – TP (also crafted by Armorsmith)
  • Gladiator (Heavy) – TP also crafted by Armorsmith)
  • Tier 1 Cultural armor for each race (2 gold 88 silver per race)

Expensive (Quite a bit of gold)

  • Tier 2 Cultural armor for each race (7 gold 10 silver per set)
  • Tier 3 Cultural armor for each race (119 gold per set)
  • Order armor (8 gold 88 silver per set)
  • Air Filtration Device – TP
  • Deathly Shoulders – TP
  • Island Shoulder
  • Southsun Mask – TP
  • Craft your own Ascended armor


Cheap (a few silver per piece)

  • Glyphic (T1 Asura/Sylvari cultural) – TP
  • Krytan (T1 Human cultural) – TP
  • Orrian – TP
  • Shiverpeak (T1 Norn Cultural) – TP
  • Steam (T1 Charr Cultural) – TP
  • Bronze (Crafted)- TP
  • Iron (Crafted) – TP
  • Darksteel (Crafted)– TP
  • Mithril (Crafted)– TP
  • Green (Crafted)– TP
  • Soft (Crafted)– TP
  • Hard (Crafted)– TP
  • Elder (Crafted)-– TP

Bit more expensive (Under 1 gold per piece)

  • Aureate (T2 Human Cultural) – TP
  • Bandit – TP
  • Beaded (crafted) – TP
  • Dredge (crafted) – TP
  • Flame (T2 Charr Cultural) – TP
  • Godskull (crafted) – TP
  • Krait (crafted) – TP
  • Norn (T2 Norn Cultural) – TP
  • Ogre
  • Verdant (T2 Asura/Sylvari) – TP

There also also a tons of exotic weapons, Order weapons, weapon skins from previous releases that you can purchase. The only limit is how much bling bling you are carrying.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

38 replies on “GW2 Fashion Collector Title Guide”

The Heavy Plate Karma Helmet vendor isn’t at the location listed (dryground waypoint). It should refer to the vendor at the waypoint south of that, called [Brackwater Waypoint].

There is a bug with the Rogue Mask (medium) skin in that the karma vendors don’t seem to unlock it in your wardrobe when you purchase it. Furthermore, there are no Rogue Masks available on the TP at all. Seems like an oversight where maybe ANet missed it when updating all the armors.

EDIT: I have not tried visiting the WvW vendor that also sells the Rogue skins for 40 Badges. Will try him and update this.

Thank you for the hard work Dulfy, always appreciated ^^
Just a note, some other easy to get skins are the achievement ones (Radiant, Hellfire, Zenith weapons) and the Hall of Monuments ones. They all count for the achievement and are completely free if you have them available but haven’t actually unlocked them 🙂


I saw this armor on a website then on several people on Tuesday during the big update. Any idea what this is? I can’t find it anywhere on the wiki or on here.


You can also unlock the Aureate weapons while farming Black Lion Keys through the personal story. The step that gives the key also gives a choice of 3 different weapons with the aureate skin.

I am now bitterly regretting finally salvaging the armour sets I saved for ages in my bank, especially the Asura T1 racial. But, most of them are pretty easy to replace.

You should note that while Karma items (and, I think, the others) can’t be salvaged or sold, you can throw them into the Mystic Forge and get normal salvagable items.

Is there a bug with the Legion shields? When I go talk to Zalvax Brokenclaw, he has the Blood Legion Shield. Infact, he has the same items as Tiga Fierceblade.

Is it the case, that the head piece of the rogue armor is bugged atm? there’s the note “unlocked”, but when i buy it it’s not unlock and the option to unlock the skin isn’t available either.

I have the same problem. I purchased the same skin from the WvW vendor, and a bunch of other NPCs around the game. Can’t unlock the skin from any.

Any idea where to get Guild shoulder/legs/helms etc? Only chest is available now… really like the human guild medium shoulder armor…

Helm: [&BBkCAAA=]: Clean up Flame Legion Magic
sadly this npc doesn’t have the Bucaneer helm but “Stalker visage” skin

So I checked a bunch of karma vendors and they seem to all have the stalker helm instead of the bucaneer one. I think it might be a bug and they put in the wrong helm there. Your best bet is probably using badges and buying it off the wvw vendors

I’m wondering if I’m missing something or it’s bug, but when I go to the wvw vendor in the screencap for the tier 1/2 weapons he only offers Bandit, not the others like Verdant and Aureate. Am I in the wrong place?

It only offers you the armors you can use. Bring a character who uses light/heavy armor there for the others.

Haha yeah I figured out the problem was that I was viewing the vendor with a low-level character and the tier 1/2 cultural are only made available to l80s! Felt like a bit of a goose haha XD

i know this was posted ages ago, but you can buy the Dry Bones set in Kessex hills as well. (its not on the wiki yet) Gendaran still seems cheaper even thought higher zones thought.

Don’t forget Crafting as well!

Even before you hit Exotics at 400 crafting, there are 5 crafting ranks to go through, and at each rank there are 19 types of weapon and 18 types of armour to make (prefixes don’t count). And every one of those different combinations of rank and type is a different skin as far as the achievement is concerned. That’s 185 skins right there. If you’re chasing the achievement, you might as well level your crafting and grab any you’re missing along the way.

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