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SWTOR Cartel Market Patch 2.7.1 Update

SWTOR Cartel Market was updated on Patch 2.7.1 featuring Cavern Varactyl mount, Exterminator and Humble Hero armor set. Some of the items might be available for sale on a later date.


Cavern Varactyl – 2400 CC



Exterminator’s Armor Set





Humble Hero Armor Set





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83 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Patch 2.7.1 Update”

Oh look, more half-assed reskins! Although, black/black dye on that Humble Hero set would look exactly like Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker. lol

I was staring at it forever going “I think something is different, but I can’t tell what.”

HAHA Players have asked for actual jedi outfit forever and they put in another sith armor outfit, of course hood up even thou people mainly want hood down.How these retards at bioware even have jobs is beyond me 🙂 The people in charge @bioware disgust me as humans ! Just happy LUCASFILM made it clear a few days ago this gambling pack hell is not in any way canon. i’m out for good peace…

And people have been asking for the Eradicator set without the red marking since its release.
Quit whining and grow up.

See ya, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. But hey,can’t wait to see a Death Star with mouse ears…

Correction accepted. Though there were far more viable engines available at the time that would have looked and played amazing (U3?).

Glad they have produced a more accurate version of the ‘Deceived’ trailer Sith Armor. Lazy coding or not. Won’t be buying a set till its on 80% discount though…..

Wonder when we will finally get the Jedi Knight character creation armor? It is the only character creation armor that isn’t yet available on the Cartel Market :(.

Isn’t the Valiant Jedi Armor set the Knight creation armor? Its been 2 years or so since I played with the character creation screen, so I am not sure, but I thought that was the set?

It’s a hood down version of the Battlelord Armor, and white. And is *way* overdue, since *EVERY* other class has theirs.

I was looking at this last night. Weird that they released Valiant during the creation armor releases when it is so much different from the actual creation armor. Why do 7 of 8, and have this single oddball? I can see everyone’s frustration now.

They released it as a nod to the “Deception” trailer, they gave us the Malgus armor sans-cape and the armor that the Knight wore in the video. But yeah, they’ve yet to cave in and give us the proper appearance.

Not my cup of tea, but people have been asking for this forever, and Bioware did anounce they were doing “traditional” Jedi robes. Considering that Jedi have almost all hood up armor and Sith have hood down I think this is a very nice change of pace. Kudos to them for not sticking it in a cartel pack so the people who did want it could buy it directly, even though it has shown it’s less profitable for them. They even did the ‘Mando armor in the next pack, so it looks like they’re hitting a lot of fan requested stuff. Fingers crossed that they do Jedi Battlelord hood down next. Oh anyone that complains: The new cartel pack looks awesome, wait a couple of days to buy that or go away, go play something else, because you’ll never be happy.

They are hitting fan requests in a desperate bid for a cash grab before Disney drops the “non-canon” hammer down on their heads harder than a nuclear bomb going off over Hiroshima.

It won’t matter at all if EA has the license to build all the new games, you can bet your money that Disney will make a 7-9 related MMO and shut this one down asap.

Oh wow, you mean my jedi knight isn’t the only one the game is centered around and OTHER people have their own?! shocker! who cares if it’s not cannon, its fun and its star wars. And when the game finally does shut down, i’ll miss it, but i’ll move on. And have good memories of it. Until then I’ll keep playing a game that I enjoy, so go troll somewhere else.

There’s a trick to it:

Preview something old, anything that does work, leave the set-description window open, then click preview on one of the new sets… you won’t notice a change in the infographic for the set you have up but the item list in the set description will change to the new set.

It has no helmet and no armored bracers like the Eradicator’s set…and, most importantly, it has long sleeve robes whereas the Eradicator’s set has short sleeve robes with those stupid arm bands on them. So, no, it’s not an exact copy. It’s a variation.

I would love more of these sets to be BOL. I hate creating a set with armorings, mods and enhancements on one toon and then not being able to send it to an alt or companion without ripping out everything.

No, that not what Bound To Legacy (BtL) means. BtL means you can stuff it full of modifications and still freely share it and use it on all the applicable alts in your legacy and their companions. Collection unlock just means each alt can get the empty shell for free, but once a toon wears it it becomes bound to that toon.

if only they would do a closed hooded robe and loose the exposed armor… but it a good step i’ll prob buy one off the gtn when people start selling them.

Well it’s a good start. We knew they could do actual long sleeves after Marka Ragnos, so now our two options for long-sleeve robes are either crazy chains or heavy armor (and is it just me or does the armor look a little weird on the female breast? Maybe better in person?). Hopefully we’ll get a more traditional Jedi look next (like the Apprentice’s Vest) to go with the robe. And maybe the hood down–I hate being bald underneath the hood. The humble hero is nice, though.

Nice to see them come up with some more basic looking armor sets…especially ones that dye well. All the tacky, gaudy armor sets are getting to be a little much.

Part of my problem with Marka’s robes is how baggy they look and this new model doesn’t look any better. Definitely a step in the right direction though.

It’s not terrible, I don’t mean that; just reminds me more of a bath robe than a jedi robe.

Anyone else think the cavern varactyl should be white? Typically things that live in caverns for long periods of time begin to loose their pigmentation and become semi translucent. Some of the colouring on this is nice but otherwise it just looks like the weird Emo cousin of the other varactyls. White, like semi albino, would have been badass

maybe but BW has learned time and again that people are willing to pay absurd prices for things that are black

The only good-looking black animal mount is the Charcoal Dewback. A Varactyl must be blue or green, not red or purple or black or idk what they thought when they put the Coastal Varactyl on sale, but it looks awful. I hope they next varactyl will be golden or pink, just to be more absurd. And we need more sets like these Dread sets (obroan, brutalizer, oriconian) cuz their looks are so much related to Star Wars.

WTB Valiant Jedi Armor Set w/ hood and no horrible shoulder and/or exposed back armor pieces. Willing to pay in the range of 2000 CC. Bioware make this happen.

So, you mean the current Valiant Jedi Armor Set? That has the hood down, cloak, and no shoulder or exposed back armor pieces?

The only thing the Valiant set doesn’t have is long sleeves.

Exterminator’s Armour Set is just a long-sleeve version of the Eradicator’s Armour Set and the Humble Hero Set is just a long-sleeve version of the Valiant Jedi Armour Set.

Guys, you forgot the half hour of Photoshop work with wrinkles they put into the Exterminator set based off Eradicator set. Obviously this is worth our money.

Well, I didn’t buy the eradicator stuff cuz I didn’t like it, there are a dozen other things that look better, but this exterminator chest looks cool. If it would be sold along with eradicator set in a CM sale for the same price i’d rather buy this one.

Actually, The humble hero’s armor set is Luke’s robes he wears to Jabba’s palace, it’s justn ot black/dark-brown

Humble Hero Armor Set is available now at 1,440 Cartel Coins. Black and Black Dye Module is in stock as well.

Is the Exterminator’s set out yet? The rest of it seems to be..or just the Hotshot Cartel pack?

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