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GW2 World Boss Timer designed by that_shaman. Double click an event to add it to My Events for tracking and sound notification. Sound alert can be muted, or trigger when the event starts or 15 minutes before the event (default option, click on the sound icon to change).


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552 replies on “GW2 World Boss Timer by that_shaman”

Looks really nice, still, I am very curious so please don’t kill me for asking this question 😉 Why use website timers (even fancy ones) if anyone can simply put everything into pdf file and keep it on phone?

Couple of reasons, 1) it is inconvenient to have to look at time on a table and then look at your time to see when a boss will spawn. Some timezone conversion might be needed which can be confusing. Countdown timers are better. 2) Easier tracking of events of interest to you 3) Sound notifications

I’ll answer from my own (lazy as hell!) perspective. 1) I have a time table (CET only) on my phone (copy – paste from GW2 official) and clock in game itself showing my local time. I start the game, take a look at my file (pdf viewable offline) and I already know what event is on and what is coming next. Can’t be any simpler than that in my opinion 🙂 2) Quick look at a simple offline time table VS alt-tab in order to check website; or visiting it on my phone (mobile version has issues though) – both more time consuming and less convenient 3) As long as you’re on the website 😉 All I know is this. There is event happening EVERY 15 minutes. Quick look at time table and I know what to do next. Since I have a clock turned on in game options (sorry for repeating myself), it’s really hard to overlook anything. However, if there is any particular event I am interested in, I use my own (sucking but still working 😉 ) memory (and my wrist watch) so that I don’t miss it. Simplicity at it’s finest. Unless it works like splendid timer from gw2stuff, I don’t see a point of using website. Form over content.

Whilst it’s great that you’ve sorted out a method for yourself, which you’re obviously overjoyed at, don’t discount how useful this is. Obvious effort has been put in, and you questioning it like a twat, makes you out to be a… twat.

Personally, I play from Australia, prefer to have the local time on ingame, so timezone math is just a chore really. I play casually and sporadically, so it’s not practical for me to remember events to times either. But you know what I have? I have a 2nd screen. Load this bad boy up on my 2nd screen, GW2 on the main. Boom. Perfect.

“Twat”. I hope you know what this word means. I am not “overjoyed” by no means, all I did is explaining why I find it more convenient than alt-tabing to check out website status (like most people, I have one screen only). My “questioning” is a simple matter of expressing my personal opinion.

Of course there’s been put effort in it. Still, it doesn’t make it a superb solution. I explained my concept in order to show that no fancy solutions are needed in order to make adventuring in Tyria more efficient. I did it in a polite manner so I don’t understand why you’re so offensive in the first place 😛

Answering more issues:

“it’s not practical for me to remember events to times either”. Who said anything about remembering? Timetable + watch. That’s it.

“I play from Australia, prefer to have the local time on ingame, so timezone math is just a chore really” In your situation I would simply copy-paste the official time table and adjust it to my local time (Excel/Calc – few seconds work).

“But you know what I have? I have a 2nd screen” Gratz on having two screens 😛

“don’t discount how useful this is” *how useful this CAN be. Like in your two-screens case. Otherwise, not so much. Alt-tab. Alt-tab. Alt-tab. Alt-tab 😛

Twat – As a derogatory insult, a pejorative meaning a fool, a stronger alternative to the word twit – ‘He can be a complete twat’ (often used in the UK)

Aside from that, I fail to see why you are still arguing a case when it’s apparent(via the other comments here) that people appreciate the work done here. Timetable + watch? But why, when it can just be there on a 2nd screen?

What’s your argument there, not everyone has two screens? Do all things need to be catered to YOU? Isn’t it good enough that this could be potentially useful to ANYONE?

The fact that you want an explanation for any of this effort, it makes no sense at all to me. It’s like the damn mother-in-law who nitpicks over everything.

… or “offensive word for the outer female sex organs”. No matter what you pick, it’s offensive 😛 You called me that just for expressing my own opinion. Won’t comment on that, I’ll let others decide who of us has…some issues. All this anger, stay away from the dark side 🙂

“I fail to see why you are still arguing” All I did is showing other way, it’s you who’s arguing here mate.

“it’s apparent(via the other comments here) that people appreciate the work done here” And that is why every single person posting here must agree on this. No matter what. I apologise.

“Isn’t it good enough that this could be potentially useful to ANYONE?” “Potentially” is a key word here. If I may, I have much better one – “theoretically”.

“Catered to YOU”. Since less than 15% of ppl use multiple screens (source: last year’s Windows Feedback Program), you’re in minority here making this argument a bit ironic, if not invalid. Alt-tab, alt-tab, alt-tab 😛

“The fact that you want an explanation” Like every human being who does’t understand something. It’s not a shame to ask questions you know. Especially about… constant alt-tabbing alt-tabbing alt tabbing 😉

“It’s like the damn mother-in-law who nitpicks over everything”. I like my (future) mother-in-law 🙂

less then 15% ?? I think everyone, who mean gaming for real have two (or more) screens, really i can’t imagine nevermore play without two screens (on desktop ofcourse) I play years on 1 screen too, but when I try two, its no way back! really, new lcd its not expensive nowadays and if you play a lot, second screen come very handy

only one things what i miss in GW2 is native support for 2 monitors, where i can pul large ingame map or inventory/trade to second screen 🙁

I think it all depends on games, most (?) don’t utilize two screens (natively) or would be even harder to play like that. Still, I am sure, in many cases extra monitor (or two) can make life much easier. That idea with GW2 supporting 2 monitors sounds nice, you should post in official forums, maybe devs will implement it one day, who knows 🙂

Arguing on the internet is like running at the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

I wasn’t the one arguing here mate. Besides, what you just did is expressing own opinion. Just like I did in the first place.

since I have two monitors, I use it absolutely for everything, watch movies and work in same time (priceless :D) or browse two pages, work and play web based games etc, possibilities of use are incredible, i cant go back to one screen now

Would love to have a second monitor (for the reasons you mentioned), unfortunately, cannot buy one in my current situation (very limited desk space). One day, one day… 😀

“… or “offensive word for the outer female sex organs”. No matter
what you pick, it’s offensive :P”.
– Oh mate, I had every intention of it being offensive.

