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SWTOR Data Entry and Corsec Electrobaton in CM

SWTOR Cartel Market was updated today with a new Data Entry regen item and Corsec Electrobaton (Vibrosword) for 600 and 400 CC respectively.

Data Entry – Regen item – 600 CC

  • Summons a remote access point to the HoloNet that was designed by Cartel Associate 0U-1FY. Your recover health and your class’s energy pool while in use.
  • Thank you Bioware for the recognition!



Corsec Electrobaton – 400 CC

  • Vibrosword
  • Color crystal does not change the weapon’s color



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

73 replies on “SWTOR Data Entry and Corsec Electrobaton in CM”

that’s awesome, I’ll definitely be picking one up. gotta show thanks to my favorite SWTOR news site!

Wow I read “Electrobaton” wrong the first time (add an “i” towards the end…) and was all ready to be scandalized >.<

I like the regen item tho!

That same thing, happen with regular lightsaber, I think the issue is related with the Consular / Inquisitor animation, for example, when you destroy something , the animation transform your lightsaber to a double sided lightsaber, EA need to check all that stuff :3

Congratz on such an awesome piece of recognition!
It does suck that the baton doesn’t change colours with crystals…

Congrats Dulfy! You landed your first “Official” role in Star Wars! That is awesome! Very cool of them to show the love and respect for the Fangirls! When I show this to my daughter…I know she’s going to be very happy!

I think that whole item is a recognition of Dulfy, not just the name.

0U-1FY is Dulfy’s Cartel Association ID, the multi monitor PC represents Dulfy writing on her blog while playing SWTOR and GW2 all at the same time and the cartel boxes dropping in the background should express Dulfy’s shopping addiction in the Cartel Market. :O

It’s a neat little toy – and it’s always nice to get that first bit of recognition from a game you’ve been covering for so long – but am I the only person who wishes it were an emote instead? -bp

Does anyone know where the CorSec Electrobaton turns up in the collections ? Or is that bugged ? (because it does not turn up under cartel market weapons – or special… or anywhere else )

and… three cheers for 0U-1FY !

It seems to not be in there yet.
This isn’t the first time that has happened tho, and they usually fix it with the next patch.

I’m just waiting for the patch myself so I can add it to my alts.

I will happily spend some hard-bought CC’s to honor my favorite news site. Besides, what better regen item for my Cybertech smuggler!

Definately not something as tiny as a healt regen item off the cartel market.
The storys are probably canon tho.

Because this is the only data we have on this time period, yes, it is canon. Though I also want to say that Lucas has said before that only the movies are canon, lol. I doubt Disney cares as much though 😉

Actually, Disney cares enough to have started a complete cleanup of the canon. There will no longer be any D canon and C canon and whatnot.
There will only be Canon and Non-Canon.

the base storylines are cannon, most of the decisions that you make are tricky, b/c that is completely player based; also, I will make a note to say that some of those little “factiods (i.e. Revan’s mask [not Cartel, the Revanites missions])” don’t make sense in the whole scheme of things, using the previous example, Revan ran off into the great unknowns* (I’ll leave it at that), so his mask can’t be there.

*It is officially declared that the light-side ending is cannon

Well yeah, but that mask is most likely not the real Revan mask, but a replica since you actually meet revan in the foundry and he has his mask there.

Technically none of it is canon since the purge. Only the movies and everything in the Clone Wars series is canon now.

Hai Dulfy.
This is unrelated to the article, but I have a question about the SWTOR Security Key App. I read in the app store reviews that it doesn’t work unless you’re a subscriber, or that you can’t add it to your account unless you’re a subscriber. Is any of this true? I’d like to use the app and have access to the security key vendor, but not if I’m going to find myself in a position where I can’t log into my account because the security key isn’t working.

You can’t install it unless you are a subscriber.
You can use it if you are preferred, but only if you installed it while being a subscriber.
So subscribe for a month and install it, and then you can use it forever.

you don’t need to be a subscriber to use one . I started a F2P account with no key on it . it let me use it and i get 100 CC a month on top of that .:) … and that account has never had a subscription on it . No lie .

That is absolutely awesome! Congrats on the recognition! I would say without a doubt your contributions are known galaxy wide! I check your site almost as much as I play the game. Well done and well deserved!

Congrats! Whenever someone in game ask about this or that, like, “Where can I get that?”, I say There were many sites in the beginning, now it’s only you. Thanks for sticking with the game.

So I have been playing SWTOR for some time now and reading this since one of my guildies linked this to me which was about over a year now, anyways I’m really excited because I think EA is doing what they do with all of their games (Ditch them when they are doing poorly). No this may sound like a downside BUT now Bioware can work their magic and make this a better game! Some examples of this is the new LEgacy Banks coming, Guild ships, new water planet (Forgot what it’s called), player housing and even small things like mandolorian armour and the non reskins in the newest packs OH AND LETS NOT FORGET THIS AWSOME TRIBUTE TO DULFY!.These are all examples of things that us players have been asking since launch. Keep up the good work Bioware, also I wouldn’t mind the option to be able to sell CC’s for Credits and vise versa, think that would be kewl.

I know you’re getting lots of congrats, so I figured I’d add one more. 🙂

All the work you and your team put in is very much appreciated by all of us.

That is so awesome for you Dulfy! Wow, SWTOR is paying attention for all the hard work that you do! Keep it up!

Since it “was designed by Cartel Associate 0U-1FY”, I believe the answer is pretty clear. Congratulations, Dulfy :o)

I think they should really make items bought with CC legacy bound and not character bound, if i pay real money for some vanity items, the least they can do is allow me to enjoy it with more than one character.

GW2 does the same. At least SWTOR gives you the option of paying a bit more to unlock the item account wide.

Open your bag and click on the “Collection” button in bottom left corner of the window. Here you will see an interface to browse every single item ever added through the Cartel shop. Any items that you collected (and bound to yourself!) on any character will show up here as highlighted. If you are on the character that unlocked the item, there will be a button to let you claim infinite number of copies of it for free. If the item was unlocked on another character, that button will instead be an unlock option, prompting you a CC price to unlock the item on the whole account. The price of unlock can vary from 40 to as high as 1000 CC depending on the cost and rarity of the item in question. Note that consumable items such as dyes, XP boosters, FP & OP weekly passes, etc. are not added to collection for obvious reasons.

Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter where you acquire the CM item. So long as the item or complete set of armor is bound to one of your characters, you can unlock it legacy-wide through the Collections tab.

Technically this is not entirely true, there are at least a few non-consumable cartel market items (like the playership equipment for PVE space missions) that, despite being CM items, cannot be unlocked account-wide and claimed.

For the most part, collections are for cosmetic items, which vast majority of CC stuff is anyway. Ship parts are not cosmetic, they’re equivalent to gear. Restriction lifting items are technically one-time consumables. Treek is a bit of a gray area since it does grant you some power, but not directly to your character, hence it wouldn’t affect any aspect of end game.

you can there is two ways thu collections on your bag at the bottom left hand corner after you open it is a button ( if you don’t know ) 🙂 . and buy the unlock for some stuff or buy the unlock for stuff you can’t send thu your legacy. and the stuff you can send thu your legacy don’t unlock account account wide .I just unlock it account wide if its some thing that I want all my toons to have access to .

Very well deserved, grats Dulfy 🙂 I think there should be a Dulfy-Day once a year like Life-Day were we celebrate the continous efforts of Cartel Associate 0U-1FY 😀

Congrats to you, it’s a nice way to thank you from Bioware. I hope to see someday such an object for my french website 🙂 And of course i’ve bought this Data Entry ^^

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