GW2 Lawless armor and dyes in Gemstore

GW2 Gemstore was updated today with Lawless Helmet, Lawless Shoulders and new dyes from Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Pack.

Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Pack

  • 125 gems each or 5 for 500 gems.
  • Each dye pack contain a dye from a pool of 25 dyes, 6 of which are brand new dyes listed below

Enameled Perseverance – [&AgGM/gAA]


Enameled Sacrifice – [&AgGP/gAA]


Enameled Solitude – [&AgGP/gAA]


Enameled Longevity – [&AgGQ/gAA]


Enameled Anamnesis – [&AgGR/gAA]


Enameled Generation – [&AgGN/gAA]


Lawless Armor Parts

  • 300 gems EACH
  • Lawless Shoulder Skin
  • Lawless Helmet Skin






44 replies on “GW2 Lawless armor and dyes in Gemstore”

Did ArenaNet think, “Ok, let’s make the ugliest helmet imaginable and let the players walk around like complete nutcases, to add insult to injury after the megaserver debacle?”

megaserver debacle ? xD
Plus if it’s not your style, just don’t buy it πŸ˜› they have to put stuff for everyone…it’s kinda a shame it doesn’t have an “Oni” mask on the mouth…it would have been a wonderful kabuto imo…if there was a katana as a weapon i would have totally played a warrior with that xD lol.

I know, but they do not convince me at all πŸ˜› and the combat style is quite…meh…even with rapier it’s quite ugly to see it swung like a normal sword, lol.

MMOs have been doing it for as long as I can remember. They put out horrendously ugly armors, usually top tier too, and watch as players snatch it up and “proudly” wear it.
I’ve always thought it’s an industry joke among designers to see who can come up with the most ridiculously fugly design that players will rush to get.

LOL How can you look at this head piece and NOT see where he might be coming from?

Who needs a sense of humour, you just sit there with your anonymity and throw out the insults, sure that’s more fun eh?

I didn’t think they could make anything sillier than those big dragon helms. πŸ˜€ The shoulders I could see people using but the helms with the exception of the Charr all the races look half blind.

The Helm reminds me of something a Samurai would wear. All of these people saying it’s ugly really need to understand subjectivity. This helm looks badass, and definitely something that would work with a Samurai type of build.

Seriously, what looks ugly to you, may be awesome to someone else. Your specific preferences aren’t the God standard for mortals like us to follow.

I am going to find the best mix and match possible to see if I can pull off a Samurai look to my liking. May fulfill my Cantha nostalgia.

What does my opinion of the helm being horrendously ugly have to do with any sort of ‘God standard’? 0_o

It means that a lot of people don’t like them and they “they’re utter shit, stop putting this kind of stuff!”, in this way if they listened to that people they would stop to develop this kind of style, wich would suit others…so, since we ain’t gods, we should keep our opinion for us and buy it or not XD
Design wise they actually remember a kabuto of a samurai, after all they were always kinda ugly/menacing to strike fear in the foe…imo they look quite well on norns, on other races they do not fit so well imo.

Or…maybe you didn’t see enough kabuto types ?
My eyes do not work well it’s true, since i’ve glasses, but your knowledge is even worse. So yes…if they put the menpo, to me, it would have been pretty similar to a kabuto.
(PS. the menpo is the mask…forgot to say that before.)

Sorry, but those images really don’t convince me. There are protuberances on them yes, but they are all carved and very ornate, whereas this looks like it has had random bits of crap stapled to the front of it, the silhouette is kind of similar I guess, with the flared rim, but you’d have to squint pretty damn hard to mistake it for one and I really don’t think that was the design intent. It looks to me more like they’re supposed to be cobbled together, and that fits more with the name of the item.

I can agree on the elaborate part about the first hel and the third, but 2nd and 4th are nothing near “elaborate” design-wise…
Second the lawless name could actually fit a ronin too, first because they didn’t apply the “honor law” of committing harakiri, second because some of them actually became bandits after losing their honor… maybe putting up a “cheap” kabuto could fit as a mockery too xD
Still, those are just points of view, maybe none of us are right lol πŸ˜›

The helm isn’t so bad on norns xD they’re already quite dull…with this they’re even more dull , lol.

This is an all time low really trying to get gems for this stuff is a crime we want better items I hardly see people running around like this. GW2 is all about having a a unique beautiful art style with silly well designed items like unicorn bows or bunny ears or playing harps =D not looking like the skull bull killer who is “lawless”

Not everyone likes the same things that you do. Do attempt to keep an open mind. What you might think is ugly, someone else might love. I don’t happen to like the helm either, but at least I don’t have the gall to suggest that everyone else feels or should feel the same way.

all the power to you although you might want to read the forms =P people do not like these new skins.

Why is it a crime to sell something (for money) people find ugly??. If they sell enough they will continue these kind of skins, if they don’t sell enough, then they’ll do what you want. Let the market decide whats good and wrong and not some people who are complaining bout everything anyways.

Firstly, whiners are almost always the most vocal, and those who DO like the helm have less inclination (in general) to speak up.

Secondly, I do read reddit forums (you may wish to be more specific) and have long ago learned that, again, there have always been people who are happy to whine and complain about everything.

Thirdly, saying ‘people do not like these new skins’ is once again an overgeneralization, and indicates an extremely narrow-minded point of view. Just reading through the comments on this update post alone will prove you incorrect.

If there really was serious backlash we’d know about it, see what happened with the flamekissed armour, I’ve never seen backpedalling that fast before.

The armor skins are unique! Definitely, though they seem to be fungi inspired, possible hint for mordremoth?

‘Lawless’ may mean a rebellion against Kiel and the Council to rule the future new Lion’s Arch.

Anyway, it is a bit sad that skins from BLC are not well connected to the current lore (tormented weapons for instance).

Mordremoth was the dragon that Scarlet was awakening. He’s the next elder dragon that we’ll be fighting.

I personally think the helm looks sick. Definitely something you would see on Dark Souls or Monster Hunter. I think the main problem is that the majority of GW2 players are into pretty boy / pretty girl characters. I mean, look at the humans females in this game, proof positive :D. So, for us normal / cool people, weird armors are a welcome addition!

Very very hugly helmet. I like this game very much. To bad ArenaNet hired the worst designers to work on this game. They keep releasing toons of hugly stuff. Other than that the game is fun to play.

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