“”I fail to see why you are still arguing” All I did is showing other way, it’s you who’s arguing here mate.”
– Incorrect. You asked a benign question at first, and then given a solution by Dulfy. After that you decided it’d be neat to point out your solution, why that_shaman’s work wasn’t needed as it wasn’t the optimal way to approach the task. So that’s YOU arguing with Dulfy first.

“”it’s apparent(via the other comments here) that people appreciate the work
done here” And that is why every single person posting here must agree
on this. No matter what. I apologise.”
– Also incorrect. People are fine to their opinions in the appropriate place. ie. your opinion is that the work that was put into this was, effectively, for naught.

“Isn’t it good enough that
this could be potentially useful to ANYONE?” “Potentially” is a key word
here. If I may, I have much better one – “theoretically”.
– What? They’re synonymous in this context.

“Catered to YOU”. Since less than 15% of ppl use multiple screens (source: last year’s Windows Feedback Program), you’re in minority here making this
argument a bit ironic, if not invalid. Alt-tab, alt-tab, alt-tab 😛
– I don’t understand. You think something is worthless if it could only help 15% of people? Some people is better than no people, right?

Like every human being who does’t understand something. It’s not a shame to ask questions you know. Especially about… constant alt-tabbing alt-tabbing alt tabbing ;)”It’s like the damn mother-in-law who nitpicks over everything”. I like my (future) mother-in-law
– Oh it’s great, I’m sure you and her get right along. You asked your question, than you gave your own solution. My issue is not with your curiosity, but with your reply to Dulfy.

More points for the fire though. Some people like fancy GUI’s. Some people might check this at work, or elsewhere. This feature doesn’t have to be used whilst playing GW2. Maybe they’re tracking an event and will only log in for that certain event.

I’ll pose a question to you though. What’s wrong with making this? If something doesn’t work for you, but obviously works for others, why do you feel compelled to argue your method?

“Oh mate, I had every intention of it being offensive”. – Oh, mate, I know. Like before, I won’t comment on that, I’ll just let others decide who of us might have some unclear issues. You tried to offend me for having own personal perspective on discussed matter. To end this, let me say: none taken.

“Incorrect. (…) So that’s YOU arguing with Dulfy first” – If by “arguing” you mean “discussing” or perhaps “debating” (too big world though, scratch that), then yes, I am. “Giving answer from own perspective” – that works best if you ask me. I never look forward to continue the discussion beyond my reply to Dulfy’s post. I figured that any person reading our posts should know which option is for him/her. I didn’t see a point to dig it any dipper. Except of course, if somebody asked me to make a personal time-table for him/her, would love to help out.

“your opinion is that the work that was put into this was, effectively, for naught” – I am sorry mate, but I never said it 😛 Short expression “form over content” wasn’t used by me by accident. By answering to Dulfy’s reply, I tried to show why I see simpler solution as the more efficient one. Especially for those who utilize single monitors might I add (should have said it in the first place).

“What? They’re synonymous in this context” – fair enough 🙂

“I don’t understand. You think something is worthless if it could only help 15% of people? Some people is better than no people, right?” – again, I never said anything like it. All did is replying to your “catering” nonsense and pointing out irony hiding behind it. To make it more interesting, I wouldn’t mind joining your “minority”. Unfortunately, I lack space for extra screen so it’s off the table, for now at least.

“Oh it’s great, I’m sure you and her get right along. You asked your question, than you gave your own solution. My issue is not with your curiosity, but with your reply to Dulfy” – I replied to Dulfy’s reasons in respectful and civilized manner. Point by point to make myself clear (could keep it shorter though, I admit). If however somehow she felt offended by what I said, I would really hope/appreciate to get some notification from her.

“Some people like fancy GUI’s. Some people might check this at work, or elsewhere. This feature doesn’t have to be used whilst playing GW2. Maybe they’re tracking an event and will only log in for that certain event.” – You have no idea how much I like fancy looking GUI’s. In Windows, in Office, in games, you name it. I’m being serious here 🙂 Still, I am not very fond of those when I clearly see, that problem X can be solved in much simpler and, most importantly far more efficient way. Like I tried to explain before.

” What’s wrong with making this? If something doesn’t work for you, but obviously works for others, why do you feel compelled to argue your method” – Let me surprise you again. There is nothing wrong with it. It looks nice, it has some obvious functionality, clearly, the author put some serious work in it. For some it’s a blessing, you already gave an example (two monitors, checking out at work etc). Still, it doesn’t need to work for everyone and I am on of those who dare to deny it’s functionality and point out concrete arguments supporting this statement. I felt compelled to “argue” (again, inappropriate word) my method because simple solutions are usually the easiest ones to miss. That is why to me it’s the case of form over content. Just basing on professional (and personal) experience. Going back to “compelled to argue”. Come on. Seriously? I just wrote one single question and one single answer to Dulfy’s reply. 2 (two) posts. Nothing more. All I am doing right now is replying to yours and narg’s posts.

“Why use website timers (even fancy ones) if anyone can simply put everything into pdf file and keep it on phone?”
– This. I was never the one to say it has to work for everyone. I am more than happy that this can be of use to anyone. You are the one who points out in your first post. Read the rest of the comments here. Most are simple thank you’s, or better worded for suggestions. If you were looking to criticize you did it poorly.

I know you never said it. Anyway, you should notice, that I started my first post with words “it looks really nice”. And I meant that. However, it doesn’t change the simple fact, that in my opinion it’s less functional than simple time-table. I cannot agree with you on poor critics. Sure, maybe could use a bit softer tone (post 2), but it wouldn’t change much. I was quite precise while avoiding throwing unnecessary words or comments. Just presented my own point of view. Some might agree, some not, everybody has choice 🙂

I’ve just updated the page that should fix both problems with mobile devices and smaller screens.

