SWTOR Guardian Top 3 Questions Answered

The top 3 questions from the Guardian class rep was answered today on the SWTOR forums. Explanations of the questions are placed in spoiler tags since they are fairly lengthy.

1. PvP DPS Role Survivability

Question 1: Would the developers consider improving Guardian / Juggernaut survivability by giving Focus / Rage a short cool down mitigation defensive or by making Guardian Leap / Intercede easier to use under pressure?

Spoiler Inside Show

We actually feel that Guardian/Juggernaut survivability is a bit too good right now. In fact, we are currently planning to reduce the duration of Focused/Enraged Defense down to 10 seconds (currently, 30 seconds) in the 2.8 update. Even though Focus/Rage Guardians/Juggernauts are intentionally designed to have less survivability than Vigilance/Vengeance Guardians/Juggernauts – sacrificing that survivability for greater mobility (Zealous Leap/Obliterate) and control (Force Exhaustion/Crush) – this survivability gap may be too large. We might consider further improvements to Focus/Rage mobility via Guardian Leap/Intercede. While the community’s question talks about Guardian Leap/Intercede being an escape tool (and wishes for it to be improved in that manner), it is actually designed to be a defensive tool that can be used to help your allies survive (rather than keep the Guardian/Juggernaut alive).

However, knowing both the community’s desire for a better Guardian Leap/Intercede and the belief that the Focus/Rage Guardian’s/Juggernaut’s defensive capabilities are not competitive, what if we were to improve Guardian Leap/Intercede for Focus/Rage Guardians/Juggernauts? High in their skill tree, we could allow them to use Guardian Leap/Intercede while immobilized (removing the immobilize effect in the process), and maybe even give them a short boost to their defensive capabilities for a few seconds after using Guardian Leap/Intercede. This would effectively keep Guardian Leap/Intercede a group protection tool for the other two Guardian/Juggernaut skill trees, while allowing it to be used as an escape, mobility-aid, or ally protection tool for Focus/Rage Guardians/Juggernauts. Please let us know your opinions regarding this possible addition to the Focus/Rage skill tree.

2. Single target damage of Focus/Rage

Question 2: Do the developers have plans to increase the single target sustained damage of Focus Guardians / Rage Juggernauts and provide additional tools to make them more desirable for endgame PVE and PVP content?

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Yes, we do have plans to increase the single-target, sustained damage output for Focus/Rage Guardians/Juggernauts. However, the final result will be less sustained damage than Vigilance/Vengeance, because Focus/Rage is intended to be better area and burst damage than Vigilance/Vengeance. Although we do wish to improve the sustained damage output for Focus/Rage, these changes may not happen in the immediate future. Currently, there are some other advanced classes (such as Vanguard/Powertech and Shadow/Assassin) which completely lack competitive, sustained Operation damage, and we would like to address those first.

3. Vigilance/Vengence Talent Bloat and Lackluster Talents

Question 3: Do the developers have any plans to merge or replace similar or lackluster talents to reduce the Vigilance / Vengeance talent tree bloat?

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We are aware that Vigilance/Vengeance has 46 available skill points, and we will look into reducing the total number of skill points that can be spent there. It is likely that we can bring it down to 44, but 42 might be a stretch. We would most likely roll Debilitation/Overwhelm into Zen Strike/Rampage, but we might consider doing something else. It is unlikely that we would combine two skills that increase damage, like Burning Blade/Draining Scream and Burning Purpose/Eviscerate. Feel free to make other suggestions regarding which skills you might like to see combined or which skills you would not mind seeing removed from the game.

Source: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=7381741#edit7381741

  • taylor

    if a guardian has an issue with pvp, that id not the dps, it is the tank. They need to improve tank survivability in pvp.

    • gua543

      Are you serious? How much more survivablity do you want for the jugg/guardian tanks? You get a stun and a damage reducer from your skill tree, saber reflect basically kills your enemy for you, unlike the vanguards/powertechs you can use your self heal when under 70% hp, not 35% (not to mention it’s a lot better than adrenaline rush/kolto overload), oh, and you got 2 self heals.
      I’m taking a wild guess here but I’d say you want to take on the whole enemy team solo, which will not and should not happen.

      • taylor

        lol. another person who never tried focus defense or saber reflect. have you ever used focus defense as a tank? It doesn’t do anything against burst and when was the last time you killed someone with saber reflect in pvp? defense which is the main strength for guardians does not do anything in pvp. a guardian tank can not kill most of the other classes at 1 on 1, and practically useless as a dps.

        • Josef Tauser

          OMG saber reflect is my best finishing move after SMASH and saber throw. Use it against snipers and sorcs for maximum: “WHAAA ?!? … No he didn’t just reflect 6k at me >:( “

      • Atreyan

        endure pain is something you should use when you know your going to take a big hit, using it as a self heal is not really optimal.

  • Trogdor

    “In fact, we are currently planning to reduce the duration of
    Focused/Enraged Defense down to 10 seconds (currently, 30 seconds) in
    the 2.8 update.” plsno 🙁 10 seconds is way too short, you’d have to be getting hit once every second to use up all the charges.

    • Konoha the Wiper

      and if it was 1v1 you have to add the 1.5gcd and are losing on lots of heals

    • Andrew Gromov

      What the hell are you talking about? this is a defensive CD, it’s not a fcking sorc to heal 2 full.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    just those burns that need fixing less than 100dmg a sec for 6 secs both blade storm and overhead slash and then 500dmg plasma brand every 3 secs for 12 secs, if i die in a 1v1 battle they can easily use their passive heal to laugh off the damage however affliction and corrosive dart can hit hard and if they crit will kill me faster than i can passive heal

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