GW2 Llama Finisher and Mini Kitten on Gemstore

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Llama finisher for 800 gems and a Mini Orange Kitten for 400 gems.

Llama Finisher – 800 gems



Mini Orange Kitten – 400 gems

  • Stretches and meows on a while



Mad King’s Outfit – 700 gems

  • Old item returning to the gemstore for the next 7 days

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

30 replies on “GW2 Llama Finisher and Mini Kitten on Gemstore”

Any idea if the “Mini Mystical Dragon” grayed out in the collectibles tab require the 3 new spring minis or not? Asking since this first one goes away in 7 days.

are you basing that on official sources or just guessing??. I do think that the next holliday event will be Dragon Bash, but last years was also part of the living story (much more then e.g. Wintersday and Halloween). Also, Wintersday and Halloween had more ties to Tyrian lore then dragonbash had to the dragon festival (although they share the theme of feasting and rebuilding after a world changing danger). So I suspect that dragonbash will return in some form, but till we see the official announcement I won’t get exited for it yet 😉

As for the miniature. I don’t think its going to be related to the spring miniatures. As Dulfy said, many people would get pissed off just cause they are not available all the time and people want to know what they are going to get before deciding to buy a miniature that they will dump into the forge.

I didn’t know I wanted a magical dancing llama, but now that I’ve seen one I can’t imagine living without it…

I didnt know I wanted some actual content to play…oh right I still dont have that, but I can get a llama…

Yeah, this break after last LS is boring xD but well…i guess they deserve that once in a while too lol. Especially since they’re working on second LS xD
Oh well, at least i have some time to play other games…and a llama !

Today in Lornar pass I said I truly feel like that it is time that A-net starts stepping up the speed of releasing new permanent content. I am a bit holding back cause I dont wanna be one of the people whining bout ‘gimme expansion now’. I understand that they wanted to figure out if they do a traditional expansion or release expansion style content within living story. I also understand that inventing and refining new ways of releasing content takes time. But I’m personally getting to the point that another season of living story with limited permanent content is not going to keep me interested. So hope the current break is there so they can make a spectacular season two with much new permanent content!! (ow and Liama rulez!!!!)

Well, the new zones will be for sure perma stuff in maguuma…plus at least one big event (wich is already scheduled in the boss timer)…and i hope at least a dungeon more or so..
Problem is that even permanent content is just a temporary thing…i mean, in most games you just get new stuff, dungeons, areas weapon etc…new levels and so..all shiny and awesome. You farm the shit out of it for some months…and then, all done ! next expansion please !
But…the truly sad thing about it is that after you passed this content…it’s all useless with your main character, you don’t need it anymore and have no point in doing it again…while at least in gw everything you can do is meaninful and doable at almost any level…
More than perma stuff, it would be nice to be able to play this stuff again…and that’s when fractal come to shine…they already did it with other LS parts, they should add those events in the fractal faster after the LS is gone…
After all the point of the LS is a story, story doen’t repeat just for some people…i mean, you ll never be able to live in the 1600, you can just read stuff about it… so making some fights etc replayable in fractal…and adding lore book in…idk..the durmand priory (after all it’s made to store knowledge) it would become just much more sweeter, and give off more the sensation of story (while still giving bonuses to players that actually played it).

Hi Dulfy – does this mean the Mad King Outfit can be converted into skins and used on armour? thanks for everything you do

Shit happens xD anyway yes, …but you can only use it complete , you can’t mix pieces of it. (still if you decide to not show a piece of armor like helm etc, you ll remove that of the outfit too)

Thanks for the kind reply Brag – I see now….

a) Quite cool Anet is allowing these new outfits in combat, I think that’s really good.

b) Shame you can’t mix and match the individual pieces!

Anyway, looking forward to battling my first Mad King in WvW haha.

Oh and I assume that applied to all the new endless tonic outfits in the Gemstore – you either wear the full outfit in Combat or nothing? (unless you hide a piece of it etc) – shame!!!

I also destroyed my witches hat/boxing gloves/sunglasses many months ago to free up bank space and really wish I hadn’t now as I’ve lost out on the skins – oh well life goes on….

It was a very long time ago mate – most of the items were free/very cheap in those times!

Is it a SAB-like music at the end of the Llama finisher? But where is the SAB? I want the SAB back! Give me the SAB back!

the Llama is just… perfect :> the only annoying thing is the music. but the dance makes it totally worth it.

Why isn’t there a nice wolf cub pet, like the ones you find in the wild? I know there’s the laurel vendor one, but it’s just too cartoony. The game has plenty of great animal models, adult and cub, why are 99% of the minis just boring old humanoid risen and svanir drones?

Maybe it’s just me but when I read “Llama Finisher” I was expecting a llama that spit on the corpses…xD

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