I love this idea, great work. Forgive my ignorance, but do I have to log onto this site to use or do I download it somehow?

You just have to load this webpage. Like…that’s all… 😀
Now iff only the rest of wasn’t just bootstrapped wordpress. x)

It’s useful AND beautiful. Best of the new megaserver timers. It would be even better if we could see just the timer. A “fullscrean” mode without duff fluffy around.

I am using Chrome on Windows 8.1. i am having an issue in not being able to use the Timer at all. I can see 2 Events that are upcoming in game but there are no Events listed below (everything says “test”). I am sure it is an issue on my end but don’t know what it is I am not doing correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the Timer seems some help for Mega-Server Events confusions.

It is not an issue on your end, it is a bug we introduced with the daily reset on the checklist. Apparently it wipes out all the event names and timers soon. Should be fixed soon.

Sorry about this, it tried to show non-existing events for half an hour after server reset, should be fixed now!

Greatest tool for Boss Timers. Thank you very much.
Suggestion: can you make a sound version with the name of the Boss instead of the bell? That would be awesome.

So, what do I do if I have, for example the 03:30 Karka Queen selected. But as time goes by, not enough people are showing up to kill her. How do I deselect the 03:30 time?

wow how did you manage to put gw2 api inside wordpress? is there any easy to understand tutorial to do that for begginer?

The problem I see with it is that it tracks the event ‘and’ time slot you selected, rather than the event itself. It would be more useful to me if when I picked, say, SB, it would light up and beep and all that (and getting a 5 min pre-notification would be nice, and when it doesn’t have focus, like the chrome add-in for gw2timer did, but I digress)…but then the important part. After an event has passed, it should look up it’s ‘next’ scheduled time in the future.

I have Claw in my timer, and rather than show me it’s coming up soon at 6:30 am, it tells me the next time the event that I picked is ready is 11:30 am.

It doesn’t answer the question: of events I care about, when is the next time, relative to my time, they will run?

But otherwise, nice work.

I dont understand why there isnt a way to track events in the game like it tracks our dailies. Yet again Anet fails in my book cause we are again having to depend on 3rd parties in the community to do something they simply are incapable of doing. Thanks for the app and i myself will use it but still wander way the dev of the game cant come up with a way for us to track it in the game. Like a notification similar to the scarlet invasion.” Warning Scarlets minions are attacking Blah blah blah” how about a Big ass Dragon is attacking Blah blah blah. Still feels like Anet devs are incapable of doing anything the community seems to do better.

Again Thanks this is a great help but i too hate to alt tab to use an external source to track events when anet needs to put one in PERIOD.

They can track my dailies, they can see what character has opened a boss chest.. how about give the end user that bought your game some tools instead of waiting on the community to come up with it and do Anets Job!

Wick – just like with Microsoft Excel, or Open Source applications…. a company builds the tool, and code-minded players (that_shaman, spidy, dulfy and others), build the utilities that leverage it. It all makes part of the special community that keeps a game vibrant and people invested in it. If ANet did it all, we wouldn’t be engaged with it in quite the same way.

A minimal amount of people are interested in this side of things, hence most do not need to engage with it in this way. It’s a basic tool that ANet should implement ASAP!

I’m a bit confused about temples atm. Is there any way to check which temple is active and where ?
most of the timers just went crazy since the megaserver patch … and it would take a bit too long to farm dragonites on lower level world bosses :/

look like every charactor has his own megeserver record. so send all your 80 levels to orr to multiply your chance…….

I’ve just updated the page to automatically reset the check marks at server reset (0:00 UTC). I’ve also made these stand out a bit more (purple). Just refresh the page if the update doesn’t show up immediately.

Thank you for this,
but um noob question,
how do we use the nearest waypoint codes ingame or something?

I’ve just updated the page to automatically reset the check marks at
server reset (0:00 UTC). I’ve also made these stand out a bit more

Just refresh the page if the update doesn’t show up immediately.

@that_shaman:disqus 1.How do you know that the same event will appear on different server?
2. Second question if I add Tequalt the Sunless as my favourite boss from a specific time for example 19:00 will it alert my for next ones as well?

1) The new mega-server system has a fixed schedule. Bosses will appear at the same time for everyone.

2) No you will need to add other instances as well.

Update: Just did a patch for mobile phones, tablets and smaller screens (do a hard refresh or clear your cache to see the update)

thank you, shaman.

the checkmarks are hard to see. if i hadnt read about them in the comments i might have missed em.

and the little wurms timer is not correct. pre started but it didnt continue into an event chain or so. the first pre just ended. i got pmed that wurm will come like 2 hours later.

Great job on this timer That_Shaman… lots of handy features and a nice looking design.

One small thing I noticed was that the time display is showing up as one hour ahead of my local time (AEST). I’m wondering if this is an issue with daylight saving miscalculations (North America would be in Daylight Savings now, Australia has just come off it). Hard to say without knowing what the applet is sourcing the timestamp from!


Just curious what you do irl. All that data mining stuff makes me think you’re with the FBI or something o_O

I’m not familiar with other works of that_shaman but there’s no need for datamining to build a boss tracker like this due to spawn times being public.

My IRL job is super mega top-secret. It’s even so secret that most of the time I’ve no idea what I’m doing.. (but apparently I’m good at it)

apologies for my ignorance if i’m missing something….. that_shaman said s/he had done a patch for mobiles…. i’ve tried using both safari and chrome on my iphone and neither of them are interative. if i double-click on the screen, it simply enlarges the screen, rather than copies a fav to “My Events”, etc.

Please point my idiocy in the right direction.

gah….. you mean I had to read the instructions, where it says “or tap on the countdown timer”? thanks.

