SWTOR Infiltrator Ship Role for Starfighter Delayed Indefinitely

The previously unannounced new ship role (likely to be the infiltrator due to the datamined info) for patch 2.8 is delayed indefinitely while the development team focused on Galactic Strongholds and the unannounced expansion.

Update on the Ship Role in Game Update 2.8 | 04.30.2014, 06:35 PM

Hey folks,
I wanted to give you all an update on the new ship role that Bruce had mentioned previously in his roadmap, slated for Game Update 2.8. Unfortunately, that ship role has been pushed out indefinitely. Not to say it is impossible to be brought in at a future date, but it has been pushed off of our current roadmap.

Certainly the first question to be asked is why? Our roadmap began to shift into a new direction with a high priority placed around both Galactic Strongholds and that other expansion Bruce briefly mentioned before. In looking at our current schedule, we felt that Starfighter was in a healthy state and so by cutting the new role, we could make a better experience for our upcoming expansions.

We definitely realize that this will be upsetting news to players who are big fans of GSF. We don’t want you to feel like we are just leaving GSF in the dust in place of other features. Coming in GU 2.8 there are 2 new ship variants coming, a new Gunship and a new Bomber. I know it isn’t as exciting as a whole new role but we want you to know we are still dedicated to expanding GSF, like all of our game systems.

Thanks everyone!

  • f33bz

    Interesting but no problem with me. Resources are always limited and this is understandable.

  • Trogdor

    Disappointing. Infiltrator sounds like it may have filled a hole. Once a bomber takes up residence at a satellite, it can be very difficult to displace it, because they just fly circles around the satellite dropping mines or drones that they don’t need to aim, while constantly recharging their shields and, sometimes hull. Sneaking up on such a bomber sounds like a good way of dealing with it; at least then you could get behind it and do some damage before the bomber has time to react.
    I am grateful for new gunship and bomber flavors, though. I’m running out of ship variants that I want to fly.

    • The Guilty Party

      A gunship can usually make it difficult for a bomber to be effective, and then a scout or strike to go in and finish the job. But yeah, they can hold off a rag-tag offense for a long time.

      • Trogdor

        Not really. All the bomber needs to do is hide behind the satellite, usually underneath the ‘disc’. From there, he is shielded from attack from most angles. If a gunship (which is slow) does manage to get far enough to attack the satellite from behind without being destroyed by defenders, the bomber can simply fly around to the other side of one of the vertical walls, or use the protrusions with the lights as cover.
        And that’s if your team even has a decent gunship pilot.

        • The Guilty Party

          True; you need the gunship to do a clear of the mines and then a scout to do the chasing. Which probably requires too much coordination for most teams to handle, so yeah. I’d agree that bombers are a bit too good at objective defense at the moment, but they’re not *impossible* to remove, just a pain in the ass. Esp if you don’t have one on your team.

          • Trogdor

            I also don’t like that mines will explode and damage any target in range – even through solid objects like the satellite.

        • KJOhio

          I play both – bomber and GS. The trick to kill bombers hiding under the satellite is to have a bomber constantly spamming ion cannon (with AoE damage tree) a,d have a fast scout or SF go for the final kill and capture the satellite. I have been bot the victim and perpetrator of this strategy. Hope this helps.

          • KJOhio

            I meant GS constantly spamming ion cannon

            Sorry for the typo

  • darkfather

    Good. Focus more on content I actually care about, like the coming Strongholds. Good move Bioware. Thank you.

    • iceberg265

      Yea screw everyone who doesn’t like the same thing as you!

      • Eric

        They really need to abandon GSF for a Swoop/Pod racing minigame, with MArio Kart-esque mechanics! I would pay larege sums of $$$ for that! All other aspects of this MMO are garbage…………..

        (Sarcasm, I have it)

  • Darth Álru

    The only two things I really want to see in GSF right now are better matchmaking and some sort of ranking system with rewards like pvp’ers have. Everything else is just fine.

    • TJWoo

      Yes, it desperately needs a rewards system. It should also give comms that are redeemable for something. Several members of my guild are completely disinterested in GSF because they don’t see any incentive to doing it. And when you get people playing GSF they spend cartel coins for requisition…a lot of them. C’mon Bioware!

      • Trogdor

        Well, it does get you some xp/money.
        But yeah, it definitely needs a rep/comms reward system.

  • John

    What I find interesting is a while back they said that gsf was a separate team if I remember correct that would focus on gsf so interesting to see them being moved to other tasks

    • Olorunsegun Adewumi

      Not really if GS is delayed that means the next story expansion is in trouble as well. Even unannounced they can’t afford to tack on 3 months more for devlopnment time.

  • Adrexa

    I’d play GSF more if it had sound on the windows xp operating system…..

    • TJWoo

      Or you could upgrade to an OS that is still supported by its maker. Can’t really expect Bio to fix issues for XP users when Microsoft isn’t even supporting it anymore.

    • guest

      Same here… XP’s still listed on SWTOR’s website under Minimum Specs: Operating System:


      “Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ can be played on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.”

      • TJWoo

        That’s a bit like saying Bio should make all the textures and shadows show up the same on your 10 year old graphics card as they do on the latest card. GSF didn’t exist when the min. specs were developed for the original game, so it doesn’t really apply to new expansion content.

        It’s more likely someone hasn’t updated that page you linked since launch. Windows 8 isn’t on there, but I’m sure it’s supported.

    • Moises5287

      Dude move on. 2014 and still you use XP? Do you use irc to chat too?

  • mhonde

    Too bad, i guess you can’t have everything, but i still hope for new maps on the road at least anytime soon, maybe 2.9? Another game style would be fun.

    But on the long term i really hope this ship role and GSF growth is just delayed but not abandoned, GSF is actually the most original/unique content brought from SWTOR to the MMO franchises

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