@that_shaman:disqus Just curious, are you working on an overlay or a feature that hides bosses we have checkmarked?

Is there a way (or plans to enable it) to embed this into a website? I’d love to embed this into my guild website for guildies to see and use.

My marked events are still ringing, and i hope for future that you make pc app, if i could minimize it to tray it would be awesome, because i get used to close browswer every time.

I know that they did not include them into the schedule, but isn’t there an API that shows all those? Would it not be possible to add them to this?

Since you don’t know on which megaserver you are going to end up, the API doesn’t help at all.

No one wants to do those shitty bosses so take your shitty suggestion elsewhere and stop giving off an air of entitlement you ungrateful twit.

What the f. dude? He was just asking, not even close to bieng unfriendly, let alone bieng impolite, maybe you should take your shitty attitude elsewhere instead of flaming.

those 3 “shitty bosses” unlock traits for characters made after apr 15 you “ungrateful twit” “giving off an air of entitlement”

You need to search up what entitlement means, man… Quoting someone incorrectly makes you look stupid. We might as well add every single boss into the game that unlocks traits here then right?

For me it shows only “test” events anymore. It worked for me, when it was released and I would like to ask, if it will work again?

When an event is complete, I think the pink bar should turn green, instead of staying pink. That way people won’t get confused, and think the event is still active. Not sure how difficult that’d be to make, but it would be beneficial!

Each event has a 15 minute timer, but it’s impossible to tell when individual events have “completed”, due to the shifting number of maps. (e.g. people kill Karka Queen in well under the 15 minute timer, but there’s no way to track or indicate the completion status of each instance of the Karka Queen event).

Hi Dulfy! I wonder why the timer is a hour late from what it really is in-game for me… How do I change that?

I found a couple of error, at least of the schedule isn’t changed from the one Anet put ontheir site.
First error is that at 16:15 there isn’t a Svanir Shaman event but a Jungle Wurm one.
Second error but not linked to the schedule is that Modniir Ulgoth doesn’t give champion bags as part of his loot.
Also other bosses are more or less correct in that way, Karka Queen gives bags inside the chest, Tequatl and Triple Wurm have boxes linked to how far you manage to go in the event.

Modniir does give champ bags as part of his loot. I know you can get one from the shaman outside the gate, one from each of the three rock dog things that he spawns, and one from Modniir himself.

The temples have no reliable timers since there is no way to control what megaserver you end up on. So it’s luck of the draw all the time.

Got a “test 00:00:00 00:00” i can’t make go away. Each time I double click to remove it, it hides, but it’s back next time I visit page.

Can you add an option to pop this out into it’s own window? Would love to use Chrome to make it an application shortcut on my desktop.

There is a mobile site thats really good, gives all the bosses times on one page and counts down. I pull it up on my mobile and set it beside me. Its

Woo.. Thanks a lot for making this =A= Many thousands of players prolly feel the same way. Keep up the good work ! <3

Could you drop some sort of news item to let us know when it’s updated, for those of us who follow your RSS feed? 🙂

Note that I had to set the “hardcore” events 5 minutes early (bug) and we don’t have confirmation on the new “normal” schedule

The schedule has been updated – please press CTRL+F5 (hard refresh) if the old schedule is still showing.

is there any method to the temple contest times (mel/grenth/balth/etc) or are they just completely

I was looking over the timer and its a great thing. I posted prior that you did a great job. I am wondering if you could add the temple bosses, with the need for people to cap the high trait skills for Risen Priest of Grenth, High Risen Wizard etc. It would be nice to know when they pop.

It’s hard and unreliable to add temple timers. Megaserver made it impossible to track which “server” you’re on.

the timer for the (here in middle europe) evening Karka-Queen and Tequatl are wrong, they are one hour earlier – 20:00 and 21:00 middle european summer time. and no, can’t be a summertime-issue, coz all other events are correct 😉

I ‘m getting an empty timer
I’ve tried many ctrl+F5, tried on firefox and chrome and on different PCs at different places
Any idea?

Just a note, I’m seeing the updated version but at 1:55PM CST it still has “Unknown Boss.” I think this is supposed to be Tequatl? Here’s a screen.

It’s the great jungle wurm. There was a slight bug in between patches where it showed as unknown. Press CTRL+F5 to force an update on the page and it should go away.

Aaah, okay! I’ve been doing the CTRL+F5 for a while and it still hasn’t fixed itself. Must be my end then xD It’s the only one that’s like that, too :S

Your magic was beautiful, it shows Tequatl now! I was just so boggled by it because I could see the new times for every single slot except *that* one slot. Thank you very much!

I like how this Dulfy and that Shaman really get to addressing peoples issues and aren’t so far detatched from their doohickey thingamajig to deal with us peasants. Not like someone else I know.

Has this been, or is it going to be, updated with the new rotation for Teq, Karka Queen, and the three headed wurm?

That 5 minute difference is annoying, can you make it to one minute please? Don’t want the alert to ring too early…

I can’t see the fire shaman of Scorchlands, Iron Marches…and that’s the same on others websites… o_O’

Are those mini-icons next to the bosses’ names custom? If not, where can I get them? If they are custom, would you mind if I use them in my own event timer? I am planning to release this basic timer soon and slowly update it with more futures. Hope to get an answer soon.

Kind Regards,

Are those mini-icons next to the bosses’ names custom? If not, where can I get them? If they are custom, would you mind if I use them in my own event timer? I am planning to release this basic timer soon and slowly update it with more futures. Hope to get an answer soon.

Kind Regards,


Can only copy waypoint text when an event is one of the big-text active ones. Can’t, for example, copy the little text in an event that is hours away, to find out where it’s going to be (had to resort to searching on wiki for events that I hadn’t done yet but wanted to be ready for).

Not sure if this is known/intended, but would be awesome if I could copy the little text, too.

Thanks for the awesome tool, nonetheless!

Doesn’t work on the smaller text is what I’m saying. ctrl+c or right-click+copy are both copying nothing to the clipboard, even though it looks like they would.

Not sure if it’s a world boss, since it doesn’t give the biss ass chest…and not even sure if the reward is daily.

this needs to be implemented as an overlay with the check list.. instead of striking it out it removes it from the list to clear clutter on the screen and for waypoints add to clipboard on click.. at the very least the copy to clipboard feature can be added to your site when clicking the waypoints.. its been a year but im pretty sure i used LMCButton.. anyways great tool 🙂

Hey it seems sometimes I don’t get boxes from Modniir Ulgoth anymore, any thoughts on this? :<

Join a party.

It’s significantly easier to receive loot credit on mobs, particularly champions in a group.

How come the waypoints all come up as random letters and symbols for me on both my computer and laptop? For example: [&BEYAAAA=] for “Fire Elemental”.

This is a chat link. You can just paste [&BEYAAAA=] in chat and the game will convert it to a clickable waypoint. I always whisper these links to myself for fast teleporting to the world bosses.

JS seems to not work properly in Steam ingame browser. inb4: refresh did not work. “test” is in the name column of every row of the list. no times. first two events, highlighted with backroung image and further information, are correct. just the names btw.
No problems in Mozilla Aurora(Firefox) 28.0a2

Never take this down from your home xD i couldnt find it anywhere untill i looked on the welcoming thingie lol

yes, where is fire shaman and dredge commissar? what about all the temples in orr too?? and in particular the gates of arah! that’s a beast of an event to do =/

they used to have on
so don’t know what anet did when the megaserver came about, but they should have timers still. how else does anybody know when to do them?? i guess, timer is wrong, but that website tells you when they’re active. if it still works, i think you should encorporate the same on to this page or it’s kinda under achieveing =/

These other bosses have no set schedule, so they basically work like the old bosses did before – that is to say, they’re up whenever people do the pre-events and if the boss hasn’t been done recently.

Basically, they’re like Orr temples now – unless you camp the zone, there’s really no way to know when it’ll next be ready.

One could theoretically write an API tool to see server event status by IP, like GW2Nodes uses for resource nodes, but since there’s still no way to *join* a specific IP, plus the fact that interest in the other bosses is sadly quite low, I doubt this’ll ever come about – Unless someone writes a new templetimers tool using this system, and lumps these bosses into it too.

This includes Fire Shaman, Dredge Commissar, and Foulbear Chieftain, off top top of my head.

It really would have required a minimum of effort to look up the official boss schedule and see that those bosses are not included on the rotation. That’s what I call underachieving.

Alot of people here nag about such little things as a timer that’s 5mins too late or that it’s not complete, but seriously get a grip. A big thanks to Dulfy for making this available to people, otherwise you wouldn’t be 5mins late, you’d be sitting your ass at an event the whole day because you don’t have a clue what time it starts =).

Hey there, really nice timer, i just got one little thing i think there are missing, how about a function where u can remove the event from list if u already done it that day, or just a function where u can highligh the ones u done, and then it refreshes by it self at the end of that day?

Click the check mark to the right of the event to mark it complete. The checkmarks reset at the reset time each evening.

I want to say thanks for the timer. It’s really the best one I’ve used and have stuck with. I love how it dings early on so I always know before hand if a boss is on the way. Which saves me the awful feeling of missing a boss by a minute. I also love the ability to check bosses off as I do them 😀

The LOUD ASS DING is annoying a fuck! My volume is down and its till loud.The timer is great though! Great job, well besides the ding.

That does not reduce the volume of the ding. It merely chooses between noticing a person: a) 15min. prev. to an event & as the event starts, b) only when the event starts, or c) no notice at all (no sound effect).

What’s the 2nd set of numbers for? I understand everything else, but that second set confuses me. Could someone explain that please?

This would be great as an overlay or perhaps as a companion app for Overwolf. It already has several apps for GW2 so this would be a great addition and will likely be one of the most popular should they take that route. There is an app called Overpowered for GW2 for Overwolf but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, or even recommend it, every time it’s always Dulfu timer.

So, how about an overlay or perhaps a companion app to Overwolf? :O

Hilarious, “everyone talks about Dulfy and no one talks about this other thing I like, why doesnt Dulfy put his thing, that everyone likes, in to this thing other thing that no one talks about but I like?”

Actually, Overwolf is pretty well known, so I hardly see how it’s hilarious to suggest that this overlay be made into an app for Overwolf. What I was referring to the thing that no one mentions/talks about is another app, not Overwolf itself.

I only suggested it so that this could be easily accessible in game rather than having to tab out every time. Not saying tabbing out is anything major, but it’s still annoying nonetheless and it would still be nice to have it as an app.

Try again next time.

Anyone knows if the new event that gives a daily chest is on a timer or is like the temples of Orr?
The event “Prevent the centaurs from capturing Nebo Terrace” now grants a daily reward on event success. (from patch notes)

its me or this is broken? i went to the event at the time i arrive it was nothing (came 5 mins early stayed for 15 mins and there was no boss)

Suggestion: swap the waypoint for Svanir Shaman from the current one to Krennak’s Homestead Waypoint, where the prelude events start.

Oh my! These high def non stoppable ads make this page intolerable to use anymore. Not only do they suck too much bandwidth, the volume is way over the top. Is there another boss timer available anywhere? Sorry Dulfy but bad, bad, bad.

There seems to be a memory leak on this page. On Chrome with this page opened for a few hours, memory usage is over 2GB and growing.

FYI, if your computer is not set to automatically adjust the clock for Daylight Savings Time, the event timers may be an hour off.

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please change the sound for the alert… its horrid ;( really jarring on the ears…. otherwise good work! and an android app would be marvelous :3

If you press the little clock icon on the right side of the screen in the My Events bar, it will toggle between 24hr and AM/PM

Would it be possibile to change(or add an option for the user to change) the hour the timer is showing?
In my country the hour changed for the winter time -1h so the timer (for me) is off with 1h and it’s really thowing me off my farming:)
Please help.

Can you please correct the times for countries like belgium? Winter time kicked in, everything is 1 hour earlier, then what’s listed here.

Well the time the ‘ringtone’ goes for events is correct, but the shown times are no longer correct. Guess this is a minor issue.

Tequatl itself only drops 2 as far as I am aware, but the defend events might give you two extra, they give you karma and loot at least

I was wondering why the Boss Timer doesn’t include the Boss’s in Ruins of Orr? Or if there is a separate one for that area?

you left click the characters in the bracket one time, right click and select copy… go to your gw2 and hit enter so your cursor comes up and then hit CTRL+V and it will paste it.. hit enter and then click the waypoint that shows up in your chat menu
– Kat Von Kane/ Restless Sally

unfortunately, I can’t open the boss timer in Safari on my iPad – each time I try, it routes me to the app store and ‘offers’ me the ‘Game of War’-App instead. When I close the store, Safari is emtpy… no chance to open the web page. Any idea?

still facing this issue… can someone with an ipad please confirm? I’m pretty sure it’s due to some ‘hidden’ script and not a problem of my device, as it’s on this web pagee only. 🙁

that’s strange, but thanks for testing, Kristina. May I ask what OS you’re using? I’m on 7.1.2, so maybe I finally have to update to 8.xx …

thanks, Kristina – after upgrading to 8.1.1, it works now for me, too. Looks really like there’s some hidden ‘re-direct’, but fortunately it doesn’t fool the recent iOS…

Modniir Ulgoth doesn’t drop the 2 Champion Loot Bags anymore.. at least, I did it 4 times and didn’t drop them.

Not to people who hasn’t explored all those locations yet. Having atleast the Boss’s level is more convenient than having to copy/paste each and every location code to find if the boss suitable for your level.

Mass group events are not really level restricted, if you can get to the area you can participate. If you want to run the events unlock the waypoints. This will filter the events for you. Also, you will not get the bonus chest until you are level 39. Still get bag drops though, but you can get those with less time from champion trains if these still run.

Right, which is why it is better to show the levels for newer people to see which event they’re able to go to, then they can copy/paste the code and then explore that area early in the game. It’s just more convenient, rather then to search blindlessly on which events to go to.

But this is just my perspective, as I am pretty new to the game and would like to offer some suggestions for improvements.

Also, I believe Frozen Maw is missing from this list :).

You cant do any of the events until 40 anyways. After that all bosses universally drop chests. Your suggestion would actually confuse people more about the level restrictions of bosses. Just click on the WP and it shows you which map and its recommended level.

Often on the maps that are from 1-40 level, players will announce bosses in map chat that will drop bags/boxes/loot.

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Verry nice thing, i love it, best timer ever iv’e never lost an event since i found this timer,I prefer Druids but i love you Shaman.

When does the zerg start to fight ALL of these? I mean when do people zerg to kill each for daily reward? I didnt played gw2 for a long time dont know the times

I don’t understand the question.

The spawn time windows are shown here and the official wiki, and many other timer sites. You’re looking at the times.

Being in spawn window means each world boss can spawn, usually after pre-events are completed. Pay attention to the meta-event status in the upper right ingame.

There is no set time for trains/zergs etc after they made mega servers. You’ll get a decent amount of players doing these bosses except for Triple Trouble. Also, you have to go to Tequatl early for a good map, as always.

There’s usually a sizable zerg for most of these bosses, except triple trouble (because that boss event is practically impossible, takes way too long, isn’t worth it, and 99% of the time, it fails). I’ve only seen TTS pull off a successful triple trouble.

Aside from that and what Shirona said, I’d recommend getting to teq about an hour early, find a spot–usually taking a turret is a good way to help, you’ll get the same credit for completing teq on a turret as you would in the zerg, north and south hills, etc. Then you can…idk, do a couple things afk while you wait, makes the time pass. Frequently hero banners are put down 5-10 minutes before teq fight. There are some achieves for teq that are easy to get–“above the waves”–jump over the wave w/o getting knocked down 10x, “tail flail”–dodge teq’s tail when he whips it around–getting feared next to his tail is easy to get that achieve, “I found it!”–underwater/watery grave treasure by Splintered Coast wp in the deeper water, and if you complete all of those, and have defeated teq at least 7x, you’ll earn the title “The Sunbringer”.

Have fun, maybe I’ll see ya at some boss fights!

you have to copy that and paste it into the chat in guild wars, then send it. That way, your character will speak the waypoint and you can click on it and see where it is on the map

Automatically highlighting whichever boss is targeted by the current Daily would make this timer even more awesome than it already is. 🙂

Seems like right now they are correct, but for the last few days all events have been late, showing they will spawn in half a hour when they already spawned and finished. I wasn’t the only one.

For the Waypoints, all I see is some kind of script: ([&BKgBAAA=]), and I have no idea what to do with this? Please help? I’m new to this site and have clearly missed a few things 😛

Just fyi, for world bosses like Tequatl, he spawns on the hour. So if it says it’s 5 minutes away, and it’s 10 til, it’s ~10 minutes away.

I would really like to see an android ap for this, as I use my tablet to display timers when I’m playing, and this site doesn’t work very well on my tablet’s browser. I would also love to see an ap for the guild trek & bounty too.

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that…”april fools joke” freaked me out, as an indie game designer/modder.

scared the hell outta me and I thought my gw2 files were ruined.

But, pretty funny once I was reassured it was a joke, since I always forget when April Fool’s Day is, mostly because I don’t care about April Fool’s Day and I don’t even know why it’s a thing. Who invented it?


The timer seems to be off for me today. Is there a way to make sure that it is using the correct time zone for my area?

i dont understand when they say ”Nearest waypoint: &WBNcGAAA=” can’t they say the name of the actual place?

You can copy and then paste it into the game chat. Once it’s in the chat it will be the name of the waypoint and you can click on it the same way you do noramlly ingame.

Don’t wait too long before going to that WP, if you really want to be able to go to that destination (WP) as overflow map and/or battle nearby that point will re-direct you to another nearby WP. Re-directing to another WP can actually make it impossible to be there in time before the boss might have been killed, if it is a large event with many people waiting.

It is also important to use these codes with square bracket when you copy and paste it into your chat window. Set your chat channel to “say” [/s] to avoid filling other channel with this kind of information as it will only be displayed for those that can see your character on display and yourself.

If you would like to learn more about these codes, then I recommend to go to Guild Wars 2 main wiki as there you will find plenty of information about both maps, codes and WP among other.

It’s a chat code. Copy and paste it into your gw2 chat and it’ll link the waypoint. You can do this for items and boons and conditions too. Shift click them to link.

How do I change the time shown? The timer shows me events in ‘local time’, but we just came off daylight saving and the timer has not adjusted. How does it work out what my ‘local’ time is?

Ah, just read more of the thread, so perhaps the right post is to say this is now off for Australian Eastern Standard time as we are now off Daylight Saving. Timer shows an hour later than our actual time.

i would love if u had a little box that showed the level of the events, as im leveling up currently i wanna do all world bosses i can at my level

There are two way to find out on what level a boss or champ: one would be to go to your map (copy code into your chat for GW2 from table above to find out nearest way point which look like this [&BHoCAAA=]), click on that code in your chat and your map will show you where it is and at the same time you will also be able to see what level that zone will be for all player.

Player with higher level will be down scaled to that zone and in most cases it is not what level your character have reached that is important for that event by it self, but how many player and what kind of support you will be able to provide in doing damage and healing with those (through your weapon and utility) skill that you have will have to your disposal.

Second option will be to use Guild Wars 2 wiki and read what is expected to happen during that boss/champ. GW2 wiki have very useful information as for how a boss or champ will behave and in which way player have found out how to handle the boss (and its minions). As an example; Tequatl will scale (=more minions will spawn) if you stand or stay behind Hyleks turrets during this event, so you will have to stand in the right sport to avoid this.

Don’t forget to use your trait line (at least the Adept part) during levelling up, as it is possible to change those trait for your levelling character in a way which will prevent your character to be defeated.

There are two way to get those traits either you will need to do events (some are in WvW, other Dungeons or jumping puzzles) which will unlock those traits or to buy these by vendors around in the world (both PvE (like Lion’s Arch), WvW (seller at your safe zone when you arrive from portal) or the Lobby to PvP. You will need some Silver (for those lesser Adept traits) and Skill Points to be able to buy traits from vendors for your profession.

Unlocking traits in PvE can be hard work as some are champs you have to defeat and other are jumping puzzles which can be both frustrating to do or even to find (read on Dulfy’s guide for how to do these or even use YT to know what to expect as some also might have some kind of chest which can be missed out, if you don’t know where to look for it).

The first thing eCrité suggested, I did a few toons ago. I’ll pass on the knowledge for anyone wanting to know similar.

(Level) Event
Standard Bosses
(10) Svanir/Maw

(15) Fire Elemental
(15) Jungle Wurm
(15) Shadow Behemoth
(43) Modniir Ulgoth
(50) The Shatterer
(50) Taidha Covington
(66) Megadestroyer
(68) Golem Mark II
(80) Claw of Jormag

“Hardcore” Bosses

(55) Triple Trouble (Evolved Jungle Wurm)* ((Crimson head is level 52.))

(65) Tequatl the Sunless
(80) Karka Queen

*IMO avoid this one if you’re levelling. It’s doable with the right group, but can be a time-waster given the time that goes into properly organizing it, and the difficulty to pug it (I’ve yet to hear of a successful pug). Plus, if you have a crap build at 55, it doesn’t add to the already tenuous chances of success. Teq, by contrast, can be successfully organized 10-15 minutes before with a half-motivated pug group, and is generally more (materially) rewarding. (Also I’m not trying to be patronizing if you already know all this; just writing it in case anyone who reads it is new to PvE world bosses. Triple Trouble can be a bit of a nasty shock after many casual rounds of Ulgoth, Shatterer, and the earlier world bosses.)

Gah, I copy-pasted my list from notepad and some janky formatting got in there. There’s no significance to the spaces between Svanir and FE, or TT and Teq… no missing events or whatnot.

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Teq was off by 5min… It said 19.55 when actually it was 20.00. Others seem to be right though.

I think they’ve just intentionally offset the 3 “hardcore” bosses (Karka, Teq, Triple Trouble) from the “standard”/zerg train world bosses by doing that. They run on a special schedule that is technically slightly apart from the Standard boss schedule (the every-15-minute bosses), despite the fact it does start on the hour.

would be great if it actually said the name of nearest waypoint instead of{&BHwAAAA which doesnt exist so we can actually understand where to go to

ok thank you for the info,perhaps you could state that on the webpage,or maybe i missed that

People have been doing this in game for a couple of years now (before it came to Dulfy in this format). It’s one of those things that people probably don’t think much about because it’s been around for a long time.

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tried 5 events now, not one has been correct and cannot work out what is going on please help, followed timers and stayed in each location for 10 mins before going to the next 🙁

If you didnt see anyone else there then the pre events may not have been done, most of these events have pre events and will not start if the pre events have failed or not been completed. Try making sure you are on a world that has a good few people on, you can do this in multple ways, easiest is to look for a group using the LFG function in guild wars, or you can turn up to the more major events earlier. The likes of Tequatl the sunless, MegaDestroyer and Karka some people even wait half an hour before the event to make sure the get a good world

I get the same error. Apparently my guild mates tell me I’m one hour off. So… how can I fix this?

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You copy the waypoint code here, and then tab over to you game. Press enter on your chatbox like you are typing and paste that code into the chat box and then send it. You will see a clickable text on your chat box that you can click and it will show you where the event is.

I’m guessing you’re referring to maps..
1. You could try leaving the map and returning after awhile
2. Join a party with someone in the particular map you’d like to be in, right click on them on the party list and select “Join in……….”

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He probably means the IP of the server he’s connected to.

There’s no reliable way to, unfortunately.

You can try guesting to a realm in which you don’t have many guildies/contacts, or have someone in a different IP taxi you over.

(Use /ip ingame to tell what IP you’re on)

why the heck all times are 5 mins away from spawn? sorry but because of those stupid times allways newbies get the wrong time for events.

I prefer this timer as it shows actually the right times (only tequatle spawns one minute later XD)

The only thing I can think of that would make this perfect is something that would let you, when you make a new copy of the page, put in a character name on the page so you can keep track of who’s done what bosses, for those of us with altitis and too much time (I’m retired, so sue me — I sometimes do a couple pub crawls a day).

for all you retards that don’t know how to copy and paste ctrl+c copies and ctrl+v pastes… all you do is copy the wp, click in your chat box press ctrl+V, then enter… now gtfo the internet you noob…

Nobody won here. Becoming Godsize is a nerdraging butthurt retard, and the other guy is arguing with a nerdraging butthurt retard. But thanks for the laughs.

wtf are you talking about i taught the retards how to copy and paste theres nothing to be butt hurt or nerd rage (two words) about… tbh i was trolling so i won… you responded because youre mad that you didnt know how to copy and paste… but its cool just admit im the superior person in this situation and move on…

Arguing on the internet is like being in the special olympics: Even if you win, you are still retarded.

Hahaha how often do you check this thread? You respond to everyone within the hour. The only person you’re trolling is yourself. LOL

dont need to check the thread theres this thing called notifications that people get that have cell phones… explain to me how im trolling myself do you even know what trolling is??? i will tell you its making a comment to get a response…

Trolling is being a jerk online to elicit an angry emotional reaction. You’re clearly the only person doing both of those things. Case closed. Goodbye kid.

i got a bunch of retards mad thats all i wanted its not my fault they are too retarded to not know how to copy and paste

Okay. You call people who can’t copy and paste retards, but you yourself are incapable of using—at the very least—capital letters. So how, pray tell, are people, who are simply confused with something from a game, retarded when your grammar isn’t even good enough to be a 2nd grader’s?

this is a comment section not a writing competition and its not being confused its not using common sense and btw im 29 little man pay my bills then tell me how to type my comments

Well this plan backfired. I replied, in hopes of finally stopping this long, pointless, thread, but alas I just made it longer, and I somehow cannot believe a 29 year old would antagonize this entire thread, when most of us are just pointing out the rights and wrongs. So to prevent any more of this nonsense, this will be my last post…and attempt to see that god-forsaken grammar one more time.

NOTE: So ctrl+c/ctrl+v is common sense, when starting your sentence with a capital letter is not?

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I really don’t want to, but I have to say thanks because I didn’t know that I could copy those way points there to use them. But maaaybe you could consider next time to be a little bit friendlier? Please?

On my PC clock it is 1 hour off. (16:00 on the Boss timer while 15:00 on my PC) Daylight savings hit Europe 25th of October.

There should just be an option to enable/disable daylight savings since not all countries have it/change on the same dates.

Yes the Daylight Savings is a pain. Either have it change automatically back to standard time, or have a toggle for people to switch. Thanks.

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Hey, Dulfy! I’ve noticed that for Shadow Behemoth, Phinney Waypoint is significantly closer to where the boss spawns.

Just a ?? Where can we find older data (like Dry Top achievements)? All I can see on the site is “current?” events.

Why did the boss timers just show me jormag was up at 3:30p.m. CST? it showed, Frozen Maw, Fire Ele, and then Golem Mark II, and Jormag. In that order. it was only right, about Maw and Fire ele.

Still off by 2 hours (showing time from 2 hours ago … I’m in EDT, and it’s showing as if I were MDT). Have reloaded page, and also rebooted system (not for this). OS: W10 64bit. At least the countdown is correct.

The time is not right. Some countries currently have DST, some doesn’t. Can’t be based on it. Maybe get the time from the OS? To me, the timer is off by 1h (11:44, timer shows 12:44)

Looks like the time on the events is misbehaving again — showing 22:15 for Great Jungle Wurm when, in fact, it’s already started (and likely completed) as of 21:25 (EDT). Tried refreshing, but it’s still off. The GW2 wiki shows it starting at 21:15.

Given the persistent difficulty with “time-of-day” in this tool, I have stopped looking at that field, and rely exclusively on “remaining time until” (which I assume can operate off of absolute UTC).

Would be great if u will add button for reset all checkmarks in one click (i mean checkmarks at the right side of the strings)

check if your pc has the correct time zone in its options. The timer takes information from there!

The world boss timer has just been updated to version 2.0, make sure to clear your browser cache if you have any problems with it!

I’m having some issue with loading the timer. It is not giving any times and says that nothing is up next. I’ve tried refreshing.

Why is the Shadow Behemoth in different color than the rest? Is there something special to it? There’s also a tiny gold star beside it.

Any chance of displaying the waypoint string still please? I usually have this open on the other computer and used to just type the string into GW2 – can’t do that atm 🙁

I realized that right after I posted. I am just returning, so I did not realize that HoT bosses were in there already. 🙂

Hello, for Shadow Behemoth, I believe the waypoint [Swamplost Haven Waypoint] is much closer than the one listed for it. Perhaps see it through and change?

It’s a shame. I liked this timer…now everyone is going to form a new habit of going elsewhere…

Was just thinking today, what would we do without Dulfy! Not finding this is a cataclysm! It is a game that you make so much more do-able. Thanks for you!

timer is off
google chrome 81.0.4044.12 version
country Russia with Moscow time
with UK VPN same shit

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